Kathe: Service with a Smile

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[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies, and perhaps some female fantasies as well. As such, the story may or may not totally conform to reality. All events locations and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


The first thing people say when they see my name, Kathe, in print, is, “Hey, that’s not spelled right!”

My answer is always, “Well, that’s the way I spell it, with an ‘E’ not a ‘Y’. K-A-T-H-E, like it or lump it!” That pisses some people off, but, what the hell, it’s my name! I really shouldn’t piss too many people off though, at least at work, if I want to keep my job. I work in a lingerie store much like a Victoria’s Secret, but even more, much more, upscale and it pays to be nice to the customers there, maybe more than in other stores. This’s a very large store in a very large mall.

Unlike most lingerie stores, if requested, we give very personal service to our customers, at least the female ones. This is explained at the job interview and accepting a job means accepting the extra “personal” duties as part of the job. But we do have a very large male clientele also who come in and buy things for their ‘significant other’ of the moment. These customers also receive excellent service, but not quite so personal (usually, at least) as do the female customers.

I’ve a number of customers who ask for me by name when they come in to buy. One of my regulars came in during the week of Christmas and sought me out. Pam is a 5 foot, 10 inch black haired beauty. She has delicate white skin (no tan at all, here) that is almost too pale. She could pose as a marble statue. She has 36C boobs, a 28 inch waist, and 37 inch hips. Pam is long waisted and long legged. She has a long, aquiline nose, brilliantly blue eyes, and a large smile.

This time, Pam was looking for a sexy, slut outfit, namely, cut out bra, crotches panties, garter belt, thigh highs, and stiletto heels, all in black. I picked out a sample set for her to try out before deciding on how frilly or plain she wanted them to be.

She started back to the dressing rooms and motioned for me to join her saying, “I need someone to help and tell me how the ensemble looks.”

I closed the fitting room door behind us. These are really nice, large rooms with full length mirrors on three walls and the door with clothing hooks on either side of the door. There is also a large bench to sit on.

Pam started to peel out of her clothes. I should say more like slide out because, knowing she was going to try on clothes, she was dressed in sweat shirt, sweat pants, and sneakers. The mild December day did not require a heavy coat.

First to come off was the sweat shirt, in a slow, sensuous tease. I noticed out in the store that Pam jiggled quite a bit and now my suspicions were confirmed. As the sweat shirt rose over her chest, slowly exposing creamy boobs, she revealed the absence of a bra. Pam has all natural, very exquisite boobs as marble white as the rest of her skin. The aureole are very large and her nipples popped erect delightfully. I felt a twinge in my pussy as I watched.

Pam then bent down and pulled off her sneakers and anklets. In the process, her tits swung down and swayed gently, further exciting me. She stood and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her sweat pants and slowly, sensuously, very lewdly, lowered them down over her butt and pubic mound an inch at a time.

She stopped just below pussy level, looked straight at me and gave me a wicked, leering grin and a wink. My own nipples immediately stiffened inside my bra. I also felt my crotch turn liquid.

Pam had never done this before with me, she had always gone to the fitting room alone, so I was uncertain where this was going, although I’d a pretty damned good idea what she was up to. I’d heard stories of how she’d seduced other clerks here and others stores. Of course it was not an uncommon practice in our store, but it was a first for me, if this went where I thought it was heading.

Anyway, Pam finished stepping out of the sweat pants and reached for the bra in my hand. She placed her arms through the straps and asked me to help adjust the fit. Her aureole and a fair amount of breast went through the cutouts in the cups as she tugged it on.

She held the ends and said, “Fasten the thing for me, would you.” She didn’t turn around, but stood facing me with that “come hither” look on her face.

I stepped up to her, nearly nose to nose, reached around her, and fastened the rear closure. Close contact of her skin with her naked boobs crushed into me and staring at me from three different views from the mirrors got to me instantly. I felt my punani suddenly flooded with a Niagara of wetness.

I abruptly backed away from her, my face burning. I’d thought about “doing it” with another woman, but this was my first face-to-face confrontation with the possibility. Antalya Escort I was shaken more than I wanted to let on.

Pam Just grinned and said, “what is it, Kathe, did something bite you?”

“N-n-o.” I was staring at her naked, shaved pussy with lust burning in my eyes.

“Well, then help me put that fancy garter belt in place.”

This time she turned her back to me, showing me her sweet ass. I visibly shook as she bent over and stepped into the belt. She took her time, allowing me a long look at her naked pussy lips fully displayed before me. They were shiny wet.

“Like what you see, Kathe?”

My groaning sigh was answer enough.

Pam straightened up, saying, “Pull it up for me, please.”

I did, but as I got it about into place, I couldn’t help myself. I reached between her legs and drew a finger between her pussy lips from her opening to her rosette.

“Oh, you naughty girl, Kathe!”


“Did that feel good, Kathe? I sure thought it felt good.”


Pam abruptly turned and sat on the bench, legs splayed, once again giving me an unobstructed, eye popping view of her naked and dripping snatch.

“Well, don’t just stand there with that silly ass look on your face, hand me one of those stockings, Kathe.”

She wadded up the first black thigh high, pulled it on the end of her foot, and rolled it up her calf in a sensuous caress of nylon and skin. My pussy was now flowing so hard, I felt the wetness dripping out of my panties onto my inner thighs.

I stood in a daze of erotic desire as I heard, “Come on, Kathe, give me the other damned stocking, you heat crazed bitch.”

She took it from my shaking hand.

Her clean shaved pussy was still staring me straight in the face. It was very obvious Pam was also leaking pussy juice like a punctured water bucket. Pam at last pulled the second stocking into place after yet another teasing display.

“Now, fasten the garters for me, would you please?”

As I stooped slightly in front of her to do this, Pam leaned over me, put her hands on my butt, and squeezed!

“Nice, butt,” She said as she removed her hands.

My shaking hands took some time to get all the fasteners in place. Pam then picked up the crotchless panties and stepped into them with no delay. There she stood, naked nipples and aureole on top and naked pussy on the bottom, staring at me on full and unabashed display.

Her clit had erected so large that it protruded from its hood and the top of her slit. Her inner cunt lips were pushing far out in front of her outer lips. Pussy juice was dripping onto the floor and the female aroma of her arousal was filling the room. God, was she ever in heat!

The multiple, mirrored views of her were so erotic. My nipples were even more stiffly protruding from the front of my shirt through the thin, sheer bra I wore. I could also no longer hide how wet I was getting as the flow from my tunnel of love had soaked through the crotch of my slacks and the pant legs of my inner thighs.

Pam snickered lewdly as she asked, “Getting a bit excited, are we?”

“Not much,” I grinned.

“Use your hand and check the fit and clearance of my pussy in these panties, will you?”

In compliance, and no longer tentatively, I placed a hand on her pussy which produced an immediate moan from Pam and a small groan from me. I gave in to her seduction and began to massage her pussy with feeling.

I massaged up and down her pussy lips. Her skin was so silky and velvety smooth. Just like the skin of an apricot. My middle finger began to penetrate her slit, slowly, but deeper and deeper with each stroke as I moved from her clit to her rosette and back.

I was buzzing on her clit at the top of each stroke, which sent electric shocks all through her. My fingers were soaked from her flowing juices.

“Feel good yet, Pam?”

“Does it ever! Don’t stop, girl.”

I stood to Pam’s left and was able to continue playing with her pussy while I leaned over and mouthed her left nipple. I was giving it a good tongue licking when she reached her left hand into my crotch and squeezed. I had popped my finger into her love tunnel just as she squeezed down on my crotch.

Pam pulled my hand free and brought it to my mouth. “Suck it clean, she ordered!”

I did. As I finished, she unbuttoned my slacks and dropped both them and my thong to the floor. She unbuttoned my blouse and shoved my bra up over my tits and immediately put her mouth to first one and then the other of my tingling orbs.

“OH, fuck, that’s heavenly, more, Pam, more.

She replaced her mouth with a hand and the other hand went into my crotch, stoking the already fierce fires burning there. Our mouths joined and tongues were played with each other. Now it was her hand that was drenched! I withdrew her hand, placed it to her mouth, and said, “Now it’s your turn to lick it clean.”

Pam broke free and said, “Get Antalya Escort Bayan on your back on the carpet.” She mounted me in a sixty-nine and we commenced to use our tongues on each other with abandon. We were both licking and biting clits and slits until we simultaneously stuck tongues into cunt holes and reamed for gold.

We had to keep as quiet as possible, but I could not suppress some quiet moans as I squirted my orgasm from my heaving pussy, all over Pam’s face. She returned the favor, wetly, seconds later.

We licked each other clean, trying hard not to orgasm again. We failed, but this time, the orgasms were mild and wetless, over quickly.

I put my clothes back together, sans the soaked thong and prayed the wet slacks would dry quickly. I watched as Pam, the bitch, as seductively as she had put it on, removed the lingerie. “I’ll take all of these.”

She at last tried on the shoes. She strutted back and forth in the room before the mirrors, wearing only those damned shoes. Shit, my pussy started leaking again.

“They fit perfectly, I’ll take them, too.”

Pan slid back into her sweats and sneakers. I opened the door and we walked out to the cash register so I could ring up the sale. Service with a smile, right?

I did take time to get a new thong charged to my account and go to a changing room to put it on. It was ultra sheer white, mostly not-there-at-all second skin. It left my entire shaved pussy entirely revealed. The short, narrow landing strip above my mons was not covered at all.

Since it was Christmas Eve Day, we only stayed open until two in the afternoon. The day was anti-climatical after Pam left, or so I thought.

Around one-forty-five, a real hunk of a stud walked in and came up to me as I finished a sale with another customer. This guy, a stranger to me, looked like a Roman god. He was late twenties, early thirties at most, with the build of a weight lifter. Broad shoulders, rock solid, six pack abs, narrow waist, muscled thighs—a real adonis.

Now, if I do say so myself, I’m no slouch in the looks department. Big tits, but not too big, narrow waist, trim thighs, and a very tight, sexy butt. Or so I’ve been told, anyway. I’ve also been told I have a very pretty face. Best of all, I think, I sport flaming, naturally red hair both top and bottom, at least what little there is at the bottom.

Well, studly, says, “I know it’s late, but I’ve just got to get a sexy negligé for my girlfriend. I can’t go home without a present for her.”

“Yes, it’s quite late and minutes from closing time.” “Please?”

“Well, okay, just for you, I think I can help. But give me a minute. As I said, it’s so close to closing time, I’d better let the boss know I will be staying late with a V.I.P. customer and that I will lock the door again on my way out.” The manager nodded when I told him and I rushed quickly back to changing room three.

I asked Joe some questions about brand, whether he wanted plain or frilly, shear or opaque, color, sizing, and accessories, but he wasn’t sure about much of anything.

“And you’ve been with this girl for how long and don’t know her sizes?”

“I’ve never bought her clothes without her along and her picking the stuff out. All I did was pay for it. So I never needed to know.”

“Well, if you intend to buy much lingerie, you’d best carry a card with her sizes.”

“She’s very close to you in size and height. Maybe you could try it on for me to see.” After a short pause, he said, “Over your clothes, of course.”

“Of course, but that just wouldn’t really work, would it.”

“No, I guess you’re right. But I’m d-de-deperate, really, I am. I don’t suppose you’d considered really modeling them for me?”

“Let me see what I can find for you first.”

With Joe tagging along behind me, I purused the racks and selected an appropriate, very shear negligé in white and a pair of matching white, nearly not-there-at-all, shear crotches panties. From the bra rack came a suitable cut on model. If he likes the unbound view, his girl doesn’t’ have to wear it. We walked back towards the fitting rooms.

“My name is Joe. I see by your I.D. tag you are Kathe.”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Joe entered the fitting room after me and closed the door. The doors lock automatically. He sat on the bench and waited expectantly.

The negligé was on a hanger, as were the panties and bra. I slipped the negligé over my blouse and skirt and did a very slow circle in front of him—and the mirrors, of course. I unhooked the panties and spread them with my hands to show him the lack of a crotch.

Joe was developing a bulge in his pants and his hands twitched ever so slightly. My crotch, covered with a new and dry thong since my interlude with Pam, was getting damp again, quickly!

“That just does not seam to show the lingerie to the best advantage,” he lamented. “Not very realistic. W-w-would you r-really model them for m-m-me?”

Well, Escort Antalya that is not usually done for male customers, but neither is it unheard of in our store. And, he is a damned good looking stud! I said as much to him, minus the ‘unheard of’ and ‘damned good looking’ part. I emphasized the usually not done part. I also said, “You seam to forget that you already have a girl.”

He replied, “Yes, but she is bi, and we often have a threesome, sometimes another girl and sometimes another guy. She would be ok with this–she’d even enjoy if I invited you to our place.”

My reply was a full minute pause while I looked him straight in the eyes. Joe never flinched. He calmly stared right back without moving a muscle. I don’t think he even blinked. He smiled ever so slightly–and seductively. This guy damned sure knew how to go about getting what he wanted!

Then, making a snap decision, my answer was to smile seductively as I began to slowly strip. I looked at Joe’s crotch as my blouse came off to reveal my big, all natural boobs through my thin and very shear bra. The bulge in his pants was now really something. I could see it pulse against his trouser leg.

“Like what you see now?”

“Uh huh!”

I reached back and unfastened my bra. I brought my hands forward and cupped my tits. I leaned slightly forward, allowing the bra to fall slowly into my hands but still cover the territory from his gaze. His eyes glazed over with lust.

I allowed the bra to slip from my grasp and drop to the floor, revealing my bounteous boobs to blossom in their naked glory as I stood fully erect again. So did my nipples. Stand erect that is.

My slacks were tight enough to reveal a definite, though not pronounced, cameltoe. I noticed Joe was watching that area as I struggled to peal off those slacks, exposing my tight, totally sheer mini thong. It did show a pronounced cameltoe. Hell wet as it was, it showed my whole pussy, leaving nothing, absolutely nothing, to the imagination. I might as well be wearing none.

This had Joe now openly rubbing the bulge in his pants. I let the slacks drop to the floor. Joe couldn’t stand it any longer. As he watched me, he unzipped and freed his big cock, standing rigidly erect, out into the light of day. He slowly stroked it up and down with his left hand.

That gorgeous hunk of man meat was quite long, very fat. It was also uncircumcised. The tip of his cock head was glistening with precum when his down stroke exposed the helmet. His hand action got the whole shaft glistening.

My own crotch was now so completely soaking my tiny new thong, it in essence, disappeared. Still slowly stroking, Joe watched in lustful anticipation as I turned my back to him and bent over, way over and down, to remove my shoes and anklets and pull the slacks all the way off. The view of my pussy framed between my thighs just inches in front of him was too much. I heard a low, wailing moan and felt cock cream squirt onto my lower back and ass.

Damn, I either wanted to watch that geyser go off or swallow it.

Joe was breathing hard, panting, and sweating as if he were in a sauna. His face was flushed and his cock pulsed with fury, one final pulse squirting off onto my mound of Venus.

I stepped gingerly out of my second wet thong of the day and into the crotchless panties and did still another, slow three-sixty for Joe as he continued stroking his still rigid pole.

My pussy, as I said, is shaved clean, so he got the full view, front and back as I turned. I sexily donned the shear negligé and tied the satin belt loosely. I did another three-sixty for him.

Joe was squeezing the base of his cock, hard.

“I don’t want to cum again just yet. I want to cum in your pussy.

Speaking of that, pussy juice was running down the inside of both my thighs in rivulets. The sex aroma of a woman in heat permeated the room. I can’t hold out much longer either. After Pam and now this, I need cock in the worst way. NOW!

Joe was gasping for breath and groaning, “Oh, man, Oh God, Oh Shiiiiit!”

I looked down at his missile of pleasure. Although he was not squirting, something more than pre cum was definitely oozing out. And then, as I watched, he did lose it by squirting cock cream for a second time, in a tremendous arc all over the front of the negligé. There were six large squirts of cum.

I said, “Now let me see what I can do for you,” as I knelt down in front of him between his legs. I took his only slightly deflated dick between my two hands and began to play with it, twisting it, stroking it up and down, and rubbing circles around the tip of the head. Joe began to thrust a little and moan a lot. It took some doing, but his cock began to stiffen rock hard again, slowly as I licked and sucked it clean and dry.

My mouth enveloped his cock head and I sucked and away. I pulled his foreskin up over the head and got my tongue in between the two and did a number of lick-arounds with my gluttonous appendage. His appendage seemed to appreciate that and stiffened up the rest of the way real quick. Joe began to pant and moan again.

“Now, I need some attention next, please, before you shoot off again.”

Joe shakily stood up and said, “O-o-okay, y-you sit d-down now,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32