Festive Family Frenzy

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“Please hold, I’d get Alison for you.” Quickly pressing mute on the phone, Michael placed the phone on the table before lazily sliding his computer chair back so that he could get up. He had been staring at the computer screen all day as he worked on a new computer programme which he was creating for his wife Sandra’s business. His wife had taken an extended vacation to be with her critically sick sister across the Atlantic, and he had promised her that by the time she returned it would have been finished. He had intended to have it done for her, but between his daily job as an IT professor at the local college and keeping up his weekend livelihood with his friends, it had completely slipped out of his hands. The death of Sandra’s sister was bringing her back in a few days, giving him no choice but to submit himself to a weekend filled with programming.

“Ali!” He called to his daughter from the bottom of the stairs, but there was no answer.

“Ali, the phone is for you!” He called again, but still there was no answer.

“Alison!” After calling for the third time and realising that his yelling was in vain, Michael returned to the phone to take a message and to tell the person that she would return their call later in the day.

Returning to the computer screen, Michael struggled to return his attention to the work at hand, but nothing seemed to be making sense. It had already been four hours since he had started and his eyes were starting to grow weary as his once favourite thing to do become nothing but a bothersome task or burden. Deciding that it was time for a break and maybe one episode of Family Guy, He got up from the computer and left his office.

Stopping first to pour himself a strong drink of Vodka and water, Michael sat down to enjoy his drink and the television. No matter how much he was engrossed in the show a hint of uneasiness kept creeping into his mind. He was concerned about Alison. Her room was not very far from the stairs and so he did not understand why he received no response when he called. Wanting nothing more than to put his mind at rest, he decided to check on his daughter to see if she was alright.

Michael ascended the stairs with drink in hand and turned right down the corridor which lead to Alison’s room. Surprisingly the door was open, but a quick scrutiny of the room showed no Alison. Thinking that there was a great possibility that Alison may be in her twin Sister Alicia’s room, he turned to walk to the room at the opposite end of the corridor. It was a known fact within their family that Alicia was not very big on privacy. While Alison was the reserved one, always keeping her door close and spending most of her time alone in her room, Alicia was the opposite. Alicia left very little for the imagination. She knew very well that her body was perfectly shaped with her full C-cupped breast and her nicely curved hips, and she never hid it. It was evident that she was extremely confident and comfortable in her body as she constantly walked around the house in nothing but a bra and panty, and even dressed with her door open. Her 18th birthday 2 years prior seemed to have awakened a sense of sensuality within her, and she showed increasing confidence in her body. Seeing her door half-open at that moment, it was therefore not strange when Michael simply pushed it open and stepped in.

The sight before his eyes rendered him still as he stared at the scene before him open mouthed. At first he saw nothing but two feet frantically dancing in the air, but as he positioned himself at a better angle, he was given a VIP view point to the scintillating scene before him. He immediately felt his cock begin to stiffen as Alicia grabbed handfuls of Alison’s hair in order to press her face into her cunt. Alicia’s hips gyrated wildly as she tightened her legs around her sister’s neck.

“Come on Ali, Make… Me… Come!” She begged breathlessly. “Finger me; fuck me with your fingers.”

Alison did not comply. Instead, she struggled out of Alicia’s tightly locked legs and held them up at bağdatcaddesi escort an angle to her sister’s shoulders as she began to seductively lick tiny circles around her labia, before spreading them in order to have access to her swollen clit. She playfully licked the tiny bud before taking the sensitive and impatient clit into her mouth and sucking it.

Michael could not help but to begin stroking his hardened cock from the outside of his pants as he watch the daughter who he always perceived to be quiet and shy grab hold of her sister’s ass and pulling her body a few centimetres off of the bed, gently and seductively lick her from the back to the front before pulling away teasingly.

“You taste so fucking good, you have no idea.”

Alicia moaned softly with her eyes closed in further anticipation, but Alison did not respond how she had hoped. Standing with her back to the apparent invisible visitor to pull her top off, Alison revealed a pair of two hardened, but perfect pink nipples which she played with for a brief moment before returning her attention to her sister who had already begin to pleasure herself.

For just a moment Alison watched her sister as she plunged two fingers deep into her vagina while pinching her left nipple with the other hand. She appeared to be enthralled by the scene of her sister’s flushed face as she pumped her fingers faster and faster inside of her while her breaths grew shorter and shorter, but she quickly pulled herself out of her reverie as the desire strengthened within her.

“Suck this.” Alison’s voice was husky with desire as she climbed on top of her sister and pressed one hardened nipple between her lips.

It was then that Michael lost complete control. Everything that he had been witnessing was becoming too much for him to handle. He too wanted his release. Needed it rather for he felt that he was about to explode any minute from simply watching them. The appearance of his daughters had never been a matter of dispute. They were both two gorgeous girls with amazing bodies. He really could not deny the fact that he had painted pictures of their naked bodies in his mind time and time again, but never before had he thought that he would ever been given an opportunity to explore their well-shaped bodies.

Michael took one more glance at the scene before him where Alicia was shifting her body to get between Alison’s legs in order to return the favour, before quietly placing his now empty glass on the nearby table and loosening his pants so he could step out of it. Taking his hardened cock in hand, he began to stroke his cock knowing full well that he was not far from a powerful release. Wanting a bit more to push him over the peak, he found himself walking towards the bed where the girls occupied.

“My two bad girls,” he moaned a little as he reached the bed. “Daddy needs some fun too.”

The startled expressions on the girls’ faces were not surprising. What was however, was the almost instant reaction of Alicia. Her eyes met Michael almost immediately and her undeniable shock was quickly replaced with a mirroring desire as her eyes lowered to meet his long and hardened cock. His breath subsequently caught in his throat as Alicia, pulling away from her sister, pushed her father on the bed and positioned herself between his legs.

The next few moments surpass any time Michael could recall in his most recent past. Alicia, taking full control of his stiffened organ, began to kiss it seductively while he buried his hands in her long black hair. She kissed the head several times before placing numerous others on the shaft. She held his cock in her left hand for a while before looking up to stare into his desire-filled eyes which were set upon her.

“You like this, don’t you, daddy?” She asked her voice husky as she turned her attention back to her work.

He groaned loudly in response as she began sucking on his right well shaved testicle, allowing her wet tongue to gently dance in circles as she did so. Correctly reading beykoz escort the reactions of his writhing body and his sharp breaths, Alicia began to suck a bit harder and commenced a slow rhythmic pumping of his shaft with her left hand as she did so. Before re-positioning herself to show equal attention to the other testicle, she briefly paused to notice her sister vigorously pleasuring herself with her eyes fixed on her father and twin sister.

“Come here,” Alicia ordered Alison. “Sit on his face and ride that tongue. I want to see the two of you cum together.”

Alison hesitated for a while, but as Alicia resumed the sexually arousing pleasuring of her father, she quickly obeyed, and in no time, she too was moaning and clutching everything in her reach.

Realising that Alison was quickly reaching her peek, Alicia switched her concentration back to her father’s hardened cock. Taking it into her mouth, she began pumping on it and sucking it hard as she took it as deep into her throat as she could manage and sliding it back out repeatedly. His grasp on her hair tightened and he began gently pulling on it as the gyration of his hips match the frantic movement of Alison’s.

“I’m about to cum!” Alison gasped, and in response, Alicia quickened the pace of her mouth on her father’s cock. The increase force to the tugging on her hair informed her that he too was reaching his breaking point and she quickly arranged herself to take his load on her chest and breast.

Falling back to lie on her back, Alicia gestured Alison over and she crawled to her sister’s side. As if she could read Alicia’s mind, Alison began slowly licking the cum off of Alicia’s chest. As she did so, she ensured to pay special attention to her breast and nipples. Even after Alicia was free of the white stuff, Alison continued licking her; teasing her nipples with her magical tongue before making a trail up her breast, and neck. Becoming increasingly turned on by her sister’s tongue, Alicia’s breaths quickened and she pressed closer to her sister.

“Make me cum,” Alicia breathed. “I need to cum.”

Alison smiled at her sister’s request. “Only when I’m ready.”

Alison continued teasing her twin sister by kissing and twirling her tongue in various paths up and down her neck as their father edged closer to them. Gently spreading Alicia’s legs open, he slowly and tenderly ran his hands up her thigh, stopping briefly at the base of her vagina before running his hand back down. He did the same to the other thigh, daring to go further this time. The heat emanating from her sexy feminine organ coupled with her sharp breaths granted him the permission he needed and he parted the lips and dove into the sea of warm moisture. She was so wet and ready. Images of him sliding his already resurrecting cock into her warm tight cunt filled his head, but he fought to clear them. He knew he should take his time. Twirling his thumb on her swollen wet clit, he plunged two fingers into her. She writhed and squirmed under his touch and he increased the tempo.

“I need to cum, please!” She begged. “Make me cum!”

“Take your time, princess,” he replied as the sexy rhythm came to a hault. Replacing his hand with his mouth, he began to lick her swollen clit, enjoying the sweetness of her femininity. She arched her hip upwards, and that is when he stiffened his tongue and plunged it into her cunt. Alicia’s moans got louder and her hips became wild as she fought to reach an orgasm.

Abruptly pulling away, Michael held his head up to find Alison hungrily sucking on Alicia’s nipples. As much as he would have loved to continue pleasuring Alicia, his own temptation and desire was becoming over bearing, and he decided to give in.

“Get up,” he gently commanded Alicia and she obeyed. Following her father’s gesture to sit astride him, Alicia climb on top of him, burying his huge, hard cock into her. She yelped a bit as the size of his member filled her, but soon she adjusted herself and began riding him. Her pace was slow at first as she sought caddebostan escort to become acquainted with the feel of the hugeness of the pleasurable member buried inside her, but soon, she gained momentum and increasing her pace, started to ride him as if her life depended on it. And for that moment it seemed as if her life did. Desire had built up within her so much that she was beginning to feel as if she would be tossed into non-existence without a release.

Michael’s hands explored Alicia’s body as she rode him with everything she had. With one hand massaging and tweaking her breasts and nipples, he used the other hand to grab and squeeze the round firmness of her ass. Realising that she responded positively to it as evident in the way she thrust her hips with increasing enthusiasm, Michael slipped a finger into her ass. As he had expected, Alicia bit her lip and threw her head back in ecstasy as the double rhythm teamed up in leading the way towards her orgasm. With one hand grabbing and clutching her father’s chest and the other the bed sheet, Alicia’s tensions were resolved in a massive explosion of an orgasm as she uncontrollably shook and moaned from wave after wave of pleasure.

With Alicia crashing onto the bed, Michael beaconed Alison over and gestured for her to lick her sister’s juices off of him and Alicia. Without hesitation, Alison complied, first cleaning her father and then sucking her sister free from all evidence of her previous explosions. Michael took that opportunity to slide his still hardened cock into Alison from behind. Due to her natural reflexes as a result of the sudden action, Alison’s body moved slightly in an attempt to block the entry, but as soon as she realised what was happening, she thrust herself onto his stiff cock with as much vigour as her sister had moments ago. Grabbing her by the waist, Michael repeatedly plunged into her, enjoying the sight of her face being buried into her sister while her wet tight vagina massaged and squeezed his throbbing cock.

“Make… her… cum… A…Gain!” He commanded Alison as he increased the tempo of his thrusting. “I want… Us… to cum… Together!”

Following instructions, Alison sucked harder on Alicia’s sensitive organ and added two fingers to the mix, creating a fast but steady rhythm as she pumped them in and out of her sister. Soon, both girls were crying and moaning in ecstasy as they both gyrated their hips quickly in an attempt to reach their peak. Noticing this, Michael thrust even deeper and harder into his daughter’s cunt in order to reach the finishing line with his two daughters. The tight and moist contracting of Alison’s vaginal walls as she came did it for him. Reaching one of his own, Michael quickly pulled out of his daughter and spill his seed onto her back before collapsing onto the bed.

“It’s… my turn,” Alicia panted as she tried to gain her strength back from the two powerful orgasms.

“Your turn to do what?” Alison’s question was answered by Alicia crawling around her and starting to lick their father’s cum from her back.

Alison lay there almost drained as her sister’s tongue gently and seductively twirled its way around her back. Against her own will, Alison felt her vagina moisten as Alicia’s tongue got lower and lower before dipping slightly into the crack of her ass. Alison’s breaths shortened and sharpened as her sister worked all the while filling her with a fresh sense of desire.

“Shit, I’m horny again,” Alison giggled a little.

Alicia stopped for a while and looked at her father who returned her gaze with a smirk before both of them turned their gaze to Alison. All three of them burst out into uncontrollable laughter as they realised how long the night was going to be. Also, somewhere underneath, they all knew that it was the beginning of something new between them. Unknowingly, that bed had been christened the “family bed”, and whenever the woman of the house was away, all three of them would turn to the “family bed” for an intimate and passionate session of powerful sex. It was also becoming increasingly clear to Michael that he was not going to get his work finish by the time his wife arrived, but looking at the beautiful sight placed before him, he knew that he would take his wife’s wrath just so that he could have that experience all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32