Favour Returned Ch. 02

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The sun was streaming through the bedroom window, another fine day beckoned as I awoke. My companion moved and got out of bed, reminding me that I was not alone. I recalled the delights of the previous evening and wondered what the morning would bring, I opened my eyes in time to see her disappear into the bathroom. The sound of her peeing gave me the sudden urge to empty my own bladder. As I got to the bathroom I was surprised to see the door open, I entered just as she was wiping herself with a tissue.

“Don’t wipe too much, we don’t want you too dry.”

“No chance of that. I can’t believe the amount of cum that oozed out during the night and there’s still some left. You certainly came with a vengeance.”

“You can never have too much of a good thing.”

She laughed as she got up, lifted the seat, went to the basin and washed her hands. I stood in front of the toilet and tried to pee but couldn’t. By now I had a raging erection which always makes peeing difficult, knowing that she was looking at me made it even worse. Payback for being smug I thought.

“Do you need a hand”.

With that she stood behind me and placed her wet soapy hands on my cock, gently rubbing up and down. No chance of peeing now. But I was bursting, try and think of anything else. She pushed my hard cock down to point at the bowl. The mild pain coupled with the thought of the unbelievably ugly client I would be meeting later, a woman who always tried to seduce me, did the trick. I started to pee – what relief. I wiped the tip of my cock as she went back to the basin.

Whilst peeing I had noticed a razor, shaving gel and moisturiser amongst the complimentary toiletries. Now it was my turn to tease.

I stood behind her, an arm either side and my hands in the soapy water to get them slippery. Slowly my hands slid up her body to her armpits then on to those beautiful full, round tits, the caressing began. I nuzzled the back of her neck, her shoulder and licked her ear. I knew some women liked theirs ears licked, was she one? She didn’t object, rather the opposite judging by the heavy breathing. By now my cock was again at attention and pressing into her back. Without warning I stopped, put my arms down and stepped back.

“I think some hair needs shaving.”

Her hand shot to her armpit as she turned to face me, her face red with embarrassment.

“Not there, lower.”

She bent down and slid her hand down her leg.

“No, higher.”

She stood up and looked at me quizzically. I looked down to her trimmed triangle. realisation dawned.

“I’ll get you for that.”

Said not with anger but anticipation.


As we came together in a deep, passionate kiss, she lowered my cock till it slipped between her legs and against her cunt lips. We gently moved against each other, as our kissing grew more intense I knew it was time to stop.

“Into the bath, back against the wall, and place your foot up on the edge.”

She hesitated, obviously wanting to continue, but finally moved to the bath. I picked up the razor and shaving gel, stepped into the bath, and knelt in front of her, shower attachment in hand. The warm water sprayed her triangle and clit (which received the most attention), the pressure of the water grew more intense as the shower head moved closer to her clit. As expected her clit swelled as it poked from under Bitlis Escort the hood, her hips began to gently sway, she was enjoying the sensation. I turned the water off, now was the not the time for sex.



The shaving gel was applied to her bush and between her legs, she moaned as my fingers touched her clit and she held my hand there.

“Not now, later.”

Reluctantly her hand moved away. I shaved her with care and precision (a nicked and bloody pleasure palace was not the idea). As I rinsed, dried and applied moisturiser I deliberately stimulated her clit, enough to excite but not to climax. I stood back to admire my handiwork.

“Beautiful, as bald as the day you were born. Now turn round, bend over with your legs apart.”

Those beautiful white round plump buttocks and moist juicy cunt lips were on full view, I stepped closer and gently inserted the head of my cock into her cunt, she was right, it was wet and sticky. She tried to impale herself on my cock by pushing backwards but I placed my hands on her buttocks and stopped her, I was aching to fuck her senseless but I could wait. The remaining hairs on her cunt lips and the fluff around her arsehole had yet to be shaved..

“Later. “


“I know, but not now.”

Only later did I realise that she had not understood the significance of this exchange.

She stopped pushing, I shaved the fluff from her arsehole and rinsed her arse and cunt lips. Now the fun could begin. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me, there was no resistance as my cock slid into her cunt until it could go no further. As I gently fucked her with long slow strokes I could see the remnants of my old cum mingling with her juices, a cream that was smeared all over my cock. Now to make my finger moist and sticky but would it slip into her tight cunt alongside my cock? To my surprise it slid in easily. I was not disappointed with the stickiness, perfect for slipping into her arsehole. My fingertip rimmed her arsehole but as I gently tried to push it into her arse she looked round and moved away, my cock slipped from her cunt.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting your arse ready to be fucked.”

“No! I’ve only been arse fucked once, it was too painful.”

This was not going to be as straightforward as I had thought.

“Obviously not by an expert.”

“I was 16, my boyfriend wanted to try it, he rammed his cock in so hard.”

I could hear the pleading in her voice but also a sense of finality, part of her wanted it, part of her didn’t. If I really persisted she would not resist.

“Just relax. I promise I will stop whenever you ask. I’ll prepare you and be gentle.”

I could tell she was still tense as I gently rimmed her arsehole with my finger before gently inserting the fingertip. She tensed even more.


I withdrew my finger, and gently reinserted it. She did not tense up so much this time. As I continued to withdrew and insert so she relaxed a bit more each time. As she completely relaxed the whole finger slipped in.

“That’s not too bad is it.”

“It feels strange but it doesn’t hurt.”

“Good, now my cock. Just relax.”

A final thrust up her cunt for lubrication then the wet sticky tip was placed against her arsehole. A gentle push. She tensed.

“Relax, Bolu Escort it’ll be just like my finger only bigger.”

She relaxed, the tip went in then I withdrew. Just as my finger had penetrated deeper with each insertion so did my cock, stretching her arsehole wider with each push. Finally the head of my cock slipped past the muscle which gripped my cock tightly just behind the helmet. I gently withdrew, then pushed in again. She was relaxed now and the head slipped in easily. With each penetration I went deeper and met with less resistance until, finally, each time I came out her arsehole was still open, ready to accept my next thrust. I could tell by her breathing that she was enjoying the sensations that were new to her. With my cock fully up her arsehole I was leaning on her back, my arm around her stomach, my hand caressing her clit. She began to move her hips forward and back, no longer was I fucking her, she was fucking me and was she enjoying it! Her breathing got deeper and quicker, her movements quicker and longer until with each forward move my cock was just in her arse, with each backward movement my cock was fully up her arse.

We were both near. I did not intend coming in her arse but she suddenly convulsed as she climaxed and pushed back onto me. Any doubt about her enjoyment was dispelled with her shattering climax. If the occupants of the next room were still asleep her squeals would have woken them. When she finally stopped writhing I started to withdraw but, as the helmet got to her arsehole, her muscle suddenly tightened. I came just as I withdrew. The first spurt of my cum shot into and on her closing arsehole, the other spurts landed on her arse cheeks. I looked down and could see my cum oozing from her arsehole. She started to straighten up but I placed my hand on her back and held her down, with the other hand I massaged my cum into her arse cheeks. Her cheeks and my hand were sticky with creamed cum.

“Now you can stand up.”

She turned round, the pleasure on her face plain for all to see. She embraced me and whispered in my ear.

“Thanks. You were gentle. If only you’d been the first I’d have had a lot more pleasure by now.”

“The pleasure is mine. If you really want to thank me you can wash my cock.”

She let go, stepped back and turned to reach for a flannel.

“Not with that, with your tongue.”

She looked at me, about to protest when she suddenly smiled and knelt in front of me.

“Yes Master.”

It was said with amusement, thanks and a broad smile.

She held the head of my limp cock, lifted it, placed her mouth under and licked her juices off my balls which had been pressed against her cunt during her climax. A cat would have been proud of the way she licked them clean but better was to come. Her tongue touched the underside of my cock at the root and then slowly moved to the head. Once, twice, three times. Repeated on both sides as well. The obvious reaction occurred, my cock was standing at attention, leaving her hands free to caress and gently squeeze my balls. She smiled at me, knowing the pleasure she had given and the pleasure she was about to give. As she placed her finger and thumb on the helmet and pulled my cock to point towards the floor I experienced a quite exquisite pain. Now she licked the top of my cock just as she had licked the bottom and sides. Burdur Escort

I had to have my cock in her mouth. She knew it. Her hand moved to the root, pulling the skin down on my cock so tightly that it was mildly painful as she let it stand to attention . How I didn’t cum I will never know. The real stimulation now began, she started licking the helmet, playing with the eye with the tip of her tongue, blowing on it, sucking on it. I needed my cock in her mouth, I could wait no longer. I placed my hands on her head to pull her forward but she beat me to it. Her lips closed around the shaft, moving down until my cock hit the back of her mouth. She moved her head up, her lips still gripping the shaft, then down. She was fucking me with her mouth with increasing speed and ferocity. Her teeth scraping on my skin and the head striking the back of her mouth with more force each time. I desperately wanted to cum but didn’t want the pleasure to stop. Finally I had to succumb, my cock started twitching. I was about to shoot my load. She knew and stopped on the up stroke with her mouth open, my cock held between her open lips just as I came.

“Don’t Stop!”

My plea got no response as my second spurt disappeared into her mouth. My hands flew to the back of her head and pulled it forward until her nose was pressed hard against my body. She gagged but still took my cock as the third spurt went down her throat. I relaxed. Again she took control, her lips slid up my cock but only so that she could close them around the helmet. She sucked me dry. My cock was limp, red and sore when she finally let it slip from her mouth.

As she stood we embraced and kissed. I could my taste my cum mixed with her saliva.

“Are you clean enough or shall I wash it again.”

The humour and challenge in her voice were unmistakeable.

Before I could answer the phone rang.

“My 8 o’clock alarm call.”

Her words brought me back to earth.

“Bollocks, I’ve got a 9 o’clock meeting. No time for the shower I had planned.”

“I’d have liked that, another time perhaps.”

With that she got out of the bath, turning on the shower as she went.

“Shower here to save time.”

She left the bathroom.

As I was towelling myself she brought in my clothes, looking at me wistfully as I dressed. Anybody seeing her in the unflattering towelling bathrobe would never believe the sexual antics she was capable of.

We walked to the bedroom door which she opened, I turned to her, before I could say anything she placed a finger on my lips. Nothing to be said. I left wondering if I would ever see her again.

Late that afternoon I returned to the hotel. As I was picking up my room keys the desk clerk handed me a note.

“Lady Ann left this for you sir.”

“Lady Ann?”

“Yes, the lady you shared your table with last night. She checked out this morning.”

Now I knew why the head waiter had been so keen not to turn her away.

I opened the note with a tinge of sadness.

“Thank you for allowing me to dine with you, your company was very enjoyable. You have experience in areas of which I know little, the knowledge you imparted was quite an eye opener, very stimulating. I shall bear it mind in the future. We may never meet again but if you wish to further enlighten me you can contact me on the email address below.”

I grinned. Such an innocent note but with such hidden meaning, the invitation to more varied and exciting future pleasures quite unmistakeable. I went to my room, got out my laptop, plugged it into the hotel’s Internet system and wrote an email.

(To be continued)

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