Kelsey Brings a Friend

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I was on my way out of my office when two of my history students, Kelsey Blair and Sara Chase walked in. I was a little surprised to see them since they both missed class today. If Kelsey had been by herself I would have figured she wanted to play and of course that would have been okay with me. But I knew very little about Sara other than like Kelsey she was a good student and also a freshman. I assumed she was also eighteen or nineteen years old. Both girls were wearing summer dresses that hit them about mid-thigh and sandals. Knowing Kelsey that was probably all she had on.

I closed the door, sat my briefcase back on my desk and made my way back to my chair. Kelsey and Sara took a seat in the side chairs across the room. God you just have to love it when these young girls wear short dresses. I could see just a hint of Kelsey’s dark pubic hair and Sara’s white panties were more visible as she made almost no attempt to keep her dress from riding up. If Kelsey had been by herself I would have jokingly made a crude remark about being able to see up her dress but since I didn’t know Sara outside the classroom I kept my tongue in check. But I didn’t try to hide the fact that I was looking and enjoying the show. Kelsey was the first to speak.

“We’re sorry we didn’t make it to class today,” she said. “Sara’s car had a flat and we had to wait for her dad to come home and fix it. We thought we’d better drop by and see if we missed anything important.”

“Well as a matter of fact you missed one heck of a lecture,” I told them with a smile. “We’re having a quiz on Wednesday so it’s a good thing you checked. I’ll make you copies of the lecture and you should be fine.”

“Thanks Mr. Saunders,” Sara said. “I’ve got to hold my A in your class to be eligible for my scholarship next semester. If there’s anything I can do for you just let me know.”

That sounded promising I thought to myself. There was plenty she could do for me but probably nothing she was willing to do.

“I know you didn’t come to school today, so what did you two do,” I asked?

“We spent most of the day in bed,” Kelsey said with her evil little grin that I’ve come to know so well.

“Really, that sounds pretty interesting. Care to elaborate,” I teased.

I could see Sara beginning to blush. In my mind I had a visual of the two of them lying naked in bed fucking and sucking the day away. Knowing what a great fuck Kelsey was I couldn’t help but wonder if Sara was just as good. Without a doubt, she was as appealing as Kelsey.

Sara was a couple of inches taller than Kelsey’s five eight, and her long muscular legs were tanned a golden brown. Her breasts were fairly big and looked very firm as they stood up high on her chest without the help of a bra. As I continued to look Sara over Kelsey stood up and approached my desk by herself. I could see Sara look down as she started to speak.

“To be honest, we did fool around a little today. But what I really want to tell you is Sara has a crush on you. She’s wanted to fuck you all semester. That’s the real reason we’re here.”

I have to admit I was a flattered kağıthane escort but also nervous. I had taken a big chance by having an affair with Kelsey, and I wasn’t sure I should push my luck. I always figured if our affair came to light I might be able to deny it and make the problem go away. But two against one wasn’t very good odds.

While I was mulling the situation over Kelsey walked back over to Sara and pulled her from her chair. She wrapped her arms around Sara and kissed her for a very long minute. Once they broke their kiss Kelsey walked Sara to the back of my desk nudging my chair out of the way. She sat Sara on the desk and instinctively, Sara leaned back on her elbows and drew her knees up into a bent position. Fuck, I thought I was going to blow my wad just looking at her lying on the desk. Her legs were slightly spread and her dress was riding up to the very top of her thighs giving me an excellent view of her panty-covered crotch.

Kelsey leaned down and kissed Sara again and this time I could see their lips locking and tongues reaching into each others mouths. As their lips parted Kelsey reached for Sara’s panties and she slowly slid them down her legs and over her sandals, tossing them to me. I took the tiny little wad of cloth and pressed it to my nose. As I inhaled Sara’s fragrant aroma my cock began to swell instantly. Oh, this girl was sweet.

Next Kelsey bent over the desk parting Sara’s thighs with her hands as she pushed her face into her crotch. With her bare ass shining Kelsey slid her tongue into Sara’s waiting cunt. As she grasped her puffy lips with her mouth Sara squealed with delight and locked her hands on either side of Kelsey’s head and held her face tight against her pussy. From the sounds coming out of Sara’s mouth I knew Kelsey was tearing her sweet little cunt up.

I unbuckled my trousers and freed my throbbing cock from the confines of my boxers and gently stroked myself as I watched the show. While I stroked my cock Kelsey continued her assault on Sara’s pussy. Knowing that Kelsey needed some attention I rolled my chair close enough that I could slide my hand between her legs. At my touch she parted them wide enough to give my hand access to her own little pussy. I worked my fingers up and down her succulent lips until I was able to slide a finger into her hot wet love hole. Within a few seconds her sticky juices coated my finger like thick molasses.

As I slowly circled my finger inside her pussy Kelsey began to rotate her hips while continuing to work her magic on Sara’s pussy. Sara was moaning loudly now and beginning to yell out words of inspiration to Kelsey.

“Oh, God, Kelsey that feels so good. Fuck me with your tongue. Oh, yeah baby, just like that,” she cried.

By now Kelsey was moaning and whining too but her words were muffled by Sara’s cunt. As I withdrew my finger from her pussy she briefly glanced back my way and gave me one of those “what the fuck looks.” But as I stood up and maneuvered myself behind her and pushed my throbbing cock between her legs she mumbled sarıyer escort and started grinding her hips. When I placed both hands on her ass and slowly rammed my dick to the very bottom of her fiery twat and she let out a loud groan. I pounded her cunt for what seemed like an eternity before I finally felt her contractions.

“Oh fuck yeah! I’m Cuming,” Kelsey shrieked.

Kelsey’s pussy began to squeeze my cock as she pumped her hips and moaned loudly. As my strokes became more deliberate she pulled away from Sara’s crotch completely and held us motionless until her pussy stopped convulsing. Close to coming myself I began to pump Kelsey again until I shot my wad deep inside her. As I focused my attention back on Sara I could see she was fingering herself to a rousing climax. As she began to cum she closed her eyes and began to rotate her hips in a circular pattern. She whimpered softly as Kelsey let her hands roam freely over Sara’s upper body. She kneaded and squeezed her breasts and pinched her hardened nipples before leaning down and giving her a long wet kiss.

I sank back into my chair and watched them kiss again before Kelsey turned her back to the desk and leaned against it. As Kelsey climbed on the desk Sara slid off, and sank to her knees in front of me. Without any hesitation she wrapped her tiny hand around my semi-hard shaft and placed it into her warm wet mouth. She bobbed her head up and down in expert fashion engulfing every inch of my cock and before long I was hard again. Satisfied that I was a ready to fuck, Sara let go of my cock, pulled off her dress, and leaned over the desk.

Looking over het shoulder she said, “I want you to fuck me now Mr. Saunders.”

As I rose from my chair I could see a look of excitement and approval on Kelsey’s face. I think she was as excited about me fucking Sara as I was. I walked up behind Sara and pushed my cock into waiting pussy and Kelsey dropped a hand between her own legs and began to touch herself. I couldn’t believe how warm and tender this girl’s pussy was. It wrapped around my cock like a warm tight fitting glove. It was all I could do to keep from coming instantly.

“Oh yeah give me that big cock baby,” Sara blurted out as I pushed deeper and deeper.

Fucking Kelsey was always a delight but Sara’s young pussy was something else. Her little cunt was sucking and squeezing my cock with every stroke. She moaned incoherently as I quickened my pace and rammed my cock to the very depths of her pussy. After a few minutes of very intense fucking Sara began to do a bump and grind and I knew she must be close to a another climax.

It wasn’t long before she cried out “Oh God Jim, make me cum baby. Fuuuuuck yeah!”

Immediately I felt her pussy begin to contract and quiver sending a warm wave of fluid through her cavity. Gripping her hips tightly I pumped hard and fast until I felt that warm sensation flow through me sending a strong steady stream of hot milky cum deep inside her shivering cunt. I groaned loudly as I emptied my load. Jesus, it didn’t get any sefaköy escort better than this.

When I pulled my cock from Sara’s pussy Kelsey dropped to her knees and quickly engulfed my entire shaft. With her hands on my hips she pulled me to her and sucked feverishly lapping up both mine and Sara’s remaining juices. With Sara now standing behind her with her hands on her shoulders, Kelsey bobbed her head up and down the length of my cock until she was satisfied that she had sucked me clean. She released me and slowly rose to her feet hiking her dress up over her hips as she slid up on the desk just like Sara had done minutes earlier. She leaned back and pulled her knees up and parted her legs giving Sara her queue. In one smooth motion Sara bent down and eagerly pushed her face between Kelsey’s waiting thighs and tongued Kelsey’s cum-filled pussy making her squeal with delight.

“Oh fuck yeah Sara, eat me honey,” Kelsey screeched.

Kelsey rubbed her breasts and tossed her head from side to side as Sara devoured her pussy. God these girls were young but they sure knew how to put on a show. Kelsey continued to moan and groan as Sara continued to attack her pussy with expert percussion. Sensing Kelsey was about to cum I moved closer to the action and gently massaged Sara’s ass as she brought Kelsey to a climatic finish. Kelsey whimpered and moaned loudly and began gasping for breath as she arched her hips and pushed against Sara’s flickering tongue. As her orgasm subsided and she floated back to earth, Sara planted soft kisses all the way up her stomach finishing her journey by engaging Kelsey in one last passionate kiss before breaking free and collapsing into my leather chair.

Kelsey was red-faced and still sprawled out on my desk as I pulled up my boxers and pants. Sara looked completely exhausted too as she lay limply in the chair. As I adjusted my belt Kelsey sat up and with a seductive smile motioned me to her. I wrapped my arms around her and she kissed me deeply. I could still taste the three of us as she floated her tongue into my mouth. As we finished our kiss Sara stood up and sashayed toward us. Breaking from Kelsey I pulled Sara to me and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. It was the perfect ending to our quaint little threesome.

Eventually Sara broke away and retrieved her dress and pulled it on. Kelsey slowly climbed off the desk and as she smoothed out her dress she walked toward me and with as smirk on her face said, “I’d like to do this again sometime.”

“Honey, you can count on it,” I replied.

After another round of kisses I told them we better call it a day. As much as I hated to see our sexcapade come to an end I thought we better sneak out before someone dropped by and caught us off guard.

I quickly made the girls copies of my notes and sent them on their way. But if the truth be known I didn’t care how they faired on the quiz. There was no way they were going to fail my class!

As I made my way around the room I noticed Sara’s panties still lying in the chair where I tossed them earlier. Holding them to my face, I inhaled her sweet smell one last time before pushing them into my trouser pocket and quietly walking out of my office.

As I walked to my car I slowly relived what has just taken place. Fuck, I was either the craziest bastard I knew or the luckiest fucker on the planet. Hell, I quickly came to the conclusion I was both. Somehow someway, I’d be seeing these girls again real soon.

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