Having it both ways

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So when I met her, she said that she was not looking to get into a relationship. Tall, probably 5’10”, dark brown – almost black, hair, great figure. I thought maybe she was a body builder or a model for sporting equipment. We hit it off that evening and she came home with me – you know the old joke: What does a lesbian drive to her second date? A U-Haul. We have now been together for 17 years and if Nevada ever passes The Law, we will get married.

I am Shauna; I’m 34, fiery red hair (all over), 5’8”, 138 pounds. I found out that I was gay my last year of high school. The only boy I ever loved is my twin brother, Stan. He and I started “playing doctor” while we were still very young. His little dick would get hard and I would slide it back and forth in my hand while he touched me between my legs. At first, I would lie on the bed with my legs spread and my knees up and he would get down with his face near my pussy and he would explore my tight little opening gently with his fingers. He was just as curious about our differences as I was. We often did that because it felt so good and then when we were in grade school, he was touching me rhythmically and something happened. My insides all seemed to concentrate at the one place that he was rubbing. I must have screamed because he jumped up on the bed and held me until I calmed. He said that it scared him.

Now – to the woman I am going to marry: Janet. I can spend hours in her arms, and on Sunday mornings, I often do. For those readers who escort kocaeli have no idea what it is like for two women to have sex, you probably just imagine us eating each other’s pussies. That happens; not as frequently as when we were both learning each others’ bodies and preferences. I look at her right now and she is on the bed, nude, with her knees up and slightly apart, teasing me. I slide forward and widen her waiting legs and lie on her with most of my weight on my knees and elbows. My lips caress hers for a while, building to a fuller kiss. My lips are parted and my tongue touches the inside of her lips and then I fall forward completely onto her and kiss her deeply, our tongues swirling around each others. My right hand slide down across her stomach muscles to the top of her pussy hair and tangles there in the lushness of the dark curls. I touch between her cunt lips and find that she is slimy wet with juices, inviting me to delve further into her. First, I slide my fingers up and down her inner lips, lubricating myself, and then I tickle her clitoris with my index finger. But she loves for me to finger-fuck her hard. So I rise back up onto my knees, still kissing her and slide my first two fingers into her steaming cunt so that I can use my thumb on her clit. I’m jamming my fingers in and out of her tunnel, bludgeoning her clit with my thumb. She is moaning deep into my throat and I can feel that she is close. Little butterfly-light quivers begin against the side of my fingers and I know it’s here kocaeli anal yapan escort – she starts to hump her pelvis forward against my palm and cums like she always does. No screaming or hysterical animal sounds; she grunts and tenses all over, finally clamping me tight within the bear-trap strength of her thighs. God I love that moment!

What became of my brother, you ask? Nothing; he is married with a beautiful wife and two daughters. We meet at our late mother’s old house from time to time and fuck our brains out. He really does love me and I love him. Sometimes we meet for dinner and then retire to our “playpen.” Just inside the front door, I start to undress him as we kiss. Stan is just a little over six feet tall, 190 pounds, red hair like mine and because he is a warehouse worker, has nice muscles. He is kissing me deeply, our tongues swirling each other’s. His hands move from my back to my naked breasts making the nipples stand rock hard. I laugh as he lifts me in his arms and carries me right up the stairs to the bedroom and flounces me onto the bed. I stretch with my arms over my head and my toes pointed to the foot of the bed. He lies on top of me and kisses me some more moving from my lips to my neck, my shoulder and into the curls of strawberry-blonde hair in my armpit. He breathes in my scent there and moves to the tip of my left tit, sucking and biting gently. I can feel the hardness of his cock against my lower belly and reach down to hold izmit yabancı escort him. There is pre-cum leaking from the end and my hand welcomes the slickness.

“Come on, brother. Fuck me!”

I rub the head of his dick in my slit, teasing my clit and ensuring that I am gooey enough to take him inside. He’s not as long as I’ve seen in porno videos, but it is as big around as my wrist, so that I feel filled completely when his entire eight inches is buried deep in my hot cunt. Little by little, he presses into me as I urge him deeper my pressing on his muscular ass cheeks. He breathes on my ear and whispers, “God, Shauna, this is the best fucking in the world! I love you more every year. I am going to fill you so full of cum that you will leak for a week!” Our rhythm increases with me humping upward to meet his every thrust. I feel his balls slapping my asshole as he crashes into me.

He bellows, “Ahhh – shit, Shauna, I am cumming so hard!” And I can feel the heat of his sperm blasting into my cunt as he squirts rope after rope. Now I feel it running out and pooling down at my asshole. He rests for a second and kisses me again while using the overflow cum to press his finger into my ass. As he pumps my ass, I feel the surge of the coming orgasm. He lets his dick slide out of me and pumps ever harder in my ass as I cum and cum, the contractions expelling pools of his milky cum onto the bed covers.

Stan’s wife has never mentioned any suspicions, but I feel that she long ago realized that my brother and I have a strong sexual relation that continues as we age. Maybe there will come a time when she will join us. I would like to get into her little pussy (and maybe she would like to play with mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32