Helping out Mom

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Hey everybody! Yeah, I know It’s been awhile. Working on bigger things lately. I hope y’all like this. It’s kinda short, but I liked it. No more parts, sorry.


Helen came in the door, kicked off her shoes, tossed her purse down and yelled out, “Honey, I’m home!” and hoped that Robert was home. She desperately needed one of his massages tonight. Her back was killing her and if she didn’t get some relief soon, there was no way in hell she was going out with the girls from work.

Robert heard his Mom yell and he quickly ran down stairs to see her. He walked up to her; looked into her big, brown eyes and he saw that she was hurting. “Is your back acting up?” he asked with concern and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her. He knew it was wrong to lust after her, but Mom was a fucking babe.

Mom was close to five foot eleven inches tall, brown hair to the middle of her back and she had a wonderful set of D cups that Robert loved. She had a slight weight problem, but Mom still looked good. Her ass was big, but not blubbery big and it filled her jeans out very nice.

“I’m in agony!” Mom sighed as her son pulled her against his body. “I was hoping for one of your massages,” she whispered as his hands slowly roamed her lower back and slowly down to her fanny. She never knew why he liked touching it so much. It was so big and Helen hated it, but she knew her son felt otherwise.

He slowly caressed down her back and over Mom’s short skirt, to the ass he loved so much. “You know I will and will you find a sexy pair of undies to wear for me?” he smiled and could feel his cock starting to grow.

This happened lots of times, but neither of them seemed to care or maybe it was because they both enjoyed it immensely. Helen had not been with a man in well over ten years and as for Robert, he loved older, sexy woman, so this was a real treat for him.

“I wonder about you sometimes,” she said in a soft, loving voice, wishing that he wasn’t her son. He was tall, dark and the most handsome man that Helen had ever seen in her life. She spent many, many nights thinking of him loving her after one of his massages, but Helen knew it could never be. “Lusting after your old, fat Mom this way, it isn’t normal.” Helen smiled as she kissed his forehead, wondering if he had the same feelings for her or if she was just a pervert.

He lifted his hand and gave Mom’s left ass cheek a firm slap. “You’re not old, not fat and you look damn good to me, so don’t say that again!” Robert said in a firm voice. He hated it when Mom talked about herself this way.

“Ouch! Yes sir!” she laughed rubbing her stinging ass cheek and felt that nagging feeling slowly creeping deep into her pussy again, the same horrible feeling that Helen always had when Robert was near her. “Can you fix me a strong drink while I go shower and find a nice pair of panties to wear for my man.” Helen said with a smile and deep down, she really wished that he could be her man.

He kept caressing her ass and looking into her eyes, hoping that someday, he would get the nerve and just seduce her. He knew that she got just as turned on as he did, but she was his Mom and things like that weren’t normal. “You know that I’d do anything for you and I mean…anything.” Robert said in a soft, but very manly voice as his hands slowly crept under Mom’s short skirt.

“You should be careful saying something like that to a horny, old lady. I haven’t been with a man in years.” Mom purred like a cat in heat and she so dearly wanted a man to hold and love her.

“Someone as sexy as you are…should never be alone,” he replied and Robert knew that he had to have her. He was tired of playing this silly game and spending the night with a raging hard-on, when he could please both their needs.

She heard him and a warm feeling swept over her. She knew that Robert was a ladies’ man, but for some odd reason he lusted after her. She knew that lots of young men had crushes on their moms and Helen had a feeling that Robert had more than a crush on her. “Thank you, sweetie, you always make me feel so great.” Mom said and she wanted to kiss him, but not as a son. Helen leaned towards his mouth, took a breath and she gently kissed Robert on the lips.

He stood and couldn’t believe what Mom had just done. ‘I knew you liked it just as much as I did!’ he thought with a smile and Mom was in for it now. Robert was going for it and he didn’t care if she was his Mom or not. “Go shower before you get into trouble,” he smiled, felt his cock growing harder and wondered what it was going to feel like making love to his Mom.

Helen loved the feel of his lips on hers and now she could really feel his hardness pressing against her. ‘You bad boy, getting hard for me!’ she giggled to herself and she hoped that her son would take her. She was willing to try, if he was. “I want your best tonight, I’m hurting real bad,” she whispered and Helen felt him flexing that big cock on her upper leg. ‘Maybe, I’ll help you with that too!’ she konya escort thought and Helen had to get away from him, before things got out of hand. She wanted him so badly, but that nagging thought of him being her baby, drifted through her mind again.

“I’ll give you a massage you’ll never forget! Now, get going!” He said with a laugh and couldn’t resist slapping her meaty ass.

“Ouch, you brat!” Helen giggled and headed off to shower hoping that Robert would go for it because she did not have the nerve to.


Robert was sitting on the sofa, rubbing his stiff cock, when Mom came back into the room. She had a small towel wrapped around her upper body and big breasts, but the thing that really caught Robert’s eye was the small pair of powder-blue panties that covered Mom’s hips and butt.

“Mother fuck! I wish you weren’t my Mom,” he said with a long sigh as his cock grew harder.

She just stood there and wished the same thing. “What if I, weren’t what would you do?” Helen asked with a low and lustful voice, watching her son’s cock growing in his small pair of shorts.

He sat there with a smile on his face and replied. “If I told you, you’d slap me!” Robert laughed, wondering if she really would or not.

She slowly walked towards him, seeing his dark eyes focused on her hips and most likely on her excited pussy. “Tell me what you’d do, if I weren’t your Mom. I know that you’ve bagged half my friends and I wanta know what you would do to me.” Helen said as she stood directly in front of Robert and his stiff cock.

He couldn’t pull his eyes off Mom’s hips or her juicy pussy. “I rub them dow…” he tried saying, but Mom cut him off.

“No! I want to know what you would do to me.” Helen said in one of those motherly voices, hoping that her tall, handsome would tell her.

He was in shock. Mom wanted to know how he would seduce her. “What’s gotten into you tonight?”

“You’re always looking at me and feeling me up. I just want to know how you would um…do me, if you ever got the chance,” she said as she slowly spread her feet, giving him a much better view of her excited pussy, hoping that he would go for it.

Robert sat there looking at her and he wanted Mom so bad, he could taste her. “I’d start by sucking your beautiful breasts, while I rubbed and caressed that ass,” he said looking up to see a big, wide grin on Mom’s face.

“What else?” she asked like a little school girl in heat and she sat down beside him, watching his big cock, wondering what it would feel like in her pussy.

“I’d hug and kiss every single inch of you.”

“Mmm, I’d love that!” she purred and moved as close to him as she could possible get. “Come on, don’t be shy, I’m a big girl.” Mom said as she put her arm around him and hugged.

He thought of something and hoped Mom would like it too. “I’d love to put my cock between your tits and fuck them.” Robert said and he felt her suck in a long and very deep breath of air. “Did you like that?” he asked as he carefully slid his hand on her bare thigh.

“Your father loved doing that to me,” she whispered and watched her son’s long cock jump under his shorts. “Sometimes, he’d cum between them and other times…I’d lift my head and he’d squirt it in my mouth.” Helen smiled and just like before, Robert’s cock jumped.

“That’s what I love doing, I cum a bunch and its cool watching a babe gag on it.” Robert said as he reached around Mom, rested his hand on her right breast and gently traced around her swollen nipple.

Helen sat helpless at her son’s touch and she had to have him. “I used to love drinking your Dad’s. It always made me so horny and I miss it,” she said with a soft voice, hoping that Robert would get his nerve up and go for it.

“I’ll be sure and remember that!”

“That’s why I told you, silly boy.” Helen smiled at him and her pussy was on fire. “It’s too bad that incest is against the law,” she added and made sure to put out her lower lip, thinking of her son screwing her.

He looked at her, kept teasing her nipple and replied. “I think that if two people are over eighteen and wanta fuck…they should. The hell with some stupid law like that. Look at us, I’m over eighteen and you are too, why couldn’t we do it if we wanted?” he asked watching her very pretty face blushing. “I’ve got a friend at work that does it with her little brother and they love it.” Robert added and watched Mom’s face fill with shock.

“They really do it?”

“Hell yes and if I was him…I’d screw her ass to fucking death!”

“I guess she’s pretty?”

“Very pretty and rich too!”

“Nice, what more could a guy ask for?” she giggled thinking of how handsome her brother was and a few times when they played around when they were young kids.

“He’s one lucky fucker! Do you want a rub down or are we going to sit here all night talking about incest?” Robert asked wishing Mom would tell him to fuck her and make his life escort konya complete. “It’s good, but as you can clearly see…I like it a little too much,” he added pointing to his swollen cock.

Mom looked at it again and she wanted it up her pussy so badly. “If I ever asked you to love me…would you?”

He just laughed and hugged her tight. “I’d be in you twenty-four hours a day!” Robert smiled, turned and he gently kissed her, hoping like hell that she’d give him the ok to love her.

“Mmm, damn! I guess we better get to my massage, before we end up doing something nasty!” she smiled, stood up and motioned for him to follow her.


Robert loved watching her big boobs sloshing all over and dreamt of fucking them so many times he couldn’t count them. “Damn, I love those things!” he moaned as Mom leaned down and flopped on her bed, leaving her meaty ass in plain view.

“You’re bad, looking at your mother’s boobs all the time!”

He reached over, slapped her ass and said. “You love it and you know it.” Robert smiled as he moved on her. His big hands slowly crept over her butt and the tiny panties covering it and he started Mom’s massage.

She just laid there and enjoyed his hands caressing her ass. Yes, she did love it, but she was afraid to tell him. He lusted after her day and night and if Helen told him, she knew that they would end up right here in her bed. “I’ll never tell,” she whispered as he slowly teased her butt and Helen hoped that Robert wouldn’t try anything. She felt so helpless tonight, there would be no way she could ever resist him or his big cock.

“I know you do,” he whispered back as his hands slowly slid over her soft panties, feeling her relaxing and he could smell Mom’s excitement. “I smell something nice!” Robert said in a low and seductive voice as he carefully spread her long legs and he started on Mom’s creamy, white thighs.

“Oh really?” she whispered knowing what he meant. She could smell it too. Helen was in heat for her son.

“If you weren’t my Mom, I could help you with that.” Robert said as he carefully rubbed the tiny panty seam down her thighs and between Mom’s long legs, knowing she loved it when he did that.

“I bet you could,” she whispered, feeling him rubbing down the seam of her undies and so very close to her source of need. She wanted him to touch more, but if she told him, Helen would be helpless.

“Oh yes and I promise that you’d love it!”

“Could you help, but promise nothing would go inside me?” Helen asked with a soft and innocent voice, hoping that he could help her. She was on fire and it was for her son. The man that came from her body and he made it very clear that he wanted to go back in.

He smiled and kept rubbing her butt and soft thighs. “I’ll do anything you want, Mom,” he said leaning over her, carefully laid down on her back and made sure that his stiff cock was resting in her ass crack. He started kissing her neck and shoulders, feeling her lifting her hips to his cock. Robert loved her soft moans of pleasure and he kissed more, plus he added a little nibble here and there to spice things up.

“Let me think it over.” She moaned, enjoying his soft kissing and the tiny love bites on her neck. Helen knew she was so close to giving in to him, but she was going to hold out as long as possible.

“Don’t wait to long, I might change my mind,” he said with a laugh and knew he’d do anything for this sexy woman, all she had to do was ask. He went back to kissing and biting Mom’s neck, but now, Robert was slowly humping her ass and Mom was pushing to him.

She couldn’t believe what a breathtaking lover he was. No wonder why all of her friends wanted him. “I bet my girlfriends love you,” she said loving his hard cock in her butt crack and his slow and easy humping.

“Hell yes they do! That’s why I get so much money.” Robert smiled as he humped a little harder, hoping that Mom would give in and let him love her. He knew that she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her.

“I heard you get two hundred bucks an hour.”

“Yep and they get their money’s worth too!” he said with pride in his manly voice and Robert would give his best to Mom. She would be begging him to stop.

“Cindy told me that you did her for three hours straight.”

“Oh yeah, I wore her tiny ass out!” he said with a big smile as he thought of Mom’s sexy, little friend and all the things he did to her.

“The poor girl couldn’t walk or sit right for a week.” Mom giggled and wondered how that would feel, plus as much as Robert wanted her, it was sure to be better and it would be so fun to find out.

“She loved it all and kept begging me for more.”

“Lucky little bitch!” Mom moaned before she could think, but she figured what the heck. He was a big boy and Helen was sure that he knew what she needed.

“You could be a lot luckier than she ever was, all you gotta do is tell me,” he whispered in Mom’s ear and konya escort bayan he softly kissed it, hoping that she would give in. He knew she wanted it, but it had to be on her terms. There was no way he’d ever force her to do anything. “Tell me and you’ll never be lonely again,” he said to Mom with need and he prayed that she would say it.

She just lay there, enjoying his very skilled hands tormenting her already excited body into a state of frenzy and when his words filled Helen’s ears, she wanted to scream. “Behave yourself or I’ll make you stop,” she moaned, but deep down she wanted to say yes. Helen wanted him to screw her until she fainted in his arms.

Robert was a little disappointed, but he was not going to give up hope. He knew she was on fire and horny as hell, so he still had a chance. “I’ll stop for now, but I’m never going to give up,” he said as his hands carefully caressed her soft thighs, making sure that his thumbs moved as close to Mom’s pussy as he could get.

She heard him and had to smile. ‘That’s my boy, never give up your dreams.’ Helen thought as she felt his hands and his thumbs moving closer to her burning pussy. “You’re amazing!” she moaned, loving his soft touch and Helen knew what she’d be doing later that night.

“I guess I should leave this pretty ass and find something else to tease for awhile!” he smiled and hoped that she’d turn over. “Let me do your front, please.” Robert asked like a little boy that wanted a cookie.

She wanted to let him, but Helen knew she wouldn’t be able to stop him, if he tried anything. “Oh baby I’d love to, but we might end up doing something we shouldn’t,” Mom said with hurt in her voice as he kissed, sucked and nibbled her neck. She could never refuse him anything, not even herself. “You can’t do anything bad and I mean it, Robert!” she said in a firm voice and hoped that he would behave himself, because Helen knew that she couldn’t.

“I won’t…only if you want me to,” he said between kisses and humping her nice ass.

“You better not!” Mom said as he moved off her and she turned over on her back. His eyes were going wild looking her over and Helen loved the smile on his face. “Do you like?” she asked with a big smile and deep down, Helen knew this was a bad thing to do.

He looked over every, last inch of her and he knew it was going to so hard to be good. “I could eat you alive!” Robert moaned and he lay completely on her body, with his stiff cock resting right on her wet pussy.

She couldn’t help but hug him and Helen loved the feel of his cock on her pussy. “I wish things were different,” she said as tears of need flowed from her pretty eyes and dripped on her pillow.

Robert hugged her back and it took him a few seconds to realize that Mom was crying. “Don’t you dare cry!” he said hugging her more and he started kissing her tears away. “Just tell me and I’ll make it better,” he added as he kissed Mom more and before Robert knew it, he was kissing her mouth. They kissed deep, tongues lashing around and he couldn’t resist humping against Mom’s pussy.

Helen loved him hugging, comforting her and his soft kisses of love, but she knew it was so wrong. “I just wish we could um…be together,” she said as more tears ran down her face and she needed him, her son to love her.

“Let me love you. No one will ever know, but us.” Robert whispered as he reached down to free his cock, hoping Mom wouldn’t care and when she let out a long and deep moan of need, he knew she liked it. “Come on, Mom. I know you want me,” he whispered, loving her wetness all over him and Robert knew poor Mom was on fire.

“No, we can’t! It’s not right,” she moaned between kisses and she spread her legs wider and deep down, Helen prayed his massive cock would find its way back home. “Please Robert, stop! Stop!” she begged in a helpless, little girl voice and did everything she could to resist her son, the man she loved and so desperately needed, but it was hopeless.

“Come on, I know you want it,” he whispered as he kissed and sucked her large breasts, knowing it drove her crazy. He sucked each big nipple, while his tongue flicked the tip and he loved her soft moans of need. “Just tell me and you’ll never be lonely again.” Robert said as he moved off her and against her side. His hand caressed down her stomach and between her thighs.

She felt him move and she knew he was about to do more and she was right. Helen felt his hand moving over her tummy and between her long legs. “No…baby! Please no!” she half-heartedly moaned out, but in truth, Helen loved him touching the very place that he’d came from. “Oh baby…no! Please…no! No!” she moaned again as his loving fingers gently slid over her excited mound of womanly flesh, sending wave after wave of need flooding through Helen’s lonely body.

“Relax and enjoy it.” Robert whispered in a soothing voice, loving the feel of her panties and wetness on his fingers and he knew that tonight was going to be the best of his life. He pushed a little harder, feeling her back arching with pleasure and soft moans coming from someplace deep in Mom’s body. “You feel so good! I wish that we’d done this a long time ago,” he whispered again as his fingers spread Mom’s excited pussy lips, wishing her panties were off and when he found her swollen clit, she moaned louder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32