I Can Be a Good Girl!

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I can be a good girl!

I bit my lip as I read the text message


My fingers hovering over the keys, my mind flitting about thinking what to reply knowing full well that there was no way I would be home at 4pm let alone 2pm. Biting my lip harder I typed out my reply and hit send

PLZ don’t shower after : )

Putting my phone back on my desk I tapped the screen, you knew my afternoon was now going to be wasted, having to be at work but doing nothing but think of you and your ‘other’ blonde, I smiled, shaking my head as I sighed thinking ‘fucking tease!’

Phone ringing, paperwork filed, typing endless invoices, customers in and out and yet all the time I watched the clock, I could have replied with so many things half of me wanting to be there, to tell you no fucking way, wait until I am home, to ask you to call me so I could hear her, to tell you what to do and what not too, the other half of me wishing she was not coming over, knowing that she will be touching my man, wanting to tell you no, please just don’t all mixed with that strongest thought of, ‘enjoy angel but I own you remember’.

You got your tease, that ache as the time ticked ever on and the fingers approached 2pm. My mind was picturing the two of you together, how you would be licking her sweet pussy and arse until she came over your lips. How your fingers would be working her, taking her closer then over the edge, her panting, gasping, being made to say your name as she came before she even got to touch your rock hard cock that you will have wanked in front of her as she was made to watch.

I’d never met this other woman, times and work schedules always seemed to never gel, all I knew was what you had told me. Deep down I wanted to meet her as much as I knew you having her was something that was yours and yours alone, even if you did share with me your plays with her, what you did and where you had done them over the months you had known her. An odd situation maybe to some as you had seen, met and joined in with so many of ‘my’ fucks and yet this blonde was yours.

I felt the tingle between my thighs, my pussy throbbing from the simple thoughts and pictures my mind was playing out. You were an amazing tease and you know how to fuck like no other man I had ever fucked but you knew more than anything else how to push my buttons, I smirked as I said out loud ‘bastard!’

I tried to blank the thoughts but they kept ticking just like the clock, one then two hours passed, I checked mail, I went into chat, anything to kill time, but the hours went slowly despite the amount of work I was doing and the busy day around me. I had toyed with the idea of locking my office door, leaning back and just fingering myself until I came but I knew that was not part of your tease, I was to wait, to hold, so you could find that joy in being able to see what your little tease had done to me.

6.30pm and I was driving, cussing at the total madness on the freeway as I did every day, muttering and marvelling at how some people were given a licence to power anything bigger than a food mixer let alone a car that could kill at the flick of its wheel. At least my mind was off your tease for a few moments until I turned the corner and drove up the street. I clicked the switch and watched the garage roller door slide up, I could see your truck sat to the left and I wondered if you had heard the door. Were you home or had you walked somewhere, been driven by another? Bag and phone gathered then out and into the house, key turning, opening the door quietly to be met with a sound I had asked not to hear, the shower!


I dropped my bag onto the chair next to the door and rather than kicking my shoes off I just walked up the stairs, listening, the water running, the unmistakable sound of it hitting the glass but no splashes, no stops or breaks in its flow and other than that, nothing, no other sound. At the top of the stairs I could see the bedroom door was closed, I was holding my breath, was she still there, had you heard the doors and were simply keeping quiet? Grinning I reached for and turned the knob and pushed the door open.

The bed was made, no ruffles, smoothed to hotel perfection, our smells in the room but no others. I crept in and peeked around the corner of the walk in robe to see the bathroom door open and in the mirror your reflection in the shower, just yours, you were alone. My brow wrinkled with that quizzical almost surprised look as I watched you shower. I stood watching the beads of water running down the glass, making tracks through the steam that was trying to cloud my view. You were humming some tune as I hear you cup the water then let it run over your hair before the unmistakable sound of you, mouth open then closed before you dribbled out the warm water down your chest.

Walking past the bed I stepped onto the tiles of the bathroom floor, my metal tipped heels clicking giving my chance for surprise away. Kicking the crumpled towels on the floor out of my way mamak escort I pulled open the door and waited that few seconds before you opened your eyes and smiled at me.

“I asked you NOT to shower, WHEN did she leave?” I asked, putting the emphasis on not and when as I placed my hands on my hips as if I were a mother addressing her child who had just crayoned on the wall.

“How’s your cunt Kells?” your smirk and eyebrow rising giving you that oh so smug look I had seen so many times.

I stepped closer so that I could feel the splashes of water as they bounced off your shoulders, “Never you mind how my cunt is, why are you in the shower?” my smirk trying to match yours.

“Lift your skirt, now, show me, I want to see how wet you are,” you said as your hand cupped your balls then slide over your cock, “Have you touched by the way?” your words questioning me as you stared into my face seeing that my eyes were watching your fingers wrap around your shaft.

“Ah I see, gonna make me wait hu, hummmmmm okay, but I will get it out of you,” my words and eyes telling you as they met yours that I was going to play your little game, for now.

I slid my hand down my left thigh to find the slit of the wrapped kilt type skirt I was wearing and slide my fingers across and under the cloth until I could feel the edge of the inner wrap and then the tops of my stockings. Twisting my fingers I pressed them against the black sheer you had seen cover my pussy when I dressed in the morning. The wet was there, you knew it would be, soaking slowly during the day until the sheer was drenched and it would have been a good idea to have taken them off.

“I said lift your skirt!” your voice dipping into an order

“Fuck you!” was my reply as I pushed my fingers up harder against me, letting them slide down over the smooth sheer before dragging them back and tapping the tip of one as if to entice the wet out over my clit. A soft moan left my lips before I stopped pressing, pulling my hand free from the cloth hiding it. I held my hand between us, I could offer it to you to taste or take it for myself, which I chose to do and without any more teasing, not ever that slow brush over my lips I plunged my fingers into my mouth and sucked as I stared at you.

You lunged forward catching me off guard, your wet hands grabbing my shoulders then groping at my blouse to find grip before you pulled me forward, making me stumble, falling over the step into the shower. You caught me and stopped me from hitting the glass with my head as I flayed about most undignified, “You fucker!” I snarled, spitting the water out of my mouth as you held me under the shower jet drenching me through.

“Now your never going to know how wet I was,” I sniggered as I lifted my face into the water letting it wash the day away from my tired eyes.

“You are going to pay for being awkward angel, we will find out just how good at being my good little girl you are,” your response whispered just loud enough for me to hear as you had now moved behind me, pressing me into the wall under the shower jet so that I could feel the ice cold granite through my soaked blouse and bra, able to feel the water from the splashes off your chest behind me. I put my hands onto the wall and tried to push back as the cold was bitter, my clothing clinging to me, the wall making the cold bite harder. You let me, I was not expecting you to, but only so that my tits were free from the wall, your hand slipping from holding my waist to the taps which you turned until the water stopped.

“Okay, now,” you brought your hand up hard under my right breast stopping me from saying the ‘what’ at the end of my question. My yelp changing to a deep groan of pure pain when your fingers found my nipple and tugged hard, twisting it as you pulled through the layers of cloth. The ache was intense, the combination of the cold, the water and being turned on for your day long tease giving you the groan you wanted.

“Fuckkk don’t,” I murmured

You brought your left hand up in the same way, the slap loud and crisp under my left breast but this time your right hand ripping at my blouse buttons, hearing them drop onto the tiles, one, two then three and four until my bra was exposed. You dragged the cup covering my left breast down hard and then grabbed and tugged, twisting my nipple harder than you had done my right. “Going to tell me don’t again Kelly?” you asked as you relaxed your grip and I felt that flush of pain flood through my body.

I shook my head feeling the cold of my blouse drag over my shoulders and across the tops of my arms, but you did not take it all the way down, you stopped at my elbows and using the button less front you tied it behind me so that I could not move my arms from my sides. You turned me slowly, now able to see my breasts through the sheer of my bra, one covered the other naked and both covered in goose pimples, the cold making my bottom lip quiver. I almost wished the shower was not big ofise gelen escort enough for two with so much space, this game would have been harder for you in a small shower, but fuck I loved to play your games.

“Why are you in the shower? When did she leave?” I repeated my question, my words stuttered as my lips quivered.

You completely ignored me, tilting your head from left to right as you followed the line of your finger tracing the edge of the cup that still covered, “you look so beautiful today,” I watched the words come out of your mouth before you dipped and took my still covered hard nipple into your mouth. It was so warm, I wanted to hold your head and press it into your mouth harder, your tongue flicking, coating it on your hot saliva, sucking then pulling back so that it dragged from your lips, before sucking it back in again, you were working so slowly and gently, unlike the slaps from a moment ago that had left their mark.

Hooking your fingers into cup you pulled it down so that I was stood with both breasts uncovered, the straps pulled down to my elbows, pinning my arms to my side harder. You took a step back and surveyed your handy work then without a word you opened the door and stepped out of the shower.

“Is THAT it?” I asked, the shock and surprised tone clear in my voice as I watched you pick up a towel and start to rub your calves then thighs, your cock hard, waving as if to mock me as I stood, trussed up, cold and dripping in the shower. You smiled as you raised a finger to your lips and then ‘shushhhhhed’ me, wrapping the towel and rubbing before picking up another to dry your hair, tossing it from side to side as you rubbed.

“Cold Kelly?” you said as you turned to look into the mirror, grinning as if to check your teeth, knowing full well I could see you as the glass of the shower was not in any way covered in steam.

“NO! Fucking frozen,” I said with a rye smile and that hint of sarcasm that would make you chuckle.

“And all you had to do was show me your cunt as I asked, you would not be cold right now if you had, would you?” your words muffled as you picked at your lip before turning and walking back to stand in front of the shower. I looked you up and down and giggled as I could clearly see your cock hard, pushing your towel out at the front.

“Now, shall we start over?” you asked.


I may have been cold but my mind was on fire and so was my pussy. Our teases varied from day to day, but this was unfair, you had been with ‘HER’ but you would not tell me about it, what happened but I always told you about my plays, about the fucks and teases I had and I did that right away, it was part of our game, you were changing the rules.

My eyes narrowed as I looked into yours, not from spite, just trying to get into your mind for a preview of what was to come, I smiled, I saw nothing then said, “I’m a little tied up right now and in case you can’t tell I am very cold, would you mind if I stepped out of the shower and would you untie my blouse so that I can show you?”

“You slip so well from the bitch to sub role don’t you angel, but I have a feeling your bite will come if I untie you so lets try this another way,” you bent and picked then folded towels and placed them at the shower door before kneeling down, “Comeer you,” you scoffed looking down at your cock pushing the towel away from your thighs.

I stepped forward, my skirt clinging like a second skin, just two steps before I felt the toes of my shoes touch the edge of the step. You slide your hands up over my stockings then stopped at my knees. Bringing your hands round you pushed them together then between my knees and spread them opening my legs just wide enough so that one hand could slide up to the edge of my skirt. You pushed upwards so that it peeled from my leg and clung to your arm. I watched your hand disappear, the small amount of warmth from your hand a pure delight making me sigh as it eased up my leg.

You walked your fingers up to the tops of my stockings, your other hand now pushing at my knee making me open my legs wider, to save time and another push I spread my legs until my legs were as wide as the shower base would allow. My skirt did not open fully, the edge of the wrap still clinging to my outer thigh until you peeled it away and tucked it behind me. The weight of the cloth too heavy to stay so you fumbled with the two buttons that held it closed until they were open. It didn’t drop it rested on my hips for a moment until it flopped onto the floor behind me.

“You look sexy when you shiver, I wonder if I could kiss every goose pimple,” I heard your words trail off then felt your lips on my exposed thigh. You kissed so softly, moving your lips around my thigh, the softest nibble, then kiss as you let your lips drag over my skin. You reached up and brushed my still hard nipples, just teasing your fingers across them before putting your hands on my waist, as you kissed, you turned me, my skirt otele gelen escort well away from my feet so that I would not become tangled as I shuffled my feet slowly round and turned away from you. You continued to kiss, each one placed so the next would over lap, across where my thigh stopped and the curve of my arse started, up along the edge of my panties. You worked over each cheek, kissing up then down across from one to the other, I just melted. I never noticed your hands had dropped from my waist, your touch so soft, in complete contrast from the way you had treated me but a few moments ago, I let out a long slow sigh.




“You bastard!” I blurted out as I gasped from your blows, stepping forward and away from the next which caught me on the back of my thigh and not the soft fuller flesh of my arse.

“Don’t you dare fucking move you bitch,” you growled

“You’re enjoying yourself aint you” I whimpered back, the last slap stinging and not that nice kind of sting, “that fucking hurt!”

“I’m sorry, but you moved, you won’t again hu?”

I moved back, finding it hard not to stumble forward with each of your slaps, my arms still held with my blouse, my hands gripped into fists, wanting to reach and cover, to protect myself, to stop you but I could do nothing. Seven more, I counted them through my whimpers and groans, you made me count and if I didn’t say each number clearly you added an extra, this time I got twelve out of what should have been only ten, I thought for a split second to myself ‘did I gasp too hard or loud on purpose to make you spank me again?’

“MMMMmmmmmm,” you purred as you brushed your fingers over my stinging arse, massaging the redness that must have been glowing. “How much do you want to know what happened with P?”

“Desperately, I want to know all, I want to feel the rage, tell me, please,” my words soft, I did want to know, no, I needed to know, I was not there to see, to watch, all I could have was your words. “Please angel, tell me all, tell me her words, what she said, pleaseeeeee.”

Standing you turned me and looked me up and down, your fingers gliding up over my tits, slowly circling my nipples, you bent and kissed one then the other, licking before letting each slip from your lips leaving them covered in your spit. Then you blew, I hadn’t noticed I was no longer cold until your breath covered my nipples making me shiver. “Warm enough now angel?” you asked as you dragged your thumbs over my nipples and let them flick, you didn’t want an answer. You slid your hands down my arms and past my bra straps, pulling me closer, close enough that I could feel your hard cock pushing against my mound, your warm chest a delight against my cold flesh. You wriggled and fumbled tugging at the crude yet effective knot you had tied my blouse into until you freed my arms. Dropping my blouse behind me, next was my bra, you dragged the straps down my left then my right arm until you added it to the pile of wet clothes behind me. “Don’t move Kells and I want everything I ask from you, deal?”

“Uh huh,” I muttered as I nodded.

You sank back onto the pile of towels, fingers wrapping around your cock, you began to wank as you told of your afternoon.


P, Paige, had shown just after 2pm, walked into the house after knocking and finding you had left the door open for her, you had been waiting in the bedroom, naked and hard, just sprawled out on the bed, not the normal way you greeted her, you have made her lunch, met for drinks and spent hours talking in café’s but today was for a fuck and you had both told each other that’s what you wanted.

I closed my eyes, picturing the room and you both in it, your words setting the scene.

“She stripped slowly for me… wearing the black lace as I had asked her too, I wanked as I watched her,” you groaned as your fingers smothered the head of your cock and formed the pool of pre cum over it.

“She knelt on the bed… pushing my hands out of the way she sucked me… took me into the back of her throat then spit all over my cock when she pulled it back out… I was dripping wet,” you grinned then bit your lip.

“I pulled her up and over my body… groping her tits and arse through the black lace… she was so fucking hot… we kisses and licked and sucked each other Kells… I ripped her thong to the side so she could ride my faccccce, so I could suck her cunt as she sucked my cock… She rode my face, I tongue fucked her… she came all over my face Kellssssss… she sucked me so fucking hardddddd,” your words trailing off as you sucked in breath, your fingers opening, stopping the wank from taking you.

I wanted to say shut up, don’t tell me any more, this was a turn on, but I raged inside, knowing that she, another woman had used my man, I wanted to make you stop telling me, I wanted to touch, to plunge my fingers and wank hearing your words, my muscles pulsing, wanking from within, I was going to cum just knowing!

“She stayed on her knees, I slid out from under her, I pulled her to the edge of the bed… I licked over her arse and cunt… she was dripping wet, FUCK she tastes so sWWWeet mmmmmmmmmm… I wanked my cock as I licked, she asked me to fuck her Kells… she told me to fuck her arse, she opened for me, she pulled her cheeks wide fuckkkkkkkkkk offered me her holes.”

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