Family Vacation Pt. 02

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Part I is on Literotica too. I advice you to read it first. Enjoy your read.

After leaving the hotel room, after fucking my mom up the ass, I went to a coffee shop next to the ocean. For some coffee, for some nice breakfast while enjoying the views: The ocean and some hot asses — yes, I am a horny fucker. I even got a newspaper, to stay up to date. It was a very relaxing morning.

After some time my sister showed up. Dressed to impress, but somewhat nervous. By the looks of it the experience of earlier was getting to her — yes, finding out that your brother fucks your mom can do that to you. She asked me if it was okay for me when she joins in. I said no problem, sit down wherever you want.

Sis placed herself on the opposite side of the small table. She ordered some coffee and some food. All the time there was some awkward silence between the two of us. No one knew what to talk about, all attempts to break the ice failed. All attempts to start a conversation died off pretty fast. Yes, something was in the air. Then I came up with a grand idea: “Wanna join me in on a boat trip in an hour or two? Nothing but cruising around the ocean. Only the two of us, with no one listening in.”

My sister just sat there for a minute, thinking about an answer. In the end she said yes. We set up a time and a meeting point point: Down at the pier, around 12:00, bring your own food and drinks.

After everything was set up, I excused myself. I had to rent a boat. Yes, I have all the licenses you need to steer a motorboat. But some paperwork had to be done. Some money had to be paid before they handed me the keys to some shiny wooden boat with a very powerful engine beneath the hood.

On my way from the boat rental service to our hotel room I ran into dad. I told him that sis and I went out on a boat trip in the afternoon. I asked him if mom and he wanted to join in. But he declined. With some pleased smile on his face. With sparkling in his eyes. I knew exactly what he was up too: While his kids were gone for a few hours, he would fuck his wife, my mom. He really was looking forward to some home alone time with mom.

Around lunch time sis and I met at the pier. She stowed away the supplies, I Kıbrıs Escort checked if the boat was working properly and if there were no holes in it. Then we took off. We just went out. Without any specific goals in mind. An exploring trip. On a beautiful, not too sunny, not too cloudy day. The views, the overall mood were awesome. We had a blast. We enjoyed ourselves. The awkwardness between the two of us was gone. It was replaced with laughter.

After about two ours of speeding through the area it was time to find a place to rest. We were looking for a small, secluded bay. A place just for the two of us. And luckily we found one. I threw the anchor, sis got out the food. We had some delicious sandwiches for lunch. Then we chilled for some time. Went for a swim. And chilled again. It was nothing but relaxing.

Then sis asked me if it would be okay when she took of her bikini top. She wanted to avoid getting tan lines. I said no problem. After she took off her top, she creamed her beautiful tits with sun cream. While her body was turned towards me. I tried not to look, but well, in the end, I had to hide my erection. Sis knew exactly what I was going on. And she made things worse, or better, it depends on your view onto the world: “So you really fucked our mother in the morning?”

No need to deny anything. Sis more or less caught us in the act. No one else came out of the bathroom except our mom and me. So I said yes. Sis kept on asking: “Was it your first time? Is she a hot fuck?”

You clearly don’t want your own sister to ask you questions like that, but well, you don’t fuck your own mom either. So I gave her some honest answers: “Yes, fucking mom was awesome. She really knows how to make a man happy. Dad is very fortunate to have her. And yes, it was our first time with each other.”

Sis was pleased with the answer. But she clearly wasn’t done with me. She began to squeeze her tits, to play with her nipples. Right in front of me: “Do I make you hard too? Do you want to fuck me too?”

I might have blushed a little. I didn’t answer her question. My rock hard dick did. There was a huge tent between my legs. A tent too big to hide. It put a smile on my sisters Lefkoşa Escort face. And she kept on going: “You know what brother, listening in on you fucking mom, or dad fucking mom, at least that was what I was thinking was going on, made me more than just wet. I was playing myself all the time. I finished off shortly after you did.”

Now I was really turned on. I was more than just rock hard. I went closer to my sister. Still watching her playing with her tits. Getting rid of my trunks while doing so. Setting my rock hard dick free. Giving him some room to breath.

When I arrived next to my sister she stopped playing with her boobs. Her hands moved towards my dick and my balls. My hands were on her tits. Now I squeezed her boobs, now I played with her hard nipples. Yes, it all was nothing but a huge turn on. Her hands touching my private parts felt great. Her tits in my hands felt even better.

Then her lips wrapped around my glans. Her hands squeezing my balls. Some moans escaped my throat. I was in heaven. My own sister was sucking off my rock hard dick in a secluded bay while the sun was shining. A hard to top thing. And she knew what she was doing. She clearly had some experience in sucking dick. She brought me closer and closer to an orgasm. Then she stopped: “Time to eat me out, bro.”

No need to tell me that twice. I love pussy eating. Sis got rid of her bikini bottom, leaned back and spreed her legs for me. A few seconds later my tongue was buried in her pussy. She began to moan. She clearly enjoyed my doing.

After some time I brought in my fingers into the game: One first, then a second, then a third. With my tongue on her clit. Now sis really enjoyed herself. She came closer, and closer to an orgasm. But I kept her on the edge. I did everything to prevent her from jumping over. On one hand she probably hated my doing, on the other hand, it turned her on even further. And I, my dick was close to explode. I wanted nothing but to fuck her hard and deep. But I restrained myself. I took my time with my own sister.

The urge to fuck her got bigger and bigger with every minute. I had to give in. I moved her in position, then I slid my rock hard Girne Escort dick inside her dripping wet, swollen pussy. She moaned out even louder. I moaned out too. I went in gentle. Not even balls deep in the beginning. It took a lot to hold myself back, but I managed to pull the stunt. I was in no hurry. I wanted to enjoy every damn seconds. Sis was still moaning, but she asked for more: “Fuck me brother. Take me hard. Destroy my pussy.”

No, not today sis. Today we fuck gentle. My doing turned made her beg to fuck her harder. I held myself back. Gentle thrusts, in and out, balls deep meanwhile. I slowly but steadily worked myself towards a huge fucking orgasm. My balls were already aching. My dick was throbbing, desperate for some relief. Sis was cursing, and moaning.

Then a few hard and deep thrusts. Orgasm time. My balls emptied themselves inside my sisters pussy. She came with me. Out of nowhere an orgasm built up in her. A leg shacking one. Her whole body was trembling for some time after. A huge satisfied smile appeared on her face: “You are an asshole, brother.”

I smiled too. I smiled even more after she called me an asshole. Yes, I knew exactly what I was doing. And fuck, I was more than just happy. What a great day it was: At first I fucked in the shower to cure my morning wood. It got cured twice. And now I fucked some hot girl on a boat in a secluded bay while the sun was shining onto us. Fuck yeah.

Sis and I stayed in the bay for a few more hours. Not bothering to put on some clothes, but we were smart enough to but some sun cream on our private parts. We just were laying next to each other, talking a little bit, going for an occasional swim and munching some snacks.

Then it was time to return the boat. To cruise back to our hotel. We got dressed, and off we went. Full speed ahead. Jumping over some huge waves. With some huge smiles on our faces.

Back at the hotel, it was dinner time. We met up with mom and dad again. They both looked very satisfied too. They probably were fucking the bigger part of the afternoon. Sis and I told them about our boat trip. Well, we left out the fucking part, of course, due obvious reasons. We had some great food, a lot of laughs and some nice conversations that evening.

After dinner was done, mom and dad went to bed. Sis joined them in. I needed some alone time. So I went for a walk down to the beach. To think about that fucking awesome day that just came to an end. When I was done thinking, I went to bed too.

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