Home Sweet Home

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Jake sighed impatiently as he looked nervously at his watch for probably the 5th time in the last 20 seconds. Of course, it’s kind of hard to be impatient when your awaiting the arrival of a first date. Even more so when it happens to be a blind date set up by your best friend and his wife who just want “everyone to be as happy as they are”. He was so sick of them saying that. He was their friend, but damn, he’d love to strangle them every time they said that.

Jake wasn’t a bad looking guy, in fact he was rather handsome. At 6 foot 3 inches, and weighing a decent 190 lbs, he attracted quite a lot of glances from women passing by. No, finding a woman wasn’t a problem, keeping a woman was the problem. Just out of college for two years, he was determined to start his own business as an architect, and this of course meant long workings hours, stretches of financial hardships from time to time, and not much time for any woman in his life. So, he had agreed to this blind date. Why? Even he didn’t have the answer to that.

“Shit!” he thought to himself, as a blonde bombshell walked into the Italian restaurant. “oh I sure hope that’s her.” Of course, it wasn’t. No blind dates ever turned out that well. He was almost ready to walk out and go home when, seemingly out of nowhere, someone tapped him on the shoulder. Turning around he found himself face to face with an absolutely beautiful brunette woman. He guessed she was 5’5″, no more than 130 pounds, and absolutely could not get his eyes off the dress she was almost wearing. A skimpy black dress, a slit up the right leg allowing a little glimpse into her velomtuous long legs, tailored to her size to really come in at the waist, and strapless, drawing all the more attention to her nicely sized breasts that seemed to shout “Look at us!”. Lost in a little daze, Jake didn’t realize he was staring at her chest until he felt her hand under his chin, lightly guiding his head upward.

“Hi, I’m up here big fella”, she laughed slightly, not really annoyed, in fact, kind of flattered. “You Jake?” A non-verbal nod was the only response his body was capable of. “I’m Sarah. Gosh how long have u been standing here? I’ve been waiting at our table for almost 20 minutes, I didn’t think you were going to show up!” Jake finally came to his senses, shaking off the sudden daze and confusion.

“What? 20 minutes? Gee, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had made reservations, I was looking for you to come through the door.” She laughed again.

“It’s all right, c’mon, lets go sit down”. She lead the way to the table, which Jake was more than happy to allow, as it gave him a nice, free, guiltless look of her ass, swaying ever so softly from side to side as she took each step with those long legs. Thing’s were seeming to look up for him, this woman was hot!

The two of them sat down and ordered, made small chit chat while they waited for their meals. The usual stuff, how old they were, what they did, why there were set up on a blind date, simple things to pass the time. Every so often, Sarah would reach for her water glass, take a sip and put it back down. However after she put it down, each time, she scooted in her chair a little bit, as well as a few inches closer to Jake. He was unaware of this for quite a while until he noticed she was practically sitting next to him.

Eventually the food came. Sarah had ordered a light veal plate, whereas Jake had himself a decent sized leg of lamb. It tasted wonderful to them both, and their conversation really started to go places. They kept up a pretty fast moving dialog, that really never dwindled into anything such as the weather. When the meal started to come to a finish, Sarah became more and more physical, with her flirtation. While she used one arm, propped on it’s elbow to hold up her head and stare at him with enchanting blue eyes, the other hand was not so visible, to anyone else that is. She began putting her hand under the table, and lightly drawing lines back and forth with her fingers on Jake’s leg. Feeling this, not only was Jake relieved the attraction was mutual, it was making him extremely aroused. As Sarah became a little more bold, placing her entire palm on his leg, she moved it toward his crotch more closely than at any time during the night. She found what she was looking for beylikdüzü escort too; he was very erect. She smiled widely to Jake as she stroked the top of his member. Jake let out a small sigh, very much enjoying this temptation. Leaning over, Sarah whispered in his ear.

“Let’s get the check, will have desert at my place”, she leaned back and gave a small wink. Jake needed no encouragement. Raising his hand and calling the waiter to bring the check, and in a hurry at that. After paying, they quickly exited the restaurant arm in arm outside. A more observant person would have noticed bother their hands were much lower around each other than their waists. They hailed for a cab and quickly got in, Sarah giving the cab driver very quick instructions, as she didn’t want to keep her mouth occupied with something as frivolous as talking. Jake, on the other hand, had no talking to do, as his mouth was all over her neck and lips, sliding his tongue inside Sarah’s mouth, dancing with her own. The thoughts going through each other’s mind were identical. “Damn I want it”.

After what seemed like an eternity lavishing each other with their tongues in the back seat, the cab finally arrived at Sarah’s apartment building. Jake threw almost twice what the cab fair was, but his mind was on much more important things. Luckily, Sarah lived on the first floor, had they had to use the elevator, they never would have made it to her apartment. Closing the door behind them, the two passionately enveloped each other’s mouth exploring every crevice on the inside with their tongues.

Abruptly, Sarah stopped and pushed him away. Jake was a little confused, but reassured as a grin with the evident appearance of only one word grew on Sarah’s face; lust. She put a finger to his lips and led him silently by the hand to her bedroom. Motioning for Jake to sit on the bed, Sarah grabbed something out of her nightstand and walked into the connected bathroom in the corner of the room. She blew him a kiss and closed the door. Jake, hornier than ever, furiously worked to undo his tie and belt. It seemed as if he had lost his thumbs, the way he fumbled around trying to get them off.

The bathroom door opened, and Jake forgot all about his tie and belt. Standing there, illuminated by the dim glow of the bathroom light behind her, was Sarah. Resting one arm against the doorframe, she posed to let Jake take in her absolute beauty.

“What do you think?” she asked. The only response Jake gave was a noticeable twitching in his pants. No longer in the black evening gown, Sarah had changed into one of the sexiest looking pieces of white lingerie that Jake had ever seen. Nothing was left to the imagination as the see-through silk top was left unbuttoned, leaving about an inch-wide line down her middle of uncovered skin, that highlighted the inside of her breasts. The bottom however, had even less to cover her up. The silk white stockings went all the way from her waist to her feet, which was the most covered part of her lower body, as the panties were crotchless.

Jake gave out a low moan as he looked at her, absorbing her appearance, every inch of her body. Slowly Sarah walked towards the bed. Jake stood up, and slowly moved behind her. Putting his hands on the sides of her shoulders, he bent his head to the side and delicately and softly began making tiny circles on her neck with his tongue. Sarah moaned lowly, tilting her head to the side to allow him better access, and putting her hand behind his head, urging it further into the softness of her flawless skin. Sliding the her top off with his hands, Jake took his hands, wrapping them around her, and cupping a full breast in each, while continuing his efforts on her neck. Cupping and lifting them ever so lightly, he used his thumb and forefinger on each hand to gently take her now hard nipples, pinching them lightly, as well as moving them around in a circular motion.

Sarah was in a state of absolute euphoria, she had never been with anyone that could make such gentle moves so intense and incredible. As if by instinct, she reached behind herself, and began fumbling with the zipper of his pants. Finally pulling it down, she wasted no time in reaching in and grabbing is rock hard cock and giving it a good squeeze. beyoğlu escort They both moaned simultaneously, and she could feel the blood surging through it. She could actually feel his heartbeat quicken as she wrapped her hand around the shaft, and used her thumb to gently massage the head.

Jake couldn’t take much more of this foreplay, he spun Sarah quickly around, and while planting a long sensual kiss on her lips, ripped the shirt off his back, sending buttons sprawling in every direction. Sarah groaned in pleasure at the sight of his well sculpted chest, and stomach. Running her hands over his pecks, down to his hard abs. Breaking off the kiss, she slowly began to make a trail with her tongue down his chest, over his stomach, right above where the pants line began. She used both hands to yank both the pants and underwear down in a single movement, and gasped in delight as his proud and erect cock shot up and looked her strait in the face. Beginning by tracing her fingers over the head, she reached her own head to the underside, sticking out her tongue and softly trailing from the base of the underside of the shaft back up to the head. However, she felt enough time was wasted already. Opening her mouth, in one movement, drove his cock straight into her mouth, running her tongue along the underside.

Jake could do nothing but throw his head back, let his eyes roll into the back of his head, and let his fingers unconsciously run through Sarah’s luxurious brown hair. Wrapping her lips around his cock, she began to rapidly bob her head up and down on his incredible shaft, using a hand to jack the base of it at the same time sending Jake into new levels of pleasure. It had been a while since either had any sex, and Jake knew he wouldn’t last long at this pace. He was barely able to utter the words he was so lost in the pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop….!” He said in a low voice, but this only made Sarah double her efforts, quickening her pace, sucking his hard cock as if it meant life or death, desperately wanting to feel the warm sensation of hot cum running down her throat. It didn’t take long for her to be rewarded for her efforts. Throwing his head back and grabbing either side of her head with his hands, pushing her mouth further down his cock, Jake erupted in a long overdue tidal wave of ecstasy as jet after jet squirted from his quivering member down into her throat.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh gooooooooooodddddddddd!!!!!!” Jason didn’t care if anyone heard him, he was too lost in the moment to care. Although it only lasted about 20 seconds, it felt like his orgasm lasted for hours, as Sarah milked any remaining cum from his dick as she suck furiously and hard. Taking her mouth off and releasing the suction, she ran her mouth and tongue all over his cock trying to lap up any stray droplets of cum she may have missed. Jake was breathing heavily…a huge smile across his face. He leaned over and picked Sarah up to her feet, and drove his tongue almost as deep as his cock had just been in her mouth. Sarah wrapped her arms around him and jumped slightly as Jake grabbed the back of her thighs, holding her up in the air, never releasing the embrace of their kiss.

Walking slowly over to the bed, Jake set her down on her back, her legs propped up like triangles, giving Jake his first real look and her gorgeous pussy. He smiled as he saw not a single strand of hair, or even the sight of any stubble. He reached up and grabbed both breasts with his hands, which were then covered by Sarah’s own hands, as he drove his mouth and tongue strait at her cunt. He furiously began lapping at it like a dog drinking water, loving the sweet taste of her most sacred of places. Bringing one hand down next to his head, he stopped licking momentarily as he drove two fingers into the bottom of her pussy, past the outer and inner lips, fingering around inside her love channel. With the fingers still inside her cunt, he returned to his oral duties, this time going strait for her clit with his mouth. He licked in small circles around the tiny bud, and smiled as he heard Sarah moan above him. He continued his efforts as such, licking little circles around her clit while ramming his 2 fingers in and out of her pussy. Taking his other hand down bizimkent escort away from his breast, and no longer ramming her with the fingers on the other, instead he used his thumbs to spread her lips further apart, giving him much better access to her beautiful clit. He wasted no time in driving his mouth down, lapping his tongue in every which way, wanting to explore every crevice. He felt her begin to buck her hips, and knew she must be close. It was good timing as well, as his cock now had regained his hardness and was ready to perform the duty it was created to do.

To her minor disappoint, Sarah watched as he pulled her head away from her crotch. The disappointment didn’t last long though as she soon saw it’s replacement come into view. Jake slowly ran the tip of his cock along the slit of her cunt, teasing her with every stroke, driving even more desire into her already lust filled head. Sarah looked up at him, but it was no longer Sarah. No, this was someone entirely different, this was no longer Sarah but an animal in the wild, in dire need of being pleasured. The look on her face, so full of lust and desire almost looked demonic and she shouted out to Jake.


Jake needed no more encouragement as in one thrust, along with the help of Sarah who wrapped her legs around his lower back, slid deep into her most secret crevices. The both moaned in pure ecstasy as the duty of their sexual organs was being fulfilled. Jake, slowly at first, withdrew almost completely out, before ramming himself again even harder. Harder and harder, faster and faster he drove into her, her slick pussy juice giving his cock the lubrication it needed to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Without removing his dick from her, Jake once again picked up Sarah, but this time not so lovingly as he shoved her back against the wall and thrust upward with every muscle in his body. Jake was also now gone. He too had lost to his passion, his thoughts being replaced with animalistic instincts, who’s only purpose and desire was to make sure he drove every last inch of his cock deep into this woman’s cunt.

Sarah was in pure bliss feeling this stallion fill her to her absolute capacity. The only thing she could do was moan and encourage him more as she clawed at his back and sucked on his neck. Never before had she felt such intense waves of pleasure run through her as she felt her orgasm once again rising, trying to complete its task. Jake too felt this, and put her back on the bed. Stepping back momentarily, removing himself from her just for a moment, he grabbed her ankles in his hands and shoved himself forward, so the tip of his cock was just touching her outer lips. For one of those moments that seems to last forever, he stared down at this elegant majestic woman, covered in the mixture of their body fluids, wanting nothing than to be filled with his throbbing cock. He quickly leaned over and shoved his mouth onto hers, for one last kiss, before bringing his head back up and driving his cock further in her cunt than he had all night. He held her ankles apart, giving him more and more access to this beloved thing of nature. Pounding into her with every last ounce of strength within his body, desperately trying to fulfil his purpose of shooting wads and wads of cum into the recesses of her cunt.

They both felt it at the same time, their oncoming releases. His cock began to throb, her hips began to once again buck. Jake gave a few quick thrusts before, with whatever he hand left, gave one last hard shove into her as he felt the walls of her pussy contract around his cock, which was now erupting with cum. They stayed like that for a few moments, almost frozen in time. No words were coming from their mouths, only moans, groans, gasps, sighs and screams. Their two bodies becoming as one momentarily, each feeling each others ultimate level of pleasure sweep over them.

After what seemed like forever, it just stopped, and Jake, releasing her ankles from his grasp, collapsed in a heap of exhaustion, pleasure, and satisfaction next to her. top of her. They looked at each other, and hugged in a loving embrace, as their animalistic tendencies left them, and they became human again, lavishing each other with kisses. Within minutes, they were both asleep in each other’s arms. He was still inside her however, the result of their fucking showing as the mixture of their cums oozed out through the small holes that were left around his cock. The cock seemed to fit perfectly, like it had found it’s place in the world, it’s home, home sweet home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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