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JiuJitsu Boy

I am obligated to say that this is all fiction. None of these characters are real.
None of this ever happened, although one could say this was inspired by things that may or may not have actually happened. If you shouldn”t be reading this, why are you here?

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Enjoy! Andrew Thomas / ail

This is a chapter story. Sex will happen but this one focuses on the relationship first. Not sure how many chapters yet.

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Jamie is a gorgeous boy, around 14 years old. He has perfect features, perfect manners, and is a 10+ on looks. He is very sweet. His skin is perfect, not a blemish, His narrow face and perfect smile melt you in an instant. He”s got very light skin, and delicate features. The boy should be a model or in a boy band.

He regularly worked out at the Jiu Jitsu studio next to where Mark works. The boys wear a nice lightweight gi as they attend their lessons. Jamie could be a model for these gis. His gi fits perfectly, and he makes it look very formal.

Mark gets to watch him through the window as he goes through the various exercises with his master instructing the class. When they are practicing, Mark really enjoys the groundwork, especially when Jamie is mounting his opponent. He has such a satisfied look on his face.

After class, Jamie is usually sweaty, the open neck of the gi showing the glistening sweat running down his chest. It”s hard for Mark not to stare as he sits on the steps, waiting for his mom to come pick him up.

Tonight, though, Mark noticed that he was sitting there for quite some time. It was also a bit cold, and the boy had no coat. The studio had closed, and Mark saw his master ask him if he was okay before he left. Jamie had nodded yes and pulled out his cell phone and showed the master a text.

Mark closed up about an hour after the studio and noticed that Jamie was still there. Jamie had seen Mark around, of course, but they weren”t what you would consider acquaintances. Jamie had a look of distress abidinpaşa escort on his face as he kept looking at his phone. Mark looked up and walked over to him.

“Hi, I”m Mark, I work in that shop right there.”

“Yeah, I”ve seen you every time we come. I”m Jamie.”

“I noticed your mom hasn”t come to get you. Are you okay? I don”t want to leave you here since the center is closing down and its cold. Have you talked to your mom?”

“Yes, I texted her an hour ago and she said she would be here soon. I texted again, but there was no response.”

Mark”s heart sank. Something must have happened. For her to not text him back means it must be serious. The boy looked sad.

“Jamie, maybe she”s just stuck in traffic. She”s always here on time, right? How about if I wait with you for a bit? I can keep you company. Let”s go back over to my shop and we can go inside where it”s warm. We can sit at that table that”s right inside and watch for her.”

“Okay, but she”s probably not coming. That”s how she says my dad left us. He just didn”t show up one day.”

That really hit Mark hard. His own father had abandoned him when he was young.

“Buddy, my dad did that too. But your mom wouldn”t do that. We”re going to find out what”s happened. Come on.”

The two walked over to Mark”s shop and went to the table. Jamie took a seat and put his head in his hands.

“Buddy, it”s all going to be okay. Can you tell me where you live? Where was your mom when she was coming to get you? I”m going to check some things to see if we can figure out where she is.”

“Sure, but she left, I just know it.”

“Why do you say that?”

“She was mad at me before my workout. I had forgotten to hang up my gi after she washed it and it was wrinkled. She always wanted me to look good and be perfect, so she had to iron it. She was swearing at me, Mark. She was pissed at me.”

“Jamie, I”m sure she wasn”t really that mad at you. Adults do that sometimes when they are frustrated. If there is something that they need to do that they hadn”t planned, it throws them off. We sometimes don”t realize how it sounds to others.”

“No Mark, you don”t get it. She”s always yelling at me to keep things tidy. I screwed up and she”s leaving me.”

“Come on, let me check a few things.”

Mark took his phone and opened up the maps app. He put in Jamie”s home address and the place he thought his mom would have been to figure out what part of town she would be in and what route she would have taken. He then opened up the police and fire rescue page that listed incidents and didn”t see anything that looked like it would have been Jamie”s mom. “Good news, Jamie, there are no accidents or medical calls anywhere your mom would have been. That means she”s probably okay, so we need to figure out what may have happened. Let me see your phone.”

Jamie handed his phone to Mark. Mark scrolled through the messages between Jamie and his mom. It was all innocent back and forth, but Mark noticed something strange. “Jamie, do you see this? The messages you sent aren”t showing up as read. That means your mom didn”t get them. Maybe her phone is off or out of adana escort battery.”

Mark was now worried. What could have kept her from her boy. Was she abducted? Did she have an emergency and had to go somewhere? She wouldn”t leave her boy, would she?

Mark had another idea. He walked over to the studio and peered in. The lights were out, but he could see the phone on the desk. It had a blinking message light. He grabbed his phone and scrolled through his contacts to find Master Bruce. He hit call.

“Bruce here. What”s up, Mark?”

“Hey Bruce, you know your student, Jamie? Well, he”s still here. I was closing up and noticed him. He can”t reach his mom. There”s a message on your studio phone. Can you get to it remotely to see if it”s her? I can”t leave him here.”

“Sure Mark, let me call you right back.”

It seemed like an eternity, but finally Bruce called back. “Mark, bad news, it”s not a call from Jamie”s mom. It was simply a student rescheduling. I”m sorry, but I do have his home address.”

Mark interrupted. “Yeah, he told me where he lives. What do you think I should do?”

“Would you mind taking him home? Let me talk to him to let him know you”re a good guy and that he can trust you.”

“Sure. Hold on. Jamie, it”s Master Bruce. He wants to talk to you.”

“Jamie, Mark is a good guy. He”s going to take you home. He will make sure you”re safe. Before you go with him, get my number from him in case you need to call me.”

“Thank you, Master. He”s a nice guy.”

Mark gave Jamie the number and they closed up the shop once again. They got in Mark”s car and headed to Jamie”s house.

As Jamie sat there in his silky gi, Mark could see the distinct outline of the boy”s nice package. From what he could see, he had a pretty decent-sized cock. Unless the boy was wearing a cup, the kid should be very proud of his teenage boyhood. Mark tried to keep his eyes on the road, not the prize.

They pulled up to Jamie”s house. It was dark. “Do you have a key?”

“Yeah, there”s a keypad on the door, so I just punch in my number.”

“Let”s go in and see what”s going on. Does your mom park in the garage or on the driveway?”

“She”s always parked on the driveway, so she”s not here.”

If Mom was home, they might have discovered something heinous. Since that wasn”t going to be the case, they went inside and searched the house. Nobody was there. Mark didn”t feel right just leaving the boy, so he asked him. “Do you want me to stay with you until your mom comes home? Did you want to eat? What can I do for you.”

“I don”t know. Something doesn”t feel right. Can you stay? I hate to ask you, but I”m not sure what else to do.”

“Sure buddy, I can hang out for a bit.”

The two sat on the couch and watched TV. Jamie got up. “I need to take off my gi. My mom hates it when I get it all wrinkly. Let me go hang it up.”

Mark waited on the couch. A few minutes later, Jamie came out wearing nothing but a jock and sat on the couch and leaned into Mark.

Mark instinctively put his arm over the boy”s shoulder, his cock rising at the sight of this perfect, nearly naked boy leaning into him.

Within minutes, adıyaman escort Jamie had fallen asleep. Worrying about his mom must have worn him out. The boy became heavier, leaning into Mark, and he slowly slid so that he was leaning into Mark”s chest. Mark wrapped his arms around the boy, hugging him. He rested his chin on the boy”s head and got a whiff of the kid”s hair. It was boy sweat, strawberries and something magical only a boy has. Mark was glad the boy was only leaning in, because his cock would have definitely awakened the boy by jabbing him in the ass.

Mark sat there, not knowing what to do. As he sat there contemplating, he too fell asleep.

Mark woke up when he felt something touching his face. As he opened his eyes, he saw Jamie caressing his cheek and staring at him. He had lost track of time since he had fallen asleep.


“Hi Jamie, what time is it?”

“It”s 2:30 in the morning. Can we go to bed?”

“Sure buddy, I”ll take you into your bedroom.”

“No, I want you to come to bed with me.”

“Buddy, I need to find out where your mom is. I don”t think she”d like to come home and find me in bed with you.”

“She”s gone, I told you. She”s not coming back.”

“I”m sure that”s not the case. Let”s get you in bed and I can stay out here to wait for your mom.”

“I told you, she”s gone. Please?” Jamie had that pleading look on his face. He slipped his jock off and tossed it on the floor. His boyhood bounced now that it was free. Mark hadn”t really thought about being with a boy. At least not being with a boy sexually, but this cute boy was standing there begging him to get into bed. He couldn”t do it knowing that if the mother came home, it wouldn”t end well. There would be no way to explain a grown man in bed with a naked boy.

“We will figure things out in the morning unless your mom comes home sooner. Get some rest.”

Mark convinced the boy to settle down and get under the covers. He pulled them up and leaned down to kiss the boy on the forehead. As he was doing that he thought he was crazy. Why would he kiss this boy on the forehead? He realized he was mimicking what he would have wanted his own father to do had he had the chance. He went through with it and Jamie just looked up.

“Night dad” and closed his eyes.

Mark didn”t know what to say. D ad? What? He went back to the front room and laid on the couch. If the mom came home she would surely see that his car was in the driveway and hopefully not freak out at a total stranger in her house.

The real question was, where the hell was she?

Morning came all too early. Thankfully, Mark had the day off, so he went in to find Jamie. “Good morning, Jamie. It”s time to get up. Let”s get some breakfast.”

“Morning Dad, can we have pancakes?”

“Jamie, why do you keep calling me dad?”

“Why not?”

“I”m not your dad. I think I would know. I don”t have a son. I mean, if I did, I would be proud if he was like you, but I don”t have a son.”

“You can be my dad.” At this point, Jamie had gotten out of bed and was showing off his morning wood.

“Why don”t you go to the bathroom and put on some shorts and come get breakfast? I”ll see if I can find stuff for your pancakes.”

Jamie came down the hallway a few minutes later, carrying a photo album. He went to the kitchen table and opened it up. There was a photo of Mark. “Mark, look, I think this is you.”


To be continued…

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