Las Vegas – Convention

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After a terrible flight, dealing with a dirty old taxi driver that had spent the entire trip from the airport to the hotel looking leerily over his shoulder or in the rear view mirror, Carmen was glad that she’d finally been able to get into her husband’s hotel room after befriending the young girl at Reception.

However, her Latina temperament was raging, and when she eventually tracked her husband down, it was going to blow. He’d agreed to help out one of his buddies set up at a convention. Carmen had agreed, and even sent him off to the convention with breakfast in bed and a sloppy blow job whilst dressed only in a pair of heels and a tiny apron, given that he’d be away from her for a few nights. What he’d neglected to tell her that the convention was the Adult Video News convention in Las Vegas. She’d found this out from Mariella when they met for coffee and she’d expressed her thanks for all the help Carmen’s husband was giving for their new venture in the adult industry, and that it was ‘such great marketing potential to be at the largest porn convention in the world’. Carmen could have took her husband’s head off at that point in time. Having returned home, she’d shifted appointments, used some annual leave, booked herself a flight, packed and left the day after.

So, Carmen stood in front of the mirror, applying scarlet lipstick to her full lips, a cold, steely determination to give her husband the surprise of his life, and a piece of her mind. Standing at nearly 5’10” in her 4″ heels, she admired herself in the mirror. The expensive, but revealing summer dress clung to her ass, a slit up to high thigh revealing that she was wearing something under it, but made the imagination run with what they could possibly be. The dress was a halterneck, showing off acres of tanned, toned skin on her back, and had a plunging neckline that virtually showed off her bejeweled navel. Carmen’s large chest was contained, but only just, her husband would be putty in her hands when he saw her up close.

Satisfied, with her look and her lipstick application, she dabbed perfume on her wrists, her cleavage and the back of her knees. Husband beware, she thought, Carmen is coming to get you.

Ordinarily, Carmen would have felt self-conscious about leaving the house dressed to kill, but with the adult convention on in Las Vegas, her dress seemed tame compared to the outfits some people were wearing. However, it hadn’t stopped nearly every man she walked past, gawping at her, her flowing black hair down to the small of her back. Carmen’s mind was focused on telling her husband exactly what she thought of his subterfuge, and was not paying any attention to anyone else.

Having deliberately chosen to arrive at the end of the day for the convention, Carmen, approached the entrance gate, was given a very appreciative check by the security guard who just waved her through with a huge smile.

Carmen had not appreciated how big the convention was, huge numbers of people were still in the place looking at stalls, taking selfies with the porn stars walking round the appreciative crowd or just people watching.

‘How the hell am I going to find him?’ she wondered, her gaze searching the hall. Then she spotted a welcome board and map of the exhibitors, and made her way over to it.

Searching the board, she eventually found what she was looking for, Cobra Realistic Toys, they were in a small booth towards the back of the arena hall, and so she set off. However, it took way longer than she expected, she stopped more than once as she made her way to the booth. Sometimes to ask about the products on display – pocketing the odd free sample, sometimes being asked for selfies by the attendees who clearly had mistaken her for an adult performer. Eventually, she arrived at an empty booth proudly advertising “Cobra Realistic Toys – made for your pleasure”. Carmen’s temper began to flare.

“What the actual fuck?” she muttered out loud.

“They’ve gone sweety.” a voice called out.

Carmen turned in the direction of the voice.

“They’ve gone sweety.” said the guy Trabzon Escort dressed head to toe in tight latex. “Loving the dress, gorgeous.”

Carmen approached the guy at the BDSM booth who was clearly more interested in the guy browsing than her.

“Gone?” she asked

“Yeah, they both sold out once the girls on the lingerie stand next door started a bit of cross-selling/ showing off.”

“Oh, any idea where they went?”

“Well I would guess the owner is off to make some calls, but the cute guy helping him out was dragged off to Nero’s by the owner of the stand and the girls. To be honest he didn’t put up much of a fight. Excuse me, you like the crotchless pants?”

With that, he was off pitching to the ordinary looking guy at the booth, leaving Carmen ready to blow.

“Nero’s. Fine!”

She clipped her heels out of the convention centre, flagged down a cab and headed for Nero’s.

Nero’s was loud and packed, shoulder to shoulder, she dodged her way to the bar and ordered a drink. ‘If he’s here with those girls in lingerie, I swear, I do not know what I will do’ she mused, paid for her drink and started to scan the bar. It was loud as there was a mechanical bull in one corner, and throngs of people were watching the action, cheering at every rider’s demise. Carmen could not see her husband anywhere, so made her way around the bar, ending up at the mechanical bull.

“And the next rider is Traceeee!” announced the MC for the mechanical bull. He was dressed as a comedy cowboy, with leather chaps a waistcoat and a huge stetson.

A girl emerged from the crowd, to a huge cheer. She was wearing a tiny bikini top, and daisy dukes. She clambered onto the bull, tied her hair back, and nodded to the MC, who flicked a switch and the bull started moving, again prompting a cheer from the crowd.

Carmen watched with interest in her technique, lazily scanning the crowd. Then as she scanned the crowd she caught her breath. A tall, broad shouldered man was staring directly at her, his attention only focused on her. He nodded, then grinned, a slight curl on his lips as he stared at her across the bull-ring, he raised his glass to his lips and took a swig. Carmen returned the greeting, heart racing at the guy across the room. He was exactly her type, tall, well built, Latino, trim beard and a smile that made her weak at the knees.

“And there goes Tracee, folks, a brave attempt, but not quite beating the top spot, let’s see who’s next…”

The MC’s announcement dragged Carmen back to reality, turning to see Tracee being helped up by some willing volunteers, when she looked back across the room, the guy who had made her stomach flip was nowhere to be seen. Carmen was dismayed, how could she feel this way?

Making her way back to the bar, she ordered another drink to steady her nerves.

“Dios mío, te ves increíble. ¿Sabe tu marido que estás vestida así?” a deep voice from close behind her said.

Heart skipping a beat, she turned towards the voice, it was the guy from across the ring.

“I’m here to meet my husband actually.” she managed to blurt out. He was close enough to smell his expensive cologne, and up close was twice as good looking as to when she first saw him.

“Well, he’s a lucky guy.” he said, his eyes undressing her from toe to head and back again.

“Let me buy you a drink, whilst you wait for him.” he offered, leaning in to bay the barmaid who’d delivered Carmen’s drink.

Again, the expensive cologne was all she could smell, as he leant in, close enough to have to rest one of his hands on her bare thigh, where the slit of her dress was, another on her bare back. His touch sent a jolt of electricity through Carmen, as she stood, rooted to the spot.

“I have to admit, that I don’t usually do this.” said the guy as he stopped leaning on Carmen.

“My wife would kill me if she saw me buying the hottest woman in the bar a drink.”

Again he grinned, that crooked smile that did odd things to Carmen’s knees.

“She would actually kill me if she ever heard Trabzon Escort Bayan me say what I’m about to next.”

“Oh?” was all Carmen could mumble as she took a sip of her drink.

“Definitely.” he smiled again.

“Go on, what are you going to say?” Carmen asked.

“I want to take you back to my hotel room and fuck your brains out.”

Carmen was speechless, she glanced down at her hand, her wedding ring, then his hand, also a wedding ring.

“We’re both married.” she whispered, it was all she could manage to say.

“Follarte es todo lo que quiero hacer” he whispered in her ear.

Carmen couldn’t help herself, she downed her tequila, slammed the glass on the counter, grabbed him by the wrist and left the bar, to hell with being mad at her husband, that could wait.

The taxi drive back to the hotel was a blur, passionate kissing, hands all over each other’s body, a big tip for the taxi driver, and her panties being removed whilst the taxi driver pretended not to see.

The trip across the lobby to the elevator took forever, and sadly they’d had to share the ride with an old couple, the wife of which had winked knowingly at Carmen as they’d gotten out at the 12th floor.

They made it as far as the door, before he whirled her around and pushed her against the wall next to door, kissing her hungrily as he searched for his key card. The door beeped and, like that she was dragged in to the room, past the point of no return.

Carmen, felt insatiable, between them, the shirt was ripped off in seconds, then came his belt buckle as he lifted the halterneck over her head revealing her breasts. Then they were covered as his greedy hands clamped onto the ample flesh, rolling, pinching, tugging at the nipples, making Carmen moan happily. The belt was whipped off, and she began to unbuckle this ripped guy who she’d picked up in a bar twenty minutes ago. Then she was pushed, firmly back, causing her to gasp. The summer dress was then removed, his hungry eyes admiring every inch of her in her nakedness, her hand dropped to her slit, attempting to hide that she was slick with desire. He merely swatted her hand away.

“Keep the heels on, but kneel down.”

Wordlessly, biting her lip seductively, she knelt down, all the time looking him straight in the eye.

He nodded, then took off his jeans, his cock straining at the fabric of his tight boxer shorts. He was, Carmen’s dream man. She hungrily reached for the waist band, freeing him from the constraints of the shorts. ‘God he has a delicious looking cock’ thought Carmen before she hungrily kissed the tip.

“Oh fuck” was all he could manage.

?Carmen let the boxer shorts drop down to the floor, all the time, her lips and tongue in contact with his cock. She looked up at him again, and let her scarlet lips sink another inch or so down the shaft. Continuing to look at his eyes, she took him, inch by inch all the way to the hilt, her tongue still able to flick out towards his balls as she managed to take all of him.

Then he pulled out, helped her up, and took her to the full length window of the hotel room, the bright lights of Las Vegas clear in the dark night sky. He dragged a chair from the desk and placed it in the middle of the window.

“Sit, spread.” he instructed her.

She walked around him, heels clicking on the floor before kneeling on the chair, her ass making him moan in pleasure before she flipped over and spread her legs wide, ass and bare pussy on full display.

“Holy fuck.”

He knelt and dived for her pussy, prompting Carmen to grab a good handful of his hair as he started to lick her pussy and nibble on her clit. Moaning appreciatively under his attention, squirming and gasping in pleasure. She was even pleasantly surprised as he flicked her tongue over her ass, he then knelt up, looked her in the eye, grinned lopsidedly, and asked.

“You think there is anyone out there that can see you having your sexy little pussy and ass being eaten?”

With that, he returned his attention to her slit, this Escort Trabzon time adding fingers to the mix, making Carmen squirm and moan in utter pleasure. She gripped his head with both hands, as her orgasm neared. Sensing her building climax, the man between her legs sped up his stimulation two fingers in her slit, then one in her ass.

“Holy FUCK!” was all that Carmen could manage to express as the finger entered her ass. Her long legs shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm neared.

Then it hit her, she quivered, moaning in pleasure as she bucked her entire body in pleasure. This didn’t perturb the guy between her legs, in fact it made him even more determined as his tongue and lips remained in contact with her pussy. Carmen was lost in passion, wrapping her legs around his head she pulled him tighter towards her pussy as she neared another orgasm.

Still he didn’t give up, if anything he increased the sensation by adding a third finger to her hungry, wet, hot pussy. It was this that pushed over the edge of her next orgasm. Shaking and moaning in pleasure, she twitched and came all over his attention.

Mercifully, he stopped, and she released his head from her legs’ embrace. Gasping heavily, she looked down past her pussy at him, his smile and her juices evident.

“Get up.”

“I can’t” she complained breathlessly. “There’s no way I could stand in heels after that.”

“On your knees then.”

He stood and offered her a hand, as she unsteadily got to her feet with his help. He spun the chair around so it was parallel to the window, then helped her back onto the chair, so that she could lean over the back, her ass pointed straight at him.

“I’m usually quite tight after I orgasm.” Carmen said as she looked over her shoulder back towards him.

However, there was no need to tell him as he pushed his cock into her willing hole.

“¡Fóllame, eso es apretado!” he muttered under his breath.

Easing himself in, and plumbing deeper and deeper each time, Carmen was finding it impossible not to just moan in pleasure as his cock was igniting every nerve ending in her pussy.

And then he was in, Carmen took a couple of deep breaths before he slowly pulled all the way back out, making her feel empty.

He slapped her playfully on the ass, then slammed his length balls-deep, slapping his thighs against her ass.

“Fuck” moaned Carmen in pleasure.

He repeated this a couple of times, with Carmen open mouthed in pleasure, before he started to pump her hard. Carmen was now making a continuous, pleasured moan as he slammed his cock into her tight pussy. She reached back and started to play with her clit, prompting him to lean in and grab her swinging breasts with both hands. Twisting and pulling at her nipples, he kept up his relentless pace.

With this attention, Carmen felt another orgasm building as she was being fucked.

“Fuck me. FUCK ME. FUCK ME, MAKE ME COME AGAIN!” she instructed.

Her third orgasm hit her, she lost control of her arms as she fell against the seat, the only thing holding up her moaning, quivering body was his hands on her boobs, but still he didn’t stop. If anything he sped up, extending the orgasm deliciously for Carmen.

As his balls slammed against her pussy, the meaty slap of his thighs against hers, Carmen was in heaven. Reaching for her clit, she rubbed hard at her clit. Looking at their reflection in the window, Carmen could see that he was close to coming to, and reached back for his balls, touching, pulling or grabbing them whenever he slammed himself into her.

This seemed to drive him over the edge, and he sped up further, moaning, gritting his teeth in utter pleasure. Carmen lost in the moment of mutual pleasure came at the same time as he did, whilst he was buried deep inside her. Moaning and roaring in pleasure, his big cock pumping come deep into her pussy as she shook and moaned in pleasure.

“Fuck your husband is a lucky guy.” he said as he withdrew his softening cock from her tight pussy.

Carmen sat back on the chair, her breath still coming in gasps, his come dripping down her slit to be collected by Carmen’s fingers, before she licked off the come greedily.

“You know, only my husband can come in my pussy.” she stated plainly.

“I know darling, and I’m a lucky guy” he said, grinning lopsidedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32