Human Touch

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Reverie has overtaken her. Not really even reverie, just blankness in her mind that calms her soul. The feeling is nothing bad, nothing good. Contentment maybe? Contentment is a good descriptive word for what she is feeling.

She is standing on the third floor balcony of their hotel room overlooking the Gulf. The waves peak and crash near the shoreline. The sea gulls are gliding against the constant wind with their wings outstretched, not having to exert any effort in the amazing gift of flight. The bright sun is overhead beaming down its warmth and curing rays. Yes, she is content.

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and releases it feeling any leftover tension leaving her body. The margarita over ice in her hand relaxes her even further and she takes a drink. It is cool going down her throat and she doesn’t think she could be any happier at the moment.

A gust of wind changes directions and blows straight into her face, making her long brown hair float behind her and then land again, the tips settling on the small of her back. This makes her feel sexy and she poises her face parallel to the sky so the end of her hair falls just on her ass. She remains in this position for several minutes, enjoying the nothingness.

Suddenly, moist lips touch the side of her neck and she cocks her head further to the left allowing easier access. She stands perfectly still with instant chill bumps racing up her spine. A small sigh escapes her lips while her eyes remain closed. His tongue makes a small circle on her neck and she unknowingly shivers. He slowly begins kissing her, moving towards the back of her neck. He moves so slowly, barely touching her skin.

She feels one hand caressing her hair then a second hand. He lifts her hair completely from her back and continues kissing her. Down, down, directly in the center of her back, making her skin twitch and move against his lips, him kartal escort having full control over her. She breathes more heavily now, wanting this to last forever, until the kissing stops, and her hair falls back into position.

Two strong arms encircle her waist and slightly squeeze as he buries his face into her hair and he breathes in the cleanliness deeply. His hands move slowly and deliberately up and down her hips, down her outer thighs, and back up to her waist. Her knees become weak and her head is leaning back against his chest and shoulder. She doesn’t realize her drink is being removed from her hand and placed aside. Nothing is hurried and the slowness and gentle spot caresses are really turning her on. She feels like she is floating with the sea gulls. No energy needed and just floating.

Two tender hands enclose her breasts and she can feel his hot breath on her neck. He shudders and closes the distance between his front and her back. They are now one. His hardness is against her ass, his shuddering becoming stronger. She places her now free hands over his and arches her back against him, enjoying his strong feel yet gentle embraces. Her nipples are fully erect and he uses the pads of his fingers to stroke them, around and around. As his hands move in circles, she starts moving her hips in circles mimicking his rhythm against his firm manliness.

She can only slightly moan in response, knowing that words are not needed at the moment, just his human touch.

His right hand moves away from her breast and slowly traces a path downward, sometimes circling back up and then moving further down each time until it reaches her throbbing pussy. He is teasing her. His index finger slightly strokes her clit through her swimsuit and then moves back up. Again and again just barely making contact and then moving away. She is kaynarca escort fully leaning against him now, her body making movements with each flick of his finger. His left hand is continually caressing and gently pinching her nipple, while his right hand is playing a tune on her clit, on and off again.

She is so turned on and about ready to place her hand over his so he couldn’t move away, so she could enjoy his hand to orgasm, when he stops all touching. Both of his hands are removed from her tingling body. She is about to turn around in protest when she feels both hands slip under the front of her swimsuit, one finger strokes her button and then plunges into her wetness, then back out. She moans deeply and she can tell he is extremely turned on by all this. His breathing becoming even more rapid against her shoulder, both of them naturally turned on. She raises her arms and wraps them around his neck, providing stability in her weak position.

He knows she is nearing orgasm so he thrusts two fingers inside of her dripping pussy and pinches her nipple between two fingers at the same time. The pitch of their moving hips seems to match the crashing of the waves, a slow mesmerizing pulse.

“Oh baby, please don’t stop,” she whispers while shifting her head from side to side, her entire body beginning to tense up.

“Come for me,” he whispers back, his voice shaky with a fever that only can be caused from being turned on. A hoarseness recognizable only to her.

And with those words her body releases. Her juices envelope his fingers and the contractions of her insides wrap around him. Her entire body becomes hot and then soft against him.

Before the orgasm is completely finished he leads her into the hotel room and to the large bed. With one swipe her black swimsuit is removed and her tanned, naked body is before kozyatağı escort him. She finally faces him and while turning around he is at the same time gently laying her down on her back. She takes his face into her hands and kisses him deeply. He is hot and ready to make love to her. The lust in his eyes shoots through to her aching soul.

Lowering his body onto hers, she feels so feminine at that moment. He is hers, all hers, and she will make him spill his seed into her. His previously gentle motions are becoming more frantic and his neediness is evident. He kisses her lips hard and continues to spill kisses to her neck, her eyes, her chest, and her breasts.

His cock is poised above her pussy and he guides it into her, feeling that warm space filled with him. He plunges all the way inside and lingers there for a moment. Her core has been touched and her hips rise to meet his.

A broken moan rushes from his mouth and he looks directly into her eyes. Her legs spread further allowing every inch of him to enter her. His throbbing cock pulls out, never fully leaving her womanhood and he pushes into her yet again, and again, over and over and over.

Both are openly moaning now, and whispering loving comments to each other.

“You feel so good baby,” she moans into his chest. “Fuck me, oh please fuck me.”

“I’m going to fill you up. Oh, you are going to make me come,” he murmurs as his thrusts become more fevered.

He is practically ramming it in now and she meets his every thrust. Harder and faster each time. Her pussy is wrapping around him as his cock pushes against her very essence. He is uncontrollably shuddering as her back arches. His face shows his pleasure. Practically screaming with passion now she is also nearing her second orgasm.

“Oh baby. Yes, I’m coming,” she says with her face twisted into sexual emotion.

He rams three more times and collapses on top of her, their orgasms occurring together, his cock twitching with each spent seed, their hearts pounding in their chests, her back arching and his hips forward.

She strokes the back of his head while it rests on her shoulder, now both content from their exertions and the love between them. He rolls off of her and they both sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32