Him Pt. 01

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I can’t really remember a time where he did not cross my mind at least once daily during the past seven months. When I closed my eyes, most nights he appeared in my mind, seducing me with his deep brown eyes.

It started one day when I was in the airport with my boss on a work trip. We were colleagues and had been getting to know each other and flirting a little for about a month or so. When I saw a message from him I did not expect it to say what it said – the words right there in black and white – he had a crush on me. We were both married, with kids and lived in different states – complicated to say the least. That message changed me in a way I never expected.

As I began to get to know him more, each week I became more and more attracted to him, not only was he extraordinary to look at, his personality was incredible. To my surprise we had many things in common including likes, dislikes, wants and needs. I see myself as the average girl next door type who lived a simple, carefree life, he began to bring out a side in me that I had forgotten about and suppressed as I went through life almost on autopilot.

I still remember the first time he sent me a naked picture, I was literally speechless. As I looked over his ridiculously toned, strong body and enormous cock – it made me want him even more. He has sent me multiple pictures of himself, each one made my heart beat fast, my mind race and left me thinking about nothing but his cock for days on end. I know I could see his body a hundred times over and have the same reaction Every. Single. Time.

He made me feel confident, sexy, desired and wanted. I trusted him with my most wild sexual fantasies and told him things I had never told anyone, fantasies about masked parties where I would suck his cock while others watched, my desire for sexual activities in forbidden or risky places and shared intimate details of my previous sexual experience and those I am yet to experience.

That’s what he did to me, made me free to express my true self without judgement, made me recognise that there was a part of myself in life that wasn’t fulfilled, I was missing out on exploring my sexuality and more than anything, made me want to experience the euphoric, orgasmic experience I knew he could give me.

I liked to be in control of my life but he made me lose control, I felt unglued around him. He knew he had the upper hand and I could not control myself around him. I liked that he did this Antalya Escort to me, it was an exhilarating feeling. He drove me beyond crazy and did something to me I couldn’t explain. In my mind I tried to rationalise why he made me feel this way, so many other guys had hit on me and I never looked twice at them, yet this one guy, made me horny as hell and made me lose all inhibitions.

I had an unlimited amount of things I wanted to do to him. During work meetings, I would watch him on the screen, stare at his handsome face, ripped arms, and think about making him cum right there and then, my panties wet as I often thought about what our first time together would be like, knowing it is inevitable that we would have to have each other one day.

After months of texting, we finally got the chance to meet. I was going to his hometown and we decided to catch up for a coffee to see how we felt around one another. At a quiet corner coffee shop, I studied his hands and he put his hand of my leg, gently rubbing it, making me lose my mind and wanting to rip his clothes off right there and then. We made plans to meet later that night.

He arrived at my hotel room wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I liked that he was casual and didn’t overthink it. We felt so at ease around each other, so comfortable as we knew exactly what each other wanted after months and months of taking about it, even though we had hardly ever seen each other in person. I didn’t say anything to him, instead, grab his hand and walk him over to the bed, smiling and blushing at the same time, butterflies in my stomach. My hands slowly lift his t-shirt, pulling it over his head to reveal his ridiculous body, my hands slowly unzipping his pants and removing his underwear to reveal his massive cock, I inhale loudly as it is even more glorious in real life than in the pictures.

After admiring his body I push him on the bed and roll him onto his stomach. Running my fingers through his hair I take my time to take it all in, I have wanted this for what feels like forever. He is unaware of what I am doing as I put massage oil on his back and slowly run my hands all over his body, starting at his neck, down his shoulders and arms, applying gentle pressure to his hands and fingers, then continuing to slowly make her way over his back, to his amazing arse.

As I slowly rub his inner thighs he lets out a moan to show he is enjoying being touched. My hands continue down Antalya Escort Bayan his legs until every inch of the back of his body has my imprint, I begin to gently kiss his back and stop to pay special attention to arse, slowly moving my tongue over his arse crack, his perineum and the back of his balls giving intense flicks along the way, it makes his whole body tingle and shudder in delight and anticipation for what’s next.

I turn his body around so he is lying on his back and when he sees me he notices my dress has been removed and in front of him I am standing in nothing but a g-string and see through camisole, my round, perky tits on display for him to see and admire, his cock is now rock hard.

Before anything is said, my hands are covered in oil slowly massaging over his pecks, arms, abs and hips sending chills all over his body. My hands continue slowly down his inner thighs as he arches his back longing to be touched. His cock pulsates as the teasing continues. The struggle to control ourselves is evident, more than anything I desperately wants to kiss his lips, touch his throbbing cock and have him touch me, I crave his touch.

My lips come up to meet his as I slip my tongue in his mouth, the desire to have one another is overwhelming and we begin to passionately kiss, it made me feel intense excitement and my body throb and ache for him. It took all my energy to pull away from the kiss to regain control.

I return to his body, down his abs and thighs. I reach his balls and using my tongue, I gently lick and put his balls in my mouth one at time, holding the other in my hand, and rubbing my finger below his sac. I watch his body move enjoying my touch. My mouth moves to his shaft, running my lips and tongue along the entire length of it, when I reach the tip of his cock I surprise him by taking him in my mouth, while continuing to applying pressure to his shaft, he moans as I feel his pre-cum in my mouth, which makes my movements more speed up and more intense, I loved the taste of him.

One hand is still playing with his balls and the other stroking his shaft while my tongue flicks the tip of his cock, I feel his balks tighten as he gets closer to climax. I wasn’t ready for him to cum yet so as much as I was enjoying him, I pull him out of my mouth and stop touching him, I could see his cock pulsating which turned me on even more.

I sit him up and straddle him, I push my nipple into his Escort Antalya mouth desperate to be touched, he needed no instructions as his tongue gently flicked my nipple, and his hand twisted the other. I let out an uncontrollable moan in pleasure and start rocking my hips against him, I grab his cock and rub his tip over my clit sending shivers all through my body – just touching him had made me so close to orgasm, I knew I needed him now.

I remove my tit from his mouth and push his head towards my dripping wet pussy. He obeyed and flipped me on my back, looking into each others eyes we grinned at one another, knowing what was about to happen. He slowly removed my g-string and started to part my lips and lick me, his touch was explosive and sent waves of pleasure through my body. He heard me moan for more as he put two fingers inside me to touch my g-spot. In that moment I wanted him, all of him, the motion of his fingers inside me and his tongue running up and down my engorged clit was too much, I grabbed his hair and pushed his head harder against me as my moans grew louder and louder until I had the most intense, amazing orgasm I had ever experienced.

My body shivered, still aching from cumming, I grabbed his face and looked at his cheeky grin, before he has the chance to wipe my juices away I grab his face and kiss him deeply and hard before pushing him back down on the bed.

I knew he was close to finishing after making me cum and his cock was somehow even bigger and harder than before, my hand moved to the shaft of his hard cock and her other hand ventured to his balls. He knew what I was doing, we had spoken about him finishing like this before, I looked up at him to see him looking at me, holding eye contact I began licking the tip of his cock with painfully slow and gentle movements, his head tipped back as he began to moan with pleasure.

As he was getting close to exploding I ran my finger down his perineum and massaged the opening to his arse hole as I continued to flick the tip of his cock with my tongue. As he got closer and closer to climax, waiting for the right moment, I stick my finger in his arse pressing against his glad, I applied pressure to follow his rhythm, making him explode and moan loudly as I continued to lick the tip of his cock, while his cum dribbled down my chin, until he was completely empty.

We both fell beside one another feeling as satisfied as we had felt in a long time. In that moment we realised whether it was wrong or right, we were both two adults that understood each others sexual needs and desires and could fulfil this need for one another both apart and at chance encounters.

As we smiled at one another, we both knew the night was not over, it was just beginning.

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