Innocent Young Wife is Led Astray

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Big Tits

This story is about a willing cuckold. Please don’t read it if you dislike that type of story.


I met Lizzie a couple of years after my first wife left me. I wasn’t looking for another wife at the time. I’d had enough of women, or so I thought. I was happy with the idea of one night stands but didn’t have much success there. I found that a lot of promiscuous women of my age got their oats with much younger men. It certainly seemed that the concept of the ‘cougar’ was now the latest fashion.

Lizzie was not the type to have one night stands. She’s a stunner, way out of my league of course. We struck up a friendship through our interest in nature, in particular, wild birds. When I first sat in hides, something my first wife refused to do with me, you rarely saw women. I guess most women, very much like my wife, regarded it as a male preserve. Its image in the 1960s or 70s was that it was only for eccentric nerdy types. Walking around with binoculars around your neck singled you out as a possible Peeping Tom, so much so that many birders hid their binoculars inside their clothing until they were out in the country. Gradually this has changed over the years, the hobby becoming much more widely popular. Photography has helped to increase its acceptability and the availability of hides in RSPB and Wildlife and Wetland places.

Lizzie was by no means the only woman in the hide that day. There were three or four married couples and a couple of other women on their own. I find that most birders are getting on in years so Lizzie stood out as the youngest by far. Even with all her camouflage gear on I could see she was ravishing. She plonked herself down next to me and we started a conversation in hushed tones. Birders hate it if there’s too much noise in the hides. Besides it scares the birds away.

I found she’d not been to this area before and she was wisely picking my brains to find out what birds were where and visible from which hides. I found myself agreeing to her stringing along whilst I did my usual rounds for the whole day. We had a very pleasant lunch together in the Visitor Centre café and just seemed to click.

“Why don’t you come over to Leeds where I live and I’ll return the favour. I expect you don’t know that area, do you?” She said, much to my surprise. We were in the car park getting into our cars. “You can stay overnight at mine if you like.”

And that was it. I must admit I was flabbergasted to get such an invitation from an extremely pretty woman many years younger than me. I accepted with alacrity and we quickly exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. I was lonely and a bit depressed to be honest, so what had I got to lose? I was sure this was going to be a platonic relationship but again I was wrong. What on earth could she see in a man of 55? My first wife frequently told me I was boring and unattractive.

It turned out she’d been married before herself. She told me she’d left him because he’d tried to control her and if they ever disagreed about anything he’d fly into a rage and start attacking her. She said she liked me because I was so relaxed and easy going. She said I was unflappable, nothing phased me and I was so kind and considerate, a perfect gentleman. Her father died in his forties and I wondered if I reminded her of him. I asked her once and she laughed about it saying I wasn’t a bit like him.

It took a few weeks before we began to sleep together probably mainly down to me. She’d flirt with me and I got glimpses down her cleavage and up her skirt but my confidence with women was at a low ebb and, as aroused as these glimpses made me, I didn’t make a move on her. I think she must have realised she would have to initiate something herself. I loved spending time with her and had to conceal as best I could my frequent erections whenever we were together.

One evening before we retired to bed in Leeds she sat very close to me on her sofa and put her head on my shoulder. She took my hand in hers and when I turned to look at her she kissed me full on the lips. The kiss became more and more passionate and, finding that my cock was at full stretch, she broke the kiss.

“Let’s go to bed.”

I stood up, looked into her eyes, and smiled. “I’d like that very much,” I said.

We married six months later. I’d already moved to Leeds and found a job there by then. Our joint incomes and the proceeds from the sale of my house meant we had no money worries. Lizzie has a high libido which makes for an excellent sex life. I’d spoken to my doctor and persuaded him to prescribe me Viagra which I thought might be helpful but most of the time Lizzie’s inventive ideas and adventurous spirit both in the bedroom and out of it makes sure I am stiff when needed without the little blue pill.

After five years of happy marriage Lizzie returns from playing badminton and tells me she’s met a woman in the changing rooms and gone for a coffee with her.

“She seems very nice darling, we had so much to chat about that we lost casino oyna all track of the time. Can we get a take away tonight? I’ve had no time to think about our evening meal.”

“Yes, of course darling I’ll go out and get it later. But first I’d like to hear more about your new friend. Did you get her name?”

“Of course I did silly, she’s called Joyce. She’s moved to the Leeds area recently and doesn’t know anybody locally. We seem to have a lot in common. She’s very open and easy going like me. We talked about loads of different things, some quite personal.”

“Personal as in private and secretive? Let’s discuss that part of our chat in bed later. Do we have a deal?”

She blushes a little. “Okay, deal.” She sounds uncertain. “Don’t expect me to tell you everything she said.”

“Fair enough.”

“She’s fifteen years older than me, very well educated, went to a private school and went on to get a good degree at Cambridge. But she’s not the type to put on airs and treated me as an equal. I think she’ll make a good friend.”

We’ve always enjoyed relaxed intimate chats in bed before going to sleep ever since we started sleeping together. It became our habit to recount our experiences when we were out of sight of each other or about things that happened before we met. If our talk touched on sexual issues it often would be a preliminary to fucking. I loved it when Lizzie occasionally exaggerated the sexiness of a particular incident as it invariably caused a stiffening for me and a wet pussy for her.

Later, as we settle down under the duvet, I’m eager for more information about Joyce.

“Because I’m very horny I need you to give me an orgasm before we start.” Lizzie said. “You see Joyce has impressed upon me that it’s an important part of a husband’s duty to bring his wife off with his tongue. Don’t worry darling I’m sure there’ll be more afterwards.

“Okay dear, I can see this woman has made a deep impression. It’s exciting that she’s giving us sexual training after you’ve met her only once. I will of course obey her.” I said this in fun but as I moved down the bed I was intrigued. It aroused me as I wondered where this new friendship was taking us.

Oral sex is nothing new. What is new is Lizzie requesting it.

I’ve never seen Lizzie’s cunt in such a state of readiness for sex. ‘Wet’ doesn’t come close. She’s bucking and rearing on my tongue within a very short time and more verbal than ever before. “Faster, harder, suck that clit. Eat me, that’s it, oh fuck, mmmn, her words change to moans until she climaxes with a loud cry. This is one of those rare occasions when she’s squirted. I reach for a tissue to wipe it off but she takes hold of my hand to stop me.

“Leave it. I like to see you like that.” She says this with a lob sided grin. She thanks me and I have to wait a few minutes until she’s settled to a point where she can start.

“As I’ve said before there are small cubicles where women shower in privacy but also a communal area that mainly gets used after team games like football.” Lizzie began a little nervously. “All the small shower rooms were in use so I went into the separate communal area and found that Joyce was in there soaping herself down. She turned towards me without any sign of embarrassment and smiled. I noticed that the area around her pussy was completely shaved and couldn’t help staring.

“I’ve only recently started shaving it,” she said. “My new boyfriend likes it that way.”

Again, I couldn’t help glancing at her wedding ring and once again she noticed.

“It’s okay I know what you’re thinking. You’re quite right I am married. Hubby doesn’t know I’m seeing another man but this is the 2020s. I doubt if he’d object if he found out. I’ll tell him myself when the time is right. He likes me to flirt with men and have a bit of fun.”

I was nodding and smiling aware that my ears and cheeks were hotting up. I couldn’t believe someone had just revealed all this to a complete stranger.

“Joyce is a very good looking woman with curves in all the right places. She has large breasts and is wide around the hips but with a trim waist so the whole effect is extremely appealing. I’ve never thought I had any lesbian tendencies but I had trouble taking my eyes off her body as I was supposed to be soaping myself. I couldn’t help feeling jealous of her curvaceousness as opposed to my little titties and skinny form.”

“No need to be jealous honey. You’d win any beauty contest hands down.”

“So you keep telling me. She has a different kind of beauty. The kind of sexy look men can’t stop themselves from staring at. I don’t know how to put it but the end result is it makes her seem available and tough with a hint of vulnerability.”

“Tell me about the underwear she had on.”

“No, I won’t! You pervert.” I could see her wicked smile which encouraged me to press the point.

“Please, darling, I’ve been good to you.”

“Okay, but under protest. She’s my friend so you’d better slot oyna not be lusting after her.”

“You know I’ve no interest in other women. It’s just for academic reasons.”

Lizzie picked up a pillow as if to throw it. “Oh sure, as if…”

“As it happens she was wearing sexy matching bra and panties in pale blue. The panties were of the G-string type with lacy edging and a pink bow at the waist. The bra fitted her well. It looked underwired but was shaped to show as much of her breasts as possible without any loss of support. Now can I continue the story?”

“Yes darling, please continue.” I’d been touching myself and Lizzie took hold of my penis at this point.

“Joyce is a feminist but her views are stronger than most. For example, she believes women are superior to men.”

“She could well be right darling; you won’t get an argument from me about that.”

“Well, she has very forthright views about sex. Monogamy is an outdated concept. Women should be allowed to take a lover but she says that doesn’t apply to men. Men are the homemakers, providing a stability for any relationship whilst women should be free to sow their wild oats and go out into the world to do it.” She’s stroking me as she talks and her words are arousing me more than her fingers on my cock.

“What do you think about that darling?” she says.

“It’s interesting, there’s been a lot written on the subject of men allowing their wives the freedom you describe. There are some men who crave it. What are your thoughts on the matter darling?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never really considered it before. Suddenly talking to Joyce made it real. She’s invited me to a party at the end of the month. She said there’ll be a lot of single men there. She thinks I should go on my own and try it out. She’s very persuasive. Oh Paulie, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this hard” She kisses the top of my cock gently then takes it in her mouth.

‘Paulie’ is the baby name she has for me. She tends to use it when she’s taking the lead in bed like she is now. Blow jobs are not often on the cards but evidently this new friend of hers has stirred up Lizzie’s sexual juices. Her head begins to bob up and down and it’s heavenly. Suddenly well before I would normally do, my own orgasm is starting to build. To add flames to the fire I blurt out.

“I’m thinking of you opening your legs for other men.” My cock erupts with force.

Lizzie takes my first load to the back of her throat then opens her mouth wide pulling off me, the rest squirts partly on her face, partly down the front of her nightie.

“Well, well… Do I take it that you’d like me to go to this party? I will if you insist. You seem keen on the idea. You don’t usually recover this quickly.” She looks down at my phallus and, sure enough, it’s already showing signs of thickening. “How about cleaning me up with your tongue by the way?”

“Okay, hang on though, you wouldn’t let me remove your squirts from my face.”

“Yes, but women are superior to men, the genders aren’t equal. You agreed with that.” She smiles triumphantly. “Lick it up, good boy.”

I take pleasure in removing my sperm from her face and do my best with the dollops on her nightie. She kisses me as a thank you and takes my penis in her hand again.

“You didn’t answer my question before.”

“I’d never insist on you doing anything like that darling. It’s a matter for you entirely.”

“Ah, but do you have an opinion about me going to Joyce’s party on the lookout.”

“I’d rather not say dear. But you can see I’m aroused by the idea.” As if it’s adding its own comment on the situation my cock jerks. Lizzie giggles and continues stroking it.

She’s already turned towards me and me towards her. Moving closer, she brushes my cock against her pubic area. Her nightie and panties are in the way. I move my hand to the same area noticing how wet she is. Suddenly sitting up she pulls her nightie over her head.

“Remove my panties for me, be a dear. There’s more I want to tell you whilst you fuck me.”

“Joyce wants me to take the first step tomorrow morning.” Tomorrow is a work day.

“I’d love to hear what the first step is.” I’m now inside her taking it slowly.

“She has a point. She wants me to start going without a bra from now on. My breasts don’t really need a bra for support. She says to go into work like that and see how it feels. I’ve always worn one so the idea makes me wet. With it being summer she wants me to wear my thinnest top so all the men can see my nipples.”

I increase the tempo feeling my rod stiffening further.

“All the men will be finding excuses to talk to you.”

“I hope so, are you in favour?”

“It’s entirely up to you my darling but I have to say Joyce has some interesting ideas.”

“She wants me in hold up stockings when I go to the party.”

“Oh, it sounds like your mind’s made up.” I say huskily increasing the pace of my fucking.

“Just teasing, but it’s canlı casino siteleri nice to think about other men sometimes. Men with bigger cocks. I don’t know, I might decide to go. Move onto your back, I want to try cowgirl.”

Lizzie climbs aboard with her back to me whilst I lay there and let her fuck me.

I expect she’s imagining having sex with other suitors judging from her moans. She also has two more orgasms with another squirting before I ejaculate myself and go soft.

Over breakfast she tells me she’s arranged to see Joyce straight after work for a game of badminton in a couple of days.

“She’ll want to know how I’m getting on with the first step. Did I tell you we’d hugged at the end of our first meeting?”

“No, I don’t think you’ve mentioned it.”

“It seemed to go on for ages. I almost kissed her on the lips. She’s a force of nature. I’m nervous about what she’s going to do in the showers after badminton.”

“Whatever it is I’m sure you’ll cope. Do you want something to happen?”

“What? Er, no, of course not. Oh, I don’t know, maybe.” Lizzie blushes, looking uncertain, to some extent bewildered.

“You could always ring and cancel.”

“Oh no, I could never do that. I do want her as a friend.”

As I drove into work I went over in my mind the Joyce situation. I’m well aware that Lizzie can be impulsive at times and is easily influenced. She’s definitely the submissive type and probably chose her first husband because he was strong and happy to guide her not thinking where that might lead. Joyce is a strong character intent on liberating Lizzie, some would say intent on leading her astray. I’m hoping she’s also kind and thoughtful not wanting any harm to come to her new protégé. I’ve always had a fantasy about the woman in my life being with another man. My first wife wouldn’t hear of such a thing until she grew tired of me, started an affair and left me. There was only a short window of time when were still together and I knew about the affair. She thought I didn’t know but I was actually enjoying the situation. I still think back to that time when I need to masturbate.

But I wouldn’t want to push Lizzie into doing it. However, with Joyce influencing her in that direction, it seems likely happen. As I’m getting older Lizzie might need to link up with a younger man to satisfy her high libido. I’m not averse to that idea. But I don’t want her to leave me for another better lover like my first wife did. It means I’m conflicted, jealous and scared one minute, aroused about it the next. If she did it I’m sure her behaviour so far indicates she’ll tell me all about it.

Lizzie continues to go braless over the next few days enjoying the attention she is getting because of it. Her badminton night was fine. They showered in one of the cubicles together. Lizzie loved soaping Joyce all over and being soaped in her turn. The inevitable intimate touching was brief but enjoyable, Joyce had another appointment (with her lover) so they cleaned each other, got dressed and parted. Another badminton session was booked for the following week.

Lizzie wanted sexual play every night and I was happy to be part of it even if sometimes she just demanded the ministrations of my tongue. This was new in our relationship. She reminded me each time of Joyce’s thoughts on a husband’s duty. I was okay with it, the whole idea of being denied release excited me. So much so that I sometimes waited until Lizzie was fast asleep and pulled on my penis until I squirted into a tissue. I was still getting more sex than at any time since we were together so I wasn’t becoming a pathetic wanker. At least not yet. I wondered if this might become my fate if Lizzie found a lover at the party. The thought gave me a stiffy. How on earth could I find that arousing? I need my head examining.

It’s the night of Lizzie’s second badminton game with Joyce. I could tell there was something she wanted to tell me as she wouldn’t say anything until we were in bed. They’d been late getting back. Lizzie had bought new clothes to wear on the court.

“So how did the badminton go tonight?”

Lizzie reaches for my rod and begins to stroke it. “I have something to confess darling.” She pauses. “I guess you could say it went well. I won both games. We went into one cubicle afterwards like last week. We had more time. Joyce said she had to pay a forfeit for playing so badly so she knelt down and licked my pussy. It was so unexpected. I’d had a fantasy about her forcing me to give her oral but never thought the tables would ever be turned like that.”

My penis is ramrod straight. She continues to wank me slowly and gently.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Yes darling. How about you?”

“I loved it, she made me squirt.”

“Next week she’ll want me to return the favour.”

“I expect she will and you’ll do it won’t you dear.”


“We went for a coffee again and chatted. She’s very happy that I’m still not wearing a bra. She says I’m changing, becoming more relaxed about sexual things. She says I’m ready for Step Two. She wants me to start wearing micro skirts and low-cut tops.”

“I expect she’ll want you to leave off your panties at Step Three.” I joked.

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