In The Dark Again

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I couldn’t hold out more than 10 days before the lure of the bathhouse pulled me back inside. The last visit had been on a Thursday evening after 8pm, and it appeared I had enjoyed the tail end of the evening, as nothing happened following the 3/4 of an hour that I had spent getting rimmed and sucked in the spacious dark room.

Arriving this time, more certain of how things worked, the same person at the counter grinned when I paid and grinned back in return, if perhaps a bit sheepishly – after all, we both knew what went on, and just how good it was. On a damply gray Saturday afternoon, around half an hour after opening time, the bathhouse was less filled than on the first visit. After straightforwardly undressing and settling in at the bar, it was plain that more people were steadily arriving. The counter person was the same, in both senses, and my beer was rapidly poured, and just as rapidly finished.

However, this time I did pick up a couple of condoms from the bucket near the bar. Walking out the last time, I had casually asked at the counter about condoms. Casually in the sense that for the first time, I was actually referring directly to the type of sex which they were intended for, and there was no reason to think otherwise, at least here. Now, leaving the bar area, it was simple to take a couple of condoms from a wooden sauna style bucket, and wrap my hand around them.

So equipped, taking the steps up was a simple choice, though one that became a bit disappointing, as the dark areas were empty. Going to the lowest floor, the whirlpool was working, with no one in it. Going back to the main level, walking around, I noticed a nicely landscaped outdoor area, maybe 4×6 yards, that was also clearly a smoking area. As advertised, there was also an Internet terminal available for free, and sitting down, I did a bit of web cruising, reading more about the bathhouse. It wasn’t the only one in town, and was considered on the pricey side, but the tone of various comments was generally quite favorable.

Which certainly agreed with my first experience. Rising from the seat, the darkness upstairs kept beckoning, and as several more men had entered, chances had to have improved. It remained very sparsely populated upstairs, but at a least a few men with wrapped towels were walking around.

Going to the darkened area, I had noticed that someone was following me a good 10 or 15 paces behind. A fact that led to a certain quickening in my pulse, and a couple of glances back that hopefully were neither too furtive nor too cool. Going in, my fumbling hand discovered something that moved like a stool/chair, along with a radiator along that wall. There was a window on the that side, and in the afternoon, more light leaked into the room, even if the amount was still tiny. Returning to broad platform, I took off my towel, and stood with my back to the wall, facing the padded area. I was still looking at the area in the exceedingly dim light, noticing had the wall at its back didn’t the ceiling, when the sound of steps grew closer. A hand reached out to touch my naked thigh and ass, and I responded by gasping at the pleasure, if not the unexpectedness of physical contact.

But after a moment, it became clear that he had something entirely different in mind. Something which hadn’t crossed my mind, and something which, if it happened, wouldn’t be like this – no condom, and almost no foreplay at all. Making it increasingly obvious that I wasn’t interested, though reaching behind to touch his cock, he left. I then continued to explore the almost hidden space, walking across a quite expansive cushioned area, leaning against the back wall, and then returning to the edge were my ass had been eaten Etiler Escort so perfectly. After another moment alone, I dropped the condoms along that wall, and went downstairs, noticing that the sauna had 5-6 naked men in it, and the whirlpool a couple, but still nothing sexual happening.

Returning upstairs, I sat in the darkroom, towel underneath me, legs spread on the floor, touching my cock while thinking about my first visit. There was again the sound of steps, and then a white swathed figure appeared before me, with hands that rapidly found my nipples, tweaking them on the edge of roughly. Not quite to my taste, but also not bad as I kept playing with my now swelling cock. As his grip grew tighter, I moved my left hand to his hands, basically signalling that it was a bit much. After the third or fourth time, he seemed to understand, though my right hand finding his cock may have also played a role.

While getting him stiffer, his hands wandered to my groin, exploring the base of my hairy cock, sliding down to my balls. Soon, we were both hard, and his breathing grew heavier as I kept jerking him off. Just as with my nipples, I could feel him slacken his efforts on me, knowing that he was becoming too turned on to focus on anything but his horny stroked cock. He was still wearing his towel, and having the top of my fist reach it at the end of his cockhead was different, the towel moving on each stroke, without opening or falling.

Just about the point where it seemed best to remove the towel for total access to his rod, he began to moan and pump his hips, his hands squeezing my cock in a pulsing rhythm. It became apparent that he was orgasming, though the total lack of semen was unusual, until it occurred to me that it had ended up in the towel. As he quickly departed, the idea of some of the men walking around with towels having been used to clean up cum struck me as both amusing and practical, if also perhaps a bit tacky if not done with a certain amount of attention.

He left, and in the dimness, I reclined a bit, still jerking off. Another man came in, and reached out, but when my hand found his chest, he abruptly turned and left. Which was the start of a dry spell, as I walked along halls and levels, returning several times to the empty dark rooms. I had plenty of time, so I returned to the bar, and drank a second beer more slowly, along with picking up some condoms, then noticing that both packages were actually lube. Which was convenient from one perspective, but not really what I was looking for, though keeping one package made sense.

After finishing my beer, I went back downstairs, and though the glass enclosed sauna still had a half dozen men in it, it was as boringly mundane as any normal public sauna, while the whirlpool was empty. A few men were also scattered around, using the deck chairs, but downstairs seemed much like the level above it, just a male only sauna, even though sex likely occurred more often than at a mixed public sauna.

Upstairs, the halls were a bit more crowded, and several of the rooms had closed doors, behind which the sounds of sex could be heard, at least at times – other times, the sounds were from the porn screen at the end of the hall. A bit unsettling in a way, since the distinction between real and recorded was not obvious.

Going back into the darkroom, it was still devoid of other people, which surprised me a bit. Maybe my imaginings of wild orgies of gay sex were a bit overblown, though obviously, the space was perfectly constructed to accommodate just that. I put the condoms down, then spread my towel along the pad, before sitting down and starting to stroke my quite limp cock. When the sound of steps approached, Escort Etiler my sense of anticipation increased, and when a hand reached down to find my thigh, the light feel of it over my hair was intoxicating. After a bit more time passed, my cock now half hard, I reached out, and found his chest.

He then moved to lay down near me, and I began to explore his body, including the cock ring he was wearing. He remained at best half hard the entire time, and though this was the first cock ring I had ever experienced, from what I had read, he wasn’t really using it right – it should be put on after getting hard, not before. But then, he was the one using it, not me, and my ignorance in practice was undeniable.

Playing, licking his hairy chest, stroking his hairy legs, massaging his feet – I remained more or less sitting, even as his hand started to become more demanding along my stiff cock. I put my hand over his to feel the pumping action, and then to slow him down as he brought me to the brink, a brink I didn’t want to go over yet.

As we increased the range of our touching, getting hotter, a couple of more men had entered the exceedingly dim space, most likely attracted by the sounds of what we had been doing. They began to caress each other, and when their hands reached down under their towels, my own excitement grew. I pulled the laying man’s leg over my crotch again, rubbing my horny cock. The feel of a hand on my leg was not really a surprise, and as it moved, I could sense a body growing closer, then laying down on my other side. My right hand then searched for his cock, finding it after only a short span, and noting that he was already hard.

I had two cocks in hand, and there were still other people coming in. The first pair seemed back to front, and it was not simply imagination that they were fucking. By now, there must have been more than a half dozen men in the room, when another set of hands started sliding along my left leg, then reaching my already held cock. I tried my best to concentrate on the cock of the first man I had played with in the blackness, and soon, his cum pumping over his pubic bush was the result. He lay there, and I moved my hand over his body, rubbing his cum off my hand over his ample body hair. It seemed a practical solution, especially as two men started to concentrate their attention on me, leaving was not really an option. Besides, showers were available on two levels, assuming he even cared about the small amount of semen I was cleaning off.

As the man with the cock ring left, he was replaced by the third man who had gotten involved. He lay on his side, obviously wanting my hard cock to enter his ass. The condoms near the wall were out of reach as I turned on my side, still paying attention to the standing naked man, who I was pumping steadily. No question that unprotected anal sex with a stranger was not intelligent, so I tucked my cock back between my thighs, and then started slamming his ass, lost in the potential dream of what could happen.

Or what was going on around us, I realized. Men were laying on the platform, the sounds of cock sucking came from several directions, and one pair was back to front, the one in the front moaning as he was fondled and penetrated. And still more men were coming in. This was my first true experience of something more than a serial threesome, this was the sort of wild sex that my fantasies, not to mention some of my most treasured porn, had depicted. Even more erotic was the fact that I had been here since it started, and was being carried along by a tide of unbridled lust.

A tide which also added to the pleasure of my simulated fucking, as I began to pound his ass with the Etiler Escort Bayan sort of freedom that made me feel completely in charge, even as while losing control. And it must have had an effect on the standing man, as he slid onto the platform, his hand starting to squeeze and explore my ass. This made me move still more forcefully, between two naked men, in a room full of other naked, aroused men. His hand kept wandering over my ass cheeks, then probing deeper, making my pace slow dramatically as my ass sought its own delicious contact, opening an opportunity for a hand to slide down to my cock, soon freeing it from my thighs. It was still pointing down, but now it was touching another man’s skin, a different sensation entirely from the familiarity when restrained between squeezing legs.

Then I felt a second hand from behind, and together, they stroked my cock into a new position, as the man against my back was adding his talents to the suddenly intensely alluring sensations, my cockhead starting to press into wanting flesh. But unlike the sliding wetness of a mouth or pussy, this was a different temptation, more subtly inviting. A pleasure to be resisted, even as both hands kept me perfectly positioned, my hips starting to move, slowly, but with a rhythm starting to overtake any mental reservations. Two hands were on my erect length, as my cock head started to slide deeper, beyond question starting to go into a stranger hot ass in the dark. This rocking motion led the man at my back to place his stiff cock along my ass crack, just adding to the nearness of another fantasy – of fucking and being fucked at the same time.

Heavenly as this felt, almost completely at the mercy of my cock in two men’s hands as it kept pushing deeper, another hard cock willing to do the same to me, the fact no condoms were involved remained a red flag for continuing. So I turned to lay on my back, while reaching out for each man’s hard cock. Both seemed content with my solution of dealing with such a sweet temptation, and after a moment, the man on my left started to stroke my cock in an increasingly irresistible rhythm. Which took in stride my own hand encircling his fingers, just adding their touch and weight to change the motion in ever more overpowering pulses of pure pleasure, making me lose all thought even as my balls tightened in approaching orgasm.

My hand was completely slack over his, even as his fingers tightened while he pumped me, the other man on my side now playing with my nipples. My right hand grew ever more distracted, though the cock it was touching was rock hard. By now, all concerns about where cum would fly were being drowned under the reality of the fantastic orgasm I was experiencing between two naked men. The stroking fingers kept working my hot shaft, beyond resistance, even as the naked man on the other side slid his hands over my chest and down to my pubic bush, then cupping my balls. My spurting cock remained lost in the pleasure until well after I had grown smaller, completely drained at the hands of two naked strangers.

As I slowly returned to reality, especially the need to use my towel to clean up my semen, the man to my right slid over me gently, placing himself on top of the man on my left, who had rolled over on his stomach. When leaving, easily 10 men were still getting off in the dark, and still no sign of anyone using a condom, though it was hard to judge in the very dim light. However, I was pleased at the thought that in comparison to my first time here, nothing risky in any real sense had occurred, as all the playing had been hand to cock, with virtually no shared cum. But the other men there seemed utterly unconcerned about anything resembling basic caution between strangers, a somewhat disturbing thought. Of course I could understand the sexual attraction of being uncovered, but a condom between strangers seemed a minimum precaution, not an extraordinary measure.

Especially when the temptations were so easily enjoyed.

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