Her Mother’s Special Room Ch. 02

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Tina grabbed for the remote, but knocked it onto the floor. All she could do was clench her eyes shut and hold her breath. Her face was white as a ghost and her body frozen in terror. She had been CAUGHT!

She wanted to disappear as she heard her mother’s footsteps approaching, and then heard the video paused. She felt her mother’s hand stroking her hair.

“Don’t be embarrassed or afraid honey,” Sadie reassured her, “It’s only natural for a girl of eighteen to be curious, I’m glad everything is out in the open now, its better this way.” Sadie lifted Tina’s head gently with a finger under her chin. “Open your eyes dear, it’s OK, momma’s not mad at you.”

“I…was just…looking for a blanket, when…” Tina attempted an improbable excuse, looking at her mom like a little girl.

“SSSSHHH, baby, you don’t have to make up any stories Tina; it’s obvious that you’ve been snooping through mommy’s things,” Sadie said with a knowing smile and a calm voice while looking at her daughter’s nipples poking out of her nightie.

Sadie lifted a glove that was in her left hand up to her nose and breathed in her daughter’s scent. It was the glove Tina had taken from Sadie’s room earlier and was still saturated to the wrist with Tina’s cum. Tina sat in shock as her mom slipped her hand into it, then put her fingers into her mouth and started sucking on them.

“Mmmm, Sadie murmured as she withdrew her fingers, “Now you know I love you and I’m not mad at you, but I am still your mother and I feel like you need to be punished.”

“BUT MOM, YOU SAID THAT…” Tina tried to protest.

“NO, NO, NO, young lady,” Her mom interrupted, her voice becoming more stern, “You know it was wrong of you to take things from my room and go snooping into my private things, don’t you? Don’t you Tina?

“Yeah, but I was going to…” The embarrassed girl attempted.

“TINA,” Sadie interjected forcefully, “The more you try to get out of it the worse it’s going to be. Do you understand me?”

“Yes mother,” Tina surrendered, lowering her head, “I understand.”

“Open your mouth baby,” Her sexy mother whispered in her ear. Tina complied. “Now stick out your tongue,” Sadie breathed kindly.

The moment was surreal, was this all a dream? The young girls mind raced with a mixture of dread and excitement. Her stomach was in a knot and her limbs felt like butter. She obeyed her mother’s twisted request and let her tongue roll out of her mouth as far as it would go. Staring blankly at the frozen image of the three familiar women in bed together, she dutifully held the pink, wet organ out as directed.

“Very good dear,” Sadie complimented, as she pulled the long glove from her hand by holding the fingertips between her teeth. She then held the finger end of the messy glove under her daughter’s nose, “Now I need you to hold this for me until I get back. Do you think you can do that, you naughty little girl?

Tina nodded, and then gasped when her deviant mother started stuffing her mouth with the pungent satin.

“Does my baby want to finish watching our little movie?” Sadie asked, as if talking to a child.

Tina nodded eagerly with excitement in her eyes.

Sadie smiled and hit play on the remote, then turned on her heels and hurried upstairs for a quick shower and change. Her demeanor had been cool and calculated but her insides were churning with nervous excitement. There was no turning back now. The sisters showered together quickly, pausing only momentarily to kiss under the hot spray in a fevered lust from anticipation.

Bev reached for her sister’s huge tits but was thwarted; Sadie’s boobs ached and were ready to burst. She hadn’t expressed but a little this afternoon during their romp. The Domeperidone and frequent pumping was working too well. She was used to relieving them twice a day and now they looked like two ripe, white fruits, shiny and tight. She was waiting to milk herself in front of her daughter.

Drying off and rushing to the bedroom; Sadie already knew exactly how they would prepare themselves, she had played out the scene a thousand times in her head.

Her twin sister was to be encased from head to toe in flesh colored pantyhose, open at the crotch, over this, a tan latex corset/garter belt with strong, three inch wide, built-in rubber bands attached to the front at the top. Bev stretched the bands and forced each onto her tits through until they snapped at the base, constricting her boobs into two large, almost perfectly round orbs that were touching and standing straight out from her torso. She tugged at the nylon around her nipples until it was loose enough to allow them to extend fully.

Next she donned a pair of tan, fishnets and attached the garters, then tan, latex knee boots with a sharp toe, lacing up the front and six inch, stiletto heels. A black, bob cut wig with short bangs finished her bizarre attire, giving her the appearance of a life sized doll.

Sadie, meanwhile, tried to keep her hands steady as she put her hair up and applied her red adana escort lipstick and false eyelashes. Pleased with her make-up, she dressed all in black. Simply an open breasted, satin corset with garters and lace panels on the sides; crotchless lace panties; her trademark seamed, Cuban heeled, vintage stockings and Betty Page style heels with a rounded toe. She covered her milk laden tits in a thick layer of oil, and then scurried to the bathroom to wash her hands before slipping into her satin opera gloves that nearly reached her armpits.

During all of this careful preparation, Tina was left to try and imagine what was going to take place. As she sat leaning back with her legs spread in the stirrups, she shifted between wondering what her mother meant by “punished” and by what was transpiring on the huge monitor in front of her. Her passion and climax had been interrupted by the sudden confrontation, but now the feelings were returning with a vengeance as she flexed her pussy onto the hard rubber and watched the indecent family movie.

Her grandmother was spread wide open on her back, with her twin daughters on either side of her on their knees, upright and facing each other. The look on her grandmother’s face was one of intense lust and abandon. She had her panties pushed aside and was rubbing her clit with the fingertips of her right hand as her left roamed around her naked girls’ bodies as they kissed with open lips and fondled each other’s breasts.

Tina pushed the entire glove into her gaping mouth until it was forced open to its limit; she wanted to be fucked by her mommy so bad and hoped that this would please her. She pinched and pulled at her nipples until they were the hardest, so that her mom would surely want to suck them. She wondered if her mother would ever come back down to relieve her, it seemed like hours as she waited.

Her eyes were wild as she watched her mother and aunt break their kiss and lie down on their sides next to their horny mom. In unison they pulled the cups of their mother’s bra down and released her two enormous quivering tits. They each grabbed handfuls of the pale flesh at the nipples and pulled until Virginia’s boobs were painfully being stretched away from her body.

The restless girl groaned into her gag as she watched the teenaged sisters begin licking up and down the sides of their mother’s jugs as they pulled. It was the most depraved act she had ever witnessed. Her grandmother’s face was one of shock, but the intensity by which her fingers were moving at her cunt revealed her pleasure.

Upstairs the two accomplices were about to step into a new phase of sexual perversion. Sadie’s fresh cunt was already flowing and her milk was begging to be released as she bound her sister’s hands behind her back with a short length of rope. Fastening a collar around her neck, she kissed her nylon lips and led her out of the bedroom and down the stairs on a leash.

When they reached the doorway to the basement stairs, Sadie paused, closed her eyes and drew a breath. She held it for a moment and then exhaled, she was ready. Quietly they padded down the carpeted basement steps. When they reached the closet, Bev knelt obediently as planned; she would wait until summoned to join her sister and niece.

Tina was twitching and groaning as if being electrocuted by the acts of perversion on the screen. Bev had removed her mother’s shoe and was squatting on her foot as if fucking it, her right hand was buried to the wrist in her mother’s rectum and she was sucking on her clit noisily.

Sadie was masturbating and helping her mommy to suck on her own nipples by pushing them up to her mouth in sequence, one after the other, then back. Virginia was looking at the more dominant twin while she did this, with a look of insane hunger as she slobbered all over her flopping breasts and attacked them with her mouth like a starving dog.

Then the clicking sound of approaching heels sent Tina’s heart into hyper speed. Suddenly her mother was standing right next to her in all of her slutty glory. Tina’s eyes caught site of her mother’s gleaming, oily breasts and rolled back into her head, then blinked as if trying to make herself believe what she was actually seeing.

“Alright young lady, get up from there now,” Her half naked mother commanded, “We’re going to have to teach you a lesson.” The confused, quaking teenager unhooked her legs and sloppy pussy off of the chair and stood facing Sadie, with her eyes locked on her mother’s slimy tits. “Turn around baby,” Sadie said in a comforting voice; stroking her daughter’s hair, “You know your mommy doesn’t like to have to do this, but you’ve been a very naughty girl today.

Tina obediently turned and bent over to lean, with her elbows on the bench, offering her firm, young ass upwards for her mommy’s whim. “OH TINA,” Cried Sadie, “You’ve gotten mommy’s nightie all messy.” The pretty girl’s mother drank in the vision of Tina’s round ass pointing up in the air in an exaggerated posture. eskişehir escort The opaque, black material was rendered almost completely transparent and was clinging to the smooth globes, from being soaked through with her secretions.

Tina readied herself for the first slap, but was surprised to feel her mother’s gloved fingers gliding up and down the seams of her stockings. The tingling sensation caused her to shudder and break out in Goosebumps. Then, THWAK, the first open handed blow made the girl’s knees bend and caused her to scream and bite down onto her gag. The sharp pain was followed immediately by the light tickling around the tops of her stockings. This bit of tenderness was short lived and followed by a quick series of violent smacks across her jiggling, meaty ass.

Tina’s young eyes began to water from the severe attack on her bottom, she was attempting to beg for her mom to stop, but the only sounds emanating through the stuffing, were pathetic, inaudible groans. Soon her cheeks had gone from pink to bright red and the wet fabric of the negligee was bunched up around her waist. The exertion had caused Sadie’s distended nipples to leak and drip. If they weren’t attended to soon, much of the precious milk would be wasted on the tile floor.

Sadie squatted behind her daughter to get a closer look at her daughter’s backside. She began soothing the raised welts with her fingertips as she studied the strings of excitement dangling from Tina’s cunt. Her face was only inches away from the shivering teen’s pouting labia as she spread her little girl’s ass open to smell it. As she inhaled the musky aroma her tongue darted out, making vulgar licking motions in the air, a fraction of an inch from Tina’s protruding clitoris.

Tina waited breathlessly for contact, as she could feel her mother’s warm breath on her puffed lips. The anxious moment drifted into eons, until finally Sadie stood up and spoke softly in a soothing tone; “There now baby, that wasn’t so awful was it? Mommy didn’t hurt you too bad did she? Get up now honey, it’s all over now, I need you to help me with something.”

Tina rose and faced her mom, avoiding eye contact, but taking in the full richness of Sadie’s incredible body and choice of adornments.

“You see”, Sadie exclaimed, holding the bottoms of her oily breasts and looking down at her own, outstretched nipples, “Your momma hasn’t relieved her boobies awllll day and if I don’t pump them soon, my milk will be squirting all over you. You wouldn’t want that would you?

Tina shook her head ‘no’ and squeezed her thighs together as she felt a trickle, run down her thigh. “Let’s get that out of your mouth now honey.” Sadie cooed, pulling the long glove from Tina’s lips, “You’ve been a very good girl through all of this.”

As Sadie leaned forward and kissed her quaking daughter’s cheek, her nipples touched Tina’s, leaving little white droplets on her daughter’s pink buds that were exposed and framed by the black nightie. Sadie stepped back and noticed just how shaky her daughter was, she looked like she was going to faint, her eyes were rolling back in her head and her legs were giving out. She held out her hands to catch her before she fell and their arms caught each other at the elbows.

Sadie’s daughter wasn’t fainting, she was having an orgasm. The brief kiss and the sensation of her mother’s hard, milky nipples against her own, sent young Tina over the brink. She held onto Sadie’s arms for support and stared at her mommy’s long, dribbling nipples with her face contorted into an expression of panic. Her eyes and mouth opened wide, as if terrified, and her thighs were pressed tightly together pinching her clit.

The sounds of incestuous lesbian sex playing out on the TV screen filled the room as Tina groaned and opened her legs. She looked into her mother’s face as if pleading, then began howling as the pent up tension in her groin released, sending a torrent of cum/piss down her legs and splattering onto the tiles.

Sadie held fast to her daughter’s arms to keep her from collapsing as she convulsed violently in the throes of her crisis. Her mother wanted to take her right then and there; her own pussy was burning with the need for release, but she had waited for this night for so long and she was going to do it just right.

When the girl’s contractions subsided, Sadie backed her up and set her back down on the bench. “Listen very carefully to me Tina,” Sadie explained to the overly excited teen while stroking her soft blonde hair, “You’re not to do anything until instructed tonight, do you understand?”

“Y-yes, mommy, I understand.”

“I’m going to ask your aunt Bev to join us now, is that OK baby?”

As Tina nodded faintly in agreement, Sadie asked her daughter to stay put, then went to lead her sister into the chamber. Tina’s eyes followed her mother’s undulating hips and she gasped with shock when she caught site of Sadie returning with her sister at the end of a leash, looking like a sakarya escort nylon fuck doll. Milk was draining freely from her bouncing, swaying boobs as Sadie walked past the captivated girl, with her twin sister in tow. They didn’t even look at her, but strode right past and headed for the ‘toy’ shelves.

Bev stood motionless, looking straight ahead and completely subservient, as her sister busied herself by loading a selection of objects onto a rolling medical tray. Next she opened a small refrigerator and withdrew a large metallic bowl and placed it on top of the fridge. Finishing these tasks, Sadie led her sister back while pushing the cart of toys over to the fucking machine and left them both there. Without speaking she turned and went back to drag one of the large bean-bag chairs over and placed it under the theatre screen.

“Beverly,” Sadie said in a stern voice, leading her sister to the wet puddle on the floor, “Clean up this mess.” In a flash, the willing twin dropped to her knees in front of her niece and started licking and sucking up the girl’s cum through her stocking mask. When Tina started to touch herself as she watched this unbelievable act of devotion, her mother grabbed a riding crop from the tray and gave the girl a sharp slap on the inside of her thigh.

“I SAID, you’re not to do ANYTHING in MY room without my ASKING you to, do you understand TINA?” Sadie barked.

The shocked girl looked at her feet, “Y-yes mommy,” She replied.

“Sit back in that chair,” Sadie instructed, “And sit like you were when I caught you.” Bev watched, licking her lips in excitement as Tina positioned herself in the chair and spread her young legs. When she had her legs hooked in the stirrups her mother continued; “Now hold out your arms.” The nervously excited teenager knew exactly what was coming and she lifted her thin arms up and back against the vinyl pads.

Sadie bound her daughter’s wrists to the contraption with cords as she spoke; “Don’t worry baby, mommy’s not going to hurt you dear. We just want you to be a good little girl, while we play our little games.” With that vague comment, Sadie turned and went to free her sister’s hands. Kissing her roughly, Sadie reached behind her sister and untied her arms, holding her body tightly against her own as she did.

She then grabbed her sister’s lead, slung it over her shoulder and stepped closer to her helpless daughter. “Oh god Bev,” Sadie plead as she looked in her daughter’s eyes with a sympathetic expression, “You’ve got to help me get this milk out of my poor, swollen tits baby.” Taking her cue, Bev moved in close behind her sister and reached around to heft Sadie’s huge, oily boobs in her nylon clad hands. She held them like this from the bottom as she started to knead them and push them together, while kissing and nibbling the side of her neck.

Sadie closed her eyes and started moaning softly, as milk began to trickle and drip from her long, long nipples. The sounds of female passion from the video boomed through the room as Tina watched her mother’s delicious milk flow faster and faster until it began to spray in numerous fine streams. Each time her greased tits were squeezed at the base, her glistening, dark nipples unleashed a more ample supply of white cream. Soon she was breathing heavily and the streams of milk began to fly towards her rapt daughter.

Tina’s eyes widened as she opened her mouth and craned her head sideways, attempting to catch the white spray in her mouth. Sadie’s hands found their way to the open front of her panties and found her freakishly long clitoris, standing out like a small penis. Bev’s hose webbed fingers moved up to pinch and tug her sister’s growing nipples as she made slow thrusting motions with her hips. This direct stimulation to her neglected, sensitive points of pleasure sent a strong, steady torrent of hot milk directly into her daughter’s mouth.

Tina ground her pussy against the short tip of the dildo, desperate to have more of the firm toy inside of her as she strained to catch and swallow as much of her mother’s milk as possible. Sadie’s left hand was pulling the skin above her clitoris upward as the thumb and first two fingers of her right hand tugged and jacked off the enormous protrusion. She was in a trance like state and drooling a bit as Bev aimed and stretched her nipples a few inches from the immobile teenager’s messy, anxious face.

The unholy trio maintained this insane dance of perverted feeding for some time until the youngest of them was completely saturated and dripping with milk from the waist to the forehead. Her shoulders and thighs were covered with little round, white droplets as the streams from her mother’s oily boobs began to subside in volume and distance. Tina’s attention shifted to the movements of Sadie’s fingers as the twitching, jerking woman approached her crisis.

Sensing the oncoming ejaculation, Sadie’s twin repositioned herself by sitting at her sister’s heels, facing the opposite direction and leaning back until her face was underneath Sadie’s oozing cunt and her shoulders were pressing the seamed backs of her calves. She rested her weight on one hand while the other made its way to her sister’s flexed rump. Forcing her middle finger between the tightly clenched cheeks, she broke the slippery entrance of her sister’s anus and punched her way inside the gripping ring.

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