Gently Used Books

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It was a cold morning, so instead of heading into DC to walk the Mall, I decided to take the Metro out to Bethesda and check out a book store there. It was one of several book stores in the area that featured half price or less used books or, in other words, it was my kind of store. The ride on Metro was uneventful, if fairly long. I was lucky at Metro Center able to step off the Blue Line, ride down the escalator and immediately step onto a waiting Red Line, but then I impatiently waited as the train squealed to a stop at each of the half-dozen stops before reaching Bethesda.

When I finally arrived, I fed my farecard into the slot in the turnstile and then grabbed it as it popped up from the slot midway through the passage. The two arms then opened up and I walked through. Glancing at the card I noticed I only had sixty five cents left on it, so I went to one of the machines and added five dollars to the card. The ride out had cost a dollar more than I thought it would, two dollars round trip. Well, I hoped the savings at the book store would cover those two extra dollars.

Riding the escalator up from the Metro stop, I noticed a roadway off to my left and some stairs to my right. I had tried to keep myself oriented as I got off the train and turned and twisted a few times heading through the turnstiles and up the corridors, but there I stood with no idea where I needed to go. Guessing, I headed up the stairs and fortunately found myself heading in the right direction. I glanced in my little note book at the map I had sketched and then headed down Old Georgetown. If my map was correct, I’d turn right in a couple of blocks and then should pass the bookstore a little ways after that.

Well, it was three blocks before I reached the street, but after the short walk, I found the book store and stepped inside. I paused for a moment to get my bearings and took a deep breath, savoring that slightly musty smell of books, thousands of books and almost all of them were half price. It took me a while to get oriented, but I finally found the fiction section in a back corner of the store. There were only a few customers and I smiled when I noticed I’d have the fiction Sıhhiye Escort section all to myself.

At least I thought I had the section all to myself, but as I began looking in the As, I heard a noise from further back in the store. Moving down the fiction section, I noticed it led into a small room at the back of the store, where I saw a woman looking at a book. I paused and watched, feeling a bit intrigued. She was not very attractive, with some mousey brown hair and terrible horn-rimmed glasses. I couldn’t really see the color of her eyes in the dim room, but her nose and cheeks seemed too thin.

She wore a loosed fitting, torn up denim skirt with a white tee-shirt with some faded graphic of a rock band or something on it. Her breasts were very small, coming to sharp points at her very erect nipples. While she wasn’t hideous, I couldn’t call her attractive on her best day, but somehow I felt drawn to her. It was this attraction that kept me standing there instead of politely slipping away unnoticed.

Still unaware I was watching her, she took the book she was looking at, held it up to her breast and let her thumb slip over the pages. With a sound like baseball cards in the spokes of a bike, the pages rolled over her nipples as she closed her eyes. Watching the spectacle, I felt my cock harden and I reached down to adjust myself.

Just then she opened her eyes, looking directly at me, clearly seeing me fixing my erection. Smiling, she said in an almost purr, “Do you like books too?”

Whispering back I said, “Yes, especially the old ones.”

“I like the way they feel,” she said, sliding the closed book back and forth over her nipple.

“And the way they smell,” I added, almost mesmerized by her movement of the book over her body.

“Over there,” she said, nodding toward another aisle, “is a room with books all over the floor. People could go in there, close the door and lay down on the books.”

“Where is that?” I asked, enthralled by her.

“Follow me,” she whispered, taking my hand and leading me. Sure enough, at the end of the next aisle over, was a small storage room marked “Employees Only.” Sıhhiye Escort Bayan Glancing in, I could see stacks of paperback books with what looked like several stacks fallen and scattered over the floor.

Not sure what to say, I whispered, “It looks like some stacks have fallen over.”

Pulling me into the room she said, “We could stack them back up.” Closing the door behind us she turned to me and continued, “Or we could lay down on them.”

Gazing at her, I stepped closer to her as she dropped her book, reached down to her waist and in one quick motion, pulled her tee-shirt up over her head. I paused, amazed at how small her breasts were. Running my hands up her flat stomach, I detected only the slightest bit of slope outward before I felt her large nipples slide across my palm. I had wanted to cup them in my hands, but was afraid it might hurt her pinching them, so instead, I leaned my head forward and moved my mouth to a nipple. Drawing it into my mouth, I sucked on it, while she slid her loose skirt and panties over her narrow hips and let them fall to the floor.

She then leaned back onto the books, accidentally knocking down a tall pile of paperbacks all over herself. I quickly pulled off my pants and underwear and kneeled down on some books as she spread her legs for me. Leaning forward, I knocked another pile of books down on top of us and had to move several out of the way so my cock could reach her pussy. Finally, as I got close to her, I felt her hand grasp me and guide me into her tight, wet opening.

While my cock slowly slid into her, she pulled me down on top of her. There were several books between us and I could feel the corners digging into my chest and stomach and wondered how she felt with my weight crushing them against her stomach and breasts. I started to pull back to move a few of the books when she hissed, “No, leave them there,” and reached her arms over around my arms and pulled me tight.

Ignoring the discomfort of the books, I began sliding my cock in and out of her tight, but very wet little pussy. As she began lifting her hips up to meet my thrusts another stack of books Escort Sıhhiye tumbled over my back and one book hit her square on the face, leaving a big red mark. She only moaned and reached her hands down to my ass and squeezed me.

I asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, just keep fucking me,” she said, releasing my ass and grabbing a book and drawing it up near my chest. I lifted up a bit and she guided the corner of the book onto her nipple, pressing it hard against it. Gritting my teeth, I increased my rhythm, grinding myself against another book that was between us. As we moved the book slid down to where it almost rested against my cock. She immediately reached down and adjusted it to where it was right on her clit, so whenever I moved, the book dug into her sensitive nub.

Just as I started wondering if I could hold out for her any longer, she moved her hands onto my back, dug her nails in and moaned loudly. Lifting her hips, she ground herself against the book that was wedged between us and she came. I could feel her pussy pulsating over me and I let myself go, spurting my come deep into her.

After a few moments, I stopped moving and remained on top of her until my cock finally slipped out of her pussy. As we pulled apart, some of the books stuck to us and we had to peel them off our damp skin. Reaching for my underwear, I noticed that a lot of our cum had run out of her pussy, covering the open pages of a book that was under her. Sitting up, she followed my eyes downward and then grabbed the book, closing it while she said, “Looks like I’m buying this one.”

I was about to pull my underwear up over my cock when she grabbed another book, quickly leafed through the pages and then held it open under me. She then grabbed my cock and milked out one last drop of cum, letting it drip on her selected page. Closing the book she said, “And another one to buy, with you decorating my favorite page.”

We both then got dressed and I grabbed a couple of the books that had been pinched between us and were now covered with our sweat. Looking at her I said, “Yeah, I’ve been looking for these two for some time now.”

She leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek, while I looked into her eyes. They were blue, an odd blue about the same color as the cover of one of the books I was holding. Smiling at me, she slowly opened the door and headed up to the front counter to pay for her two books. I returned to the fiction aisle to continue my search.

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