Familial Indiscretions Pt. 02

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Anya led Dave by his sweating hand into the adjoining bathroom. He was literally trembling all over his entire body, shaking with unbridled ecstasy and overwhelming excitement. Anya turned to look at him as they walked across the ceramic tiled floor, grinning mischievously. He loved the way she did that, making it look like what they were doing was just neighborhood mischief…rather than something illegal and completely depraved.

She stopped by the beautiful and large white bathtub, turning fully to face her cousin. “Do you need a release?” She laughed as she pinched both of her already-stiffened nipples in between her fingertips, twisting them to the point that her brow furrowed in a brief moment of purposeful pain. Then she smiled again, taking one step foot backwards into the bathtub.

“Looks like I need a bath. Won’t you help me?” She got into the empty tub and sank slowly, seductively, to her knees, her back remaining stiff and straight, her body prone – ready for him. The whole thing then turned to slow-motion in Dave’s mind: he moved in closer to the tub, his stiff cock standing straight out towards his cousin’s eager lips. But even when she leaned in to kiss it, to lick it, he instinctively moved backward. Then he smiled.

“Finally!” she said, laughing almost hysterically. “Now you’re getting into the swing of it. Wash me. Please?” She ended his request with her eyebrows knitted, eagerly, gently pleading with her cousin. He knew exactly what she wanted. He knew she was filthy, and to be fair erzurum escort he had always wanted to do a golden shower. It was just the concept that excited him most, the fact that it was taboo, that it was just what both he and Anya wanted: to be disgusting.

Dave straightened his back, leaned his head towards the ceiling, and closed his eyes. Before he knew it, a full stream of piss was splashing onto his cousin’s face. He knew immediately she loved it. Her mouth opened and she began moaning with unrestrained delirium. She ran her hands through her long brown hair as his piss covered her to the point of saturation – he must’ve really had to go and didn’t even realize; but now he kept going and going!

She even took some in her mouth, swallowing it totally with a few loud gulps. That, Dave loved; he loved seeing her, his own cousin, drink his urine. It made him even harder, so his peeing slowed to a few drips. Anya leaned over, dripping wet but looking sexy as ever, and kissed the head of his cock, collecting any last droplets with her tongue and swallowing again, licking her front teeth and lips after she did so. She looked up at him, those devilish blue eyes staring right into his soul.

“What else do you want from your disgusting whore of a cousin?” she asked. On her knees, looking so slavish, Dave couldn’t be more excited – nor could Anya. “Can I have your cock?”

“Not yet.” Dave put his own foot in the tub, and laid down, his back against the cold tile wall. “Now you need bodrum escort to wash my cock.”

Anya’s eyes danced with delight. “Yes, cousin.” She straddled him, her warm, wet pussy rubbing gently against his prostrate dick. Putting her arms loosely around his neck she held her body just a few inches above his stomach, and began peeing. Hers was pleasing and warm, and Dave founding himself enjoying the flow immensely, closing his eyes again. He loved this, and he loved that she loved this. Perhaps they were mean to be?

Once Anya stopped, she settled down on his cock, but not taking him inside her. Not just yet, she thought wryly. Sometimes she wondered if she was crazy – but then again here she was with her cousin who obviously had wanted this and was just as filthy!

Anya drew her cousin’s eyes open, and stared directly into them. “Now I want that asshole.”

Dave’s eyes shot open and he looked into his sister’s pools of deep grey-blue. Then he smiled, the same grin that she flashed him earlier that afternoon, telling her he would be willing to do anything with her. It must have been a family trait.

She took him by the hand, both of them glistened with liquid gold, and the two walked back into Anya’s room in the basement apartment. They began kissing passionately, sloppily, tongues running over each other’s tongues and teeth; Dave licked and sucked Anya’s neck while she craned her head back and moaned softly, almost delicately. His cock was as hard as rock, and her fingertips eskişehir escort like soft flower petals dancing poignantly on his dick, enticing him and causing him to continually flex his muscles, almost to the point of cumming prematurely.

The kissing continued as Dave leaned back onto the bed. His cousin was straddled atop him, holding his arms on either side of his body, restraining him. Then she stopped and said, “I want to eat your ass, and then you’re gonna fuck me until I can’t breathe.”

Anya lifted herself off of her cousin and sat back on her heels, watching him as he raised his legs up into the air. She slid her hand up his shaft and around his cock, enveloping his member in her creamy white skin, softly jerking him while she descended, tongue sticking out in such a way that Dave groaned, leaned his head back, and closed his eyes again.

Anya’s tongue was magical: she flicked it in and out of his asshole at first, then began dragging it along his ass and up his taint and balls, running it up to the tip of his cock, causing him to groan even louder and began panting. She giggled as she brought her head down again, fucking his ass with her tongue over and over, in and out, in and out, until his whole taint was sopping wet with her spit. Anya sat up; she smiled at him as a string of spit slide out of the corner of her mouth and hung there for a second before splashing onto her boob, her nipples so hard and erect that Dave couldn’t wait to take them into his mouth again.

Dave shot up almost on cue and they began making out again. They both loved the idea of going ass-to-mouth, the filthiness of it only turned them on more. Dave could barely contain himself, he was close to summing – and they hadn’t even fucked each other yet!


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