Female Masturbation, Japanese Style

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This story is inspired by a series of Japanese videos titled “Female Sexual Esthetique.”

Eriko had always been close to her Grandmother, who had spoken at length about her life in Japan until she died last year. Eriko was amazed at the stories her grandmother told, things that her mother would never even mention. During her grandmother’s life, the sexual norms in Japan were quite different, woman submissive to men. There was also a booming fuzoku or Japanese adult services. While most catered to men, there was one that also catered specifically to woman, Seikan Massage. Woman would go there to satisfy their sexual desires without any complications.

Eriko was Japanese or Japanese-American, her parents born in the United States just as Eriko was. Her black hair hung down almost to her waist. She had rather large breasts for an oriental, full hips and a luscious ass, or at least the boys were always telling her. She wore short skirts that always showed a lot of leg, but it was more the style then her desires. She was a bit shy, although you wouldn’t know it unless you dated her. Then you would find that she was modest, almost ashamed of showing her naked body to anyone, though she had lost her virginity to her last boyfriend, finally giving up her innocence after twenty-one years, quite an accomplishment nowadays. That was her problem. Her boyfriend broke up with her almost as soon as he took her virginity in a quick sexual encounter in the back seat of his car. It was as if he only wanted her virginity and then he discarded her for one of the cheerleaders at the University they attended; Eriko sure that the cheerleader was more sexually experienced. Eriko had taken it hard, not dating for over six months now.

That was when she started to devise the plan. She had never visited Japan. She was going next week with her parents and she had been planning a side trip for months now, inspired by her Grandmother’s stories. She was surprised that the fuzoku was still booming in Japan, the Internet providing more than enough information to begin to plan. She found that in Tokyo, there were at least four Seikan Massage parlors that catered only to women. Her Grandmother’s sexual exploits as a young girl in Japan made Eriko want to try something daring. She would go to a Seikan Massage parlor and get a massage. She only hoped she could keep her nerve once the day came.

* * *

They had been in Tokyo for three days, but Eriko was unable to escape from her parents. Finally the opportunity came. The big banquet for her Father’s company was tonight and Eriko faked a stomach illness, easily able to fool her father but not sure if her Mother bought the whole story. They finally relented, letting Eriko stay in her hotel room while they attended the banquet. She hurriedly dressed as soon as they left, slipping into a short skirt and sweater. She would have at least eight hours before they would come back, as the banquet was expected to run late. Eriko slipped out the back of the hotel, not wanting anyone catching a glimpse of her. She walked around to the corner and quickly hailed a cab, at least three pulling over, men always paying attention to a girl with a lovely body. She got into the first one, hoping the driver spoke English. She gave him the address, a surprised look on his face.

“That’s Shinjuku Eastmouth you know,” seeing that she was American even though she was oriental. “The Kabukicho is there.”


“Yes, the red light district. A lovely girl like you do not look like the type that needs the Kabukicho.”

“Just take me there or I’ll find another taxi that will,” trying to sound adamant, though she was more embarrassed than anything else. She hoped he would take her, not wanting to go through this again.

“Anything the lady wants.” He turned around and started to drive, at least the fare might be good, hoping that she was a big tipper. It took almost a half an hour, the traffic terrible. He looked down the street before he saw it, pulling up to the bright pink neon light that was flashing, JOUNO YOROKOB.

She was nervous now, the place not what she expected. It was a small shop on a street littered with sex clubs and bars. She took a deep breath, throwing some money over the seat to the driver and rushing out of the cab before she could change her mind. She looked around, more men on the street than woman, moved quickly to the door, wanting to get out of the bright lights. The door opened, Eriko passing inside, a small bell ringing as it closed behind her. She was in a small waiting room with a couple of chairs and a table and a counter in front of them. She looked around but there was no one in sight.

He went into the front room when he heard the bell, surprised to see her. Obviously an American, though she was Japanese. She was young, had to be about twenty. The girl was startled when she turned around and saw him.

He suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere. He was about forty or so, the same age as her parents. He was not handsome by any standards, long, wavy black Bahçelievler escort hair and a pair of black glasses. He wasn’t ugly, but not what she expected.

“Good evening. Are you in the wrong place?”

She was glad he at least spoke English, not sure what she would have done if he didn’t. “I don’t think so. I am looking for a massage.”

“Then you are in the right place, although I am not sure why such a lovely girl as you would need a massage.” He looked at her, a lovely body, sure that many boys would love to satisfy her sexually.

“That’s none of your business. Let me speak to the masseuse.” She sat down in one of the chairs, her skirt riding up too high on her legs as she squirmed to pull it down, his eyes staring at her as if he were stripping her naked.

“You are speaking to him. Now why would a lovely girl like you need a massage? You do realize that we cater only to woman that want to obtain sexual gratification.” He decided to be blunt, not sure if the American knew what she was getting into. He could see her squirming, uncomfortable at having to talk to him. It wasn’t his looks that made him desirable, but his hands.

She wasn’t sure she could do this, the man not what she had expected or desired. She wasn’t sure what she expected, maybe someone her own age, handsome, someone that would excite her. She could hear her Grandmother telling her about the time she went to a place like this and how exciting it was. The man looked like he didn’t even want to do it. “Yes, I know what you do.” She hesitated as he waited for her to continue. She finally spit it out. “I broke up with my boyfriend over six months ago and haven’t dated since. I’m looking for sexual release.”

“Why here? Can’t you just masturbate?”

He was asking her more questions then she thought would happen. She thought she would just pay and it would begin. This was getting embarrassing. “I want a man to do it. But I don’t want the emotional or physical attachment I would have with a date. He would expect me to reciprocate. I don’t want to do that.”

He saw the look of desperation on her face. “Well the only thing you have to reciprocate with me is to pay me. In advance,” he added.

“How much?”

“Thirty five thousand Yen.”

She calculated quickly, over three hundred dollars. That was more then she had figured. She looked into her wallet, counting the money. She had enough. “Are you that good?”

“I never had a customer that didn’t cum for me.”

She rose and handed him the money.

“What is your name?”


“You realize that you will need to get naked for me?

“Of course,” though it sound harder now.

“And I am going to touch your naked body. All over.”

“Yes.” She put her head down, not wanting to see his face.

“Then step into the next room. Take off all of your clothes except your bra and panties. There is a robe for you. Go into the next room after you are ready. I will be waiting for you.”

She almost ran from the room, closing the door behind her, finding herself in a small changing room. She leaned against the door, breathing deeply. What was she thinking? How could she do this? She already gave him the money, sure that he wouldn’t give it back if she changed her mind. “I can do it Grandmother. Just like you did.”

“Everything okay?”

“Yes,” she stammered. “I’ll be out in a minute.” She took off her shoes and socks first, trying to forestall the inevitable. She was still breathing heavily when she pulled her sweater over her head, folding it neatly before slowly putting it on the table. Her skirt was next, grabbing it before it fell to the floor. She placed it on top of her sweater, quickly pulling the white robe around her, tying the single belt around her waist tightly. The robe was thin cotton and provided little protection. She felt a wetness between her legs as she stood in her underwear, ready for a massage. She was actually going to do it, let a strange man run his hands over her body. And if successful as he said, masturbate her until she came. She took a deep breath and opened the door. He was waiting for her, his eyes looking her over as she entered. A large massage table took up the majority of the room, covered with a white blanket, a pillow at one end.

“On the table, face down.”

She climbed on the table, putting her head down on the massage pillow, glad she wouldn’t be able to see. She felt him move next to her, her body tense as she waited his touch. She felt a light blanket thrown over her body, covering her from head to foot. He arranged her head so she was staring to the side. She didn’t even have time to think about it when she felt his hands on her body. He began to rub her, starting at her neck and quickly moving down her body until he reached her feet, then moving back up again. Twice he ran over her body, Eriko not even able to protest when his hands ran over her ass cheeks. He moved back to her neck, his hands kneading her from her neck down to her Bahçeşehir escort bayan waist, his strong fingers digging into her back.

He climbed onto the table, perched over her as he began to push hard on her muscles. “You are tense. You must relax.”

She could barely speak even if she wanted to, his hands pushing hard on her back. It began to feel good, her muscles loosening as he began to rub the tension away. His hands moved down her back again, this time stopping on her ass, his hands moving back and forth rigorously, her cheeks jiggling, his hands moving back up and down her body before she even realized it. His hands moved down her legs, running down one side until he reached the end of the table. She was shocked when his hands grabbed her ankles and spread her legs until they were almost to the edge of the table, grateful for the blanket and the robe that covered her.

She felt him kneeling between her spread legs on the table, pulling one of her legs out wider, his hands kneading her legs, moving up until he began to rub her inner thigh, his hand so close to her sex. He continued to rub her inner thigh, the blanket and robe pushed between her legs as he made her flesh jiggle as he robustly massaged her inner thigh. He moved the other leg open wider, Eriko feeling his hand on her naked leg, the blanket pulled back as he kneaded her other leg, stopping again at the juncture of her thighs, his hands rubbing vigorously as her flesh jiggled again. He was moving so fast, Eriko was unable to keep track of his hands.

He got off the table, pulling the blanket to modestly cover her legs again, moving to the top of the table. His hands ran down her back, his powerful fingers kneading her tight muscles. Suddenly he was gone, returning with another pillow. He finally spoke again.

“Turn over onto your back,” pulling the massage pillow from underneath her and replacing it with a large pillow.

She turned over as he pulled the blanket off of her, Eriko moved quickly to pull the robe down over her naked legs where the robe had ridden up from his hands. She lay back down on the table, the blanket thrown over her again, his hands straightening it out. His hands began to run over her body again, this time moving quickly down her front, moving back and forth. Even when he moved away and went back to over her head, his hands would rub over her body, rubbing her stomach and running quickly over one breast as if it didn’t even happen. She closed her eyes as he stood over her.

He ran his hand over her arm under the blanket, his fingers rubbing against the edge of her breast. His hand moved quickly to her side, beginning to rub the edge of her breast vigorously, making the firm flesh jiggle back and forth. He moved to the other one, Eriko feeling strange as he made her breasts dance. He went from one side to the other three times, Eriko’s eyes clenched tightly as she could only imagine how it looked, her breasts jiggling as he started down at her. He finally stopped.

Then she felt it, his hand on her breast, just like a boy would do to her but more boldly. His hand began to massage her breast, moving back and forth over it, making the firm flesh jiggle again. She could feel her nipple hardening, her breasts sensitive to touch. His hand quickly moved down her stomach, rubbing the rest of her body just as he did to her breast. She felt him move down to her abdomen, moving back and forth as he put pressure on his hand, pushing into her flesh.

She felt his hand on her inner thigh again, rubbing back and forth, forcing her leg to bow out from his strength, ashamed at how she must look. His hand rubbed back and forth over her tender inner thigh, almost too harshly as he rubbed so close to her pussy that she could feel her juices begin to flow. He moved to the other leg, forcing her to bow her leg out again, feeling obscenely exposed as he rubbed so close to her pussy, his hand moving so fast that she could even comprehend any longer.

She closed her legs tightly as the heel of his hand pushed hard on her mound, rubbing back and forth. She opened her eyes, his eyes staring intently at her face as his hand pushed harshly back and forth over her mound, feeling her lips pushed back and forth. She closed her eyes again, unable to see his stare. Her body rocked back and forth as his hand rubbed her. Relieved, he stopped, his hand moving up and down her body, rubbing her breasts, his fingers even running across her face as he moved back to the end of the table again.

His hands ran down one leg, along her inner thigh until he reached her ankle. She was shocked when her bent her leg back, moving to her other ankle, but not before he threw back the blanket and robe that covered her. Suddenly her legs were pushed back almost to her chest, hearing the bones crack in her back as he made her body rock by pushing on her knees. She could only imagine how exposed she was, her panties the only thing hiding her sex, her legs thrown back as if he was going to fuck her. He rocked Escort Bakırköy her body back and forth, feeling as if his eyes were burning a hole in her crotch.

She was relieved when he put her legs back down, leaving them spread slightly. He began to rub her inner thigh again, this time his hand on her naked flesh. She couldn’t help herself when his hand moved to the edge of her panties, running up and down the edge. She felt her leg spread wider, unable to comprehend that it was her that was doing it. He banged his hand into her sex, the touch on her pussy sending her into spasms of pleasure. His hand moved to her other leg, Eriko unintentionally letting her leg bow out as he rubbed her inner thigh with both hands before touching the edge of her panties. God, she wanted him to touch her pussy, no longer caring. His hands were suddenly gone again, the blanket pulled modestly over her legs again, Eriko disappointed. His hand ran up her body again, massaging her breasts, moving down her thigh, moving back up into the heel of his hand pushed into her mound again. He pushed, moving back and forth. She didn’t close her legs this time, in fact they parted, the heel of his hand sliding lower, rubbing back and forth over her mound.

She knew he was watching her reaction as his hand masturbated her pussy, her body rocking back and forth as he pushed harder. She spread her legs wider for him, eager to feel his touch.

He stopped again, this time moving to her head. She felt him lift her up, her strength drained by his hands, her body so relaxed she couldn’t even sit up without his help. She felt the blanked fall away, his hands moving to the belt of the robe, quickly slipping it over. Before she could protest, he was pulling it off her body, manhandling her limp body until he had it off. She shivered in fear as she was clad in only her bra and panties.

“On your belly.” His voice broke the silence of the room.

She turned over onto her belly, putting her head back down on the pillow. She hadn’t thought about this. She had only imagined him looking at her breasts and her pussy. She didn’t even think of her ass. His hands were unclasping her bra before she could even lay down, his hands sliding it from her body, Eriko glad she was on her belly, her naked breasts hidden from his view. At least for now. She didn’t feel the blanket this time, her legs tightly together as he moved to the foot of the table. His hand ran up her naked legs, moving to run over her panty covered ass cheeks, rubbing them sensuously. “Noo,” she tried to protest, but her panties were quickly pulled down her legs, leaving her naked on the table. His hand moved up her leg, this time finding her naked cheeks as he rubbed her. She heard him move away, her hands clenching the edge of the table as she waited for his return. And the return of his touch. She almost wished she didn’t open her eyes when he walked back, seeing him carrying a small container of oil. He was going to rub it on her body, Eriko sure that her ass would also be included. No one had ever touched her there, Eriko couldn’t even fathom it when she thought of this.

She felt his hands grip her ankles again, spreading her legs again as he sto0d between her legs. He began to dab drops of oil on her, starting with both of her feet, the back of her knees, moving up to drop a dollop just below her cheeks. A drop on the center of her back, moving up from her waist to her neck, each time spreading oil on her, readying to massage her. He moved back down to the top of her ass. No, she cried silently to herself, her hands turning white as she clenched the edge of the table. His oiled finger had moved between her crack, finding her anus unprotected, rubbing his oiled finger back and forth over her tiny hole. It seemed like hours as he oiled her anus, pushing with his finger until the tip entered her, her anal ring burning as he pushed inside her. She couldn’t move, if she did, she would further impale her anus on his finger. She suffered under the rude fondling. But the strange thing is that her pussy drenched the towel under her as she suffered his fondling.

He finally pulled his finger from between her cheeks, Eriko feeling relief, although she felt a bit empty. He moved down to the foot of the table again, seized her ankles again, spreading her legs wide to accommodate him. He rubbed the oil into her skin, beginning with her foot, massaging it. He moved up to her calve, rubbing her flesh back and forth until she felt her skin slick with the oil. His hands moved to her inner thigh, her leg forced to bow outward as he vigorously rubbed her skin, his hands straying close to her pussy, Eriko shivering in lust. He began to rub her ass cheeks, massaging them as if it wasn’t anything different. She could feel her cheeks pulling apart, her oiled anus exposed to the cold air. He moved back down to her inner thighs, rubbing them with both hands, so close to her pussy. She felt him move away to the back of the table, his hands moving up between her legs.

Her ass arched up into the air when he touched her. Touched her pussy. It wasn’t just close this time, his hand slick with oil ran up her slit and between her cheeks to run over her anus again. He pulled his hand back down again, Eriko arching up again as she felt his fingers between her slick pussy lips. God, she could almost cum from his touch, her body so hot.

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