Granny Mistress Ch. 03 – Taste Game

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Warning: This story contains very intense and excessive degradation activities, events and plots, that are capable of offending your sensibilities. If you are not into extreme humiliation and degradation of male submissives, you will find this story very offensive. Please don’t read this story. Move on to the next nice story that would make your day. Thanks.

(All characters are above 18 years of age)


Four pairs of feet rested on Mike’s naked body, as he lay parallel to the lower edge of the large bed in Olena’s bedroom. Olena’s right foot was right on his neck with the tip of her toes scratching the back of his head. Her left foot was on his shoulders. The third foot, Merrilyn’s, was on his bare ass while her second foot draped down his laps. Mike served Granny Olena and her daughter Merrilyn as footrest through the night. The ladies slept in their nightgowns but Mike was rarely allowed any piece of clothing within the house. He slept naked as always.

The four feet rolled on his back and he occasionally got kicked by one or any random combination of those. Soon enough at break of day, Merrilyn woke up from sleep, while her mother, Olena continued sleeping. Merrilyn needed to take her early morning piss and wasn’t willing to hold it till Olena wakes up. She kicked Mike, stood up and made for the bathroom. Mike knew what to do.

He carefully lifted Olena’s legs and placed them gently on the bed and ran after Merrilyn into the bathroom. Knowing the routine already, he lay on his back, placed his head between her legs and opened his mouth.

Shraaaa khakkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Olena’s warm piss speedily flooded his mouth. Despite the fact that she urinated once during the night, she still had quite a volume to bless Mike with. It was salty as usual but had quite a smooth feel on his tongue.

Merrilyn got out of the bathroom and stretched her body. She was fully awake now but was not yet totally sound and ready for the day. She drew the window blinds to the side to allow some daylight shine in when she felt she had some load in there and needed to go. Mike was just about coming out of the bathroom when she walked back in that direction.

“Go back. I think I want to shit now.”

Mike retraced his steps back into the bathroom and lay on his back again. Merrilyn squatted over him once more, this time, it was her anus hovering above his open mouth.

A thick and fat, but short turd emerged out of Merrilyn’s anus. The turd fell right into Mike’s mouth. Biting through the turd, it felt gummy. Chewing it was a bit of work because it wasn’t cutting neatly, it rather smeared on his teeth as he cut through. That way his teeth got really coated with Merrilyn’s log of shit.

“Looks like you find it easier chewing my shit. It’s always Nana’s that get you all worked up,” she commented as her anus protruded outwards again and she started pushing out the second turd.

Her second log of shit was also fat and solid but was longer than the first one. As it landed in Mike’s mouth, he controlled it with his tongue, pushing it down to the back of his mouth so that the other end wouldn’t stick out of his mouth or fall off on his face.

Just then, Olena woke up from sleep and was pressed already. She needed to urinate. She got off the bed and walked to the bathroom only to see Merrilyn shitting in Mike’s mouth.

“Oh, I need to piss right now, and even shit, I feel pressed too!” she said to Merrilyn.

“Good morning Nana!”

“Good morning my princess. Nana needs to use the toilet!”

Mike chewed Merrilyn’s second turd faster and flushed it down his throat. Merrilyn applied some effort and tried to empty what was left in her bowel.

“Hold on a sec, Nana, It’s just one more, I think.”

Merrilyn’s anus opened again and another long and sturdy turd came out her anus into Mike’s mouth. Mike chewed very fast knowing Olena was on queue. She usually can’t hold her bowel content for long. The last time she couldn’t access Mike right away, she defecated on the floor and made him eat from the floor, that, he found tougher and nastier. He’d rather she does her business directly into his mouth as it was easier that way.

Merrilyn stood off him and cleaned her ass with a tissue paper. She then dumped it into his mouth quickly before Olena would mount him, she was pulling off her nightgown already and was going to squat over him next.

A few seconds more and Olena would actually have messed everywhere up. Because just as she lowered her ass and squatted over Mike, her anal sphincter gave way.


A near-liquid stream of shit burst out her anus and splattered in every direction in Mike’s mouth. A few droplets actually blew into his nostrils and splashed on his upper and lower lips. Olena’s shit mixed up with the tissue paper he was chewing, that which Merrilyn wiped her ass with.

Almost simultaneously, her overnight bladder content forced its way out through her pussy. It began with trickles of piss dropping on Mike’s chest, bahis firmaları then it started flowing out more steadily. As soon of the first wave of shit landed, she then shifted backwards and finished peeing in his mouth

Mike had finished chewing the paper and now needed to swallow it alongside Olena’s first wave of shit. He knew she wasn’t done, her shit is always plenty and irritating for him, but just like this one is, easy to swallow without much chewing action.

By the way, there’s wasn’t much time for chewing. Olena’s anus opened again and watery shit shot out her anus once more. Shit paste continued oozing and pouring out her ass as she stayed in position. Merrilyn had run off as she couldn’t deal with the nasty smell of her shit.

“I wonder how he copes with your shit, Nana, you smell terrible!” Merrilyn commented standing beside the window on the adjacent wall of the room.

“Well, I don’t think yours is any better!” Olena protested.

“Mine? Haha, he can’t talk now, we’ll ask him when he is done. I very much doubt that my shit is as horrible as yours, Nana.”


The last of her faecal waste tumbled out her anus. Olena was now done with her early morning shit.

“Take care of yourself and come clean me,” she said as she walked away from the bathroom with her shit-stained ass and lay on her tummy on the bed.

Mike quickly swallowed the rest of her shit in his mouth and was so glad that he would be able to rinse his mouth a bit in preparation for the toilet paper duty next. He found the taste of her shit very horrible. However, he wasn’t done with that horrible taste.

He cleaned his chest, also did a quick cleaning job on his body as permited, then he went straight to Olena on the bed.

He parted her old rugged ass cheeks and stuck his tongue out. Her anus was surrounded by a circle of brown shit paste of about 3 centimetres outwards.

He scooped the circular paste of shit around her anus with his tongue. He afterwards began to lick and clean her anus and entire ass crack.

“Take your time, Mike, don’t hurry through that, I’m enjoying it.”

Merrilyn heard that and laughed, turning away from the window and now looking at Olena,


Olena closed her eyes as she smiled and looked the other way.

“Oh yeah, I like that.”

Mike was probing the tip of her anus with his tongue just as she likes it. He then gradually pushed his tongue deeper into her anus and swirled his tongue around in a circular motion, cleaning her rectum and massaging it.

“Nana, you are enjoying too much, you just woke up and you are squirming already. You are just one naughty old woman!”

“Oh well, it’s not my fault you don’t know how to enjoy,” she smirked at Merrilyn.

“Oh no, I’m getting mine right after you!”

The Mother and daughter duo continued the silly chit-chat and soon from there dabbled into other gossips, Mike was yet there rimming Olena’s asshole.

After a very long time of rimming Olena till his tongue actually went sore, she finally let him off to start his daily chores; cleaning the house, doing Olena’s and Merrilyn’s laundry, taking care of the garden and the likes. During that time, Merrilyn made breakfast for she and Olena.

Their breakfast servings were full plates and certainly more than each of them could handle. They both had leftovers. Merrilyn poured their leftover food into the dog bowl and called on Mike to come have his breakfast as soon as he got done with the task at hand.

The call gladened Mike’s heart. He needed something to push the mixture of Olena and Merrilyn’s shit away from his stomach. Both ladies were in the living room. The filled dog bowl was on the floor. Mike came in with a green face looking sick. The shit sludge in his stomach was upsetting him.

“What is it, slave? You are turning green!” Olena asked Mike.

Mike shook his head and was lost for words.

“Nana, he fell sick after eating your shit!” Merrilyn told her mother.

“No. He fell shit after eating your shit and mine!” Olena corrected Merrilyn.

“Well, that’s what I’m saying, it’s your shit in the mix that’s making him go green.”

“How can you tell it was mine when we both fed him?”

“Well, Nana, I have noticed he looks very unhappy afterwards whenever you use him, but when he eats my shit, his face is usually glowing. Isn’t that correct Mike?”

Mike watched on sadly as both mother and daughter made jokes and arguments on something he wasn’t really finding funny. But he had no choice, he is their laughing stock whenever they wanted it so.

“Mike, I asked you a question, your face glows after eating my shit. Is that correct?”

Mike nodded and answered: “Yes, it does.”

“Aha, you see? Nana!”

Olena laughed and turned on Mike.

“Don’t I equally see the joy of heaven on your face whenever you eat my lovely watery shit?”

Nana tried to interrupt her but Olena kept her gaze on Mike and waited for his answer.

Mike nodded again and replied: kaçak iddaa “Yes, you do see the joy of heaven on my face whenever I eat your watery shit.”

Merrilyn totally disagreed.

“No way, Nana, you definitely bullied him into saying that, this green colour on his face comes from somewhere, and we both know whom!”

Mike patiently waited and hoped they would finish their silly argument so he could eat his breakfast; their leftovers in the dog bowl. Apart from the fact that he needed to push the sick feeling in his stomach away, he was also hungry now after doing all those chores and really needed to replenish himself.

“Ok Nana, we’ll settle it this way; next time we both want to take a dump, we will do it separately and make him taste and eat both while blindfolded. He will tell us which one he finds more delicious!”

“Ok then!” Olena agreed to the challenge.

“Whose shit poisons you, we’re gonna find out. For now, go on with your breakfast, Mike.” With that, Merrilyn ended the silly debate.

Finally, Mike got started on his breakfast. It was the best part of his day so far, eating Olena and Merrilyn’s leftover from the dog bowl. He felt energized. The sick feeling in his stomach also got wrapped up in the real food he just ate.

Merrilyn got two identical bowls ready. He labelled the first one “M,” and labelled the second one “N.”

The “M” bowl was hers, and the “N” bowl was Olena’s; Nana’s, as she called her. They were both to continue using him in all other ways except as human toilet slave.

By late morning of the next day, Olena had taking a dump twice while Merrilyn had taken a dump just once, however, both the “M” bowl and the “N” bowl were filled with an almost equal amount of shit.

The major difference was that the “N” bowl, which was Olena’s, was filled with pastry shit while the “M” plate was filled with solid logs of shit.

The difference in form bothered Merrilyn, because she knows Mike has served as their toilet slave repeatedly enough to be able to guess which shit belonged to whom by the form if they were different. Of course, they have both fed him with watery, pastry and hard shit, but it’s a noticeable difference that Olena’s shit tends to be more frequently pastry while Merrilyn’s shit tends to be more frequently hard.

There was no monetary prize for the winner, but she wanted it to be as fun and as real as possible. And she knew that Mike dreads Olena more, therefore, there is a tendency he would pick her dung as the more delicious one even if actually he found it more irritating.

The way around it was that she pissed a little on her shit and then used Mike’s feeding spoon to stir and dissolve her turds in her piss, making it look and feel pastry, just like Olena’s.

She made Olena piss a little into her “N” bowl to just to make it balanced. That way both their shits contained a little quantity of their piss, respectively.

Within that short period of excluding Mike from toilet duties, he was a happier man. All the random snapping of hands to quickly seal his mouth around their buttholes to catch farts, the endless rimming and the likes all seized. He continued serving, but none of his other slave duties to both of them could compare with consuming their digestive wastes.

The moment came when the competition between Olena’s and Merrilyn’s shit was to go live. Merrilyn called the star boy and asked him to turn around away from her and go on his knees. She then placed a blindfold on his face and tied it behind his head.

She then led her to the table she had placed both shit meals on. He sat on the chair at the table and got ready. Olena. Was really amused by all this. Well, both she and Merrilyn were. The only person who wasn’t amused nor excited was Mike. For him, there was nothing really funny about trying to pick which of two different shits was delicious. They both certainly weren’t. He was just an unfortunate man creating entertainment for two annoying ladies.

Merrilyn bagan,

“So, we are about to see who is the better chef today, Nana or Nana’s pretty princess; Merrilyn. And you, Mike, will help us be the judge of that!

Relax and let each bit of both shit servings permeate through your tongue. Be very critical. Note the taste, smell, appeal and whatever is there to note. Register your feel for both servings. You will announce your decision afterwards.

Both bowls are in front of you. Start with whichever one of your choosing.”

Mike decided to start with the bowl on his left. It was the bowl marked “M,” but he couldn’t see that. He noticed it was pastry, characteristic of Olena’s shit, but it tasted just like any shit would taste. It tasted repulsive, bitter and mouldy. It was confusing telling whose shit it was, and he actually wanted to know. So he lowered his nose into the bowl to have a deeper feel of the smell. The smell was repugnant. He squeezed his face as he retracted his face from the bowl. He continued dipping the spoon in the bowl and scooping spoonfuls of this pastry shit into kaçak bahis his mouth. He finished with it and moved to the next bowl.

The next bowl on his right was marked “N,” but also, he couldn’t see that since he remained blindfolded. As he dipped the spoon inside this second bowl, he discovered it was also a pastry shit, contrary to solid turds he was expecting to perhaps be Merrilyn’s. Now he was confused and knew he couldn’t tell which shit belonged to whom based on the usual type of the dung of both users.

Anyway, he wanted to be as honest as he could with their silly game, and now they had helped him to be. He himself had resolved to strictly evaluate both shit servings and make his honest choice, there was no point trying to massage the ego of any particular user, as far as he was concerned, they were both being mean to him and there is really nothing like ‘a good shit.’ He had eaten shit uncountable times to be able to tell, under no circumstances is it never really a pleasurable event, at least for him. It has never been his thing.

The smell of the shit soup in the second bowl was also horrid, but more horrid than the first shit soup marked “M” unknowingly to him. He lowered his nose unto the bowl to confirm his feelings, and yes, he was convinced, this is definitely more putrid. He registered that in his memory. Next was to taste.

Olena was looking more closely now and intensely watching every bit of his reaction, knowing this was her shit and the bone of contention. Merrilyn also watched excitedly, but both of them kept to themselves and refrained from talking so as to allow him full concentration, and also to keep him from being swayed in any informed direction. As reflecting via his facial expression, he had no idea whose shit was in which bowl, so he looked very stern and serious, focused on evaluating and making his decision. Watching him experimentally feasting on their shit soups made the competition fierce and interesting for both women.

Mike took his first spoonful of shit from the second bowl. He wasn’t in a rush. He wanted to examine in what other ways apart from smell was it different from the shit in the first bowl.

The spoonful spread quickly in all directions on his tongue. It felt as though it dissolved and fell apart on his tongue more quickly. He rubbed his tongue against the roof of his mouth in an attempt to feel the shit particles. He scooped another spoonful in his mouth to ascertain his feelings. This shit was definitely more putrid. It tasted like rotten flesh or some food that had stayed rotten for days. The shit content in his mouth simmered into his tongue more easily than the shit in the first bowl. At this point, he was pretty much sure that the first shit was better, however, he would go on to the next task, which was eating all the shit in this second bowl as he did for the first, and he would keep paying attention to see if he needed to change his mind.

Spoonful after spoonful, eating slowly as much as he can, he got to the bottom of the second bowl. It was indeed a harrowing experience. He had definitely satisfactorily finished eating both shit servings actually. He made well to scrape the bowls with the spoon and ate the last sludge he could scoop from both.

Mike’s mouth was coated in shit. Shit was everywhere in his mouth, between his teeth, under his tongue, everywhere, there was no spot untouched. He licked his lips, thereby cleaning it and waited for the next step.

Merrilyn excitedly sprung forward again, and Olena who was previously lying down on couch sat on her ass, laughing and hoping she would win the competition.

“Alright Mike,” Merrilyn began, “Now is the time to make your decision. You have carefully examined both shits and have really taken your time eating both. Now, place your right hand on which shit you think tastes better and tell us briefly what you think about it. Then place the same hand on the other bowl indicating which shit you believe is more horrible and feels worse in your stomach and can probably make you sick. The shit you would rather not taste again if you had the choice, also tell us briefly what you think about it too.

Olena laughed on her seat. Merrilyn stared at her mother and placed her index finger vertically across her lips, signifying that despite the excitement they were both to refrain from saying anything until he completely announces his decision. Olena nodded at Merrilyn, indicating she agreed. Both she and Merrilyn watched excitedly on which bowl he would place his hand first.

Mike placed his hand on the bowl to his left, the one he ate first, marked “M.”

“This tastes better. It is bitter, foul and smelly too, but it feels somehow smoother on my tongue and in my mouth than the second one.”

He then transferred his hand to the second bowl, the bowl on his right, which was the shit he ate last.

“This shit is more horrible than the first. I think in smell and taste, it is more terrible. I think it feels worse in my stomach than the first one.”

Both women burst out laughing. Olena picked up the empty plastic table water bottle beside her feet and threw it at Mike. Merrilyn ran at her as she stood up and locked her in an embrace, preventing her from approaching Mike.

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