Facing the Frat Boy Ch. 02

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the responses to the first chapter- really glad you guys enjoyed it. Keep letting me know what you guys think. I love reading your feedback. Here’s chapter 2. I already have the first couple chapters written and waiting to be released.

Ch. 02: What even is Levi Truong?

Ryan placed his bag on one of the empty tables at the far edge of the library. He was on the third floor, overlooking the quad as he pulled out a piece of paper that the snarky librarian had so graciously written down for him. It was the fourth week of school and some of his textbooks still hadn’t come in yet. So, he searched through the stacks, trying to navigate the dewey decimal system in order to find the books he needed.

He got back to the table and laid the books down beside him. Ryan opened his laptop and pulled out the e-mail from his Professor with the readings he was supposed to do.

:”You’ve been avoiding me.” He heard someone say as he looked up at the stranger.

It was Levi, dressed in a tank top, shorts and sneakers. It was a bit casual for the library, but then again, it was Saturday morning and most people were still asleep. He looked as if he’d been soaking in the sun all morning, with the slightest scent of sweat pouring off his golden skin.

“Normal people start with introductions before they accuse others.” Ryan said, remembering his wit.

Levi turned his mouth into a smile. He pulled off his shades and placed them on the table like another set of eyes casting judgement on the boy,

“Normal people also don’t walk the other way when they see people they know in the hall.”

Ryan gulped. He knew exactly what the boy was talking about. On Tuesday, he’d seen Levi just as he left one of his morning classes. The older boy was talking with a bunch of other fit and intimidating guys just by the main entrance. The letters on some of their hoodies and baseball caps told him they were Pi Kappas too. He decided to save himself the awkward encounter and simply walked the long way around the building to the other exit. He thought that would be the last of it, that was, until Thursday when the exact same thing happened. Levi was there, with another, yet still intimidating, group of guys standing just by the doors. He cursed himself again, letting out a grunt as he walked all the way around to the back door for a second time.

“I- I didn’t wanna make it weird in front of your friends.” He said, looking up at him, “You know the group of frat boys that look like they snort protein powder.”

Levi chuckled as he sat down. “They’re not as intimidating as you think,” the older boy said as he leaned across the table.

“But I get your point.” The older boy said diplomatically. “Running into a hook-up is always awkward.”

“Yeah exactly.” Ryan replied, relieved.

“Then tell me this.” Levi said, changing his tone,

“Why is it that I got an Instagram notification at 1 o’clock this morning that a ryan_john liked one of my posts from four months ago?” He leaned into the shocked boy, bathing him in the scent of sun and musk that he oozed.

“You should be more careful with your fingers, Ryan, wouldn’t want them to slip.”

“I- uh-” The younger boy stammered.

In a bout of curiosity, he searched up Levi on the app in hopes of satiating his need to see more. It wasn’t hard, considering how uncommon the name “Levi Truong” was. He found him instantly, and being the kind of guy he was, Levi left his page public. Ryan scrolled through, getting past the Pi Kappa posts and semi-frequent birthday shout outs to friends and family. Fittingly, Levi wasn’t shy about posting the occasional thirst trap, leaving Ryan in the role of “stupid fish who took the bait.” The picture in question was of the older boy emerging from a pool, with the sun shining so brightly on his golden skin that you could practically make out the droplets of water that clung to his body. The freshman got a bit flustered, remembering his night with the boy a week ago when his finger slipped. He thought he unliked it fast enough, but yet here he was.

The frat boy retrieved his phone and quickly scrolled through his feed to the post. He held it up for the other boy to see, not knowing that Ryan had looked at it, and every one of his posts a dozen times over since he’d found his profile.

“It is a good picture, isn’t it?” He zoomed in, “The sun really gave my abs some good definition here. We were vacationing in Hawaii and I had to have my sister retake it three times cause the angles weren’t right.” He winked, “I say she did a good job, wouldn’t you agree?”

Ryan growled and loudly closed the book he was reading. “Fine!” he said, irritated. “I was stalking your profile because I think you’re hot.” He pointed a finger at the boy, “And you’re so fucking cocky because you know you are and you’re here making me admit it!”

He peered his eyes at the smug boy across from him, “Now can you leave me alone or did you plan on tormenting casino oyna me all morning?”

Levi watched the boy settle down. He waited for a few seconds, noticing that Ryan was only pretending to get back to work.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you that much.” He said. “It’s just fun seeing you get so riled up.”

Ryan glared back at him, forcing himself into a scowl. “It’s only fun for you.” He muttered, under his breath.

“Ease up, man. If we’re gonna be friends, you have to get used to my sense of humor.” He flashed a killer smile, complete with two air guns that he popped off at the boy. “It’s part of my charm.”

“Who said I wanted to be friends with you?” The younger boy deadpanned.

“Ouch.” Levi replied as he bundled up his shirt. “That one actually hurt, Ryan.” He faked a sad look which the boy thought only made him more adorable.

“That was the reason you came to the Pi Kapp party, wasn’t it?” He asked, “To make friends.”

Ryan crossed his arms, hating how Levi was right. “So that’s what we are? Friends who sleep together?”

The older boy shook his head, “Us being friends isn’t dependent on hooking up, if that’s what you’re concerned about.”

He leaned back into the chair, “I’ll ruffle your feathers and tease you to death to get a reaction, but I’m not a bad guy.”

Ryan softened his face. He knew deep down that Levi wasn’t- based on how he’d acted alone. But still, he didn’t think he could keep his feelings in check- being so attracted to a guy who genuinely wanted to be his friend. Still too, getting mixed up in a straight boy wasn’t a safe game to play.

Levi got on his phone and started typing away. He did a few clicks, causing Ryan’s phone to light up.

“What’s this?” He asked, holding it up and showing that youngtruong had followed him on Instagram. For good measure, Levi even liked the younger boy’s latest post- a throwback picture of Ryan with what Levi assumed were his high school friends. The tanned boy looked genuinely happy- with a smile that he really hoped he could coax out of him again.

Levi gave him a wink, “So you don’t have to feel weird about stalking my profile anymore.”

Ryan peered his eyes as the boy stood up, “Next time you see me in the halls, you don’t have to walk the other way.” He added, “You don’t have to say hi if you don’t want to, but you don’t have to avoid me.”

“Alright.” The boy managed as he took in Levi’s frame as it was bathed in the morning sun.

“See you around, freshman.”


Ryan spent most of his Tuesday class working up the courage to actually speak to Levi when they let out. It was stupid, he knew, how the boy managed to wind him in knots. By chance, his Professor had let them out early- giving him the out he was looking for.

The younger boy thought he was out of the woods, that was, until he got dinner later that night. Lawrence proved to be a poser- constantly trying to work his way into groups as a way to get in with the cooler people on their floor. Once he realized that Ryan wasn’t some gateway to parties or any piece of the typical college experience, he left the boy alone. Ryan had no such care, figuring that he’d been done with cliques once high school ended. So he went to dinner alone, grabbing a pretty bland bowl of pasta that he had to douse in hot sauce just to give it some flavor. Ryan grabbed an overpriced Vitamin Water and headed to one of the tables by the windows where there were far less people.

On the way, he passed by a large table of guys who were making up most of the noise within the space. He looked, only to find Levi sitting with them, laughing along as some burly dude finished his story in between bites of his cheeseburger. Apart from the fact that he was the only Asian guy there, he looked like he belonged.

They made eye contact as he passed by, with Ryan nodding his head in acknowledgement. Levi smiled at that and nodded back, before the big guy said another punchline, leaving the table hysterical.

Ryan eased into an empty table and pulled out his phone to give him something to look at while he ate.

“Hey freshman,” He heard in a voice that was becoming too familiar.

Levi flashed a smile as he pulled the chair out and sat down. Ryan didn’t bother to look up at his phone, replying, “Is this a thing for us now- you bothering me every time I’m alone?” He asked, while scrolling on his phone.

“Well if not for me, you’d be all alone and pretending to look at something more interesting on your phone.” Levi said, a little too chipper for Ryan’s sour mood.

The boy exhaled, setting his phone down and looking up at Levi like he was waiting for him to say something.

“It was hard for me to make friends last year, too.” He said, easing back into the chair.

“Somehow I have a hard time believing that.” Ryan replied, picking at the dry noodles.

“It’s true.” The older boy replied. “Hell I ate most meals in my dorm those first few weeks- even slot oyna my roommates were out doing god-knows-what while I stayed in, alone.”

The boy softened, “Is that why you rushed Pi Kappa Phi?”

Levi nodded, “The easiest way to make friends is to join a club or organization.”

Ryan chuckled, “Sounds like cheating.”

The older boy shook his head, “Not really.”

His face went serious, “In a fraternity, you don’t gain friends just for joining. You earn their respect and their trust.” He turned back towards the rowdy group, “I know for sure that most of those guys have my back.”

Ryan understood, knowing first hand how friends didn’t come easy. He nodded, “Sounds like you’re trying to get me to rush.”

“Not at all.” Levi said, plainly. “I’m just telling you what worked for me.” He reached over and took a sip of the boy’s drink without even asking.

“You’ll find your people, Ryan. It just takes time.” He handed the half empty bottle back to him, “And when you do, maybe you won’t be so prickly to me everytime I pay you some attention.” He winked again.

Ryan exhaled, “I’m not being prickly intentionally.” He admitted.”I’m sorry for that. You’ve actually been kinda nice to me. Even though you are full of yourself.”

Levi quipped back, “Pretty sure last week you were the one full of me.” He crossed his arms, playing a winning hand.

Ryan turned bright red- brighter than the streaks of tabasco he slathered on his pasta. He chuckled, “I walked right into that one, didn’t I?”

“Yeah you did.” Levi said with a nod. He felt his cock grow harder in his shorts, concealed by the cafeteria table between them. He’d thought about his last time with Ryan a lot this week, remembering just how tight the boy was and all the little noises he made when he was inside him. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t want to do it again.

“So you’re cool with everything we did that night?” Ryan asked hesitantly.

Levi smiled, “Best fucking ass I’ve ever had.” He said immediately, talking about Ryan like he was his newest conquest- which of course he was.

The boy couldn’t help but chuckle. He looked aside, unable to match Levi’s eyes, “I just wasn’t sure if, at some point, you’d regret it or be grossed out about it.” He said softly, “That’s kinda why I avoided you.”

“Ryan,” the older boy said firmly. He waited for those soft hazel eyes to meet his, “I don’t regret it at all.” Levi went on, “I wasn’t drunk nor did I feel like it was a mistake either during or after we were together.” He chuckled, “It was fun.”

The younger boy looked back up, softening his look to what Levi assumed was the closest he’d get to a smile right now.

“Does that help ease things for you?” He said, playing therapist for a minute.

Ryan nodded, reluctantly, not wanting to confess that it’s all he’d been able to think about all week. The older boy reached over and rubbed the boy’s head, messing up the already wild patch of thick black hair he wore.

“You worry too much, dude.” He said, pulling his hands back. “I enjoyed myself and you- you definitely enjoyed yourself.” Levi said, drawing out the second part for emphasis. Ryan feigned annoyance but it was obvious he liked it.

“I don’t see why we can’t continue to-” Levi cleared his throat, “enjoy ourselves.”

Ryan stayed quiet for a few seconds, wondering how he wanted to play this. He could change the subject, leaving the possibility of another meeting completely up in the air. He knew that was the safe thing to do- but Levi sat across him like the embodiment of temptation- with his white toothed grin, sultry eyes and a bright blue shirt that looked so good on him.

“What are you doing right now?” The boy asked softly, somehow worried his invitation would carry over the group of frat boys who paid no attention to anyone else but their little Greek bubble.

Levi bit down on his knuckle, feeling his cock grow to life at the mere thought of fucking Ryan again. “You serious?” He asked.

“Only if you are.” The younger boy replied, not being one to ask twice.

Levi flashed a wide smile like he’d just been granted ten more minutes of time on his Xbox. He got up immediately and tossed the near empty bottle into the trash a few tables away.

He turned towards the other door, away from his friends and any possibility of them being seen. “Don’t you have to say goodbye to your posse?” Ryan teased as he threw away his plate.

Levi adjusted the bulge in his jeans, “They won’t even notice I’m gone.”

The short walk to Ryan’s dorm was quieter than the last time- with Ryan saying less because there wasn’t any question as to what they’d do once they got there. They were going to have sex- a thought that made Levi a little less chatty than usual. He adjusted his bulge a few times as they passed each building, picturing his thick cock sinking deep into the tanned boy’s hole. He’d been backed up all week, having been busy with all the events Pi canlı casino siteleri Kappa had planned for the new pledges. Seeing Ryan in the cafeteria was like a godsend.

The younger boy checked Levi into the building, taking a peek at his school ID and noticing that perfect smile embedded in plastic. He even managed to make a school photo look sexy, the freshman thought, as they made their way upstairs.

Once inside, Levi sat at the boy’s cheap, school-supplied desk chair, leaning it back all the way it could go. He watched Ryan walk over to him slowly, spreading his legs so the boy could stand close to him. He reached up, touching his rounded ass in his shorts.

“I haven’t cum all week, you know.” He said, as he moved down to Ryan’s smooth legs.

The younger one exhaled, being warmed up by Levi’s hands as the California cold left his body.

“Whenever I touched my dick, I kept thinking of how much better it was to be fucking your ass.” He dropped his voice low, ditching that sarcastic tone he often used and choosing one that oozed concern and lust.

Ryan sunk to his knees, feeling Levi’s hands follow him up until they caressed his chest. “I jerked off every night since, just thinking about you inside me.” Ryan admitted, feeling way too susceptible at this point- those hands just felt too good on him as he rubbed his body warm. Levi must have been saying all of that just for him. There was no way the straight boy thought of them being together that much. Regardless, Ryan told the truth about his own thoughts- that much he was certain.

Levi slipped his hands up Ryan’s shorts, sliding underneath his boxers until he got a fist full of the boy’s round cheeks.

“Did you play with this too?” He asked, spreading them apart.

Ryan breathed heavily, “Mhmm.” He said, as the older boy’s fingers slipped past his crack.

“What did you use?” The frat boy asked as he teased Ryan’s puckered hole.

“My fingers.” He said, finally getting touched in that sensitive area.

Levi brought the boy’s hand up to his mouth. “These?” He asked in a low voice that kept Ryan in a trance.

“Yes.” He responded, just as Levi took them in his mouth. He sucked on every digit down to the knuckle, making Ryan moan from the hot, wet mouth. The younger boy pictured he was getting a blowjob, pretending each one was a cock that the frat boy sucked down with ease.

Ryan sunk to his knees, hooking his fingers on Levi’s lips as he dropped. He needed to suck his dick- feeling his mouth water at the mere thought of how hard he’d been since they left the cafeteria. The older boy slid out of his jeans with his cock tenting freely. Ryan dropped his head down, sniffing the boy’s crotch as it oozed precum and musk. Levi smelled good- like he’d showered this morning but had spent most of his day outside.

“Suck my dick, Ry.” The older boy said with the boy’s fingers still in his mouth. Ryan hadn’t been called that since he left home- but somehow he didn’t feel the need to correct him.

Levi helped him out, sliding out of his boxers as Ryan kissed the inside of the boy’s thighs. He watched the boy press his nose into his low-hanging balls to take in his scent He didn’t stink in any way, it just smelled masculine and clean. Levi brought his hand down, running his fingers through the curled mess of hair that the cute boy wore so well.

“Do I really picture him as cute?” He thought, feeling that tongue graze along his shaft.

“Maybe I do.” Levi said to himself, as Ryan gave him an unknowing wink and started to suck.

Though he’d had sex since high school, blowjobs weren’t something the cocky boy got all that often. He remembered the countless times he’d strip, only for the latest girl to gawk and give some version of “there’s no way that can fit in my mouth.” He’d heard it a hundred times over, choosing cockiness over disappointment every time. What followed was typically some lackluster sex, with his partners only able to take a portion of his dick- and not for very long. And that didn’t count for all the girls who made some comments like “I didn’t think Asian guys had big dicks.” He forced himself to play it off as some backhanded compliment whenever he heard it- but it always proved to be an indication that things were about to go downhill.

In all of his hook-ups, Ryan seemed to come like a breath of fresh air, hungrily taking the big dick in his mouth and sucking like all he cared about was making the boy feel good. He loved the way he smelled him, starting off a little shy everytime, leaving Levi to wonder what was it about his scent that the boy liked so much.

Ryan was bobbing down on the thick shaft, feeling that head slip past his throat. He looked up at the boy with his glazed eyes, knowing just how much guys love eye contact with blowjobs. He got a wide smile from the frat boy who continued to dig into his scalp.

“You’re so good at that” Levi commented, as the younger boy eased up, swirling his tongue all over the tip. He pulled the boy’s foreskin back, tasting just how excited Levi had gotten since they met up tonight.

“Yeah?” He replied, knowing that he was indeed good at it. He just loved the reassurance.

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