Hotel du Pont

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I have just finished two long days of wheeling and dealing in Wilmington, Delaware.

Before driving home to Philly, I decide to unwind, enjoy a little repast as I wait for the rush hour traffic on 95 to ease. So at 5:45 I enter the Green Room of the Hotel du Pont and am seated in the plush dinning room at a table for two quickly transpose to a table for one.

As I glance around the dining room, enjoying the elegant setting, I see a stunning woman sitting across and to the left of me. How strange that such a lovely woman is dining alone. She is wearing a lovely black dress that shows off her figure to great advantage (wonderful legs). Ah, but apparently she is waiting for a friend to arrive (her table is still set for two). It is also apparent her friend is running very late…..she seems a little anxious.

I can’t take my eyes off of her. The way that dress clings to her breast, crossing and hugging her to show just the right amount of cleavage constantly draws my attention. At just that moment, she pulls a BlackBerry 8700 out of a small black purse and looks at the screen. I recognize the devise because I had just purchased one on Monday and I’m still learning to use it.

I watch with curiosity as she slumps back into her chair, clearly disappointed. She sighs heavily and stands to leave….As she turns around to pick up her jacket from the back of her chair, she notices me for the first time. To my great embarrassment, I realize that I’ve been caught staring at her. Our eyes lock…and I feel trapped.

I stand and I stammer something that I hope says, “If you’re plans have changed, would you care to join me? I’m eating alone this evening.”

Her first reaction is shock that I would be so forward but then she smiles and answers, “If you are sure I wouldn’t be imposing. I was to meet a friend but he has had a fender bender and won’t be able to join me.”

“No, not at all.” I beam. One thing I learned long ago in business, nothing ventured nothing gained. “I hate to eat alone. It would be delightful to have some company. Please.” I pull out the chair she had just risen from and seat myself across from her then signal for the waiter.

“Thank you. My name is Angel. Angel Heart.” She smiles. “My parents have a strange sense of humor.” Her voice is soft, deep and sexy voice and starts a tingling sensation in my fingertips.

As the waiter approaches, I introduce myself, “And mine is Alex Peterson. Would you care for some wine? I’ve already ordered a glass of Bonterra Chardannay. Have you had a chance to look at the menu.” The waiter arrives with my glass of wine as the words leave my lips.

She smiles and crosses her lovely legs, “I’m not fond of Chardannay,” She turns to the waiter, “Beringer White Zinfendel.” And then she turns to me, “It’s my favorite.”

“What a treat it is for me to celebrate a successful business trip by sharing a glass of my favorite wine with such a beautiful woman.”

As we order and eat, our conversation continues along the normal course, or so I thought. “What business are you in?” She smiles, eyes looking directly into mine.

“I don’t want to ruin your dinner.” I laugh, “It’s a technical field. We manufacture power supplies for high tech devices. And you?” I ask quickly before I bore her to death. “What sort of work do you do?”

“I’m a writer and website designer,” she answers as she sips her wine.

“How much more interesting that sounds! What do you write, Angel?”

She runs her fingertip around the rim of her glass. “Well Alex, I write about people’s fantasies.”

“You must be joking!” I gasp as I almost choke on my wine. “What sort of fantasies?”

She lightly puts her soft hand over mine. “Sexual fantasies, Alex. We all have them and the internet has become an outlet for many people to explore their sensual side.”

“But you seem so normal.” I blurt out shocking myself. “Ah…Isn’t that rather….kinky?” I retort not recovering very well. I’m suddenly wondering if I’ve picked up some kind of “pro”.

“Do you have fantasies Alex?” she asks holding me with her gaze.

“Well, certainly I do, but I don’t discuss them on the internet, much less in person.” I’m sure up until now she had seen me as a somewhat sophisticated older man. Now I’m sure I’m coming off as an old prude. “You mean people share fantasies with you on the net?” I just couldn’t help myself. Of course I’ve Batıkent Escort heard of what’s happening on the internet but I’ve never bothered with it or even know of anyone who does.

“Yes, and I help them explore them. They don’t have to reveal their identity and as a result they feel very uninhibited.”

“I suppose that’s true. But I’d feel very awkward.” I respond as I try not to squirm in my seat. “It also sounds like it could be very dangerous.” She looks to be in her late twenties, maybe early thirties. She has to know there were all kinds of crazies out there, especially on the internet.

“I never meet the people I deal with and for the most part they are usually quite normal. They simply would like help expressing themselves. Or they may just be having a problem communicating with their partner.” She continues as she once again flashes her warm reassuring smile.

“Aren’t fantasies supposed to be channeled between husband and wife?” I venture. “And you, Angel, for instance. You’re so attractive; I can’t believe that you’d need to…improve on reality.”

“Alex, I have found that most of the couples I chat with are not meeting each other’s total sexual needs. In addition, most husbands and wives don’t share their fantasies, at least not the ones that really excite them.”

“I know I wouldn’t dare share my deepest thoughts about sex with my wife.” I snicker as I wonder how she has me talking about this subject so openly. “She would have thought I was a pervert.”

“Why is that Alex?”

“I always thought women were indifferent to sexual fantasy. Men are always thinking about sex but not women. All a woman has to do,” I try to explain, “is wink at a man and she can have all the sex she wants.” I know I’m really blowing this but I’ve never talked to anyone like this before and probably never will again.

“Well Alex I don’t think women are that simplistic. I have sexual fantasies and so does everyone else in this room.” She glances around the room.

“Look at that couple over there.”

“Yes?” I follow her gaze and smirk. “What about them?” They are about my age, early fifties, and upper middle class.

“They are about your age. What do you think he fantasies about?”

“Probably not his wife.” I laugh.

“Hmmm…A threesome or something his wife won’t do for him?” she asks.

“You mean sex with two women?” I query as I feel my body starting to respond to the image her words conjures up.

“Yes or….”

I raise my hand to stop her. All this talk is rather embarrassing for me.

“Here’s a secret for you Al, a lot of men’s fantasies include their wives.”

We sit in silence as the waiter removes dinner plates and silverware and then brushes up the crumbs. As we sip wine and watch, I think of a million questions and feel my body longing for hers.

She breaks the silence. “I don’t just work with men, but also with couples.

“I guess I don’t understand. Exactly how does this work?” Smiling she leans back and crosses those lovely long legs.

“It started out as a story site. I posted my stories and those of other writers I like. We created a webring and developed quite a large following. After the first year it became a pay site. Readers often wrote in to comment, ask questions or make request.”

“What kind of request?”

“Well, they ask for a certain kind of story, or a story with a particular scenario. Or they would tell me their stories and ask me to write it for them.” She sips her wine and when she sets her glass down and I signal for another round.

After a few moments of silence I ask her, “What were some of the request?”

She thinks for a moment and smiles. “Straight romantic stories of course, threesomes, D/s, cheating wives (those shocked me). I’m known as a straight writer so I didn’t get many requests for gay stories but I did write one bi.”

I catch myself shaking my head. I’m really surprise. “Are men asking for the cheating wife stories?”


“And you can just crank out a story that is requested?”

“Most of the time. I found D/s very hard at first. I didn’t know enough about it but I kept getting request from some very loyal and generous readers so I started to explore, I mean read and I was able to ask a fellow writer a lot of questions.” She laughs, “I found father/daughter stories easy but mother/son stories Batıkent Escort Bayan very hard. Of course they were all adult situations.”

“Whoa. What is d/s and are you’re saying you write incest stories.” I quickly hiss across the table to her as I see the waiter approaching with dessert menus.”

“D/s is dominance and submission. Quite fascinating.” The waiter is also fascinated as he freezes and blatantly eavesdrops. He and I both jump as Angel clicks her fingers. The young man apologizes and speedily tells us of the two desert specials and leaves.

I’m grinning and urge her to continue.

“Surely you have heard of D/s?”

I nod slightly. “Kinky.”

She chuckles. “Some would say that, well perhaps most. Once I would have but I’ve come to appreciate the power play.”

“So I take it you are dominant.”

She smiles and takes her time answering. “I’m not a true dom. I’ve learned to be because that is the view point I often write from but I enjoy submission as well. I find it’s more edifying. The dominant/submissive relationship is extremely intimate on every level. A true dom could never be submissive.”

“So this is more than writing online” I am totally fascinated.

Again she smiles, “I’m an explorer.”

I glance at her left hand, like me there is no wedding ring. “Do you ever meet people from online?”

“No, never.” She leans closer. “There is one person I would like to meet…break my rule. He is my ultimate fantasy.”

She sits back as the waiter returns. “Death by chocolate and coffee.” She turns to me, “Share?”

I nod. “Make that two coffees and a brandy.” The young man nods, clears the empty wine glasses and leaves.

“You’re single?” I ask.

She doesn’t answer but stares at me. She seems far off and I start to wonder if she heard me but I remain quiet and study her.

“Yes, I….was engaged once but knew it wouldn’t work, we…really weren’t…” she paused as though looking for the right word, “…connected.” She suddenly looks almost sad. “I don’t think I’ll ever marry.”

“Why do you say that?” She had seemed so optimistic until now.

She shakes her head and shrugs. “I think I would need two husbands. Don’t think one would be able to meet all my needs,” she laughs quietly.

Now that is just plan wacky but I also find myself wondering if she could pull if off; would the guys have separate rooms or would they be bi. My mind is venturing into foreign territory as the waiter presents the Death by Chocolate cake, which he serves on two plates and the coffee. He said he would return shortly with the brandy.

Embolden I ask the question, “Would they be bi?”

She smiles and murmurs, “Maybe.”

The brandy comes and I watch her as she watches the waiter and I decide to ask as he places the snifter in front of me, “Would one be Dom and the other sub?”

The waiter looks at me and I continue to look at her as I lift the snifter and swirled the amber liquid.

Her eyes stay with me this time. “Yes, of course,” she chuckles, “and one would be younger and the other older than me.”

The waiter retreats and I offer her the snifter, which she accepts. I watch as she gently swirls this liquid and then takes a small sip.

“I do have a fantasy to confess to you.”

“Yes?” She responds softly.

“I hope you won’t be offended, but when I first saw you….. I tried to imagine what…you would look like naked.” Here it comes….sexual harassment charges.

She smiles sweetly and once again touches my hand. “That’s pretty normal Alex. I wondered the same about you.”

There is another moment of awkward silence before I continue. I’m really pushing my luck now, but nothing ventured, nothing gained and I am having a very good day. “I don’t want to seem to forward, but we are both alone…in a hotel…why don’t we go find out?” I hold my breath.

She stares at me as my heart pounds in my chest. “Do you have a room here?” she asks very seriously, but there is softness in her eyes.

“No, but let me settle up the dinner bill and I’ll get one.” I continue as my excitement grows, “I understand they have Jacuzzi’s in the rooms here…that’s also a fantasy of mine.”

“Really? Tell me more.”

“I’d love to sink down into a warm tub with you, sip champagne and get to know you…more intimately. Care to join me?” I Escort Batıkent venture. She sensuously rubs her lower arm as she looks my six foot, three inch frame up and down.

“Let’s check in Alex.” She murmurs; her voice deep and soft.

As we leave the restaurant, I notice how nicely her dress caresses her hips…displaying her tight ass to great advantage. I feel a stirring in my groin in anticipation.

We check in and are given our room key. I drape my arm around her waist as we head for the elevator and ‘am taken aback by how firm she feels.

An empty elevator arrives. We get in and I press myself against her…drawing her face to mine. As we rise, and we kiss…I am surprised by how deeply she desires me. Her tongue explores my mouth, her hands slightly touching my sides under my suit jacket, moving slowly down.

My hand drops down to trace the outline of her hips…as we arrive at our floor. In the room, I call room service as she heads for the bathroom. As I order champagne I can hear the zipper of her dress. As I hang up the phone she turns on the water for the tub and then closes the door. I hang up my suit jacket and remove my tie and shoes.

My heart is pounding as I pace the floor waiting for room service to arrive. When it comes, I uncork the bottle, grab the glasses and head for the bathroom. I rap lightly as I open the door. She is a vision….relaxing in the foaming water, her head back, eyes closed, breast enticingly bobbing in the bubbling water. I stand there gazing at her…feeling my cock responding. She opens her eyes and smiles.

“Don’t just stand there Alex. Come join me.”

I quickly set the bottle and glasses down by the tub and unbutton my shirt as fast as can. I undo my belt and zipper and nearly trip pulling off my pants, sock and underwear. Facing her I lower myself into the hot water, my breathing, rapid and irregular.

She turns to pour the champagne. God she is beautiful. She rises to her knees as she approaches me with a glass. She brings it to my lips as I watch her magnificent breasts that are completely above the water, glistening. I take a sip and then she drinks from the same glass. She sets the glass down and lowers her lips to mine. I moan as her tongue slides into my mouth and her full beautiful breast are touching and then pressing against my chest. Her legs straddles mine as my cock presses against her flat, firm belly.

My hands move to her breast, cupping them, squeezing them, and rolling her very prominent nipples between my fingers. Our tongues continue to explore each other’s mouth. A low moan starts deep in her throat that excites me even more. My hips start to move has she presses into me and my cock throbs between our bellies. I run my tongue down her throat and chest and tease her nipples and then suckle. She arches her back and presses her pelvis into me. I can feel her thighs trembling as she grasps me tighter with them.

I gently lift her up and onto the tip of my cock…then lower her slowly for what seems like an eternity until I am fully in her. The warmth of the water, the pressure of her embrace, and the tightness of her cunt pulling on my cock is unbearably sensuous…

I cup my hands under her firm ass and lift her up and down on my cock to increase the friction between us. “OH, God, Angel. I can’t believe this is happening. I never want to stop fucking you…Will you cum with me? I want to pump you full of my sperm…deep inside you.” Her breasts are swaying up against me as I pound into her, grasping her hips so I can fuck her deep and hard.

We pause as she moves her hand down between us. She never says a word but moans as I feel her vulva urging me to spurt my juice within her womb. I can’t hold on much longer and finally feel her body tense and tremble as her orgasm gripes her. She throws back her head and opens her mouth as a long satisfying groan escapes. I then feel her fingers massaging my balls; coaxing every last drop of cum out of me as intense wave after wave of cum surges up my cock and explodes into her. She collapses on me as my cock still throbs inside her. We hold each other close, completely spent.

I’m not sure how long we lay there in the water, in each other’s embrace but the water is cool and fingers and toes well wrinkled when she lifts her head from my shoulder. “I love your fantasy Alex..” She kisses me fully on the mouth and then continues, “Let’s go into the bedroom and I’ll tell you about one of mine.”


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Angel Rose

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