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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?




From Chapter 61:

“It”s beautiful up here at night!” Ron says, “And a good place for a BBQ or afternoon tea.”

He wraps his arms around me from behind, and hugs our bodies together. I feel the warmth of his body and the strength of his muscles, and a familiar firmness pressing against my backside. This feels so good! A calm excitement flows through me. Ron and me! How much better would it be if we didn”t have clothes on? His `Moby Dick” against my `nice glutes”!

I reach behind me and press my hand onto the erection in his jeans. One of his exploring hands discovers that Junior is also ready for some action, and it jumps at Ron”s touch.

“Not yet, Champ,” he whispers in my ear. “Let”s get back to the workers” hut.”

I don”t need a second invitation and head straight for my bike!


Chapter 62 � Goldilocks and the Seven Dwarfs

We follow the yellow markers. The trip back takes a little more than half of the time that it did on the way up.

Apart from not having to stop to nail squares onto trees, I feel a sense of excited urgency about getting back to the workers” hut. I”m sure that Ron feels the same. His cock was as stiff as mine back up there, at what I will now call `the lookout”!

The last 100 metres to the hut are dead flat, and we both open the throttles. We pull up together.

I wrap one arm around Ron”s waist. Instead of putting his arm over my shoulder as he usually does, I feel his hand slip into my back pocket, feeling my backside!

He kicks off his boots and heads for the bed, about to peel off his shirt.

“Wait!” I call to him from the doorway. “Let me do that for you!

He stands, motionless, cock obviously straining to be released. His anticipation of having fun with my body is exciting me even more! Junior is jumping up and down in excitement.

If Ron thinks that I”m going to just `rip” his clothes off, he has another thing coming! I”m going to surprise him by going slowly. His favourite scenario, not mine!

I begin by feeling and tickling all of his upper body muscles: pecs, deltoids and biceps down to his fingers, abs. Then, I lift his T-shirt slowly over his head, until it”s completely off.

“You”re teasing me!” he growls, but grinning.

“Do mine!” I tell him.

He has a good feel of my body too, but is moving faster than I did.

When my shirt comes off, I say, “Do my jeans next!”

He takes more time with them, ensuring that he has a good feel of my glutes and my highly-excited cock. When he pulls my jeans down, I can”t help groaning at the pleasure of just the feeling of it. Lifting my feet while he finishes with my jeans, I run my fingers through his hair, drawing his face towards a bobbing Junior.

“Not yet, Champ,” he says, but kisses it in my underpants anyway before standing up.

Ron spends some considerable time feeling all of my body, front and back.

“You are a magnificent specimen of a young man!” he tells me. “Now it”s your turn!”

I move behind him, reach around and hold his rounded pecs, then run my hands slowly across his abs, down to his jeans. I undo his belt, release the button and ease the zipper slowly downwards, over the tight lump of his excitement.

I fold back the two flaps of his jeans and feel inside. There”s not a lot of room because his erection is filling it all up! He helps me push his jeans down. Junior presses against Ron”s muscly backside as I grip his large, rigid cock.

He turns around to face me.

Inserting his fingers into the top of my underpants, he says, “Both at the same time.”

I look down at mine, then at his. There are obvious wet patches, indicating our excitements.

We slowly push downwards until both erections spring free.

We hug and rub our bodies together at the front, while feeling each other”s glutes.

“So nice!” he groans, and moves his hands to the front, holding my balls first, and then taking a firm grip of Junior. He slowly moves his hand up and then down.

“Stop!” I tell him, “Or I”m gonna cum!”

He slaps my backside. “Take some deep breaths,” he says.

I do. It works. For now!

We step out of the last traces of our clothing and I immediately lay myself face-down on the bed.

“Get the oil!” I tell him. “You know where it is. And grab a towel!”

He returns quickly.

“Jump up while I put the towel down,” he tells me.

When I lay myself down again, I tuck Junior so that he points down between my legs, and wait for the feeling of Ron”s body having its pleasure on top of me.

I shiver at the feeling of the cold oil on my back, glutes and legs, and feeling it dribble down between my glutes.

The chill is replaced by feeling Ron”s hot hands spreading the oil. He spends a lot of time massaging my glutes. When he runs a finger between them and down, across izmit escort my hole, to meet up with my balls and Junior, I feel a strange sensation. I shiver and Junior jerks.

As Ron massages up my thighs, over my glutes and right up my back, his body progressively weighs down onto my body. Near my head, he places his hands over the top of mine and links our fingers. His face is alongside mine.

I feel his lower body start to move, pressing his fat cock between my glutes. He rubs it up and down, then he pulls right back and, starting just above my knees, slides it up between my legs, stopping when it meets Junior and my balls.

He switches between rubbing it up over my glutes and down between my legs. Up and down. Back and forth.

For a moment, he lies still, with his full weight on me, his cock pointing straight upwards, nestled between and separating my glutes.

“Oh, Champ,” he moans, “I”ve wanted to do this with you for so long!”

“Me too!” I tell him. “I want you to enjoy yourself. I want to make you happy.”

“Onto your side Champ,” he says, gripping one of my hips, helping my body to turn.

I do, and, with one of his arms over my chest, Ron hugs our bodies tightly together. I feel his cock pushing between my legs, under my balls. Back, and through again. And again. I put my hand down there and wait for the feeling of his firm head emerging under my balls each time that he pushes.

When I move my hand, Ron”s pace picks up. Then he stops. “Oooh! Beautiful!” he groans.

Then he starts again. Slowly. Faster. Slowly. Then he stops.

The sensation is difficult to describe, but his cock rubbing on the part of Junior still inside my body is causing me to shake uncontrollably, like the first time that Mr Grant sucked it into his mouth.

“I”m getting really close, Champ,” he growls.

“Go for it!” I tell him.

As my body continues to tremble, he pushes hard and his body freezes.

I think that we both spurt at the same time! Our bodies shake and quiver together.

We lie still. Apart from a couple of final spurts.

Our panting slows down until we fully relax. I am aware of not much more than his body heat against my back, and his arm, gripping our sweaty bodies together.

“Oh, mate,” he says, finally breaking the silence. “That was worth waiting months for!”

We shower and tidy up. He takes the towel with him. “I”ll use this one during the week,” he tells me. “With your spunk and mine together!”


We arrive back at the homestead before the four horses and their riders do.

After stowing the bikes, Helen greets us with coffee and slices of orange cake with lemon icing. Yum. And I recognise the aroma of lamb roasting.


Rice pudding completes a wonderful dinner.

Knowing the rule, `The cook doesn”t wash up”, there is a friendly debate for a place at the sink, to demonstrate both our thanks and willingness to help.

So, William stacks, Mr Grant washes, Jacko dries and Karl puts things where they belong.

Meantime, Ron and I fill in Dad and Helen on our placement of the yellow squares for the quad bike ride, and tell them that it ends up at `the lookout”.

“Yes,” Helen adds. “I know the place. We used to call it that too when we were young.”


With everything put away, we all settle into a comfortable chair, with coffee and orange cake.

Helen begins…

“Goldilocks and the Seven Dwarfs…

“You might remember that Prince Ferdinand, who was also known as `Prince Florian” or just `The Prince” married princess Snow White.

“According to the movie, everyone, including The Prince, thought that her hair was black.

“However, you were never told that Snow White actually had golden hair. The queen, her nasty stepmother, used to cut her golden curls very short then dye it black so that Snow White would not appear more beautiful than her stepmother, who was vain and jealous.

“But as she grew into a teenager, Snow White”s beauty, even with her black hair, fair skin and sparkling eyes, was recognised by the stepmother”s magic mirror, who, replying to her `Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” request, told her that she was now only the second most beautiful of women in the land. The stepmother was furious!

“The rest, as they say, is history. The huntsman who was ordered to take Snow White to the woods and kill her, didn”t, and he let her run away instead. Snow white was found by the dwarfs and she lived with them, and kept house for them for a few years, during which time her hair grew back to its natural golden colour, and she trimmed off all of the black with the dwarfs” scissors.

“Eventually, when asked again, the magic mirror dobbed on Snow White, who was still alive, which shocked the queen, thinking Snow White to be dead for all of those years.

“The evil queen, asking the mirror for Snow White”s location, took a magic potion that turned her into an old hag who tricked Snow White into using tight, poisoned laces into her corset, which was part of her underwear.

“When the magic mirror blabbed that the laces had not worked, the queen then took to her a poisoned comb for her hair. That also failed to kill her, because the dwarfs removed it to brush her hair when Snow White fell into a deep sleep.

“Finally, no thanks to the magic mirror again, the hag izmit otele gelen escort went and gave Snow White an apple, laced with strong poison, and tricked her into taking a bite which caused her to drop into a death-like coma.

“It”s a long story, but Snow White, the most beautiful young lady that a handsome prince had ever seen, was eventually revived by a kiss from him, and they were married.

“At their wedding, the evil step mother was forced to wear iron slippers and to dance until she died from exhaustion.

“The prince and princess lived happily, however, we”re not up to the `ever after” yet!

“What you never heard is that Snow White and Prince Florian had a son, Prince Stefan, who, like his mother, grew up with golden-blond hair. Snow White vowed that she would never cut his hair too short or alter its natural colour. His hair grew curly, and was always kept neatly trimmed at shoulder-length. Around the castle, he was given the nickname, `Goldilocks”, for obvious reasons.

“So, with a good-looking father and a beautiful mother, Goldilocks, at age 13, was really handsome too… Like Karl and Kurt!”

That causes everyone to laugh! Ron winks at me, and Dad, taking the opportunity to refill his cup, ruffles our hair as he passes us. “Goldilocks times two!” he jokes.


Helen continues, “Goldilocks used to fight imaginary pirates, and he was very skilful with a wooden sword.”

Everyone points at me, and I grin.

“And he had also, over the years, become a skilful rider.”

Everyone points at Karl, who raises his arms in triumph!

“For his fourteenth birthday, already growing into a handsome man, like his father, his parents gave Goldilocks a real sword and a beautiful black stallion, and told him that he needed to be very careful with both.”

Everyone in the room points at Dad, my handsome father!

“Goldilocks progressed from fighting pirates to fighting dragons.

“One afternoon, while he was galloping through the woods, waving his sword, admiring the number of amazing flowers and looking for the dragon whose fire was thought to be causing global warming, his horse saw the branch and ducked its head, but Goldilocks didn”t.

“When he woke up, after being knocked out, his horse was gone. His head was sore. It was getting dark. And, he couldn”t find his sword.

“A little dizzy, he wasn”t sure which was the way back home, but just started walking, not sure whether he was going the right way or not.

“He came across a stream. He washed his face and, with the cold water, his forehead stung where the branch had hit him. He remembered being told that if he was ever lost, then he should follow the flow of any stream downhill, because it would eventually end up at a river, where there would most likely be people.

“Goldilocks stumbled along beside the stream, feeling very weak. His head was sore and so was his empty stomach. And now it was becoming harder to see because the sun was setting. Suddenly, the stream flowed into a large cave. Goldilocks tentatively followed it for as long as he could, which wasn”t far, because the impending night and the gloom of the cave made it too hard to see. He found a flat, dry spot and sat down to rest, wishing that this was the home of the dragon who could breathe its fire to warm up the cave.


“He didn”t remember falling asleep but was roused by sounds, like singing. `I am dreaming”, he thought. He looked around but could see nothing in the dark. Not even his hands.

“He listened. The sounds were getting louder, and it was definitely singing. Not just one person; lots of people! And, then he thought that he could make out a line of lights in the direction of the voices. As he listened, he could actually make out words. `Heigh, Ho, Heigh, Ho, it”s home from work we go.”

“Goldilocks sat up and watched the lights drawing nearer. He could count them now. Seven.

“As the lights got close to him, Goldilocks could distinguish faces. Old faces. He thought, `These can”t be pirates! And, they are too small to be dragons! Plus, dragons don”t need to carry lanterns, they breathe fire!”

“It was only when Goldilocks moved, to stand up, that the line of singers noticed him. And halted. Being in single file, they almost fell over one another as the ones in front stopped unexpectedly.

“They caught up in a bunch and held their lanterns high to see the person who had been in the darkness. They all looked at each other in amazement. `Snow White!” one of them said. `Can it be you?”

“Goldilocks answered, `I am Prince Stefan, son of Prince Florian. My mother was once known as Snow White, but, because my father says that she has hair as yellow as sunflowers, skin as white as lilies, eyes like lilacs and lips as red as roses, she is now Princess Flora.”

“The apparent leader of the group bowed and said, `A thousand apologies, Prince Stefan. We did not see nor recognise you. We are loyal subjects of His Majesty the King, and of your father, His Royal Highness Prince Florian, and of yourself. And we are the most devoted servants of your mother, Snow White; I mean Princess Flora. I do beg your pardon.”

“Goldilocks, remembering his etiquette, bowed in response to the respect which the seven had shown to him, and replied, `My mother has spoken to me often of the seven gentlemen who cared for her when she needed darıca escort assistance in the woods, almost two decades ago. Can you be the same Doc, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Dopey as they?”

“The leader said, `The same, kind sir, except, at your mother”s urging, we later changed our names, and decided on Barry, Garry, Harry, Jerry, Kerry Larry, and Perry. However, if you perceive us carefully, you may yet discern our original names by our actions.” Goldilocks saw them all smile, except one, and he could tell instantly the previous name of that man!

Helen pulls a very grumpy face at us, and we all laugh.

Then Helen continues, “With the conclusion of the pleasantries, the speaker for the seven asks, `May I ask, sir, why you are here? May your servants be of any assistance to you?”

“Goldilocks replied, `Thank you for your kindness. I was riding through a beautiful part of the forest when, distracted, I was dislodged from the saddle, and I have unfortunately lost my horse, my sword and my way.”

“The speaker answered, `It would be our pleasure to escort you back towards the castle. However, it is now late. Would you do us the honour of accepting our hospitality until the morning?”

“Goldilocks replied, `The honour would be mine, kind sirs. And thank you.”

“One of the little men handed Goldilocks his own lantern, and they continued to follow the leader. Goldilocks even found himself joining in with their singing and, despite his sore head, his spirits were lifted.

“They followed the flow of the stream and soon came to a broad arch, which was the other end of the cave. Goldilocks followed the men to a cleared area, with the torches revealing a long, handsome cottage made of wood with carved decorative woodwork.

“Inside the cottage, after one of the men attended to the wound on his forehead, applying his `special ointment”, Goldilocks saw seven small beds in a row, with their `original” names carved into the foot of each bed. And there was a table with eight chairs, seven small ones and a larger one. While Prince Stefan was observing the chairs, the leader said, `We keep this one in memory of Snow White”, and we would be honoured if you would occupy that seat while we have our evening meal.”

“Over their meal, the little men explained that their work, which years ago had been digging for diamonds, was now focussed on maintaining the beautiful flowers and trees in the woods, and in growing their own vegetables and herbs.

“Prince Stefan, Goldilocks, was fascinated by their stories, their devotion to their work tasks and their hospitality. What amused him was the bed that each chose to sleep in; he could instantly identify each of them with their previous names. The leader and speaker, Barry, was indeed `Doc”. And Goldilocks was amazed that they had maintained the bed which they had made for `Snow White” all those years ago. Falling asleep at night, he felt close to his mother, even though they were separated by distance and the darkness.

“Goldilocks awoke in the morning to the men”s daily routine of scrubbing themselves in an outside tub before breakfast. To the delight of the men, Prince Stefan joined in with them, which Snow White didn”t do, obviously.

“After a delicious breakfast, the men led Prince Stefan back through the cave, back along the track, and back through the woods. They came to a tree that had what appeared to be a metal branch growing from the trunk above head height. To the prince”s delight, it was his sword. No wonder he couldn”t find it on the ground!

“Commenting on the beauty around him, Goldilocks was told that this was the result of the men”s work; planting, watering, trimming and weeding. The men asked whether Goldilocks would take a bunch of the flowers back to his mother, to which he willingly agreed.

“As the group emerged from the woods, they saw a number of riders. `They are my father”s men, probably looking for me!” the prince announced.

“The little men wished him well, asked that their best wishes, together with the flowers, be conveyed to his mother, then they disappeared back among the trees.

“Prince Fabian jumped down from his horse and hugged his son. `Your mother and I were very worried about you,” he said, `after your horse came back without you.” Goldilocks told his father that he was looked after by seven small men, treated well and who sent some flowers to his mother, `Snow White”.

“Prince Fabian, smiled and said, `The Dwarfs! It was through them that I met your mother. How can I ever thank them?”

“Goldilocks replied, `They don”t appear to need anything, but I think that they would love to see my mother, Princess Flora, their `Snow White” again. His father declared, `And so they will!”

“And THEN they all lived happily ever after,” Helen concluded.

We all clap, and Karl offers to make her, and everyone else, a fresh cup of coffee.

“Is there any more cake?” William asks.


(to be continued)



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