Kathy Likes Women Ch. 02

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But the summer did end, and it looked like my entrance to college was going to be delayed for a year by a lack of funds. My parents would pay for tuition and room and board, but if I wanted a car or any spending money, I had to earn it myself. I had just started my first job when I met Janet, this tennis chum of my Mom’s. I’d begun dating several guys, and I was even letting one of them fuck me.

The others I would only let feel me up, and rarely inside my panties. It wasn’t that I’d turned prudish; it’s just that teenage boys are such jerks. They’d give you a glorious two-minute bang and then go and brag to all their friends like they’re the Sultan of Love or something, meanwhile ruining your reputation so that only worse jerks are willing to go out with you. Or worse, they’d fall madly in love and follow you around like lovesick puppies, whimpering for attention.

The guy I was actually fucking was different, he was twenty, didn’t know any of my friends and he was in the Navy, so he wasn’t always hanging around. Of course, this meant that I couldn’t really get into any heavy sex very often, so my eye often turned to the girls. Unfortunately, teenage girls are just about as neurotic as teenage boys, and I worried about rejection and scandal and that kind of thing. (He-he, that was back when I still worried too much.)

There was this one girlfriend of mine, Laura Wells, that I was particularly attracted to, but we were such good friends that I was terrified of spoiling things between us. In short, at the time that I met Janet Beardsley, I was in a state of perpetual horniness. Mom had brought me in on a family membership at the local country club and arranged for me to take tennis lessons. Mom got involved in some kind of fund-raising project, and I wound up standing in for her on her bi-weekly tennis game with Janet.

Janet was twenty-five, married and fairly well to do, driving an Italian sports car that cost more than most people’s houses. She was a classic beauty, about five-seven, with long, dark-brown hair and clear blue eyes, a trim, muscular physique, long sexy legs and a proud bust line. She also had that sort of skin that tans seemed to like to paint themselves upon.

Normally, we would shower at the club and go to the lounge for a cup of tea, but one day, Janet called a halt to the game early and asked me if I would like to go to her place to clean up and have a drink, as she was expecting an important package that afternoon. I said sure, more than a little flattered that an adult was offering me alcohol. She had a really nice penthouse at the top of a hotel – I think her uncle owned the whole building. We were relaxing and sipping daiquiris after our showers, just lying around in the living room when Janet brought it up. Sex.

“Are you a virgin, Kathy?” She asked it with a smile, a smile with flashy teeth and sexy dimples. I hated myself for feeling embarrassed, but I tried to keep a poker face and answered, “No, why do you ask?” I tried to sound cool and casual like she seemed to me, but I suspect that I blushed.

“Well, I have a sort of sex-problem that I’d like to discuss with you, and I just wanted to know where you stood on the subject.” Her thighs shifted restlessly and I thought the silky sound of her hose was sexy. A thrill shot through me – was she trying to seduce me? But no, that would be too good to be true, so I realized that I should be careful here, but at the same time, I needed to let her know how uninhibited I was, so that she’d feel more relaxed.

I sipped my drink before I decided to step into the suddenly awkward silence, “Please don’t say anything to mom, but I’ve pretty much been around. I even have a sailor who gives me such a good time when he’s on shore leave that I walk bow-legged for days after every visit!”

My exaggeration had the desired response. She laughed and uncrossed her legs. She was wearing a simple white gown and obviously no bra. She made me feel grungy in my tee-shirt and cut-offs – my tennis costume was now residing in my gym bag. Worse, I was wearing a bra – it made me feel like a teenager – of course, I was eighteen, but no girl of eighteen likes to feel like a teenager! “So what’s this sex problem?” I asked, trying to sound the bored, woman of the world.

“Well, I’m sure it’s all right to tell you this, but I have to trust you to keep it confidential, okay?” She was actually wringing her hands and looking worried.

I smiled at her worry and reassured her, “Hey, you keep my sailor a secret, and your secret is safe with me!” I said it with as much bravado as I could muster, and I guess it was enough. She looked relieved and proceeded to spill her guts.

“Bill (her husband) isn’t really much of a lover, in fact, I’ve only had a few orgasms with him…” she stopped suddenly to give me a concerned look, “Are you sure this isn’t embarassing you, Kathy?”

I chuckled, “Yes, Janet, I’m sure. My sailor isn’t the Ankara escort world’s greatest, but he’s the best man I’ve had. I could tell you some real horror stories – like the drunk boy who popped my cherry and passed out – all a minute!” That got another laugh, and she continued, but she still seemed a little nervous.

“Well,” she tittered, “I guess you do understand my frustration, but the actual problem isn’t Bill, it’s this neighbor, well, two floors down – she calls herself Serena and rides a motorcycle. She has a punk haircut, and a body like a model.” She sighed, and I misunderstood.

“Oh,” I said, “You mean that she’s after Bill?” I thought I was being clever, but to my surprise, Janet looked miserable and sighed again.

When she spoke it was almost a mumble. “No, she’s not after Bill. She’s after me. And the problem is, I’m a little tempted.” She blushed, although it was difficult to see it under her tan. She continued awkwardly, “Serena says I’m prudish and swears that any really liberated woman has tried it, and that my attitude is old fashioned. I mean, it just seems perverted to me, and I told her so.” Janet paused, looking down, and just when I was about to say something, she continued again. “But there’s something about the way she looks at me that does kind of turn me on, and I just don’t know anymore. So I want you to tell me, Kathy, you’re younger and more ‘with it’ than I am; is it true? Is this something that most women try out nowadays?” Her blue eyes locked onto mine and I could feel her innocence and her emotional turmoil. I was also surprised that she would confide in me in such a serious matter, but on second thought, whom else could she ask?

“Yes,” I sighed, realizing that I’d been holding my breath, “I think most girls try it at one time or another, I mean,” I went ahead and took the plunge, “I’ve done it, and I liked it. Liked it a lot. And I worried about it for a while, but I’ve finally come to think that it really is natural for women to go for each other, at least somewhat.” I felt myself blushing, but Janet’s eyes were locked so intently onto mine that I felt the need to clarify even further, “I still like and want men; it’s not like being queer. But there’s just something about an attractive woman that’s attractive to everyone. I mean like, I think you’re really sexy, myself. And if this biker chick came after me, I’d sure give her what she wants, just to see if it felt good! You can always give it up if you don’t like it.” Oh God! I was babbling.

She looked a little shook. “Ugh, then I am old-fashioned!” Then she brightened, “When you said that I’m sexy, do you really think so?”

“When I said you’re sexy, I meant that I think it would be a blast to have sex with you myself.” I licked my lips suggestively, without (I hoped) over doing it, and gave her my sultry look as I took a sip of my drink.

“Oh!” she said in what was almost a squeak. I didn’t quite know what to make of the wonder in her voice, she might be getting ready to slap me, but I guess I’m a gambler. At least, I figured, it’s better to get slapped having fun than just talking about it.

Trying to be as smooth as a great lover, I set my glass down on the coffee table, took her glass out of her hand and set it down, and then I leaned close to her, putting my hand on her nearest knee, her left knee. “Yes,” I murmured, moving my face close to hers. I could feel the tension in her body, but she didn’t pull away from me. “Yes, I think it would be great fun to fuck you.” I heard her breath catch on the word ‘fuck,’ and that’s when I kissed her. At first she was very still, her lips pliant, but unresponsive. Then suddenly her mouth opened and my tongue was sliding into a willing mouth. My hand whispered up her stockings and fumbled under the lining of her pantyhose. She shifted her hips to accommodate me, and my hand slid not too easily down to her warm, furry mound. It was a tight squeeze, but I could feel her wetness below as her tongue stabbed back at mine. The damn pantyhose were just too tight! I pulled my hand out and used both my hands to pull them down. She helped by raising her butt a little hesitantly. I had her hose down to mid-thigh when she suddenly shook her head and pushed me away.

“No,” she gasped, “I haven’t decided to do it. Besides, you’re too young, and I’m friends with your mother.” She looked at me a bit reproachfully and smoothed her skirt. She left her pantyhose where it was for the moment since it was covered by the skirt. She was trying hard to look dignified despite a blush in her cheeks and the fact that she was still breathing a little heavily.

I looked down and tried to appear properly ashamed of myself as I spoke, after all, this was delicate ground – she was a friend of mom’s, wow-comma-ugh! “I’m sorry, Janet. I thought you wanted me to do that.” I paused a moment, looked up at her then looked back down. “Also, I have to admit that I really am attracted to Ankara escort bayan you. I don’t blame that other lady or myself for that, I mean, not that you can help it, but you’re really very sexy.” No woman is going to dislike hearing stuff like that! She smiled then looked concerned and started to say something, but I blurted ahead, “And you’re right, I guess, I’m too young for you. You deserve a real woman for your first time, not some half-developed girl.” There! I’d switched things around and put her on the defensive. I just continued to look at my feet as she sputtered a protest.

“Nonsense, Kathy, that’s not what I meant, you’re even more appealing than Serena, and I sure wouldn’t call that body of yours half developed! At least I hope it isn’t, why, you’d be grotesque when you matured!” As she said this, her eyes went down my figure and lingered a bit on the zipper of my cutoffs. That’s when I knew that I still had a chance. And naturally, that’s when the doorbell rang. Janet gave me a wink as she modestly pulled up her pantyhose underneath her dress as she stood. I sighed as she went off to sign for her package. All my good work undone! I was afraid that I wouldn’t get the chance to pull ’em down again.

At least I made good use of my time and fixed us both fresh drinks from her bar. While my hands fiddled with the glasses, I did some thinking about a different approach to this business of seducing a straight woman. What I really wanted was to go down on her, to see what her cunt is like, how it feels, how it tastes, how it would feel to have her thighs trembling about my head as she came in my face. I mean, sure, I wanted her to go down on me, but if I could only have one of the two things, I’d get a bigger thrill in eating her, even if I didn’t get to come. I mean I could always do that later, or I could even do it to myself while I ate her out. So, what if she felt the same way? Maybe I was approaching this all wrong by playing the part of the guy. Maybe she’d like to seduce me? Oh well, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Now, if I could only think of how to tempt her to seduce me…

Janet walked in briskly with her package. I handed her drink to her and asked her what was in it. She excitedly told me that it was the latest and skimpiest bikini from Paris. I had a flash of inspiration. Playing the eager bumpkin girl, a role for which I am unfortunately well-suited, I acted really excited and begged to model it for her. As I knew she would, she chuckled indulgently and told me to go in the bedroom and put it on. I clutched it and ran to change. It was indeed a skimpy bikini, and I smiled to myself. I might look sexy and slutty in cutoffs and a tee-shirt, but I’d look irresistible in this wisp of nothing designed to emphasize my curves. It did, and I could see it in the bedroom mirror. There was an even larger mirror covering the whole wall behind the bar, and that was where I would make my pitch! I walked back into the living room as casually as I could, considering that I was practically naked.

I cast my eyes shyly downward when she did a wolf whistle – my blush was real. The suit was sky blue and since I was a blonde, I knew it emphasized my hair. I posed in front of the big mirror, rumpling my hair and making a sexy pout with my mouth, most of my weight on one foot, chest and hips slightly forward. I changed my moue to a slightly sheepish grin as our eyes met as she stepped toward me. I even batted my brown eyes at her a little. “Well, do you think Serena would look better in your bikini?” I teased with a little giggle.

She laughed, “Spin around, minx, and let’s have a look.” As I obeyed her command, I could feel her appreciative stare. “Yes, I think you look even better than she would.” She admitted it thoughtfully. Encouraged and feeling bolder, I slipped the strap down my left shoulder and as the skimpy top sagged slightly, the pale tan of my aureole peeked over the edge.

I leaned closer and circled her neck with my arm. Camping it up, I did my best Marilyn Monroe impression and said, “Do you think I could be a Playboy bunny?” Her giggle was nervous, and she didn’t answer. I knew she was tempted, and my Monroe is at least passable. I parted my lips slightly and closed my eyes – it was now or never! It was now! She pulled me to her roughly and kissed me hard, bending me backwards and leaving me breathless as she took over my body like Clark Gable or somebody.

She was probably a little over-macho actually, even a little rough. But it was her fantasy trip, and I was digging what was happening as she peeled the swimsuit off of me and laid me down right there on the thick, shag pile. When she pulled off the bottom, I shamelessly spread my legs and exposed myself to her. And I did notice her eyeing my dark brown fluffy with appreciation. I think my shapely legs are my best feature, and she did give them a look before returning to my fluffy.

My nipples were hard, my pussy was Escort Ankara wet; I was ready. But to my surprise, she loomed over me and slipped out of her dress. Her pantyhose came next, and she was naked except for her high heels, which she had slipped back on after tossing the hose aside. Then she straddled me and let me look up at her pretty black thatch and jutting breasts. I thought, Wow this is really kinky great! Her eyes were cold, ice blue. “Suck me off,” she ordered. Wow, the dominatrix thing. Evidently, my psychological theories weren’t worth beans, but things were working out great! I raised myself looking at her lovely snatch, the course hair pressed flat by her panty hose, and I embraced her hips with my arms as my face slid up her legs, feeling the tiny hairs of her thighs on my cheeks.

The smell of her charmed me as my nose parted her wiry bush and spread her damp lips. I love doing that; pushing my nose in between pussy lips to get a nice deep breath of woman smell, for one thing, the smell tends to disappear as I get used to it, so I grab it right away. She was very wet inside, and the muscular walls of her love tube grabbed at my first stab into her vagina with my tongue. She moaned and curled her fingers in my hair as she pulled my face hard into her loins. I ran my hands up and down her legs, caressing the supple curves of her muscles as they rippled and bunched in time with the slow undulation of her hips. She pumped her hips and held me hard against her groin while watching my face nuzzle around in her slathering cunt. She was still being a little rough, but I was sure she had just been so desperately horny for so long…

Besides, I liked her passion! Finally after I had shifted my sucking and licking to her clit for several minutes, she suddenly began to shiver and shake convulsively, and then made a sound like, “Unnnggg!” half scream, and half groan. For a moment, I was afraid that her powerful tennis thighs would crush my head like an eggshell. Janet was totally lost in orgasmic rapture, both hands curled tightly in my hair, her body drooping, draping itself about my head like a gently wilting flower. Then her face was covering me with kisses as she randomly gasped, “Oh thank you, thank you…” and a few other little endearments. I was a little confused, at first. Then I realized where her gratitude was leading – she seemed to have this need to justify going down on me, and she would just use gratitude so she wouldn’t feel too queer about it. Hmmmm?

It seemed a little strange, her convoluted thought process, but I badly wanted my pussy eaten, and by her lovely face! She kissed my neck and titties, lingering to suck each nipple, enjoying herself by rubbing her cunt on my knee. Even my knee enjoyed that. She ate me out so lovingly, that I came like a waterfall, my body undulating over the rocks of her passion! Damn, lousy metaphor, but a good orgasm defies description!

From that point on, my relationship with Janet was a joy for about six months. She really got into some kinky routines, too, like this time in a restaurant where she felt me up under the table and ate me out in the restroom. But there were problems, too. For one thing, Janet kind of had a thing about assholes, she didn’t like for me to play with hers, and she wouldn’t even touch mine. That was bad enough, but Janet also started having these guilt trips about deceiving her husband, and when she started making noises about leaving him so that she could stay with me (at my Mom’s?), I had to call it quits. Unfortunately, this left me without a reliable love life, and I became more attracted to Laura Wells than ever.

But Laura was so straight that I knew that she’d never go for it, particularly after one night we spent together over at her house. We were laying there in the dark and whispering secrets about everything – the usual girl stuff – when I got bold enough to mention a girl I knew that sometimes had sex with other girls. She said yuck, and that she’d just scream if that Janna ever made a pass at her. I thought about her pretty, sensuous lips, and her clear blue eyes, and sighed. It was that night of frustration, I think, that made me look up Serena. The idea did come to me then. All I had to do was go to this woman’s apartment (I knew where it was), under some pretence, and end up having sex with her.

Astonishingly, it was just as simple as that. At first, I was pretty startled by her appearance. She was wearing jeans and a tank top and both were filled out as nicely as Janet had described, but the shocking part was her hair, which was dyed silver and shaped into spikes. I wondered how she slept without bending her spikes. Chewing gum, she asked me what I wanted while giving me a frank appraisal with her eyes. I felt myself blush as she drank in everything that my tennis costume didn’t leave to the imagination. She had sleepy brown eyes that I sort of liked, so I didn’t feel quite as awkward as I could have. I told her that I had dropped in on my friend Janet, and she wasn’t at home, so could I come in and borrow her john. I really need to pee something fierce, I explained with a giggle and a wiggle that I hoped Serena would find sexy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32