Large Lifestyle Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Chapter 04: Sex in Basement

In Part 1, Carol and Rick met for drinks… then retreated to a dark parking lot for some extra curricular activities. In part 2, Rick got to take a more active participatory role. In part 3, the couple retreated to Carol’s hotel room for a little more action. Now, with Carol’s limited time in town, they are going to be forced to take a break and spend some time apart. Will this force these old friends to have second thoughts about what they’ve been doing? What HAVE they been doing anyway?

“So……….. any chance I can get you to give it to me more?” Carol said, lasciviously smiling at Rick.

He breathed out heavily, “whew… I’m gonna need a little time. You worked me over pretty damn good.”

“That’s ok, I understand. I’ve got a nice, big, comfy bed we can spend some time in…” Carol got up, turned off the TV and turned out some of the lights. Without saying anything she got into the huge bed and underneath the covers. Rick joined her, not bothering with any clothes either. Carol wrapped her body around him and put her head on his chest, moving one had down to hold onto his dick. She loved feeling it in her hand.

They didn’t plan on it, but they fell asleep. They meant to only take a break and maybe try to continue the incredible sex they’d been experiencing… but it was late and they had worn each other out. They couldn’t help it. They fell asleep, and they were woken up by something very unfortunate.

They both lay naked, under the covers. Rick and Carol were spooning, Rick had both his arms wrapped around Carol tightly. His hands clutching her breasts firmly and his crotched pressed firmly into her butt. When the alarm woke up, they both jolted awake. Carol reached over and slapped the snooze button, opening her eyes just long enough to see that the time was 9 am… and knowing she had to get up. She had to go have lunch with her parents. It would be wrong to come home and not visit them.

Right now thats what she wanted to do, ignore them completely and spend more time in Rick’s arms. His strong body wrapped around her made her feel so good, safe, secure. Loved. But in five minutes she’d have to get up and get dressed and take Rick back to his car.

Carol felt his soft penis pressing into her butt and smiled. Everything about his body touching hers felt good. She sat up and said “C’mon Rick, we gotta get going.”

Rick groaned and sat straight up in bed. I can’t believe all what we did. I thought about the things we did a few hours ago, in the car, right there in the living room of this hotel room. I thought about the moans, the screams, how hard I came in Carol’s body and in her mouth. Jesus, what have we started? Have we started something?

“I’m sorry, but I have to meet my parents. I’m gonna get dressed and take you back to your car. We can uh…. talk more later.” I heard Carol say. I didn’t want to leave, but I got dressed and followed her out to the car. I needed to get some advice about this. This was all happening so fast.

As Carol drove, we spoke about what her parents were doing these days and where they were planning on going to eat. It was a good distraction from the incredible memories that were flooding my brain. She drove us back to the place we’d met last night and I was happy to see my car was unmolested. I grabbed the bags from the grocery store and exited the vehicle. I walked over to her drivers door and she rolled it down.

I kissed Carol deeply, “Bye, I’ll call you later, OK?” I got in my car and drove away. I felt strange. Like I hadn’t known what to say to Carol. Have we changed everything? I remembered jamming my cock into her mouth and cumming violently. I thought about the way she’d looked at me when she was orgasmming hard, asking me to keep going. How could that NOT have changed anything, everything?

But maybe I was thinking too much again. We’re adults now, with very adult like problems. A little sex didn’t have to change our entire lives, did it? Geez. I needed to just go home and try to relax. This is too much.

I drove home and brought the groceries into my little apartment. I can’t believe I bought all this crap just because I was too embarrassed to buy some condoms. Then I remembered the receipt that the checkout girl had written a note on. I looked at the note again, it said: @Lois1234. Her name had been Lois, this must be her twitter username. It could be another username I knew, a lot of social media websites used the same naming convention.

But, it seemed pretty likely to me it was a twitter username. I signed into my twitter and searched for this handle. Yup, there it was. I clicked on her profile and saw a simple headshot, a very normal profile picture for Twitter. I read her short profile description that said she was a student at Maryland, 20 years old, and a big fan of True Blood on HBO. I read a few of her tweets, they were very ordinary and boring.

I followed her and sent her a message, “Hey, thanks for being friendly at Safeway last night.” Then I closed the app, turned on a movie, and took bayrampaşa escort a nap. I was still tired from all the late night escapades.

Two hours later I woke up, it was noon. I took a shower. My dick swelled as I thought again about everything that happened last night. I turned the water on cold to stifle the thoughts and feelings. I wasn’t thinking rational about this whole Carol thing. My hormones were still racing, all the highly erotic things we’d done were clouding my thoughts. I called my friend David, our friend really. He was the only guy that I was friends with in high school who I was still friends with now. David was also friends with Carol back then. He picked up by simply saying, “Hey Rick.”

“Hey David,” Oh geez. What was I even going to say? Just come out and tell him that Carol and I fucked each others brains out last night?

“How did your little uh… date go with Carol?” WHAT? How did he know Carol and I went out?

“Uh, well, we went out to dinner,” I said. “How’d you know we went out?”

“Because I heard she was coming to town and I haven’t seen her forever so I asked what she was doing and she told me,” David said. “She told me she was going out with you… and then specifically told me it was just the two of you. So….”

“So…. ” I said.

“So… did ya’ll kiss or something,” David just came out and cut to the chase. “Uhm, what would make you ask that?”

“Well, c’mon. We’re older now, the nonsense of high school is long over, I know you’re both single. Makes some kind of sense to me.”

I took a deep breath, “Ok, well. Look, I don’t know who you still talk to from back then, if anyone really, but don’t start spreading this around. Because its uh… not a big deal.”

“Oh my god, what did you do?” Davids voice rose. So, I told him….

Carol’s mother was certainly asking her enough questions. They were eating lunch at Applebee’s, which seemed like a really loud type of place to have lunch with her mother on a Saturday. Thankfully, they weren’t crowded and seemed to have turned the music down for the casual lunch eaters.

She had already answered a million questions about school, some of which were the same type of thing she’d been updating her mother on a weekly basis about for the last four years. But, they had seen each other very infrequently. Her mother raised her by herself, and now that she was away at school they didn’t see each other often. Her mother, Joanne, had been to see her a few times, but her mother was also traveling a lot. And on top of that, Carol had been taking summer school in an effort to try and graduate early. Unfortunantly, the more advanced in school she got, the more her professors pressured her to take on more responsibility… which made it even more imperative that she worked hard during the summer and winter breaks. So, Carol put up with it because she missed her mother too, and afterall she was paying for a first class education. She wanted to talk to her mother, but the weekly interrogation got a little much sometimes. Finally, her mother seemed to take a breath and slow down.

“How’d your date go last night,” mom said.

“It wasn’t a date.” Carol couldn’t stop herself from smiling though.

“Oh, really? So you didn’t kiss Rick last night?” Oh boy… how much is she going to tell her mother. Certainly not everything, not even close to everything. She laughed to cover herself.

“OK OK OK, yes, we kissed, there’s definitely some sparks flying between Rick and I right now,” Carol fessed up. No way was she saying anymore than that. No way.

“I always thought Rick was cute when I would see him at extra-curricular events or whatever,” Oh boy, here we go. Carol hoped her mom didn’t ask her about how she was feeling, because she just didn’t know right now. “You never mentioned anything like that happening back then, but did it?”

“No, it did not, last night was the first,” Carol knew last night was the first for a lot of things. She thought back to Rick’s huge dick slamming into her over and over and remembered her own yelling. She laughed, geez… her mom couldn’t see right through could she?

“You should invite him for dinner at the house tonight, I’d like to see what’s going on with him,” what what what? Why was her mother inviting Rick to their house for dinner?

“Huh, I mean, uh why would we do that?” God damn it, what was her mother doing? Carol had already been trying to make a plan to meet Rick late, she wanted that cock back inside her. She thought about the huge shots of cum he’d put in her mouth, thought about how she wanted that inside her pussy. Maybe she would go get some birth control…

“Well, look, you and I never see each other, you’re going home in a couple days and I want you to eat dinner with me tonight and spend at least one night at home. I know you got a lot of friends you want to see and thats why I got you that hotel room. But I really want you to spend some time at the house with me tonight. Bring Rick over, it’ll be fun. And maybe you guys can kiss esenler escort a little more.”

“Mom!” Carol yelled.

I hung up the phone, ending the conversation with David. In retrospect, David hadn’t really been all that helpful. I’d been borderline forced to tell David everything, I held back some of the really intense details and just stuck to the gist of the story. Hung out, drank, had incredible sex. David had acted borderline ecstatic, said he knew something would happen with Carol and I someday. Other than encouraging Rick to go get some more of “Carol’s hot ass,” he hadn’t been very helpful.

I really needed some help with the raw emotions he was feeling. The insecurity about the whole thing, and the growing romantic desires I’m feeling for Carol. Not just erotic desires. Certainly I had those, I had a lot of those, but I also felt increasingly like maybe there was something more. Like this could lead to long distance dating… or something. Airplane trips to see each other, late night instant messaging or video chatting. Geez, what if this is just nothing to Carol?

But how could it be? I’m certain I saw some real emotions when we were together, some things I’d never seen, even in women I had been dating. What was going on? I needed a cold shower, my dick was raging hard again. I wanted to see Carol again tonight, now even.

My phone rang, it was Carol. I breathed heavily out. Was she calling to go on another date? Was she gonna tell me it was all a huge mistake? I picked up the phone, trying to sound totally normal, which is not how I felt at all. “Hey, Carol… how are you?”

Well… that wasn’t very natural… was it? God, I’m an idiot.

“Hey Rick, listen my mom wants me to spend some time with her tonight. She’s basically demanding it. But she’s also invited you over for dinner if you want. She’s going to get chinese food. I uh… I want to see you again, and tonight this might be the only way we can.”

“Oh! That sounds good. I remember your mom, she always treated us kids real nice. I want to see you too.” Phew, it wasn’t all in my head.

“Ok good, come over my house around 7, let me tell you how to get there…”

I took down the address. Her mother had moved since high school and I realized she lived in kind of a rich neighborhood. I was a little dissipointed we wouldn’t be able to spend time together, but maybe we’d be able to steal a few minutes of alone time. I’d settle for kissing her, god I wanted to kiss her again so bad…

So, I showered, shaved, tried on a bunch of different clothes and finally settled on a black dress shirt, black pants and a really standout tie. Or as stand out as I could manage. I wasn’t exactly the best dresser in the world, but I wanted to look nice. Was I trying to look too nice? Geez, what if I went there and they were just dressed in casual clothes, like jeans or sweatpants. I sighed, “Oh well. Can’t do anything about it now.”

I arrived a few minutes later, I didn’t want to get there early and seem super needy or something. Or take a chance that they wouldn’t be ready for my arrival. Carol answered the door. I think I dressed appropriately. She was wearing a cute red skirt and a white top, which I noticed had a neckline high up almost to her chin. She didn’t look dressed up, but she looked very nice. Very cute. When she led me in I noticed that despite the high neckline of her shirt, her skirt was plenty tight enough to show off her round ass. My heart thudded in my chest.

I greeted Carol’s mother, Joanne Hicks. She smiled and gave me a hug, told me how nice it was to see me after all these years. I hoped she didn’t notice the slight stiffness in my crotch when she hugged me.

I helped them finish setting the table and we sat down to eat. They’d gotten food from a really great restaraunt. Everything tasted delicious. I hadn’t eaten hardly anything all day, so I might have inhaled some of the General Tso’s Chicken.

Carol’s mother was very talkative. She really carried the whole conversation. She asked me everything about what I’ve been doing in school, where I’ve been working, who I was still friends with. Whenever I would look at Carol I’d notice she was smiling, her eyes beaming. She looked beautiful. I also couldn’t help but notice more details about her shirt. I tried to be subtle, but I was definitely examining her closer and closer throughout dinner. Her white shirt buttoned up high, but it was very form fitting. Some of the buttons around her tits strained against her healthy bosom, I really wanted to undo those buttons…

Towards the end of dinner something unexpected happened. Joanne, after a few moments of silence said, “So… Rick, do you think you and Carol are going to try and date?”

Carol slammed her hand down on the table, embarressed, “MOM!”

Joanne laughed and just kept looking at me. How much did she know? I didn’t look at Carol, fearing my expressions might reveal too much. I said simply, “I don’t know, I mean… we had a nice time last night. But things are complicated by time… gaziosmanpaşa escort and distance.”

Joanne studied my face, as if she was trying to read more into what I’d said. How much did she know, seriously? Obviously Carol must have said something or else her mother wouldn’t have invited me here. But there was no way Carol told her that we had sex, was there? Apparently Joanne was satisfied after probing the best innocent face I could put on, she stood up and started clearing the table.

“I’m gonna wash the dishes and then head to bed, I’ve got a lot of work to do in the morning,” Joanne said. “You should stick around a little longer Rick, watch a movie down here in the den or something.”

I glanced at Carol and raised my eyebrows at her, smiling. Yes, please… just a little alone time with her, that’s all I wanted. Carol smiled real big and mouthed, “YES!”

Joanne’s house was huge. Carol and I retreated to the den, a huge living room entertainment area with a big screen, stereo and DVD player. We were down the hall from the kitchen, but we could hear Joanne washing dishes and cleaning a few things up.

“We’ll watch TV and wait for her to go upstairs, OK?” Carol said to me. I sat down next to her on the comfortable couch and snuggled up close.

“Yea. And then what?” I raised my eyebrows at her again and put my arms around her, kissed her.

“I don’t know, we’ll just have to see….” she kissed me, we kept on kissing, she opened her mouth and I gently pressed my tongue against hers.

Pulling away slightly she said, “In the meantime I think we can get a little comfortable.” Carol undid the first three buttons on her blouse, revealing her milky skin and the beginning of some cleavage. Delicious cleavage. She loosened my tie and took it off as I sat, transfixed and staring down her shirt. Then she undid the first couple buttons on my shirt and returned to kissing me.

“You’re not worried she’ll come down here?” I asked. Carol shook her head, “She won’t, but if she does, its fine. I told her we kissed some. Not a big deal. We’re adults.”

I kissed her and put my arms around her, “Is that all you told her?” Carol moved her lips to my ears and whispered quietly, “No, I told her you came in my mouth really hard and I swallowed your huge load.”

For a minute, I was horrified as she looked at me blankly. Then she laughed. “Of course that’s all I told her. My mother and I are close, but I’m not going to tell her everything.”

We kissed more, and got a little deeper as time passed. I got bold and undid two more of Carol’s buttons, her shirt was not practically completely undone, but I didn’t take it off her shoulders. I did, however, continue my boldness and slide my right hand inside her shirt and place it on top of her cleavage. Then we continued to kiss. I could feel Carol’s heartbeat speeding up beneath my hand, I was getting very excited too.

Finally, we heard the sound Joanne working in the kitchen end. She turned on the dishwasher and said “Goodnight” loudly. I stopped and listened to her walk up the steps. Alone at last. As soon as we heard Joanne’s door shut, Carol untangled herself from my arms and put her hands on my crotch. I sucked in air as she undid my pants and pulled my zipper down. Breathlessly she said, “I want to see it.”

She yanked my underwear down and out of the way, grabbing my rock hard dick and pulling it into her view. She gasped and held onto it with both hands, stroking it up and down slowly. Driving me insane. “Oh my god. It’s bigger than I remember it. Geez.” she said. Her eyes boggled a little. I said, “I’m sorry if it’s too much.”

Carol continued to stroke it, bent her head down and kissed the big head of my throbbing cock. Her tongue rolled all over it, my mind was going wild. “Don’t apologize. It’s perfect. It’s just big enough to be exciting, but not scary or really painful.”

Her head sank back down to my crotch and I gasped as she took me into her mouth a little deeper. Carol spent a minute or two rolling her tongue all over my dick and bobbing up and down, then she came up for air and said, “C’mon, I think we need uhm… a little more privacy.”

Hmmmm… what did she have in store. I stood up and pulled my pants back to where they were supposed to be and followed Carol out of the big entertainment room. Most of the lights in the house were turned off, but I again noted how huge the place was. Carol led me back to the kitchen and then downstairs. The downstairs was huge too, bigger in someway as it wasn’t filled with furniture and everything else. It was a nice finished basement that a bigger family might be using as additional rooms or a game room. The only thing down there now was a large washing machine and dryer.

I followed Carol to the center of the room and put my arms around her. She kissed me deeply again, then stopped and went back to my pants. She undid everything again and this time pulled them down to the floor. I stepped out of my pants and underwear and my dick sprang upwards, pointing up towards the ceiling. Carol undid the remaining buttons on my shirt and I took it off. For some reason she didn’t seem interested in taking off the white undershirt I had on, she just lowered her mouth right down to my dick and went back to what she was doing upstairs. Her mouth felt so good, I found it hard to stand up straight as my knees wanted to sit down.

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