Helping Hand Ch. 02

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Emily stepped through the door, pushed it closed behind her then leaned on it. It had been one hell of a day. Nearly all the customers had been rude, and then their was Mark. Poor sweet Mark. He confessed his undying love for her. That just pushed the day over the top.

She was surprised to see Joe’s car was home, he always tried to pick up extra hours. Even more surprising was the fact that he was not camped out on the couch watching something on Discovery.

She sat down and flipped the TV on and scrolled through the guide. Amazing as it was, something like 400 channels and nothing on. She killed the TV and hit the kitchen for an apple. She thought about making a cycle through the guide again and decided against it. She was going to see what was going on on Facebook land.

Her room was at the end of the hall. She walked by her mother’s open door. She poked her head in to say hi.

The sight she was greeted with was her twin brother, just seven minutes older than her, lying in their mother’s bed completely naked. His penis was lying limp, but the thing that blew her away even more, her mom was naked with her head on his shoulder.

She stood their in total shock. The apple that she had only taken two bites of slipped out of her fingers and bounced on the floor. That sound was just enough to make two sets of eyes pop open and stare at her.

“Em!” Her mother’s voice was all it took to snap her back in to some sort of reality. She bolted down the hall and slammed her bedroom door shut.

Patty grabbed a robe and threw it on quickly and headed down to her daughter’s room. Joe wasn’t sure what to do. he pulled his pants on, free balling, and went to his room. He pushed the door ajar, but didn’t close it.

Patty tried for half an hour to get Emily to open the door, to no avail. She finally gave up and went to Joe’s room. “Mom, what do we do?”

“God, I don’t know.” It was a tense afternoon in the house. Patty went down and cooked Emily’s favorite dinner, and took a plate to her door. When she went to bed for what she knew was going to be a fitful sleep the dinner was still sitting in the hall untouched.

Joe came in, without knocking, and sat on the edge of the bed. Patty slept in the nude but she was covered up. She rolled over, not even trying to hold the sheet. Joe was acutely aware of her bare breasts, but now was not the time to try anything, or to even find out if anything would even be a possibility any more. “It’s going to be OK, Mom.”

She sat up and hugged him, her breasts pressing into his chest. “Yes, it will. Go to bed, we can try to talk to Em tomorrow.”

He left and headed for his room. He wasn’t sleepy and knew it would be a while before he would even want to go to bed. He grabbed the plate on the floor and took it down to the kitchen. He took the aluminum foil out of the drawer, wrapped it up and stuck it in the fridge.

He turned from the fridge and there stood his twin. “What the fuck?” she asked in a hushed voice.

Joe leaned against the counter and covered his face with both hands. Shame washed over him, not for fucking his mother, but for hurting his sister like he had. “I-I don’t know. It kind of just happened, you know?”

“So you tripped and all your clothes feel off and your cock just happened to land in her?”

“No, it was… I don’t know how it happened.”

“How long, how fucking long?” She shoved him and his head bumped the cabinet.

“Today was the first time, I swear.”

“You expect me to believe that? What the fuck do you take me for?”

Joe didn’t know what to say to his sister, but he had to stumble through it for his family’s sake. “No, but it’s the truth. I gaziantep escort got home from work early, she was naked on her bed. She had a noose around her neck.”

A mixed look of anger, shock, and disbelief was painted across her face. Joe apparently could tell what she was thinking, “No! It wasn’t that. She apparently can’t have an orgasm unless she is being choked.” Again Joe could read her face, “I don’t know either but I thought suicide too. I ran over to help. Then she explained to me, then…” His voice trailed off.

“You fucked our mother.”

Joe closed his eyes there was no denying it. “Yes. She looked so desperate for something, it started with me offering to set the rig back up. Mom misunderstood my offer, but it ended up that I was just going to hold her mouth and nose while she, well, you know. After that… I don’t know… I think she felt guilty that she got off and I didn’t…” His voice trailing off again.

“And you were horny.” It was an abrupt statement but it had lost a lot of the edge her voice had carried the whole conversation.

“Yeah,” he said so lightly Emily barely heard. She could tell he felt bad, but she was still confused about how she felt. She did have to admit that confusion was the most of it, and the anger that was there for hours had faded.

“OK. I’m going to bed, its been a weird day. I guess I’m not mad.” She turned to go to her room.

“Hey, let Mom know, even if you don’t want to talk to her tonight or she won’t sleep.”

She nodded as she walked away. The day had been an emotional roller coaster. She was exhausted. When she got to her mother’s room she stuck her head in. “Mom?”

Patty rolled over at the sound of her daughter’s voice, “Oh, Emily, I…”

Emily cut her off, “Not tonight, Mom. I love you. We can talk tomorrow.”She turned and headed to her room. Although there was no anger in her voice, Patty knew that it would be best to go with it.

Joe got back to his room, thinking with all that had happened their was only one way he would get to sleep and he had an early shift in the morning. He turned on the computer and opened up a private window and went to his favorite porn site. He couldn’t help but to go to the incest videos.

He clicked on one that was a mother and her son, it was an amateur video and the sex was very mundane compared to the vids he usually jacked off too, but the orgasm built very quickly and before he knew it his orgasm was building. Sitting in his chair his hips began to shake fast, he leaned his head back and the pressure just exploded. His cum shot up on his chest. He cleaned himself up and headed to bed.


Emily awoke the next morning, she could smell breakfast. She walked downstairs and too the kitchen. There was bacon, eggs and pancakes on the counter. She made her a plate, and poured a cup of juice. She found her mother in the living room watching a Lifetime movie munching on a piece of the bacon.

Em sat down on the couch and ate her breakfast. Once she was done she broke the tense silence, “Mom, I don’t understand yesterday, but I kind of get it. I love you and Joe.”

Her mom smiled a little, “I honestly don’t understand it either.” She motioned around her head, “still processing here too.”

“OK. I kind of have a question about what me and Joe talked about last night.”

Patty was a little nervous to find out the question, she didn’t even know what they had talked about. Joe had already left for work when she got up. “What is it, baby?

“How do you know when you have an orgasm?” Patty was struck by the question, she was expecting something more like how could you, escort gaziantep or what were your thinking.

“Oh, baby, if you have to ask you really haven’t had one. Have you had sex?” She was expecting the answer to be yes, most boys her age didn’t try to be sure the girl got her orgasm too.

“No, but I touch myself a lot.” There was so much relief rushing over Patty right now that she couldn’t even think straight. “Could I be doing it wrong?”

“Yes, honey you probably are.”

They sat looking at each other, Patty had no clue what to say to her daughter at this point. Emily was the first to speak, even though it was a bit strained. “Would…” she paused, “Will you show me how?”

Patty rushed to her daughter and hugged her tight, “Of course I will.”

They walked back to Emily’s room. She sighed and slid her panties down from under her nightgown. She looked her mother in the eye and pulled the gown off too.

Patty took in her daughter’s naked body. She had B or C cup tits, a tight little stomach and her pussy was untrimmed, but it wasn’t thick.

“What do you normally do?” Emily got on the bed and spread her legs a little. I usually put a finger in,” she did just that to illustrate, “and I slide it in and out like this.” She showed her what she would do.

“There are so many ways better.”

“Tell me, please.”

Patty sat on the bed next to her. “Can I touch you?” Emily just nodded. She reached over and lightly pressed a finger on her daughter’s clit. “This is your clitoris. Play with it like this.” She started rubbing it. “Slide a finger inside and hook it back so you are touching the front wall of your pussy.”

Emily followed the instructions. “Feel around for a rough spot.” Her mother never moved the hand from Em’s clit.

“I can’t find it.”

“Let me,” Emily moved her hand away. Patty slid a finger in and felt around. “It’s right here.” Her fingertip planted on the g-spot and started to lay pressure on it while rubbing.

“Oh, god!” Emily shouted, her hands shot to cover her breasts, and squeezed them hard. Her hips lifted off the bed and thrust against her mother’s hands. Her whole body seemed to tense up with everything it had. She started moaning and couldn’t stop. It felt like she had climbed to the top of a mountain inside her head, then suddenly dropped, all the tension flooded away in an instant.

Patty stopped her hands from moving but didn’t take them away. “That’s an orgasm. Have you ever had one before?”


“Do you want another?”

“Yessss….” Her hands had fallen to her side. Patty’s hands started moving again, and Emily jumped when she felt Patty’s mouth on her nipple. Emily’s hand went around her mother’s head and just held it there.

Patty switched to her daughter’s other nipple, biting it lightly. For the first time Patty could really smell another woman’s excitement, and it belonged to her daughter. An overwhelming desire came over her to taste it as well. She moved her hand from Em’s clit and replaced it with her tongue.

She had tasted her own pussy on her own fingers, and on her ex-husband’s cock quite often but this was different. It was like licking honey straight out of the jar. Patty took her now free hand and squeezed a breast. She added a second finger inside her daughter’s pussy and began exploring around inside with them.

Emily’s eyes rolled back, small high pitches screams slipped out of her mouth. She raised her head off the bed and looked down at her mom eating her pussy. Patty’s eyes looked up and their gaze locked for a minute until the pleasure took control over Emily. Her head gaziantep escort bayan crashed back to the bed and her hips lifted up. She thrust against her mother’s mouth as her tongue played around on her clit.

Emily’s second orgasm broke with a rush of fluid. Patty licked up all she could find with her tongue. It amazed her to think that it was the same thing her son had done to her less than 24 hours previous.

Patty layed down on the bed next to Emily, watching her chest heave as she fought to regain her breath. “Wow, mom, are they always like that?”

“No, some are less intense, some are more.”

“The g-spot, I never found it. Um, can I find yours?”

“I guess so,” It wasn’t a question she had expected, but then nothing she expected had happened since Joe got home yesterday. She wrestled her own gown off and threw it on the floor with Em’s. She was already not wearing panties.

Emily’s hand touched the trimmed tuft of hair, “Will you show me how to do this too?”

“Of course I will.”

Emily’s lips covered one of the newly exposed breasts and sucked on it lightly. She got up on her knees between her mother’s legs. She used her thumbs on both hands to spread out the pussy that was before her. “This,” she flicked her tongue out catching the clit Patty’s body shuddered lightly, “is the clit, right?”

“Umm, hmm.”

Patty felt a finger slide inside her, exploring around her pussy. “Where is it?” Emily muttered to herself. As her finger slid across the g-spot Patty jumped again. She began rubbing the rough little nub, “Is that it?”

“Umm, hmm.” Emily smiled and returned her tongue to the clit while still rubbing the g-spot. Patty’s body responded beneath her. Patty’s hips would rock as a finger moved around inside her. Emily switched from licking to sucking on her clit. Patty worked her fingers into Em’s hair, “Damn that feels so good.”

Emily jerked her head back, leaving a finger inside. Patty had no idea how to react. “Joe said you couldn’t cum unless you were being choked. Oh, I’m so sorry! How does that work?”

“You don’t have to, its OK.”

“Mom, I really want to. You made me feel so good.”

“If it’s that important to you. Wait right here.”

She slid off the bed and ran out of the room. It was less than a minute before she came back in with a towel and something Emily had never seen, it had a long cord on it. Patty crawled on the bed on all fours and plugged it up in the outlet that the bed was pushed in front of.

That gave Emily a full view of her ass and pussy. She could not help but reach out and slid a finger in her pussy again. “Ummmm put that finger in my ass.”


“My ass, I like things in my asshole.”

She pulled her finger from her mother’s pussy and up to the sphincter. Not sure what to do she gently pushed into the tight hole. As soon as the finger got past Patty’s sphincter muscles she pushed back on it. Patty positioned the towel between her knees. “Mom, did you get Joe to do this?”

“It wasn’t his finger.” Before Em had the opportunity to respond she heard a loud click and the strong vibration from the Hitachi. Patty got herself into an erect position on her knees. “Hold your hand over my mouth and pinch my nose closed. When I touch your arm, let go.”

Instead of saying anything Em reached around and did exactly as she was asked. She pressed her tits into her mother’s back. Patty’s hips pulled Em’s finger in and out of her ass. Her Hips moved faster, the orgasm building up in her. Her stomach and bowels tensed and she flew over the top. Em could feel her screaming behind her hand. Patty’s body jerked and spasmed as a second orgasm slammed into her senses. She touched Em’s arm and clicked the Hitachi off.

Patty collapsed onto the bed and rolled over so she could meet her daughter’s eyes. “Oh my god, I have never like that before.”

Em got in bed with her mother as they both took in what had just transpired. After about fifteen minutes Patty said, “Now, how about that trim job?”

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