Getting Fucked by Teacher Ch. 01

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I teach Senior English at a local high school, and I’ve always been attracted to students in my classes, but never acted on it. I knew a lot of the boys in my classes thought I was hot because i always caught them trying to look down my shirt and hide their raging, teenage hard-ons. This always made me so hot and wet that I had to masturbate on my off-periods to satiate my appetites.

Last year, I finally decided to do something about it. I started to wear my shirts a little tighter so that my giant 40g-sized breasts and tiny waist were even more obvious, and a couple of times I wore button-down tops and no bra, the buttons straining to stay closed against my huge tits. If my favorite students were sitting at the back of the class during a test, I walked back and gave them a private viewing, flashing my tits in their face where no one else could see. On one occasion, a bold, 18-year old student named Tyler grabbed my tit and started sucking my nipple before I knew what was happening. The involuntary moan that escaped my lips almost gave us away, but I managed to stuff my tit back in my blouse before anyone else saw what happened.

By the end of the semester, the teasing I was giving these boys made me automatically get hot and wet during every class period Escort Bayan Gaziantep until I almost couldn’t take it, so I came up with a little plan. I typed invitations on the school letter-head for a post-graduation meeting in my classroom on a day that I knew only a few teachers would be around still trying to get grades in before summer officially started. I hand-delivered the invitations to a select number of boys and girls in the senior class. The boys had all been on the receiving end of my teasing and, from what I could see through their jeans during my tease-shows, had huge cocks that would definitely satisfy. The girls I chose were ones I found hot. I loved huge tits like my own, tiny waists and big, juicy, curvy asses. I think the boys will like my choices as well.

When the day and time came, I could barely keep the pussy juices from running my leg I was so hot. I wore a long trench coat to work with only a tiny sheer bra and thong underneath. After all the students got to my room, I closed and locked the door. The students looked very confused.

“Good morning,” I said, “You must be wondering why you are here today. I just thought that out of all the students in my classes that you all will be the ones who will suck the most cocks and fuck the most pussies in college, so I thought you might need some extra practice — especially now that you are all 18 years old.”

As I said these words, I took off my coat and almost instantly the boys got hard, and didn’t try to hide it. One started to rub himself through his pants. Surprisingly, some of the girls started rubbing themselves, too and one of them, Sarah, immediately ripped her tiny T-shirt off, revealing bouncy and buoyant, yet enormous teenage F-cups. Not one to be outdone, I released my tits from their bra and as started rubbing and playing with my erect nipples. Sarah came to the front of the class and started playing with and sucking my nipples. This definitely got everyone hotter. Some of the shyer girls started taking their tops off, and the boys couldn’t take it any longer and released their red hot dicks from the confines of their pants and jeans. Soon, all the boys were rubbing their dicks, moaning while the girls started sucking each others tits, taking off each other’s pants, and fingering each other’s clits.

I didn’t want the boys to just watch the show, though, I wanted them to participate. I managed to pry Sarah off of me, and walked over to Tyler, whose giant cock looked like it was ready to spray cum all over the room.

“Why don’t you let me take care of that for awhile? I asked him as I dangled my giant tits right in his face. He started to flick my tits with his tongue and I impaled myself on his giant dick and started bucking wildly, making sure his cock went completely in and out of me with every thrust. My tits were flying everywhere, slapping him in the face with each thrust, and soon all the boys were gathered around, and reaching out to touch my out-of-control boobs. Soon I had a different guy sucking on each breast, and someone else’s giant cock in my mouth going in a out to the same rhythm that I was fucking Tyler. I couldn’t control myself and finally came. I couldn’t stop moaning and writhing around. I was like an animal, sweaty, panting, shaking and squirming out of control, not caring who saw or heard me. After I recovered, I looked up and was pleased to see the other students involved in all sorts of orgiastic activity. In one corner, three boys took on one girl at once. In another corner, two boys were 69ing and in another corner Sarah and two other girls were pleasuring themselves. Then, I saw the doorknob moving…someone was unlocking the door and coming in! It was my principal. I wasn’t too worried though because he wasn’t that old and he was very very hot. I had thought about fucking him for a really long time. I just couldn’t wait to see what his reaction would be…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32