Land Of Enchantment

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This is my first attempt at writing erotica. Please send me feedback to let me know what you think. Enjoy.

When I first arrived in Santa Fe I fell in love with the city. Elegantly nestled in the mountains, it was my first taste of the Southwest and I knew I would someday make it my home. My experiences over the next week only served to confirm this feeling. I was in Santa Fe to attend a conference on Biology. Though I was only a freshman, my college adviser had encouraged me to go if I was serious about an academic career. So, here I was, on my own for the first time in my 19 years on this planet. To say the least I was excited.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a lesbian and have known it since I was about 10 years old. I haven’t had much experience, one relationship when I was really young and some play petting with girl friends. I owe this to another peculiarity of my nature, which is that I am extremely shy. I am pretty (I think)at 5’2″, slim with shoulder length brunette hair and blue eyes. I have a decent figure with kind of small (32b) but well formed breasts. I also tend to dress fairly conservatively, which keeps me off most women’s “gaydar”. In short I look like the girl next door and don’t really advertise my sexual preference.

So there I was, far from home and my parents for the first time and I wanted to experience everything! The conference didn’t start until tomorrow morning so my professor, who was also attending the conference suggested that I go check out the Plaza, which was not too far from where we were staying. When I arrived at the Plaza it was like entering another world. The adobe buildings all around gave off a unique blend of southwestern and Victorian elegance. I was enthralled by the sights, sounds and smells of the place as I threaded my way through the thin crowds of people browsing the shops and art galleries.

After a while I realized I was hungry and found a great little sidewalk cafe. Eskort Kız I sat outside and ordered some Mexican food and wine (fortunately they didn’t card me)when I caught sight of the most elegant woman I had ever seen. She was older, in her late forties, with short dark hair that was lightly streaked with gray and piercing dark eyes. Her skin was a deep bronze that spoke of Spanish ancestry. She was dressed, in what I came to learn was Santa Fe style, a dark pleated dress, a vest and broad brimmed hat. She wore a belt of silver that accentuated her ample hips and the vest she wore outlined her firm round breasts. In short she was stunning.

I must have been staring because she looked my way, caught my eye and broke into a warm friendly smile that I could have drowned in. To my surprise, she hugged her goodbye’s with the small group of people she was with and made her way over to my table. My heart was pounding in my chest when she introduced herself as Elise and asked if she could join me.

“Y-yess, please do,my name is Tammy” I managed to stammer out as she sat down and ordered wine.

“Is this your first time in Santa Fe?” she asked

I told her that it was and that I was in town for the Biology conference but I loved the city and couldn’t wait to see more of it. I must have been blushing head to toe talking with the most beautiful woman I had ever met. She noticed:

“Don’t worry I won’t bite'” she said “you just looked lonely and I thought you might like a guide? Since I’ve lived here all of my life I thought I would offer my services.”

I accepted her offer and she lead me to her car, which was a nice late model Mercedes. She drove me around town for a couple of hours stopping at various points of interest. When it began to grow dark she invited me back to her home, which she assured me had an excellent view of the city. When I accepted she drove us up a winding mountain road to a modest Santa Fe style house nestled on a hillside. The interior was elegantly decorated with southwestern style furniture and she gave me the grand tour ending on the second story balcony off of her bedroom overlooking the city.

We were both admiring the city lights as the night cooled with fresh mountain air.

“Would you like some wine?” she asked.

“I would love some”

She disappeared into the house and returned a moment later with two wine glasses and a bottle of New Mexican wine. We both sipped our wine and absorbed the view in silence. A few times I felt her eyes on me and I would smile at her. “Was this gorgeous woman actually interested in me?” I thought to myself. If so, this truly must be heaven.

When she refilled our wine glasses after the first was empty she was behind me and brought her arm around me to offer me the refilled glass. As I took it I felt her other hand slide gently around my waist to settle on my belly just above my waistline.

If I weren’t so damn shy I would have melted into her arms. As it was my hands went white knuckled as I griped the balcony railing and my body stiffened. I felt her pull me firmly back against her body, her breasts pressed against my back and a gentle but insistent pressure from her hips against my ass.

I felt her hot breath on my neck just behind my ear as she whispered;

“Is this OK?”

“Oh yes Elise!” I replied and tried to convey in that single utterance that I would assent to anything she desired.

She must have gotten the message because she began sucking my earlobe and she pulled me back strongly against her. Her other arm encircled me as well and began making its way up my shirt to caress my breasts. We both moaned in pleasure.

It was a frantic and lusty thing from that point on. She was kissing and sucking the back of my neck. Her left hand fumbling with the button on my jeans, her right roughly massaging my breast.

When she had my zipper down she lifted my shirt over my head and the night air assaulted my breasts making my already hard nipples painfully so. I tried to turn to kiss her, but she held me facing away in a strong embrace. Her hand came up under my chin and turned my head so she could kiss me over my shoulder. Our tongues entwined as she kissed me hard and pressed her body against me from behind.

This elegant woman was so in command. She knew exactly what she wanted and was taking it from my willing body.

As we kissed she hooked her thumbs in my jeans and pulled them past my hips to my knees. She was still fully clothed. Her hand traveled down to find my soaking wet sex as her right began anew her rough caress of my breasts. The cold night air was in stark contrast to the heat my skin radiated.

Then she pushed me forward so my hands gripped the balcony rail to support myself. She pulled back with her left hand and I felt two fingers enter my pussy as her palm pressed against my clit. I felt her hips press against my ass and a hand moving in a rhythmic motion against it. When I looked back over my shoulder I saw a combination of Ecstasy and concentration on her face and her right hand was in her skirt rubbing her own pussy as she pulled me rhythmically against her. She was simultaneously fingering me and getting herself off.

My almost continuous moaning was punctuated by each of her thrusts which came faster, harder and more insistent with each passing second. Waves of pleasure began crashing through my body as my orgasm hit. I was dimly aware through the haze of pleasure that Elise’s moans had turned to short ragged grunts and I could feel her body begin to shudder against me as she came.

After the last few desperate thrusts came we both collapsed in a heap on the balcony floor and she finally allowed me to turn in her arms for a more gentle embrace.

We made love most of the night and in the morning she dropped me off on time for the conference. She left me tired but satisfied on the street with a promise of dinner and more sight seeing that evening.

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