Finding Comfort Ch. 02

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Alisa sat down opposite us the nightie riding up some as she did so. I could the outline of Mikes cock throb against his pants.

“So Alisa, Mom has told me you have not lost your virginity and would like me to help you in that area.”

Alisa nodded her head, a little unsure as what to say. She became aware of her nightie which had ridden up high as she sat down. Alisa made a move to pull it down when her father stopped her.

“Alisa I would like you to undress completely for me. Would that be too hard for you to do?” He asked with a soft voice?

Nervous but at the same time mixed with excitement she stood and undone the two shoulder ties letting the garment drop to the floor. I could see the damp patch on her panties and sensed the nervousness as her thumbs hooked into the waist band of her panties.

“It’s okay Alisa.” I assured her finding myself also getting wet in anticipation of seeing my daughter naked in front of her father.

Slowly her panties came down and revealed her neatly trimmed pubes. Her eyes rolled a little and I sensed the excitement that must have been tearing through her young body.

“Would you feel more comfortable if you’re Mom and I was also naked Lisa?”

The teen looked at her at her mother and recalled the excitement she felt then when she saw her naked and nodded yes, inwardly hoping he would be as exciting too. As he began undressing he turned his back briefly and Lisa took this advantage of giving her clit a quick rub. I also undressed leaving the three of us totally naked.

Lisa appeared intrigued by her fathers’ erect eight inch cock and did not hesitate when bağdatcaddesi escort he invited her to join us on the sofa. Sitting down she automatically closed her legs as we had bought her up to do. Mike gently placed his hands on her knees and parted them slightly. His own legs parted and his erection pointed toward the ceiling.

Alisa seemed to marvel at its length and wanted to reach out and grasp it. Sharon sensed her daughter was at a loss as what to do and felt she needed to be led at least this evening anyway. Gently she reached over brushing his cock as I took Alisa’s hand and placed it on the father’s cock .Sharon watched as Alisa’s shaking hand circumnavigated the girth.

Alisa heard her father moan as her feather-light touch made his cock lurch in the loosely closed hand. Mike moved his hand to Alisa’s open pussy and gently began fingering his daughter.

“Oh, Daddy that feels good. Gosh! I have never felt it as strong as this before.” Alisa said in a shaky voice.

Sharon could hear the squelching of Alisa’s young pussy as Mike’s finger began to delve deeper and faster into his daughters’ virgin passage. This bought her to a mighty and intense climax. The teen body shook and her thighs thrust up and into her father’s fingers sending them even deeper into her love passage. After her climax receded Lisa laid back, limp and exhausted,

Mike suggested they relocate to the bedroom to which both girls agreed. He helped Alisa who was a little unsteady on her feet as she got up. Putting his arm around the young girl he found it positioned accidentally under her armpit and over her beykoz escort firm white breast.

Laying Alisa back gently on the king-size bed Mike lifted his daughters’ legs onto the bed. He could smell her womanly odour to which Sharon knew he loved so it did not surprise her when Mike leaned forward and kissed the girl on her pussy lips.

Alisa stiffened momentarily as the touch of her fathers’ tongue raced thorough her teen body. Her legs parted wider to accept more of his tongue.

Sharon whispered into Alisa’s ear and asked how she was enjoying it and if there was anything she could do to make it memorable for her.

“Let me lick you too Mom, I am so enjoying what you and Dad are doing for me and I want to repay you.”

Positioning her slim body Sharon watched as her daughter unashamedly lapped at her open pussy in full view of her father. This was just the first night and Alisa had lost any inhibitions she may have had.

Alisa bought her mother to an intense climax. With her own pussy being eaten she was also on the verge of another orgasm. She glanced at her fathers’ rigid cock and knew she wanted it inside her virgin pussy and take her maiden head.

Mike did not want to be in a hurry to take her cherry and lay back after licking his daughter to a climax that filled his mouth with her womanly juices.

With Alisa one side and Sharon the other he wrapped his arms around both of them, cupping each under the breasts. Alisa felt secure in her fathers’ grasp and absently began to trail her nails over his hairy chest and down lower to his still rigid cock. She wanted it in her so bad caddebostan escort but was afraid to ask him to go ahead.

However when his hand went to her saturated pussy again she whispered softly; “Daddy please fuck me.”

Mike lifted the small framed girl astride his athletic body. Alisa’s legs seemed to stretch wide over his body and open her vaginal passage even more.

H e cupped her butt cheeks as Alisa took hold of his cock and positioned it at her virgin entrance. Slowly she lowered herself onto his erect shaft. She felt full and stretched beyond belief as she engulfed more of his manly shaft. Then suddenly Alisa froze as the cock met with the hymen.

“Take your time Alisa; its going to be painful the first time but after that you will be fine.”

The girl was aware of this fact and knew the only way to go was to drive herself down and break through the hymen wall. Pulling herself up and the cock almost out she thrust downward again in one mighty push and broke through the membrane.

The pain momentarily took her breath away and tears welled in her eyes. But it was all over her virginity was no more. Alisa began to move slowly up and down her fathers cock. She looked down at the organ as it moved in and out of her love tunnel. There was a little blood mixed in with her own juices but she was not concerned.

As she moved freely Mike once again cupped his daughters buttocks and began to fuck her deeper and faster. Sharon seemed happy watching her daughter getting fucked for the first time.

With the onset of her first orgasm Alisa took control of the tempo and began to drive forcefully onto her fathers cock.

Mike waited for his daughters climax and as she did he let his seed fill her womb to over flowing.

Alisa, exhausted but content fell backwards and of her fathers now diminishing cock. She knew in her mind there would be more times with her parents……

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