It’s A Long Story

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Big Tits

It’s a long story as to how it came to be that I, a straight male, willingly took a fat cock in my mouth and sucked the head while rolling my tongue on the tip moments before it shot load after load of cum down my throat. I just finished sucking all the cum out and was savoring its flavor when another cock slapped my face and shot a spurt of hot, hot cum on my cheek. As I turned to take it in my mouth another spurt shot, it went right up my nose. I liked the feeling of its warmth on my face but was upset I didn’t get it my mouth. I tried to suck the rest but the majority was on my face. I used my fingers to slide it in my mouth, but it was not the same as taking it right out of a throbbing cock.

I may be getting ahead of myself here. Let me explain how it came to be, me being a cum loving straight guy that likes it right from the dick.

I’m not going to lie, I love a great blow job. To be honest I love a good blow job. Well, any blow job is fine with me. If I’m getting my dick sucked, I’m happy. My ex wife used to suck me all the time, she would let me cum in her mouth whenever I wanted. She would swallow and we’d go on about our business. I never thought of those poor bastards that didn’t have a wife or girl friend that would take a load without question or at least without bitching about it.

My wife and I went our separate ways after 7 years. I found dating to be hard, in the sense of getting comfortable sexually or getting comfortable asking for something, like ‘suck my cock and swallow my load’ I never had to think about it or ask for it. I have been dating this Girl, this young girl she’s almost half my age. She’s a little slutty, I started dating her to piss off my ex wife. Well anyway she’s young, 23, slutty and loves to fuck. We would fuck all the time in the beginning, now it’s slowed to 2 or 3 times a week. I’m fine with that. I never get head though. I would ask her to and she would always say “I bet you do” I think she’s had my dick in her mouth twice. Up until last month. I didn’t say anything, I guess I was just used to not saying anything, I blew a load in her mouth and she freaked! Slapped me and everything, left my house and didn’t answer my calls for a few days.

We talked about it. I told her I was used to doing that ( that made her mad by the way) I didn’t see the big deal. She said she would never suck my dick again. Well I contemplated breaking up with her, because like I said I love a good blow job. I didn’t though, I guess I was going to stick with it till I found someone else. It was the next weekend we went out got shitfaced drunk and we went home. We were fucking around and I jokingly said come on suck my cock a little. I expected her to get pissed and roll over and go to bed. She didn’t, she started laughing and saying are you going to cum in my mouth again. I said no I promise. She says, what if I want you too. Of course I reply, Awesome lets go. I start pulling at my shorts. She says only if you know what it’s like? What? I can’t suck my own dick. She started laughing and said if you want to cum in my mouth I get to spit it in yours so you can see how nasty it is. I was like, whatever. No way is she going to do that. I said lets go, calling her bluff. She got right on it, I mean this girl was into it. Using her hands and tongue. I never thought she could suck dick like this. I let her go for a while, then I dumped a big load. Seeing as how it had been over week since we fucked I came a lot. I just laid there I could hear her moan a little. Stroking my softening cock. After about a minute or two she climbed up to lay next to me she moved in to kiss me. She grabbed my jaw and squeezed. I obviously opened my mouth automatically from the pain of her thumb and finger digging in my jaw. And then it happened. Thewp, is the only way I can describe it. She did it, she spit my own cum back in my mouth. To be honest I thought she might but after the way she just laid there I figured she just gave konya escort in a swallowed.

She spit it in my mouth, then took her other hand and pushed down on my head and up with one she used to pry my mouth open with. She said “Swallow!” I was dumbfounded, I had cum in my mouth. I could feel it sliding on my tongue. I could sense it slowly draining in the back of my throat. I gagged a little bit, just from the shock, I didn’t expect to have cum spat in my mouth. Again she said “SWALLOW!” she said it a little meaner this time. As I swallowed, as I felt my throat contract, as I felt is sliding down I finally tasted it. I have to be honest, it was unbelievable, salty, thick, still warm. Like warm pudding just off the stove. Pungent, rich with a unique flavor like nothing else. As all this was going through my head it must have shown on my face as well. Tiff, that’s her name, Tiff said in complete surprise, you liked it! You liked it, oh my god! I just played it off as if I was just in shock and bla, bla, bla.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I came home from work that next Monday and jerked off, used a glass to catch my cum. I looked at, smelt it, I drank it! I couldn’t believe I was standing there in my kitchen, pants at my ankles holding a glass that just had my sperm in, that I just finished drinking. I usually get soft right after I cum. I realized that I was rock hard still. I went into the bedroom threw in a porno and jerked off again. I put my other hand out to catch it. This time it was not as thick, it was thinner more translucent. I licked my hand clean. I thought about it all night. All the next day I couldn’t wait to get home, I couldn’t wait to jerk off and eat my own cum.

This went on all week, twice, three times a day I was eating my cum. I would try and find different ways, like roll on my back and shoulders and try to cum in my own mouth. This doesn’t work that well most of it misses and goes in your hair or on your chest, a waste if you ask me. I’ve tried it with food but quickly learned if you want to taste it, take it straight. Both times my girlfriend came over we fucked I went into the bathroom and sucked my spunk out of the condom. I was always afraid she’d smell my cum breath when I came back. One time I held it in my mouth, came back to bed and laid there with it in my mouth. For at least 5 minutes, Tiff asked me a question and I had to swallow it, I wanted to fall asleep with it in my mouth. I have no idea why!?!

My cum eating was getting out of control I think. I was jerking off in the morning, I would go for rides at lunch and do it in the park. Then all night long. I started doing it at work, go in the bathroom right before a meeting, I’d think of a coworker jerk off in my coffee cup. Go to the meeting and as one of the girls in meeting was talking I’d take a drink of my “coffee” I would get so hard and have to go jerk off again after the meeting. If these women ever knew I was drinking my own cum while looking right at them not hearing a word they said, I wonder what they would say.

Moving on, I asked Tiff to suck my dick again. And as I hoped she said only if… I acted a little miffed and said fine, whatever. I must not have acted so nonchalant after, she just stared at me. I came out of my cum drinking stupor and said, what? She quickly said, holy fuck, you really do like that! What do you mean, I asked. She proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t get my mouth open fast enough and that I made all these sounds. She told me I was in a daze, I moved my mouth as if I were in a wine tasting. As I swallowed I closed my eyes and made a sighing sound. I was so into eating my cum I must have just thought it was like one of the other hundred times I’ve swallowed my cum. I looked at her after she said that, I was freaked out, what was she going to do, or say. I thought fuck it. I told her, yea, I kind of liked it. She replied with I can tell, my god! If you like it we can keep konyaaltı escort doing it, it was hot watching you enjoy it, enjoying yourself. Wow, never saw this coming. She sucked me again that night. This time she sat above me and let it slide out of her mouth into mine from about 12 inches away. I liked seeing it drip down.

That was our thing, we’d fuck once in a while but I’d always pull out come in her mouth and she spit it in mine. I continued to jerk off at home alone and at work. It got to be routine. We talked about how it was just a fix now. The raw excitement was gone. She said she’d spice it up for me. We would be at dinner and her hands would go under the table, I’d blow in her hand and she’d scoop it up with a spoon and feed it to me, one time I think an older couple knew and just watched us, they both turned red when I looked at them just as she put the spoon in my mouth. We were fucking one time and she could tell I was positioning myself to get up and move so I could cum in her mouth she quickly said, no. Cum inside me, cum inside me. I thought what the hell I can’t eat it every time, she has needs too. I dumped a big load inside her. It was an awesome orgasm, just as I thought about how good it was I realized I never came inside her before. I pulled out and was going to lay next to her when she said. What are you doing? Did you forget something? I looked at her in confusion. She said don’t leave that hot cum inside me, get down there and eat me clean. I think I had my mouth on her pussy in three seconds flat. I sucked that cunt so hard, I buried my tongue as deep as I could. I use a few fingers to get the stuff way up there as it came out I would put my whole mouth around her hole and suck. She has always said she never cums, well she did this time.

That was our new thing, as you can imagine. She said the way I go crazy eating her pussy trying to get every drop of cum out drives her nuts. She says I’m like an animal that hasn’t eaten in weeks, devouring her pussy, she loves it, she cums every time now. Now I still jerk off a couple times a day to get my cum fix, mostly still during work, my thing now is to hold it in my mouth and go talk to people and swallow just before I say something.

I told Tiff that I eat my own jerk soup for lunch all the time she just laughed. She watched me do it a couple times at home too. I told her about the time I had a mouthful of my cum and was walking back to my desk and found my boss in my office and got startled because I didn’t see him right away and spit some out, I just played off like I coughed up some flem. LOL. We were at a work party and she asked me who was my boss, the one I spit my cum at. I pointed him out. He is a little older than me 47 I’d guess, tall, well groomed, he’s fit, a tennis player. She looked at him, I mean looked at him up and down and said hmm, I’d let him cum in my mouth too. Now I think most guys would have said Ok, lets go! And leave pissed off. I looked at her and said do it. What she said never taking her eyes off him. She really didn’t hear me, I said again, do it. Go suck his dick and let him cum in your mouth. I want to see was someone elses cum tastes like. She heard me that time. She looked at me I expected her to say I’m crazy or something. She simply said go wait in the car and got up from the table.

I’m sitting in her car, freaking out, thinking what is she doing, what is she saying. After twenty minutes I started thinking maybe she’s pulling this off I started to get hard, I wanted to rub one out right there and put in my mouth, I couldn’t wait. I pulled my cock out and started yanking away thinking I’m going to taste new cum. The door opened she grabbed my face and spit the largest wad of cum I’ve seen in my mouth. Not only did she spit it in she continued to kiss me with his cum in my mouth. I got so hot I started to cum my self, she went down and sucked, finished me off and came back up konyaaltı eve gelen escort and we kissed again with what was left of his massive load and my fresh hot cum. I swallowed it all. I was in heaven, his cum was so different yet so familiar. I never asked her how she got him to let her blow him, but then again who doesn’t want a blow job from a 23 year old.

Once again we had a new thing, she would meet my boss for quickies during lunch or after work. I would always be waiting around the corner. To take it, to take it in my mouth and swallow it down. I loved it, my boss could cum massive amounts, much more than I can. This went on for several weeks, she would meet him, get in his car suck him off, leave without saying a word and find me around the corner or on the other side of the parking garage and spit his cum in my mouth. We would kiss, she would suck me off and do it again. I was sitting in my truck in the parking structure for the Shopping mall, jerking my cock waiting for her. She was two rows over getting a load of boss sperm for me. I like to jerk off while I’m waiting for her. I get so excited I have to jerk off. I also like that right after she spits his cum in my mouth she immediately starts to suck me, I try to blow right away so I can taste it right away, I like the little differences. Any way I’m jerking and waiting. I start to worry because she would always return within 15 minutes with a mouthful, sometime less than 5 minutes. We are going 25 minutes now, then 30. I start to think maybe they got caught. I decided to go try and get a look, I would just hide behind cars and just if anything was going on. I started to put my cock back in my pants and I opened my truck door. That’s when I heard her voice, she said hi sorry it took so long. My first thought was shit if she is talking she has no cum for me. Something must have happened. She had a big smile on her face, she looked around quick and said lay down. I said what? Again she pointed to the concrete and said lay down. I did, my pants still unbuttoned, as I was laying down she started to come over me. She lifted her skirt a little and just as she started to sit I could see. I see her pussy was just fucked, wet with sex. I could see the cum start to drip. I grabbed her waist and pulled her down the rest of the way. My cock was so hard and half hagging out of my pants she leaned over and took it in her mouth.

There I was, laying on the ground of a parking garage 69ing my girlfriend, just after she fucked my boss. I sucked her cunt so hard, I sucked and sucked. I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t even realize I had cum in her mouth. She told me after she tried to get up so she could spit my cum too, but I kept holding her waist and sucking my bosses cum.

I told that night, that she has to fuck him again! I loved sucking her cum filled cunt. She just said I thought you would like that. I invited him over tomorrow night. You can wait in the laundry room. After he cums in me I’ll come right in. And that’s how it went for a while. Every couple days she would have him over after work and I would lay naked in the laundry room waiting for my cum delivery. Sometimes just a mouthful most times a cunt full! I loved it. I still jerked off by myself and eat it but it was more habit then anything. I was in love with my bosses cum. I would jerk at work a couple times in the morning into my coffee cup. I would get a kick out of my boss walking by every morning and say hello, how was your night. I wish I could just say it was great, you had a massive load last night. But I cant say that, he walks by and say good morning. I raise my hand and finger as if to motion him to wait. He does, I then drink my cum from my cup as he waits for me to swallow. I say something trivial about work he leaves I smile and go jerk off again.

Now… As for the beginning of all of this… “It’s a long story as to how it came to be that I, a straight male, willingly took a fat cock in my mouth and sucked the head while rolling my tongue on the tip moments before it shot load after load of cum down my throat.” I think you’ll have to wait for part 2 of this story. I don’t have time right now to write any more as I need to get ready for a five guy cum pie. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32