Jeff’s Dirty Arcade Adventures

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Big Dicks

I was always a horny kid growing up, I loved looking at Playboys and porn magazines whenever I could. By the time I turned 18 I had had sex with a few girlfriends but it never seemed to matter how much I got I always wanted more. There was an adult video arcade near my house and I had a general idea of what it was about. I knew guys went in there and watched porn from a selection of videos and jacked off but that was about it. The trouble always was that I wasn’t 18 so I couldn’t go in. Within a month of turning 18 I was particularly horny and I decided it was time to check it out.

As I walked in I wasn’t sure what would happen, would the guy at the counter demand to see my ID and know I had just become legal and snicker at me for being a horndog? God forbid; would I run into some adult I knew? It turned out nothing like that happened; I walked in went back to the booths found an empty one, closed and locked the door and deposited some quarters and was greeted with more porn on demand than I could ever hope for!

After that first trip it became a kind of semi-regular thing at least once a week. As I visited more I started noticing things like at certain times of the day guys lurking in the hall outside the booths. I also noticed patches on the walls between the booths, it didn’t take long to figure out that guys were trying to hook up for sex and the patches covered glory holes people had put in the walls. Being straight it never really occurred to me to get involved in any of that activity but it certainly didn’t bother me that guys did that. There were gay videos available in the booth and I admit I would sometimes watch them, it turned me on just like the ones with women. One day I went into a booth, locked the door, sat down and pulled out my cock and started stroking, suddenly I heard a noise in the booth next to me and instinctively looked that direction and noticed a small hole about the size of a quarter that I hadn’t seen before. As I looked at it I realized someone was watching me jack off and discovered it really turned me on. After that incident it became a recurring fantasy of mine to show off to guys watching, I would try to find a booth that had a hole so someone could watch but the store was really good about covering them up.

On one of my trips to the arcade a few months after I started I had an idea, the kind of stupid 18 year old horny idea that gets guys in trouble. I decided if I couldn’t find a way for a guy to watch me through a peephole I would just leave the door to the booth unlocked and ajar a bit and maybe a guy would peek in. The booths all had green lights above them that would come on when someone had paid to watch so I knew they would know someone was in there. I was nervous but so turned on, I went in and sat down but left the door cracked and pulled out my cock then started up the videos. At first nothing happened, honestly I had no idea what would happen, would someone put their eye to the door crack and look in? After about 5 minutes someone opened the door, not just a little bit but fully open. I looked at him, he looked at me and my cock and apologized and closed the door. It was such a rush to have him look at me my heart was pounding and my cock was even harder than it had been a minute before. The door was now closed but unlocked; I decided to try it again and nudge the door ajar like before. About 5 minutes later I saw a shadow by the crack in the door; someone was looking! I was so close to cumming but I wanted to keep going so my audience would enjoy the show so I slowed down. That’s when my great horny idea took a very unexpected turn.

After about 30 seconds of my secret admirer watching he opened the door but instead of doing like the guy before he walked into the booth with me and closed and locked the door. The booths were not that big but they were big enough for one person to be sitting (me) and one person to stand (him). At this point I completely froze, I had no idea what was going on, my hand was still gripping my hard cock and I was just staring at him. He was in his 40’s, a bit taller than me, wore a t-shirt and workout shorts. He just looked at me, smiled and dropped his shorts revealing the first cock other than guys in the locker room that I had seen up close and personal. I continued to be frozen in my seat, unable to move. To this day I remember every detail of his cock, it was only partially hard, circumsized with a small head that gave his cock a tapered veiny look. He had a thick amount of dark pubic that obscured the base and his balls. It looked huge to me not even fully hard but I don’t think it was much more than average.

Since I wasn’t doing anything except looking like a deer caught in headlights he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it toward his cock and said in a deep commanding voice “suck it boy!” I really had no idea what I was doing at that point but I opened my mouth as his cock pushed against my lips. I had no idea what a cock was supposed to taste like but it didn’t taste bad, he had bursa escort a musky smell about him like he had been working all day. I felt the head move against my tongue and that somewhat snapped me out of my stupor. I had a cock in my mouth! A strangers cock and it felt strange and exciting and scary. How did I get in this mess, what was I going to do? The person attached to the dick invading my mouth suddenly said, “Damn you must be a virgin I guess I’ll have to do all the work.”

After he said that I felt his hand on the back of my head grip my hair and pull my head back a bit then push it forward. He was starting to fuck my mouth. I could feel hi cock get fully hard, he was thick and it stretched my mouth. Part of me was in panic mode and part was thinking about the blowjobs I had received and what I liked done to me. Just as I was about to move my tongue around the head as girls had done to me he thrust his hips forward and the head hit the back of my throat. I reflexively started gagging and that seemed to turn him on as he held my head deep on his cock. My nose was buried in his coarse pubic hair and now I could really smell his sweaty crotch aroma. After what seemed like an eternity he pulled back out of my mouth a bit letting me breathe.

I didn’t have much chance to catch my breath as he pushed back in and once again his cock head hit the back of my throat. He pushed harder this time and my nose mashed into his pubic bone, over and over he backed off and then rammed back in. Tears came to my eyes and I gave up any idea of being anything other than a hole for him to use.

It seemed like it went on forever but I’m sure I was very quick before he said “fuck I’m going to cum.” Hearing that I panicked and tried to push him away but he held me firmly and in one of his forward thrusts I felt his cock swell and my mouth and throat fill with his salty/sweet cum. I really started choking then and he pulled his cock out of my mouth with a plop. A mixture of saliva and cum running out of my mouth and down my chin. As I sat there choking on the cum he pulled his shorts up and left the booth closing the door as quickly as he came. I think the whole incident took less than 10 minutes.

Once I swallowed my first cum ever I realized my cock was rock hard. Even though it had been an unexpected shock and rough it clearly turned me on. I just sat there in a daze as the lewd sounds of porn surrounded me. I couldn’t believe what I had just done and I enjoyed it. I thought I heard voices outside the booth and I think I heard my “friend” say “right in there.” Right after that my door opened again; at first I thought it was him coming back for more but it was a different guy.

This guy was much older than the first guy but dressed similarly. He closed the door behind him and said “Jim says you’ve got a sweet mouth, I’d love to try it out.” To this day I don’t remember if I nodded or said “ok” or he just didn’t care but he quickly followed it up with, “pull up your pants and come with me.” I was still in shock from the first face fuck and I just did what he said. He took me down the hall to the bigger booths that I had never used before. After guiding me in he locked the door behind us. Instead of having one chair the bigger booth had a padded bench that ran in an L along the wall. I also noticed the floor was sticky and the booth reeked of sex and cleaning fluid more than the single booths.

I just stood there totally lost until I heard “I’m Tom and I’m not like Jim, into quick blow and go’s. I like to see my boys naked so get naked now!” I realize I could have just left but I was somehow still in shock and just going through the motions. I pulled my shirt off as Tom stared at me like a hungry animal. Next came my shorts and briefs, soon I was standing there naked, by now my cock only half hard.

Tom looked me up and down then rubbed my assand tugged on my cock a few times which made it jump to attention. “How old are you?” He asked noticing I was completely hairless. I had been on the swim team in high school and had gotten used to shaving so I just kept doing it but it did make me look younger.

I stammered “18,” he replied, “I love smooth boys” followed by “get on your knees.” His hand on my cock for those few moments felt so good I wanted him to touch me again and if that meant following his orders I would. Slowly I knelt down on the sticky floor until I was eye level with Tom’s crotch.

“Pull my shorts down,” he ordered. When I didn’t immediately comply he took my left nipple between his fingers and pinched and twisted it. I gasped from the pain and quickly pulled his shorts down. I guess I was expecting a cock similar to Jim’s but instead one easily 8″ and a lot thicker sprang out in front of my face.

Having sucked my first cock not 15 minutes before I was still dumbstruck and not sure what to do. I tentatively reached out and touched it, something I hadn’t done with Jim’s. It felt different than I expected, hard yet soft and warm. Tom had a lot less hair bursa escort bayan than Jim, trimmed way down which made his cock look even bigger. He also had really large balls that hung loose and were totally smooth. While I was staring at it I heard Tom utter the magic words “suck it.” This time I was less hesitant and opened my mouth while leaning forward. I felt the head slide past my lips and tried to use my tongue how I would like it if I were on the receiving end.

I now knew why some girls left their hand on my cock while they sucked; to control the depth and not gag like I had done with Jim. Tom wasn’t having any of it though after a few bobs of my head he pushed my hand away from his cock and started pushing deeper hitting the back of my throat. I felt the head push against my throat and I tried not to gag but I did. He pulled back out a bit but quickly pushed in again, this time when I started gagging he held his cock in place until my eyes started tearing up. For his next thrust he grabbed my ears as he pushed in again and deeper forcing my throat open. He held me there as I tried to control my gag reflex and tears streamed down my cheeks.

Over and over again he used my mouth for his pleasure, finally getting his cock all the way in. On each thrust I was getting better at relaxing my throat but each time he would keep my throat impaled until I couldn’t take it anymore. He was right he wasn’t like Jim, he wasn’t going to cum quickly; after what seemed like forever he released my head and pulled out of me, leaving me bent over gasping for breath.

“Your learning quick boy, that mouth of yours is sweet,” he said as I felt his fingers trailing down my spine. As I was catching my breath that light touch sent shivers through my body. When his hand reached my ass he cupped and caressed one cheek then just as quickly he pulled it away. Thwack! He smacked my ass making me lurch forward at the stinging pain from his full hand making contact with my left cheek. Thwack! Just as quickly his hand delivered an equally hard smack to my right cheek. In quick succession he spanked me two more times on each check. My ass felt like it was suddenly on fire, just minutes before when he was using my mouth the tears coming from the corner of my eyes were minor but now faced with this new assault I actually started crying, something I hadn’t done in years.

Noticing the tears running down my cheeks Tom said “Aww did that sting a bit? It’s ok let me rub it and make it feel better.” When his hand returned to my ass it wasn’t with a painful slap but with a gentle touch that made me jump all the same from both the thought of him slapping me again and the erotic feel of him caressing my burning cheeks. His hand roamed over my cheeks giving me goosebumps and making my now shriveled cock begin to stir. As he continued to rub my ass I felt a new sensation, his index finger started to run up and down my crack brushing against my puckered hole on each pass. An involuntary moan escaped my lips as I gave into the new sensations emanating from my backside.

Maybe my moan encouraged him or maybe he didn’t care; on the next pass over my hole the finger stopped and started to push its way in. I wasn’t ready for this and shifted myself away from the invading digit but he was insistent and continued pushing. I had never even put my own finger in my ass and now some strange guy was trying to force his in. I started to panic and I heard him say “Just relax, you’re going to love this.” As he said it I felt his finger push past my anal ring, it didn’t exactly hurt it was more of a shock and an odd feeling of something going in what until now had always been an out hole.

“Mmmm you’re tight boy, I bet you’re a virgin aren’t you?” Tom purred as he continued to push more of his finger into me. At hearing that my feeling of panic increased as I realized that he might not just stop at a finger. I could have gotten up and left but my cock was now so hard and I was so very horny that I finally understood what people meant when they said guys think with their little head. All I could do was stay there on that disgusting floor on all fours as Tom started moving his finger in and out of my ass. After a few strokes I was getting comfortable with the new sensation and starting to enjoy it when I felt him start to push a second finger in. That definitely did not feel good as my hole resisted the stretching. “Please, don’t,” I uttered in a soft, totally unconvincing voice. “There, there little virgin you’ll love it, we’ve got to loosen you up a bit,” Tom said as I could feel his second finger start to make it’s way in.

Even though I had pretty quickly gotten used to the first finger in my asshole the second was a different matter. By the time he worked it completely in there were tears in my eyes but when his fingers brushed my prostate my body betrayed me by making my cock twitch and start to get a little hard. Tom moved slightly behind me and sat on the bench next to me, while the two fingers of the one hand escort bursa assaulted my virgin hole the other hand found my cock and slowly started stroking it hard.

“Looks like your cock likes what your ass is taking boy even if you aren’t used to it yet.” Tom said. All I could manage was a faint, “please” in response.

“Please what boy? Please stop finger fucking you and making your cock hard or please fuck me harder sir?” Tom asked. When I didn’t answer immediately he pulled his fingers out of my ass and gave me three quick, hard slaps on my ass.

“Answer me slut, tell me what you want boy!” Tom demanded.

I really had no idea what I wanted more, to have him stop using his fingers on me and make the burning in my ass stop or have him continue to stroke my now rock hard cock. I figured if I told him to stop assaulting my ass he would stop pleasing my cock so in a soft, throaty whisper I said “Please fuck me.” At that response he slapped my ass again, “Always say sir!” he growled. “Please fuck me sir!” I said slightly louder.

I felt him push one finger back in my ass, it went in easier this time since he had loosened me. It was quickly followed by a second one and then suddenly I felt a third start to make its way past my sphincter. My God I thought I can’t take a third, it will rip me apart but within a few strokes he had me stretched with three fingers moving in and out of my asshole. Tom had a new demand, “Tell me when you’re close to cumming slut.”

I was getting close, between the action of his fingers in my hole and his hand on my cock I was very close. I didn’t know what he would do if I didn’t tell him so I did. “I’m going to cum” and then quickly added “sir.”

With that announcement his hand immediately left my cock, I was devastated, I was so close to cumming I was almost willing myself to cum but he even slowed down his actions in my asshole. “I can’t have you cumming yet boy, not before Tom gets to cum” he said as he pulled his fingers out of my hole. I assumed he was going to make me suck him off then I could finally cum. At this point I didn’t care if he used my mouth or came in it I just needed to cum myself and I waited for him to move around to my head.

Instead I felt a new sensation; his hard cock moving up and down the crack of my ass. Oh God no, he was going to fuck me with his thick cock. His cock was definitely thicker than the three fingers he had in me and certainly a lot longer. Where Jim’s cock had been more pointed in shape, Tom’s had a much larger mushroom head that ended in a cock that had a consistent girth to it. I started to panic and pull away slightly but Tom grabbed my hips with both hands and held me in place. After a few strokes along my crack I thought maybe he was just going to be satisfied with that and use my ass crack to get off. On the next stroke he pulled his cock off me and I became more hopeful that he was going to move to my mouth but then I felt him spread my cheeks and spit a large amount of saliva on my asshole. The next thing I felt was the head of his cock pushing against my hole.

With him still holding me in his firm grip I let out a weak “No.” Tom responded with “No what slut?” and I immediately said “Please sir, don’t fuck me I’ve never done this before, it’s going to hurt.”

At that Tom shot back, “Sorry you didn’t say sir the first time, that means you need to be punished and my cock is ready to do it.” He continued “I knew you were a virgin but don’t worry it hurts the first time for everyone then it feels real good, I’ll make sure the next cock you take is easier.”

I felt him push harder against my hole and I started to tear up again. Tom told me “This is the only tip boy, push out like you’re trying to take a dump it will make it go easier.” I was desperate to make it not hurt as much so I did as he said, for a second it didn’t hurt as much then I felt his head slip into my ass and the pain was intense as I let out a yell followed by a few grunts.

“There see that isn’t so bad slut is it, my cock head is in your tight virgin ass, your hole really looks like it wants me to push more in.” Tears were running down my face as I tried to catch my breath and get used to this new invader. Tom continued, “Tell Tom you want to feel more of his cock in your tight little hole.” I wanted to respond but I couldn’t catch my breath as I was getting used to my anus being kept open from his thick cock head. I heard Tom say, “Well I guess you don’t want it.” At that I felt him pull out of me, part of me was glad because the pain immediately went away but part of me was sorry I disappointed him, then just as suddenly as his cock was gone he shoved the head back in. “I said tell me you want me to fuck your little boy pussy.”

What had I gotten myself into? On one hand this was really turning me on being used this way but on the other my ass was on fire. I managed to choke out “Fuck my boy pussy sir, please fuck me.” Tom laughed, “That’s better you’re going to enjoy this.” I felt him start to push more of his thick cock into me, as he pushed against my prostate I could feel precum start to run out of my cock. I couldn’t believe that even with the burning feeling from my ass keeping my cock soft that I was leaking so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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