Incestuous Medicine Day 08

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Incestuous Medicine

Day 8-Tuesday September 7

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2021 Charlie Flemming

WEATHER: “This heat wave continues as the end of summer draws near, get out there and enjoy the beaches and pools while you can folks. With this kind of heat, I’d hate to be stuck indoors on a day like today!”


It was very late and I couldn’t sleep. I was feeling too guilty for what I had done. Not to mention incredibly horny, and even after brushing my teeth several times I could still taste my son’s cum in my mouth. It helped neither my arousal nor my guilt.

Still I couldn’t sleep and it was maybe 3am when I finally decided to confront my son about it.

I approached Rob’s room. I was only in my underwear and I remember vaguely thinking how I should put something else on but then deciding that he had already seen me completely naked it’s not like this is much different.

I pushed my way into his room and shook him awake.

“Mom! What time is it?” Rob said as he woke up.

I sat on his bed, pretending not to notice that he had a growing erection under his blanket, “we have to talk Rob.”

“Can’t this wait until morning?” He asked.

“No Rob.” I said as I took a deep breath, “just let me say what I need to say. I understand this is a medical condition and it’s not like you asked for it. But after swallowing your cum, twice now, and seeing you cum over and over this past week, it’s all I think about. I’m turning into a total slut! All I think about is fucking you! My own son! I just, just want,” feeling flustered I jump off his bed and ripped my underwear off, “you’ve given me my own medical condition, Rob, and the only way to cure me is to fuck mommy’s pussy raw!”

Rob didn’t need to be told twice as he ripped his blanket off of him revealing his handsome body and his glorious, gigantic cock.

I straddled him, I didn’t even hesitate. All I’d been thinking about was that huge dick and now it was mine! I grabbed him by the shaft and I lowered myself onto him. My pussy was so tight but his huge dick just stretched me out like I was giving birth.

I moaned out in blinding ecstasy, “It’s even better than I could have POSSIBLY IMAGINED!” My voice getting louder and louder as I accepted more of my son’s cock into my pussy until our hips met and Rob’s dick was completely inside me, “I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW! I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU UNTIL NEITHER OF US CAN FUCK ANYMORE!” And whatever other obscene things popped into my head as I started bouncing my hips and fucking my son in my soaking wet pussy and started to cum.

I was being so loud that my daughters ran in, then Pam and Jenna ran in from next door. They were yelling something at me but I was so lost in my pleasure as I fucked my son I didn’t here them. I did start yelling as I felt my orgasm approaching me, “WATCH ME! SEE HOW SLUTTY I AM FOR MY SON! SEE HOW I’M MY SON’S SLUT AND WILL BE NOW AND FOREVER! IMPREGNATE ME, ROB!” And I started to cum like I’ve never cum before.

I woke in bed, moaning out in ecstasy as I had an orgasm so powerful it shook me awake, “OOOOOOHHHHHHH NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!” I shouted as I came myself awake. My whole body was shaking and gyrating, my legs were moving so much I kicked my blanket and sheets off the bed until I was just cumming profusely as I ruined the inside of my pajamas, I was cumming so much that after it looked like I had wet myself. Well, I guess I did just with pussy juice…

I threw my pajamas away and took a shower, realizing once again that I was going to be out of clothes in not too long if things keep up this way. I thought of the dream, I’m so glad that’s all it was…but Rob’s cock in my pussy felt so real. So heavenly…I wonder if it would feel that way in real li- “NO!” I shouted at myself as I realized where my thoughts were heading. But it was too late, minutes after having the most explosively orgasmic wet dream I’d ever had in my life, I was hornier than I’d ever been.

That made me feel guilty and depressed, but I didn’t deny to myself that I was having these feelings like I had been doing the last week. I just didn’t like that I was having them.

I ended my shower quickly and put on one of my many conservative outfits, but then I took it off again. I decided instead that I didn’t want to do any of those things mothers were supposed to do that day like make breakfast or take care of her kids. That day, I decided, I just wanted to swim in the pool. I put on my ugly swimsuit instead.


When we came home yesterday, a day early from our vacation, something Pam decided we shouldn’t tell Mom about because it would surprise her, and I guess it certainly did that… Anyway it was such a long trip and we were all extremely jet lagged that seeing Mom sucking Rob’s humongous cock seemed like some sort of dream almost.

But now that I was fully rested, all I could Kıbrıs Escort think about was how hot I found it!

Okay, I should probably reiterate that I did not want to engage in any acts of incest. But, mostly thanks to Violet’s teasing Rob with her body like all summer, well, until he got sick anyway, I kind of, sort of, started to find the idea of seeing Rob and Violet, my brother and sister, doing anything sexual together totally hot! Like a volcano, hot!

And seeing Mom with Rob was no different. I was so turned on by it when I woke up that morning I started masturbating right away. I shoved a hand into my pussy and played with my tits. I liked to sleep naked so there was nothing but my blanket in the way which I threw on the floor of my bedroom.

I didn’t know how much had really been going on in that house since I’d been gone, but now I knew it wasn’t just Violet and Rob I wanted to push together into doing something sexual. I started thinking about how I could get Mom and Rob in the hottub at Aunt Pam’s place and convince them that we should relax naked then pretend I fell asleep as I watched them out of a half-open eye and they could start fooling around, Rob could suck Mom’s tits, and she might suck his dick again until he fills her mouth with his jizz just like he had done yesterday.

With that image I started cumming on my fingers and threw my pillow over my head so I didn’t moan too loudly while I did so.

Afterwards, I decided that it was just a fantasy. My Mom, whatever she did yesterday, would never let something like that happen again. She basically said as much yesterday when I heard her yelling at Pam in her room. But Violet…

Violet might think she’s the best at everything, but she can be really easy to manipulate sometimes. It’s one of the reasons I joined sports with her, well, that and I do really like spending time with my sister. Even though we are very different from each other, and argued a lot, I still saw her as one of my best and oldest friends. But, and I think this might have something to do with my bff Luna’s influence on me, but I liked to exploit Violet into doing things she wouldn’t normally do if only because I thought it was funny. Also, like I said, it could be very easy sometimes. Violet has such a competitive nature you just had to turn something into a game she could “win” if only she did what I wanted her to do.

And that was my plan for the day, I decided, as I got dressed and then went next door to Violet’s room to wake her up, if I could get her to see Mom as competition, maybe she’d suck Rob’s dick too…


“Ugh, what is it? Did something happen?” I said as Alice shook me by the shoulder until I woke up. Once I was more awake and saw who it was I was a bit more pissed off, “what the hell do you want? Do you know what time it is? We start school tomorrow. You could let me sleep in one last time!” I was a bit bitter to my redheaded sister.

“Whatever,” Alice scoffed, “I just thought I’d come and see what you thought about what we saw yesterday,” she gave me a sinister look like she was planning something, but that’s just silly. My sister, in all honesty, was a bit of an idiot.

I didn’t want to tell her what I really thought about us seeing Mom blowing our brother. I honestly thought it was hot, but I was also jealous of Mom. I mean, if one person should be playing with Rob’s massive cock it should be me! But I wasn’t about to tell Alice that… “what’d you think I thought?” I said, “it was gross, but I guess she needed to do that for his condition.”

“Oh and you weren’t jealous at all?” Alice laughed, “I mean you’ve been teasing Rob all summer and now Mom is the one reaping the benefits…”

I rolled my eyes at her, “I haven’t been teasing him,” I totally had been, “I’m not jealous of Mom,” I was completely jealous of mom, “and as far as I care she can suck Rob’s dick as much as she pleases.” Totally not true.

“Oh? I thought you said you thought it was gross?” Alice laughed again. Like I said, she was kind of an idiot.

I scoffed at her, “okay, gross isn’t the right word. What I meant was ‘fucked up’ and it’s an immensely fucked up situation. And I don’t want any part of it.”

“Uh huh,” Alice said, her voice full of sarcasm as she started walking out of the room, “so when Rob is lusting after Mom before the week is over, you won’t lose your shot with him? Huh?” She then laughed one more time in her annoying way before turning to leave.

I threw one of my stuffed animals at her as she walked out of the room. It hit the door as it closed behind her and fell on the ground.

She’s kinda set me off though, I realized as I angrily got dressed, she’s right too, my teasing game with Rob was just that, a game. But now it felt like Mom had not only stolen my game but changed all the rules in the process!

But it didn’t matter to me right then. Whatever Lefkoşa Escort the competition was, if there was a game to play I was going to win it!


God! Violet is so easy! I thought excitedly as she left her room and went into Rob’s across from hers. I was watching from my room in the crack in the door but once she was in Rob’s room and closed the door behind her I crept into the hallway and opened Rob’s door just a crack to peer in.


What the fuck am I doing? I thought as I walked over to my brother’s bed. His very obvious morning wood sticking up in the middle of his blanket. Though I came in there full of confidence I was suddenly very nervous. This is different than it was before. It was just some game before, I thought as I tiptoed over to my brother’s bed, now…well, I guess it’s still a game. But one of seduction now instead of just teasing… am I really doing this? My final thought before actually going through with anything as I was now standing next to my sleeping brother’s bed and staring at his sleeping form.

He was sleeping soundly. I had a chance to look at him without the chance of him judging me for looking at him. I mean, he’s my brother, I’ve seen him before… obviously. But it was like I was seeing him for the first time as well. Even though I had been teasing Rob for weeks with my hot body, I had been doing it in the same way I would flaunt a toy I wouldn’t let him play with. But now, well, I guess my brother was the one with the toy I wanted to play with instead.

But still, it seemed too weird for me to be seducing my own brother. Even if I was just realizing how handsome and grown up he looked for the first time in my life. I turned to go.

And then remembered Mom swallowing his cum yesterday and I stopped before taking the first step. This situation is already too weird, I thought, but there’s no way Mom is stealing Rob out from under me! I worked for this! Even if I didn’t think I wanted it at the time, I want this now! Even if it’s the strangest one I’ve ever played, it’s still just a game and I’m going to fucking win it! Rob’s humongous dick is my prize to be won!

Okay, those thoughts might have been at least partially influenced by my growing horniness as I was staring at the enormous, throbbing tent beneath Rob’s sheets.

As soon as I made my decision to seduce Rob, I seriously considered crawling under his blanket and sucking his dick while he was asleep in order to wake him up, but honestly wasn’t sure if that was something a man would even like or if Rob would just get angry at me. This is what happens when you live in a house with a mother as scared of sex as ours was, I didn’t really know things like that.

Truthfully, I didn’t know much about sex at all. I’d had sex in the past but only with one guy at a party and it was very dark and over very quickly…but I knew I was sexy as fuck and how to show off my body, but sex, outside of it’s most basic mechanics that we learned about in health class, was basically a mystery to me at that point.

So, instead of sucking his cock (which I still think would have given me an advantage over Mom had I done it right then), I woke Rob up instead.


I saw a flash of black hair and I was being shaken as I woke so I said, “ah! Mom, I’m awake!”

Apparently this was the wrong thing to say. “‘Mom?!'” Violet shouted, angrily at me, “Oh, What?! She gave you a blowjob and now you’re obsessed with her?!” I don’t know if I’d seen Violet as angry as she was. I mean, she was my twin sister (as was Alice, we’re triplets), so she’d been mad at me a bunch, but this seemed different…

I should probably mention that I’ve never had a girlfriend up to that point, and, though I lived with 5 women, I was so out of the loop when it came to complex emotional stuff that it was more than a little embarrassing. Right here, for example, I woke up and could tell Violet was angry at me. And, because I was half asleep, I vaguely remembered a moment in the hallways of our high school at the end of the school year when one of the Senior cheerleaders was yelling at her boyfriend for cheating on her and I could tell then that she was extremely jealous. Her anger was very similar to Violet’s anger right then. It made me think, for just half a second, that Violet was jealous of me and Mom but I brushed that off as being ridiculous and that Violet was probably angry that I would even be doing something so obscene with our own mother.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out as Violet scowled at me, “It was an accident. it just kind of happened, and-“

Violet surprised me when she suddenly jumped on my bed and straddled me. My cock was rock hard and sticking up under my blanket so when she did that, she pushed my dick down so it was now running up against my chest and her crotch was pressing hard against it. She seemed to be grinding Girne Escort on my dick, slightly, but as she held down my hands and looked me in the face, I could see she was still very angry.

“Oh really?!” Violet scolded, “So you tripped, your pants fell down, and your dick just happened to land in Mom’s open mouth?” She got really close to me. So close I thought for a second she was about to kiss me, “Why go for that old woman,” she whispered now, “when you have your amazingly hot sister right here?”

W-w-w…WHAT!? My brain screamed at me as it tried to figure out what to do. For one thing, Violet had been teasing me all summer, until I got really sick a few weeks ago. But she always did it in such a way that I was never really sure if she was doing it on purpose or not. Truthfully, I thought I was imagining the whole thing and never once saw Violet as a woman who would actually let me do anything with her sexually, not to mention she was my sister!

For another thing, she was inches from my face as she ground her pussy on my hard cock while hinting that I shouldn’t get a blowjob from Mom when my hot sister is right here…? I moved to kiss her.

I didn’t get to, at that very moment we were immediately interrupted by the sound of Alice in the hall saying, “Oh hey Mom, what’s up?!” a lot louder than she normally would have said.

“Shit.” Violet said as she quickly got off of me, making a lot of noise as she did so.


I left the pool as Pam had come out to join me and I still didn’t want to talk to anyone. I left the pool and went in hoping I could get back to my room before any of my kids were up.

But as I walked up the stairs I noticed Alice standing there and she said, “Oh hey Mom, what’s up!?” A lot louder than she should have. I glanced at her freckled face and knew right away she was up to something by the most mischievous expression I found there. I was about to say something about it when I heard a commotion in Rob’s room and I pushed my way past her and through the door.

I flipped the light on as I came in and could see right away that Violet was standing next to Rob’s bed and he had an enormous erection under his blanket. Both of them were looking very guilty too. My anger rose from nothing to totally livid in no time at all.

“What the fuck is going on here?!” I yelled at both of them. They glanced at each other and this made me think they were in cahoots with each other and were about to tell me some lie they had come up with, “this is about whatever you two have been doing all summer, isn’t it!? Those fucking text messages! The two of you are always flirting with each other! This is going to stop right now! You’re both grounded until further notice and if I see either of you alone together at any time I’ll make sure your life will be a living hell until you move out!” I then roughly grabbed Violet by the arm, so hard she squealed in pain but I didn’t care as I practically dragged her out of Rob’s room and threw her on her own, slamming Violet’s bedroom door behind her.

I stormed into my room and slammed my door too.


I had come out from my house to talk to Nancy but she had practically run from me and back into her own house. I sighed but figured I could always talk to her later and started putting on sunscreen without a care in the world.

But then I heard Nancy yelling and doors slamming and I grimaced. I wasn’t sure what happened, exactly, but I could tell my sister was having a really hard time with things in general lately and she needed me.

I suppose I should tell you that I know most people probably thought I was a bit of a ditz. When I was younger people blamed it on me being a blonde, but whatever. I just don’t care about needing major plans, or thinking things through to painful degrees, or worrying so much about little things. If you want those things you should talk to my sister, Nancy.

But I’ve always been very emotionally intelligent. It’s like I can always naturally tell what other people are feeling. My empathy knows no bounds either as I’ll often be going out of my way to lift others spirits. But I’ve always firmly believed that making another feel good through help and good will makes yourself feel good too. And you know what, so far it’s worked out for me.

Nancy used to refer to my ability to feel others emotions as my superpower (not that she likes superheroes, really). But I don’t think of it like it’s anything special. I’ve always been able to do it, so it’s just as much a part of me as my boobs or my blonde hair, you know?

Anyway, so I came up to Nancy’s room and pushed my way in, thankfully she didn’t lock the door this time.

She was laying face down on her bed in her swimsuit. “You know,” I said as I shut the door behind me, “you’re only getting water all over your blanket.”

Nancy scowled at me but then her features softened as she sat up on the bed, “I’m sorry. About everything.”

“Don’t be,” I said as I sat next to her, I put my hand on her shoulder comfortingly, “you have nothing to be sorry for. You’re a mother whose son is going through a tough medical…thing right now and it’s tough on you too… Now, what happened?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32