Hypnosis Fun

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By the age of 18 my powers had fully formed. I hadn’t tested the limits of them all but their guiding principles had been figured out to me. Alteration of the human mind was something that came as natural as blinking to me but only became unlocked as a young teen.

I made questionable decisions during that time and agree that they were not ‘good guy’ moves. However as a young adult, my moral compass wasn’t fully formed. I do regret those now, but I wanted to share my turning point.

My first somewhat-morally-right action was taken with Ben.

Since my freshman year, he was a stud. A Junior at the time, he was older, filled out, and completely happy with himself. I admired him and detested him for being so free. At the time I was closeted and resented anyone who was happy being their true self. Again, I wasn’t a great youth.

Years later, we became friends. When I was a senior, our paths crossed again with mutual friends and we hit it off. We joked about high school. How I thought he was a douche and he thought I was prude. Ultimately, a friendship formed and he slowly became my closest friend. We told everything to each other. I was still young enough to confuse friendship love with romantic love though, and fell for him.

He was built. Smart. Talented. Driven. All the qualities that a gay man should pursue. However, he was straight, and that’s more or less a deal breaker for most people. Not for me though.

For the record, I should premise this with I did NOT rape him or anything similar. Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

Ben and I shared a lot of intimate things. We talked about our interests sexually, and even detailed our exploits. I was admittedly a bit with-holding as he didn’t know I had powers.Aw we’d talk about our interests he’d often joke about how he seemed my perfect type. He’d even joke about how if he were gay we’d be perfect together. That hurt a lot to be honest.

I decided that I would try and get to the bottom of this and see just how “gay” Ben was. Again, no rape! I really, really want to make that clear. While I’ve had my slip ups in the past (and future), I never took advantage of my friend.

The setup was pretty easy. I told him that I’d been practicing hypnosis and that it was pretty easy. We laughed, drank a little (yes underage, sue me), and he thought it was a load of crap. I challenged him to let me try and hypnotize him using what I learned online.

“And what would you have me do? Buck like a chicken?” Ben asked sarcastically.

“That would be too easy. I’d have you suck my cock.” I gave him a sly grin. He stared at me for a second and then laughed. So absurd, he thought, and that was the show he put on.

“Okay fine. If you want your tic tac wetted that badly, hypnotize me ‘o great one’!”

I performed the stereotypical hypnotizing tricks. I didn’t need any of them, but I wanted him to have sense of what to do. We put on some light music and I got a ring from my desk and placed it on a necklace string. Dangling it in front of his eyes and having him count back from 10.

Again, to be super clear, this is what I used my powers for. I put him under with my powers and told him to do the following, “You’ll believe the hypnosis worked. I’ll let you hypnotize me. İstanbul Escort When you do, it will work. No matter what I do, it will appear to you as if I’m under your spell.”

To paint the picture that it actually would work, I had him stand in front of the room, pull his shirt over his head and cluck like a chicken. A moment later I let him regain consciousness.

“Buck!! Bu-cuuuck!! Bu–… What the fuck?!” Ben stammered.

I just smiled as he brought his shirt back down. Man his abs were great. “I told you. It’s really that simple. You just have to be the right type of person to fall under the spell I guess…”

“No way…” Ben was speechless. He hadn’t recalled anything from before he counted down. “You didn’t, make me do anything else did you?” He asked timidly.

“As tempting as it was, I doubt you’d have wanted it. If it was the other way around, that’d be a different question.”

“What does that mean?” Ben asked.

I scoffed. “You know you’re hot. We’re friends, but I do wish you were gay sometimes. Sorry if that’s awkward.”

Ben just smiled. “I’m flattered, honestly. I think you’re awesome too, in another life.”

I thought to myself, hopefully this life and you’re just scared to be labeled. For a long time I’ve deduced, through my not-so moral exploits, that most men are on the spectrum of sexuality. Yes there are those that are super straight and those that are super gay, but most men fall nearer to the middle. But due to social expectations and stigmas, most will try and be an absolute. I hoped Ben was one of those men.

“Okay, you’re turn.” I said excitedly.

“To do what? Hypnotize you?” Ben asked, a bit embarrassed.

“Yeah, why not. I showed you how to do it. I’m pretty sure I’m susceptible to it and it’s really quite easy. I showed you how.”

Ben looked skeptical. “I dunno. I haven’t practiced at all. I don’t think it will work.”

“Dude, Ben. I really can’t stress how easy it is. It’s all about the music, the mood, and your voice. Make sure you keep monotone before I fall under and that’s it. Just try not to take advantage of me too much!” I winked at that last statement.

“You wish!”


We both laughed. “Okay,” Ben said, “I’ll try.”

Ben wasn’t very convincing, but if my spell worked like it should, he’d be convinced all the same. After his ‘count back from 10’ line I looked timidly ahead.

“Hey, Kyle are you okay?” I should probably mention my name is Kyle.

“Yes, Ben. I’m fine.” I replied subjectively.

“Are you hypnotized?”

Seriously Ben? That’s what you ask me. “I’m not sure.”

“Stand up on one leg.”

Again, really? This is how you test me? I did as I was told, trying not to let my eye roll be clear. Then I remembered that no matter what he should THINK I’m hypnotized because of my spell. Even if I were to say ‘I’m not hypnotized you oaf!’ However, I better not test the limits of my power just yet.

Ben sat there for a second, clearly thinking of how he could gauge if I was really hypnotized or not. He finally escalated it like I had hoped. “Take your pants and underwear off and let me take a picture of you to post on Facebook.”

I knew he was bluffing to get me to object, İstanbul Escort Bayan but I knew I could ‘convince’ him to delete the photo later if he actually took it. I know he wouldn’t post it on Facebook. So I did as instructed. Unceremoniously I disrobed my bottom half and stood before him with just socks and a T-shirt on, my soft cock exposed to him. He made his motions exaggerated to show me he was taking a photo. Even went to his Facebook app to prove he was going to post it.

I sweated a little but he couldn’t see. Once I made no reaction, he was convinced I was under the hypnosis and put his phone down.

“If I said you wouldn’t remember any of this, would you?” Ben asked timidly.

“I’ll do as told, Ben.”

He pondered that for a bit. Again, nothing was done at this point that he didn’t want to do himself. Really can’t stress that enough.

“Okay. Take off your shirt.”

I did as told and stood before him naked (less my socks but he forgot I had them on the whole night).

He got up and walked around me. Ben was surveying my body like someone would examine fine art. He got close to my face, my back, my cock, my chest. He looked at every inch of me with fine detail. It was hard to keep myself soft.

He finally went out on a limb and grabbed my soft(ish) cock. That made me shiver. I hoped he hadn’t noticed but remembered that no matter what he’d believe me under his spell.

“Do you like that?” He asked me.

“Yes, Ben. Very much.” is all I said.

He massaged (a bit to firmly) my cock and balls. “I figured you’d like that.”

Ben took off his shirt and that instantly started to give me wood. My cock began to rise quickly. “Ha, I thought you’d like that as well. Since you always wanted a taste, I’ll be nice since you won’t remember this. Take my clothes off.”

I should point out here that in my opinion Ben wasn’t taking advantage of me either. He knew I had feelings for him sexually but would never act on them because he was my best friend and straight. He also would never have asked for anything because that may label him as gay which at the time wasn’t exactly accepted. He wanted to explore and experiment but due to the confines of our culture and stigmas he never did. However, he knew what I wanted and I hoped he wanted to try it. No one was at fault. The guise of hypnosis just made it acceptable to finally release our true selves. Okay, back to it.

I was hasty on disrobing him. I had imagined what his butt would look like, so muscular and plump, and only dreamed at what his cock would look like. I assumed he was cut like myself but that was as much as I could realistically imagine. As many times in the past as I’d wanted to use my powers to learn more, I hadn’t.

Once his boxer briefs were the only thing that stood between me and his quickly growing member, I hesitated. For one moment I wondered if what I was doing was wrong. Then I remembered the premise for why we were where we were. Ben wanted this. He asked for this all himself. I could enjoy with no remorse.

I hooked my fingers around his waistband and pulled his briefs down. In awe would put my feelings mildly. Ben was slightly above average on literally all accounts. He was probably 7 inches Escort İstanbul or so long (hard now) like myself, but an inch or so thicker. His balls were close to his shaft but larger than my own. Full eggs hung in that pouch, that was closely shaven. His pubes delicately manicured.

This was not quite the standard yet in 2006 and I was bewildered to see him (it) live in person. My mouth opened in shock, admiration, and anticipation.

“Do you want to suck my cock?” Ben asked easily.

“Mh-mm” was all I could form. No words could escape my lips. Ben didn’t say anything else, but instead placed a hand on the back of my head and eased me towards his cock pointing right at my mouth.

I engulfed it. I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve had my fair share of adventure when it comes to the male anatomy, and didn’t have much issue taking him fully into my mouth after a few bobs. Ben was shocked and let out audible moans of pleasure as I did my work.

I hate to cut this part short, but it honestly didn’t last long. The allure of younger men (he’s 22 at this point) is that they’re more willing to experiment because they’re horny all the time but that means they cum super easy. As I sucked his cock he kept both hands on the back of my head to guide me, like I needed the pressure. I only started to play with his ass when he was at the edge.

“Swallow it all, please Kyle!” he breathily pleaded. Hypnosis or not, gladly.

Ben came into the back of my throat. The pressure made it clear he was a shooter, and he pushed 5 or 6 ribbons into my mouth before subsiding, his whole body twitching in the process.

I continued to suck his slowly-deflating cock because I didn’t want it to end and he clearly didn’t want it to either, but he was spent. A minute later once he was fully flaccid, he told me to put my clothes back on. He did the same, regrettably, and we returned to the couch we sat on at the beginning of the night.

His cum was still on my tongue but he didn’t think to have me brush my teeth or drink something. I’d ignore that for now, hoping for another go. “Okay, Kyle. When I count to ten, you’re going to regain consciousness and forget everything that we did while you were under. Okay?”

I just nodded.

“Shit. Um, first stand up and drop your pants. Start singing something.”

That caught me off guard but I followed his rules and started singing Happy Birthday. It was the first song that came to mind. Oh, I get what he’s doing.

“Okay, 1, 2, 3, 4…” he adjusted himself, perhaps getting aroused by the skill he just learned. “8..9..10.”

I came too and made a big show and fuss about how I was in my underwear singing to him. Told him he must be gay and we both laughed it off. Ben was clearly interested in using this on other people and that worried me. I reminded him that it doesn’t work on everyone. Maybe only 10% or so.

He said, happily with a sly smile, “well at least I know it works on you.”

We tried the hypnosis thing a few more times before he started seeing a girl. They later got married and that ended our random hookups via magical excuse, but it was amazing while it lasted.

The biggest take away I got from my experience with Ben it that it was possible to get what you wanted without taking advantage of someone. I turned a different leaf after Ben, and no longer was using my powers for bad, or at least clearly bad actions. I have many more stories of my exploits, but Ben is the strongest memory I have and set my moral compass on the right track with these powers.

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