Helping The Cable Guys

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I had just stepped out of the shower when the door rang. Remembering that cable installation was coming today, I grabbed a towel and quickly wrapped it around my waist, as I went to answer the door. Two men were standing in the rain, waiting for me to open the door. I carefully adjusted the towel around me and opened the door to let them in. As I explained how I wanted the cable installed, I could feel the towel loosening and I had to grab it to keep it around me. It didn’t go unnoticed by the two men.

I left them and went into the bedroom to change but they called me back before I could do anything. I thought I might as well keep the towel on and went to see what they wanted. After explaining that they would need some help, one of them got on his cell phone and called someone, asking them to come over. Closing the phone, he said they would be here in just a few minutes as they weren’t very far away at another call.

I invited them to sit down and wait for the others and sat down with them. When I did, the towel slipped to the side and the opening revealed quite a bit of my bare thigh and up towards my crotch. I tried to move quickly to cover anything that might be showing but I wasn’t quick enough.

One of the men saw all the way up between my legs, my cock very much in view. He smiled at me and looked at the other man, winking as he did. I heard another truck’s motor a few minutes later and got up to let the other men in to join us. The towel was really loose now and I was having trouble holding it in place as I answered the door.

Now I had four men in my living room staring at me as I tried unsuccessfully to keep the towel wrapped around me. They finally started working as I tried to slip away to change but one of them asked me if I could show him where to get to the cable box.

Unfortunately, to get to it, you had to get down on your hands and knees as it was in the closet crawl space. As I got down beside him, I felt the towel slip almost completely off, showing my ass and balls. I could hear a rustle behind me and as I stood up, I let the towel fall off me.

I apologized but one of them told me it was all right, that they were used to such things happening. As I stood naked in front of the four of them, I felt my cock twitch and start to grow. I noticed a slight bulge in most of the men’s pants too.

I don’t wear a lot of clothes around the house normally anyway Halkalı Escort but this was different, as here I was, naked in front of four men, strangers, with a semi hard cock sticking out in front of me. Every time I tried to leave the room, one of them would come up with an excuse to keep me there. They did finally start working and I just stood and watched them as I knew if I tried to leave, someone would call me back anyway.

After they finished, one of them looked at his watch and mentioned that they didn’t have another call for about an hour and wondered if it would be all right if they waited here. What could I do? I agreed and the four of them all sat down, watching me to see what I would do.

After a few awkward moments, one of them said he had a camera in his truck and could they take some pictures of their work. Again I agreed and he ran to his truck, returning with a camera and flash bulbs. I was still standing in the middle of the room, completely naked when he started to take pictures of the outlets and such.

Suddenly, he aimed the camera at me and took my picture, or should I say, a picture of my cock. He smiled as he startled me and the flash blinded me for a few seconds. When my sight cleared up, he had moved and was going to take more pictures of me from different angles. Now the others were egging him on and he clicked away. He then asked me if I would pose for him and without thinking too much, I agreed and struck what I thought was a provocative pose, thrusting my ass at him and spreading my cheeks to show him my hole at the same time.

This got a rise out of the others and soon I noticed their bulges were growing in their pants. One of them jumped up and came over to me and posed beside me. Then another came over and finally the third. I became surrounded by men, posing for the camera with me naked, in between them. Several pictures were taken at different angles.

They had me get down on the floor and took some pictures of me lying with my legs apart, my cock hanging down between my thighs and my ass hole clearly visible to the naked eye. The even had me raise my legs in the air and spread them apart so my cheeks spread, revealing my hole. One of them came over and stood above me. As he did, I could see his cock straining against the front of his pants. I could make out his head, the outline of his balls and the thickness of him as he then squatted Halkalı Escort Bayan over my head, his cock inches from my mouth. One by one they all did the same and I got a good look at all three hard cocks in the process.

I mentioned that I had a meeting to get to and that I had to go and get dressed. They reluctantly let me go and when I returned to the living room, the oldest one told me they would be coming back that evening for some more pictures. I started to protest but he stopped me and said that he was sure my company wouldn’t be to happy to find out I had been with them over an hour with not a stitch of clothing on and he wondered what they would think about such a scene.

I watched them leave and my mind was a blur. What had I gotten myself into? My mind was a million miles away for the rest of the day and that evening, I found myself nervously waiting for the men to arrive. Finally, I heard a car drive up and looking out, saw the four men getting out of a large van and heading for the door. I opened it and let them in. They filed in and took their seats, leaving me standing in the middle of the room again.

The oldest one motioned for me to take my clothes off, which I did and faced them, my cock raising as I did. Again, the camera came out and the posing started. Again, I ended up on the floor on my back, my legs apart, my cheeks spread, revealing my ass hole. This time when the men came over to pose above me, they did so in their briefs. After quite a few pictures like this, the briefs disappeared and I had hard cocks right above me, some being pumped and rubbed.

I was told to get on my hands and knees, which I did, and one of the men squirmed his way under me, his cock sticking straight up at my mouth, inches away. Another got between my legs and I felt his hot, wet mouth surround my cock. I leaned down and engulfed the cock in front of me while the third one started to push a finger, then two then three into my ass hole. It felt so good I pushed back against his thrusts and soon he was finger fucking me. I can’t say I hadn’t anticipated this but I was thinking that I was going to get fucked by all of them and could my ass take it.

Before I could really make up my mind what to do, I felt a cock pushing against my hole and slipping just inside me. I groaned loudly around the cock in my mouth and did it every time the hard cock moved inside me. Escort Halkalı The pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and when I felt balls against the back of my thighs, the pain had subsided almost completely. Slowly at first, the fucking started. I felt his head rub against every inch of my canal as he pulled almost completely out of me before thrusting back up into to me fully. Slowly changed to faster and faster until he was really pounding in and out of me, his balls slapping against my thighs with a loud bang.

The cock in my mouth took my mind off the pounding I was getting by exploding, sending hot come down my throat. I tried to pull off it but a hand on the back of my head held me in place and all I could do was swallow as fast as I could. I had never tasted come before and didn’t find it repulsive. I sucked the last drops out of it before letting it fall from my mouth just as the cock in my ass started spewing hot come deep inside me.

God, what a feeling. My whole body seemed to warm from the liquid and I found myself pushing back against the man, hoping to keep as much of it in me as I could. When he slid out of me, another cock took its place and started fucking me just as hard and as fast as the first one had. When he was finished, there was a short break before the third cock fucked me. After being fucked by all three men, I looked up and saw that they were getting ready for round two. I sighed and stayed put.

I was then told to get on my back and raise my legs above my head. I did and held on to them behind my knees, keeping them high in the air. The first cock entered me and I watched the face above me as he fucked me. It was interested to see the reaction when I started to push against him and help him fuck me. He almost smiled and when he came again, his face twisted up and he grunted loudly before pulling out of me. The next guy did the same, fucking me fast and hard until he too came, sending another river of hot come deep inside me. By now, as the third guy got ready, come was streaming out of my ass hole and running down my legs to pool on the floor under me. As the third cock fucked, the squishing sound it made signaled that I was full of come. He came and added to the load in me.

As I rolled over after resting to look at them, they had all gotten dressed and were standing over me, looking down at me. The oldest one told me they would be back and maybe they would bring some of their friends with them next time. I just nodded as I was too tired to speak and watched them leave. I rested on the floor for quite some time before getting up and going in to clean up. I smiled as I thought about the next time and what I had to look forward to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32