Hitchiking Ch. 6

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I felt the flesh open me as it pressed in; my mind began to spin as the pleasure moved through my body. I felt it begin to build, I felt it move between my cunt and my brain slowly moving through out my body giving me such pleasure I could almost picture myself kneeling there with these Black men. I could just picture that big fat cock going all the way in my cunt with its dark black meat contrasting my lily-white ass cheeks. Then I could also see the big fat cock I was taking down my throat. I could actually see myself with my mouth all the way down to his groin and my throat bulging as it was inside. Then as I pulled back I could see myself and my throat contract as it came all the way out and I worked the head of it before taking another breath and sucking it all the way back down again.

Seeing this in my mind was driving my lust beyond my own comprehension. I felt my orgasm beginning to take over my brain, and the closer it came the more I lost my head in the pleasure of sex. I felt the cock in my throat pulse and throb, I took every drop he had to offer me, I greedily sucked, and sucked wanting every drop he was able to give me. He pulled out of my mouth and the man behind me kept pounding me giving me the pleasure I craved. The feeling of that fat big long cock filling me one moment, and then pulling back the next. The feeling just drove me to such heights my mind soured.

Before I could scream out with pleasure another black man moved in front of me and I took his half limp cock sucking it with vigor, with in moment I felt it grow hard and that alone gave me a thrill knowing that I turned a man on like that. The man behind me finely grabbed hold of my hips and held me tight as he shook and throbbed inside of me. I felt him hitting my Cervix all the time and I was sure right then that the head of his cock had to have pushed in past my tight cervix opening. It was a pain and pleasure thing, sort of a cramping yet one of the hardest throbbing peaks of pleasure I had ever felt.

This went on and on my knees finely became sore and Martin wanted to film me some more. He had more friends show up, I don’t know if he called them or not, maybe they just knew to come over or something, all I know is By the time my husband arrived with the chicken and Beer, I was in the living room on a mattress. I was on my back with my legs held high over my head getting fucked so nice and hard. I noticed the screen door open and as I looked over I saw Jim walk in looking at me holding gifts in his arms.

I looked straight into his eyes and said “Oh fuck, give it to me, fuck your bitch, fuck me, give me that black cock, fuck me baby, give it to me, I love your big black fat fucking cock, HARDER, HARDER, FASTER, MAKE ME COME, MAKE ME FUCKING COME!!!!!!!”

I watched as Jim stood there watching me. I looked at his pants and he was hard, I knew he like watching me like this, what he did not know was how much I loved watching him getting it and loosing control as I do.

I said, “Come here, dome over here real close, take your cloths off and get over here.” I felt the guy fucking me come and he crammed his big cock as deep as he could ram it inside of me. When he pulled out he let my legs fall and he moved away. I looked up at my naked husband standing next to the mattress watching as my legs laid open with cum coming out. I said “come here, I want to suck you.”

He moved to kneel down next to my mouth but I pulled him to 69. As his head moved between my legs before I put his hard cock in my mouth I said “clean me up baby, eat my cum filled cunt and get me ready for some more cock.”

I felt his mouth move slowly to my opening then a little flutter as his tong touched my clit then my labia, then I felt him begin to move with more interest and pretty soon I could actually hear him as he worked my stretched out open hole sucking out my cunt making the most wonderful noises. I was so fucking turned on by this; I began to work his cock with my mouth. He was hard as he had ever been. I worked my hands up to his asshole and began to finger my right index finger in and out of him. Then using my other hand I worked my left index finger in and out with it, all the time stretching his asshole open relaxing it more and more. I wanted him relaxed and ready for the boys to fuck him as I watched. I let go of his cock and moved my mouth to his ass as he arched his body for me. I worked my tong in his asshole as I kept stretching it open I kept spitting in it giving him all the natural lubrication I could.

The way Jim moaned I knew he thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing. He even seemed to work harder at trying to give me pleasure as he licked and worked his mouth on my hot open cunt. He latched on to my swollen clit and the better it felt to him the more he worked my clit with his lips and mouth.

Looking up I could see two men standing there watching us stroking their big black cocks, I let go to point to the biggest one and then I pointed to my husbands asshole. I wanted almanbahis adres him to fuck Jim. I watched as he knelt down right over my face behind Jim. I had the most wonderful view as his big fat cock moved up against Jim’s relaxed asshole. I watched as he slowly made it disappear into Jim hearing my husband moan as his ass cheeks expanded with the entry. I stretched my head up to begin licking the black balls hanging down from the man fucking my husband. Jim was going crazy moaning and working my clit. He became so excite he was beginning to hurt me. I reached down and shoved his face away from my groin, as I closed my legs. I did not want him to get so lost in all this that he would bite my clit off.

Once inside Jim the black man began fucking my husband in and out. I tried to hang onto his balls with my lips and mouth but since he was so long, when he pulled out his balls would always move too far away from me to hold them. It wasn’t too much longer that he was really pumping in and out getting a little faster with each stroke. The way his black cock looked going all the way in my husband’s ass and then coming all the way out to where I could see the head of his cock before he shoved it back inside of Jim. This was so mind blowing, so crazy, so sick, so fucking HOT!

I felt movement around my legs; I felt knees on each side of my closed legs. I faintly heard a voice say “There you go baby, suck this while you get fucked, just make sure you don’t fuckin bite me or I’ll fucking kick your ass.” I heard a sucking slurping sound telling me that my husband kneeling over me was sucking another man while this man was fucking him. I reached down between my legs and slowly began to rub my clit as I laid there looking up watching the black meat appear then disappear in my husbands asshole. Finely the man was fucking Jim like a rabbit until he could do it no more. He grabbed my husbands hips with his big black hands and I could see his fingers grabbing and holding Jim as he crammed his huge cock all the way inside of Jim. I watched fascinated as the balls of the Blackman churned and moved as he emptied his sperm in my husband’s asshole. I watched for a bit then moved my mouth to suck in both of his balls, as he stayed buried inside Jim. I could feel them moving as he kept coming.

He pulled out and as he did some of his sperm came out with his cock. I thought it would be a little brown, but I guess my husband did what martin told him to do; he must have given himself an enema as Martin said. The sperm dropped out of him and I caught every drop. The man fucking him moved away. I waited for someone else to come fuck Jim but no one came I finely said “Come on boys, there is a hot asshole waiting for a cock, someone get over here and fuck Jimmy.”

I looked up and saw that the video cameras were at it again and I assumed they had been filming all the time I was there. I watched as another man knelt down behind Jim and aim his cock into his ass. He was not as slow entering Jim as the first man; he shoved his cock in all the way in one stroke. I heard Jim moan as he entered. I also heard a man say “Yea, that’s it Bitch, suck it take it all, take every drop, suck you Bitch.” He gave out a long moan and the movement stopped down at my thighs I knew the man Jim was sucking had come.

I felt more movement as the man kneeling over my thighs got up and someone else moved in to replace him. I felt my legs being opened, I opened them myself allowing what ever they wanted free access. I felt a cock being inserted in my cunt and I pictured my husband’s face inches away from watching the big fat black cock moving in and out of me as who ever it was fucking me. I felt the cock pull out and who ever it was fucking me said “suck it cocksucker” I heard my husband slurping mouth suck the cock that came out from me then a big “Plopping” sound as the man he was sucking pulled back away from his mouth and then plunge back into me. I felt 4 wonderful long fast strokes and then he pulled out again. This time I guess Jim was ready because the man said “yea, you got it, 4 for her, and 4 for you, lets see which one of you get my cum.”

I heard the “Plopping” sound again and again he was fucking me. I began to work my ass making my cunt milk his cock. Back and fourth this went driving us both crazy. I watched my husbands cock swell up and it began to pulse as he shot his load of sperm all over my chest as the man behind him kept fucking him and he had our lovers cock in his mouth for his turn. I knew he lost it but I wanted to win the war. Then I felt the cock enter me this time I wrapped my legs around his hips and ass, and I was not going to let him go, I was there and I wanted his sperm shooting in me as I had my climax. 1-2 3 and Bam he erupted in me as my whole body shook erupting in my own climax I looked up to see the man fucking Jim finish and pull back, I moved my mouth to his ass and worked the sperm with my tong waiting for the next man to come fuck my husband.

Some almanbahis adresi time later when it was dark and all the men were to tier to fuck either my husband or I we got dressed and went home. We drove our cars home and we were both to tired to even talk, I wanted to soak and sleep, Jim felt the same way, he used the guest bathroom tub. We met in bed kissed and fell asleep.

The next day I was sore, I mean really sore. I sure as hell din not want any sex, Jim called me around 1 and asked “Do you want to stay home tonight or do you want to go out to Martin’s?” it sort of took my by surprise, was this some sort of test?” I said, “No, I’m still wore out from yesterday and last night.”

Jim said, “Good, we’ll just relax tonight.” He came home and we did just that, we watched TV ate popcorn, and went to bed. Now sex, and to tell you the truth neither one of seemed to have any interest in sex. This went on for three more days.

On the forth day I was feeling the “itch” I called Jim and said “what do you think about a little dinner and dancing tonight, we can go to Jock’s (it is a nice dinner club not far from the house) Jim sounded excited, I guess it was time for him also. I told him I would meet him there after work.

I felt nice and turned on, so I dressed the way I felt, I dressed nice and hot, I picked my shortest party dress and wore only that with my Thigh-highs. I knew that if I moved the right way Jim would get an eye full of one hot little pussy. I took a cab to “Jock’s” and walked in, it almost 6 when I got there, the plan was to meet around 6:15. I noticed all eyes on me from the work crowd there for happy hour.

I smiled a lot at the men smiling at me and seeing so many eyes with so much desire in them, well just added to my slow burning fire between my legs. I sat at a booth in the bar to wait for Jim and before I had a chance to order I had three Margaritas in front of me from three admires. As I sipped the first glass a nice looking man walked over dressed in a business suit. He said, “Since you are drinking my drink, may I join you?”

I looked up at him and smiled, I said “well I am waiting on my husband, but I don’t think he’ll mind, come on and sit down.” He sat down and then two other men walked up, both of which were black and also dressed in nice suits, one man said “God Harry you ran over here so fast we thought you would be out of breath, introduce us to your new friend.”

The man sitting next to me said John, Ken, meet Oh I’m sorry I didn’t get your name.” I said, “My name is Linda, nice to meet you both.” Harry said, “come on sit down, she’s waiting for her husband, we can keep her company till he gets here.” The booth was a circle corner booth and the two of them slid in from the other side. Therefore, I ended up with Harry sitting on my left, and John on my right with Ken on the left of him.

I felt excited and not only sexually, I looked around the room and it was 95% business men, and I had three very good looking ones sitting with me. I drank down my first Margarita in about two big gulps. John kept talking about how lucky they were to be with the prettiest girl he had seen in years. Ken said that I reminded him of someone that he loved very much. Harry put his arm around me and told a very dirty joke that I just loved. As I laughed it was Johns turn, his was dirtier and involved two black men fucking a woman. He left out the word white woman but I knew it belonged in the joke. As I laughed I left Harries hand on my bare knee. And he wasted no time moving his fingers inside of my thighs, I had my legs open under the table and when I felt his hand touch me instead of closing them as I should have done, I did not move, in fact I felt that wonderful familiar tingle between my legs as my pussy began to throb. Ken did not have a joke to tell, he asked the boys if either of them knew of a girl he could fuck tonight, that his date blew him off and he wanted to get laid.

John said “I don’t know anyone that would take you to bed, what about you Harry, you know anyone woman enough to fuck Ken here, the way he’s hung it would have to be one hell of a woman that loved to fuck.” Harry said as he finely reached my dripping wet wanting pussy. “I have a woman in mind, but I’m not sure, I haven’t known her for long, she my only be a tease, you know women, they never know what they want do they Linda?”

As he said that I felt him insert a finger inside my hole and he began to work it in and out. I opened my legs even more to give him more room. I reached for my drink and took another big gulp then said “O I don’t know, some girls know exactly what they want, some girls love big men.”

Harry was fucking me with two then three fingers now and he said “what about you Linda, do you know what it is you want? Do you like men with big cocks? Do you like fucking new friends?” his arm was moving as he fingered me, it told the other men and of course anyone else watching our booth that he was fingerfucking almanbahis adres me under the table. He moved his arm as if to tell the world what he was doing. I closed my eyes and relished the feeling.

I felt John put his hand on my other thigh and he moved his fingers immediately to my clit where he began to work it rubbing it as he turned my face to his, we kissed and it was one of those hot fuck me kisses. When he let me go I slowly turned my face to Harry and I kissed him the same way. I began to climax and climax from their finger manipulations. I was moaning into their mouths and grabbing for both of their hard cocks.

I remembered Jim and between kisses began to look around the room to see if he had arrived yet. Harry said after he broke his kiss, “God Linda you are the hottest woman I have ever met, I want to fuck you so bad it hurts.” I said “I can’t leave I really was meeting my husband, I better go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face or I’ll end up fucking you boys right here on the table.” I excuse myself, and they let me up to get to the ladies room.

The rest rooms at Jock’s are down stairs you go down the long steps, and there are two doors, one marked “women” and the other men” I went into my room shut the door went into one of the three stalls and hiked up my short dress, I was on fire, I needed to fuck so bad. I had nothing to use in my tiny purse so I looked at the toilet paper holder. I knew it was way to small but something was better than nothing. I took the roll off, inserted the metal tube inside me, and began to fuck myself standing there next to the stool. I rubbed my clit as I closed my eyes picturing Martin and his boys and those lovely black cocks that I loved so much. I did not hear the door open and with my eyes closed I did not see my stall door open. I felt a slight chill from the air movement that made me open my eyes.

It was Ken, he stood there with a huge smile on his face, he did not say anything as he unzipped his pants and worked his black cock out of his pants. I did not stop rubbing my clit or fucking myself. I just kept working myself for my pleasure as I watched him stroking his cock that was getting so hard. I never pulled my hands away as I took my foot down and I knelt in the stall in front of Ken, he stood there holding the door with his body, I moved my mouth to his cock and took him in me. I swallowed as I took him down my throat, as his cock filled me, I came and climaxed hard. I did hear the door to the restroom open this time and I heard familiar voices, as my face was hard against Ken’s groin.

Harry said “I knew it, fucking Ken, we get her all worked up and ready to fuck and Ken goes and gets her first.” Johns voice said “Oh no, he ain’t she’s just sucking him, I’m gonna fuck her first.” I felt myself being pulled out of my stall while I kept working Ken’s cock with my mouth. I was pulled up so my legs were standing yet I was bent over sucking Ken. I felt a dick enter me and as it slid in I came again. Ken came and held my head so tight against his groin I thought I was going to pass out before he released me to get some more air.

Finely he did and I gasp for air as he pulled out. He moved away and Harry moved his dick into replace him. Ken walked out and I could see the door almost hang open before it began to close. I noticed some men outside in the hallway talking and all of a sudden they stopped and began to watch me with these tow men in the ladies room as the door closed. That excited me. I mean sure I was hot as hell right now, but to get caught, to be seen by strangers, would they want to fuck me? Would they think I am a whore? Would they call the Police? Would they tell the management? The door finely closed and John came deep inside of me.

He pulled out and as he zipped his pants up he told Harry he would see him tomorrow at work. He told Harry “get her telephone number maybe she’ll like another party.” I moaned as I worked his cock letting him know how I liked the idea.

Harry said “I want to fuck you Linda, come on, get up.” He pulled me up and I kissed him that hot, fuck me kind of kiss. He backed me to the sink counter and lifted my small frame so I was sitting on the edge. Since my dress was so short it gave him an almost clear shot at my hot open ready cunt. As John walked out the door hung open again a very long time before starting to close, the same men were still standing there looking into the ladies room seeing me sitting on the sink counter with my legs up and my feet on the edge. Harry was fucking me as I hung on to him for dear life not wanting to fall off the counter. Just as the door finished closing I saw a hand stop it and three men came inside one said, “is this a private party or can anyone join in?” Harry said “hey she wants it, you can have her when I’m finished. He grunted and I groaned as I felt his sperm shooting inside me hitting my Cervix as it pulsed and throbbed.

He pulled out of me and just as soon as he was out another man replaced him. I could not hold my feet up anymore so I wrapped my legs around this man and locked my ankles together as he fucked me like a rabbit. He came and I let him pull out because the next man in line was a black man and he had his fat cock out ready for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32