I Love Women in Panties Ch. 03

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It was only about a 15 minute walk to Sally’s flat from the disco and I had my mind on only one thing. Hilary and her orgasm, that was just so cool! I had made a girl come for god’s sake. I was still grinning from ear to ear when I knocked on the door of Sally’s flat and she opened the door to me.

“Happy Birthday little brother of mine,” Sally said giving me a big hug and a kiss.

The room was filled with music and laughter as I came in, Diane and Julie were sitting on the floor each with a glass in their hand.

“Hey look who’s here at last,” Sally said to the girls “It’s our birthday boy looking like the cat that got the cream, I wonder what sort of present his girlfriend gave him this evening, eh bro?”

Both girls got up and came over to me to give me a hug and a kiss.

“Happy Birthday big boy,” They both giggled in unison.

Judging by the three already empty wine bottles, the girls had definitely started the party without me, which I reckoned could be a good sign of the likelihood of a fun end to the evening. My only disappointment was that both Diane and Julie were wearing trousers rather than skirts so would not be flashing me any panties! Sally had a very short dress on but she was my sister and didn’t really count.

“So how’s the evening gone so far?” Sally asked as she proceeded to open another bottle of wine. “Wine OK for you bro?”

“Yeah, that’ll be fine, although it looks like I’ll have a way to go to catch you three up!”

“Tell us all about your evening so far and then we’ll see about your birthday present,” Sally said as she settled herself on the sofa. “You haven’t stopped grinning since you arrived so I assume maybe my little brother got a nice present from your horny little girlfriend?”

“Sis! Please, for heaven’s sake, what sort of a question is that?” I could feel myself colouring up and had no idea what to say.

I was sitting on the floor with my back to the sofa by now and Julie crawled over to me on her hands and knees looking me straight in the eye saying.

“Oh come on! You stroll in here, strut your stuff with that look all over your face, you must have got some tonight?”

“Hey, pack it in, this is embarrassing, I had a good time with my friends tonight, and that’s all!” I said, completely unable to keep a grin off my face

“Hmm, I don’t think that’s all that happened tonight bro, but ok we’ll leave it for now. Maybe he’ll reveal all later eh girls?” she said to Julie and Diane.

They all promptly fell about laughing and chinked their wine glasses together; obviously slightly the worse for wear!

“You’re looking hot tonight bro, have I seen that shirt before?” Sally asked

“No, I got it this morning, a present from Mum & Dad,” I replied.

“What do you reckon girls, does my little brother look hot tonight to you?”

“Sizzling!” Diane cooed “And who helped you paint those trousers on Mike? Tights great but they must be cutting of your circulation!”

“Yeah cute butt,” said Julie.

“Ok ok, what’s going on here?” I asked “This is supposed to be my Birthday and I get the feeling you lot are just taking the piss!”

“Hey not at all bro,” Sally said.

“Oh come, on you’re all older than me how on earth would I look hot to you three?” I said.

“Hey, not that much older if you don’t mind!” Diane Chuckled. Besides there’s nothing wrong with a bit of cradle snatching!”

“Oh thanks, that makes me feel great,” I replied.

“We’ll see about that later!” said Julie casting a sly grin at Sally.

“Look seriously, what’s going on here?” I asked

“Nothing! Really, nothing at all!” Sally said. “Now let’s get the party started” She got up and put an LP on the record player and Julie & Diane joined her in the middle of the room and started to dance.

“Drink up Mikey, and lighten up it’s your birthday for heaven’s sake!” Said Sally.

I drank a couple of glasses of wine and watched the girls enjoying themselves as they danced to one song after another, then as a slower song started Diane came over and grabbed me.

“Me first for the slow dance,” she giggled draping her arms around me while we smooched to the music.

I only had my hands on Diane’s hips when she pulled me in closer “Come on Mike put a little effort into it!”

Now Diane is tall girl and with her heels on stands about and 2 inches taller than me, and it has to be said, she was a woman with a curve wherever one was needed. I had always thought she had a magnificent figure, and I remain to this day an advocate of the more curvaceous woman. Diane’s ample boobs were pressing into my chest, and with her hips swaying, her pussy was rubbing my crotch. This was a recipe for disaster for me and my rampant hormones!

I was getting a huge boner and tried to position myself so that Diane wouldn’t notice, god how embarrassing would that be? Diane however, had other ideas as her hands went to my butt and pulled me in closer to her as she continued to grind her pelvis into me, she also took my hand and placed illegal bahis it on her bum.

Now don’t get me wrong, this was nice and I was enjoying myself, but I was also really unsure about what was going on, I looked over to the other two to see if I was going to be rescued, only to get another shock, Sally & Julie were in a clinch that raised a few questions in my mind. Julie was by far the smallest of the 3 girls, no more than 5’1″ tall, however she was beautifully proportioned for her size, with a gorgeous bubble butt and largish boobs, a real little pocket rocket!

Julie was resting her head on Sally’s chest with both her hands resting on her bum, “Wow that looks so hot,” I thought to myself but this was all seeming a little surreal to me, my sister and her friend were lezzing it up. Me I had one of Sally’s closest friends in my arms, grinding her pussy into me, “Ah well go with the flow,” I thought.

The smoochy music came to an end at which point Diane broke away from me. “He’s definitely growing into a man Sally,” Diane said placing the emphasis on growing as she said it.

I sat down fairly quickly in order to try and hide the bulge in my trousers, although I’m not sure I was kidding anyone!

“Really,” Julie said “And what part of him has grown Diane?” She laughed as she sat down next to me and put her hand on my knee.

“Oh just the most important part,” Giggled Diane

“Hey leave the poor boy alone you two,” Sally said, winking at the pair of them. “Mike make yourself useful and open another bottle of wine will you? The ladies and I need to get your birthday present ready, come on girls, time to get ready you come with me,” Sally called as she set off toward her bedroom.

I waited until they were out of sight before getting up and made decision never to wear these trousers when I am around women ever again! They were agony and way too tight whenever I got a boner, which let’s face it had been the greater part of the evening so far! I opened the wine and filled all our glasses up, then wondered if anyone would mind if I got changed into my Pyjama bottoms and T shirt, after all were all old friends and I really needed some relief from these strides!

“Hey Sis,” I called through her door. “Does anybody have any objections if I slip into something more comfortable i.e. my jimjams and a t-shirt? I really need some relief from these trousers of mine, they’re too tight and I’ve had them on all evening”

“No, go right ahead” she said, whilst I could hear a lot of giggling “we’ll be right out with you shortly, we’re just wrapping your present” At which point the three of them burst into laughter, I couldn’t help wondering what on earth was so funny?

I changed into my pyjama bottoms and t-shirt, oh and for sake of modesty, I kept my underpants on as anyone with experience of tie top pyjama bottoms will know, it’s never long before your cock is waving in the wind when wearing this garment, which is fine when you’re in bed on your own, but maybe not such a good idea when you’re in mixed company! (Of course it could be a great idea?) I went back to the lounge; where the music had stopped, so I went over to the record player and flipped the LP over. (this was necessary before the days of CDs and iPods!)

I heard Sally’s bedroom door opening and she called out “Are you ready out there?”

“Yes, bottle of wine open, glasses refilled, ready and waiting Sis!” I called

“Ok, sit on the sofa, close your eyes and don’t open them until I say, ok?”

“Uh Yeah Ok if you say so,” I replied as I sat down and closed my eyes, a little unsure of what was going on.

I heard the girls coming back into the lounge and could also hear a little rustle of paper so assumed that they had my present.

“Are your eyes still closed?” Sally asked. She was obviously still behind me.

“Yeah yeah, of course they are!”

“Ok, keep them tight shut until I say so”

I did as I was told and could sense the three of them moving round to the front of the sofa along with some suppressed giggling.

“Ladies, are you ready?” Sally asked.

“Yes” Came the reply in unison

“Right then young man, open those peepers of yours,” Sally said

As I opened my eyes I saw Julie, Diane and Sally standing in front of me each holding out a present for me, they sang a quick Happy Birthday and remained standing in front of me, each of them beaming from ear to ear. My jaw went slack and I was completely speechless at what I saw.

“Hey come on Bro! Open your presents, we went to a lot of effort to wrap them up for you,” Sally said, as she bounced in front of me.

“Yeah, come on fella, open them up” Chimed in Diane

“Mine first, mine first!” Giggled Julie

“Uuuh, well ok, yeah sure,” I mumbled.

“Come on Mikey, for heaven’s sake it’s only your birthday presents, the least you can do is say thanks and have the good grace to open them” Sally said

The problem was, I couldn’t get my mouth or anything else to work properly, because you see each illegal bahis siteleri one of the girls was standing in front of me wearing their old college uniform! From top to bottom, black patent shoes, white knee length socks, blouse, tie, and blazer oh yes and skirt! Did I not mention the skirt? Their uniform skirts were kilt style and not even close to regulation length. Now I remember they wore them short when they were at college, but these were short! The hems of their skirts were showing just, and I mean just! Showing below their blazers! With Diane being as tall as she was, I could already see a tiny triangle of white cotton covering her pussy, Sally was still bouncing in front of me affording a flash of pink material, however with Julie being the shortest of the three nothing was on show just yet.

I closed my gaping mouth and took Julies present from her and opened it, it was a book about Formula 1 motor racing.

“Sally said you were becoming a bit of a petrol head, so I thought you’d like this?” She said sitting down next to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Wow yeah, thanks, this is great” I stuttered.

“Me next” Said Diane she also sat next to me on the sofa but on my other side, I’ll leave it to your imagination as to how much gorgeous female thigh was on show either side of me! My hands were physically shaking and my heart thumping as I took her present and opened it; it was a bottle of aftershave.

“Gotta smell nice for the girls Mikey Boy,” She said

“Yeah Yeah right, this is cool thank you” I said, again stumbling over my words.

“You’re welcome” She said, also giving me kiss on my other cheek.

“Now Mine” Said Sally as she knelt down in front of me.

I opened Sally’s present finding a really cool shirt inside.

“Hey Sis you’ve got good taste,” I said trying my hardest to play it cool and show that I hadn’t notice their change of clothing “Thanks, really, this is great!”

She leaned forward and gave me a peck on the lips and said “You’re more than welcome little brother; you know how much I love you!”

“Yeah we all do” Said Diane “Some brothers are a real pain in the butt, but you’ve always been fun and more mature than most boys were at your age”

“Well thanks, I love you all too! And the presents are great and……well……” I was actually starting to choke up a bit which was embarrassing.

“Well what?” Julie asked with a grin

“Oh come on you lot, help me out here!” I said blushing, I could feel the heat in my face rising, my ears must have looked like red beacons.

“What do you mean Bro?” Asked Sally innocently “What’s the problem here?”

“Hmm let me think, how about the change of clothing that came with the presents eh Sis?” I said with far more confidence than I actually felt.

“Oh That! Gosh yes I’d nearly forgotten!” she said standing up.

“Forgotten what?” I asked

“The last part of your present,” She said “We wrapped them especially for you, didn’t we girls?”

“We sure did,” They replied laughing.

“Ok Ladies on your feet,” Said Sally

Diane and Julie stood up and joined Sally and taking their blazers off stood in a line in front of me. Diane was again showing the merest hint of white cotton, my god her legs went on forever! I was sure I should be looking up at their faces but those hemlines had me hooked!

“Ready?” Sally asked.

“Who me?” I replied.

“Yes you, silly,” she said.

“Yeah I’m ready, but what for?” I asked.

“Well we all thought we should wrap one final present for you, so here it is, well actually, here they are!”

At this they each turned round and without further ado grabbed their hems and lifted their skirts! I could hardly believe my eyes, which at this point were no more two feet away from three gorgeous panty covered bums.

“Oh my god,” I thought “Surely this is the point at which I wake up with a massive hard on and a big wet patch on the front of my pyjamas”

The girls bent over and wiggled their bums in my face then straightening up remained standing there, with their skirts lifted, gently swaying their butts from side to side.

“Like what you see fella?” Sally asked over her shoulder.

My throat had completely constricted and I was unable to say anything, I just coughed and nodded my head.

I had been right earlier; Sally was wearing pink panties, not cotton, but a sort of silky material, Sally had a lovely rounded ass beautifully encased in her panties. Diane’s ass which was directly in front of me was magnificent! As I said earlier she is a tall girl and possibly might have been viewed as carrying a few pounds more than she ought, but this took nothing away from her stunning legs and well-rounded ass. Diane was wearing white cotton bikini briefs trimmed around all the edges with a thin delicate lace (As a panty man the details are important!) I struggled to take my eyes off this vision of white cotton covered heaven before me!

Now Julie’s ass was also a sight for sore canlı bahis siteleri eyes, obviously smaller than Diane’s but probably as close to perfection as you are likely to find with two perfectly rounded cheeks. What Julie gave up in height she made up for in shape! This divine vision of roundness was also encased in cotton panties but these were a very pale blue and also had the same trim as Diane’s. With her butt being the shape it was, Julie’s panties were stretched just a little tighter across her ass. So with these three beautiful panty clad asses in front of me, had I died at that moment I think I would have gone to heaven a happy man!

“Enjoying the view?” Diane asked “Have you seen enough of our panties yet?”

I don’t know how long they had been standing there with their skirts raised, as time seemed to have slowed down for me, however, I decided in for a penny in for a pound, I plucked up my courage and tried to find my voice while clearing my throat.

“Uh well I err no not really! It would be really nice if you all turned round so that I can see the front of your panties as well?” I stuttered in a hoarse whisper and with very little authority at all!

Sally promptly dropped her skirt and turned round to look at me, Diane and Julie followed suit.

Sally stood staring at me with a curious grin on her face.

“Well well well! You’ve got some cheek, eh little brother? Sally said “So, now you want to see the front of our panties, eh little brother? Hmm? Is that what you are asking?” She said.

I tried clearing my throat again but it still felt constricted and any speech was turning out to be struggle. “Well yeah I guess I am” I croaked. It is my birthday after all and surely I am allowed a birthday wish?”

“Oh you are, are you?” said Sally.

Diane and Julie stood hands on hips saying nothing but both smiling mischievously.

“A good sign surely?” I thought.

“What do we think ladies? Sally asked. “Shall we grant him his birthday wish or not?”

“Why not,” giggled Julie.

“Good girl,” I thought to myself.

“Fine by me, let’s make it a birthday to remember for Mikey shall we?” Diane said.

By now I was glad of two things, firstly that I had had the good sense to keep my underpants on under my pyjama bottoms and secondly that I still had a heavy book on my lap hiding my state of arousal!

“Ok ladies when you’re ready” Said Sally. “One, two, three!”

On three, each girl raised her skirt, and there I was, transported back to heaven, as I stared at three panty covered pussy mounds. Now in the seventies most girls would have a bush rather than today’s trend for bald pussies, I still prefer a well-trimmed pussy to a bald one and in truth it is panty related reason. You see, with some hair down there it creates an interesting and for me very erotic mound in the panties, and here I was with three gorgeous mounds each with a soft cotton or silky fabric covering them just a few inches from my face!

Each was standing with her legs slightly apart which meant I had a view through to where I could see just a little of the lower part of each panty enclosed ass. It was clear now that Julie and Diane’s panties were of the same style but just different colours, as each had the same small area of embroidery on the front. Sally’s were plain on the front except for a small ribbon bow on the middle of the waistband. I loved them all!! I was also sure I detected just the merest hint of a damp spot on Diane’s panties, but unfortunately I got no more time to look closer.

“Ok, show over, buddy,” Sally laughed. “It’s time for a drink, all this panty flashing has given me a thirst!”

At which point sadly, each skirt was lowered and was smoothed down, Diane however looked down at smiled, winked and puckered her lips as if blowing a kiss without the hand action, God that was sexy, I nearly creamed myself there and then!

“So Mikey, did you enjoy your birthday presents?” Diane asked, her voice and attitude oozing sex appeal.

“Yes come on Mikey, tell us whether you enjoyed looking at our panties” Julie said, also using a seductive voice but not quite able to stop a giggle.

“Oh I’m quite sure he did!” Said Sally

Right now I was feeling fairly flustered and maybe just a little out of my depth, as I sat whith three lovely women all looking horny as hell, dressed as school girls flashing their underwear at me! I was also having a bit of a struggle dealing with the fact that I had found all three girls horny as hell, which meant that included my sister, and that didn’t feel right!

“Pass me my wine I need a drink!” I said, for want of anything else to say!

Sally passed me my wine and laughing said “Hey girls, I think he’s blushing! What’s wrong bro surely you enjoyed your present? I know we did!”

I downed my wine in one and held it out for Sally to refill for me.

“Of course I enjoyed it! I spluttered. “Bloody hell Sally, what did you think I’d say? Three babes lifting their skirts for me, for fucks sake! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! What I don’t get is, quite why you would all enjoy showing off your panties to me?” Strangely I felt my emotions running quite high at this point but as it all started to spill out of me I found the courage to continue.

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