Expecting , Expectations Ch. 01

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Forward: Any character portrayed engaging in sexual activity is 18 years of age or older. This story has very strong fetish themes to it. If that’s not your cup of tea, turn around now and leave, no one will blame you. Constructive reviews are welcome, illiterate fames will be snickered at and deleted, you have my word.

This story is a request from someone with a personal fantasy and I hope it comes true for them somehow.

Chapter 1- An Emotional Reunion

Kelsey hadn’t seen Jane for some time, at the very least four years, she thought. Her sister, younger than herself by only ten months, had always been the impulsive one of the two of them, not unlike their mom. Kelsey took after their father, much more measured in her actions and considering anything that might affect the outcome.

So it was no surprise to anyone when Jane had announced that she was pregnant and that whatever guy she had been fucking had bailed on her. What was amazing to everyone, however, was Kelsey’s announcement that her husband, Derek, had decided to leave her for someone else, and no, it didn’t matter to him that she was just recently pregnant. How had she misjudged him so badly?

Mom and dad were jet-setting in Europe at the moment, having left the girls to their own devices. They may have felt bad for their daughters, but not enough to cancel their plans. Both Kelsey and Jane were eight months along, predicted to give birth within a week of each other. So even though they lived on opposite ends of the country, they decided to meet up at the family lodge in the north. They could spend as much time as they liked, realistically, since Kelsey had been the stay-at-home wife and had no job as yet while Jane had recently been fired from her job for getting caught blowing one of the interns.

“As long as you don’t blow the place up” their father had said. “Stay as long as you like, your mom and I should be back before the births.”

It was early evening when Kelsey reached the lodge, which was dark except for a few security lights around the outside. It belonged to their mom and dad, but she knew it would be willed to one of them some day, while the other got the manor their parents lived in. Kelsey didn’t really know or care which one she’d get, they were both opulent and wonderful places to stay.

It got darker earlier these days as late fall drew on, so it was well past twilight when she entered the lodge and began turning on all the lights, bringing the place to life. It had been a small triumph to make it up the stairs, since this was her first pregnancy and she felt as big as a house. Even fitting behind the wheel of her damn car was a chore these days, and one she had, sadly, to work out alone.

She leaned against the kitchen counter, taking several breaths while she rested after turning on all the essentials. The lodge was a big place, with two whole floors, a basement and some attached smaller buildings. She’d followed the list of items to turn on and prep and it had taken nearly half an hour. She muttered about Jane being so conveniently late, which was her usual pattern for just about everything.

Her phone buzzed and she retrieved the text message: “Sorry running late, be there in fifteen! – J”

“Meaning she’s texting while driving.” Kelsey thought darkly to herself, putting down her phone and refusing to reply while her sister was on the road. The girl could be so irresponsible! She was just checking the fridge inventory when she saw car lights pulling down the long, winding driveway toward the lodge.

Kelsey waddled down to the front door, just as Jane opened in and strode in. Any annoyance the older sister might have felt disappeared when she saw Jane’s peppy, cheerful face. It was, however, tempered with a cold jealousy about her younger sister’s body- Jane also had a big pregnancy, but she was carrying the baby in front and had retained her pretty slender figure, otherwise. It just looked like she was trying to smuggle a pumpkin under her sweatshirt.

“Hey, sis!” she almost cheered as she dropped her bags in the doorway and moved in to give Kelsey a hug. However, in the true spirit of her impulsive and often unthinking nature, she did not consider how far out their bellies stuck and bumped them into one another somewhat roughly.

“Oof! Sorry!” she wheezed, realizing what she’d done and grappling onto Kelsey to keep her from falling backwards. She pulled her closed and awkwardly hugged her older sister, turning her belly to the side to do so.

“You are such a dingbat sometimes,” Kelsey sighed, still happy to be holding Jane, even if she’d almost killed her. “Still, it’s good to see you, darling.”

“I know, it’s been too long,” Jane agreed, drawing back to look at her sister. “Oh my God, you look so amazing, K.”

“Oh, please,” the older sister snorted. “I’m a freaking cow, I got big all over.”

“You’re not that big all around,” Jane protested, reacing out and holding her sister’s belly. “I’ve seen bigger. And your skin and hair are alanya escort so healthy and glorious-looking. Pregnancy was good to you.”

“Compared to you, I’m a damn blimp,” Kelsey replied, now touching her sister’s stomach. “Look at you, you’re as thin as ever, except for the damn medicine ball you’re carrying directly to your front. Probably can’t even tell if you’re pregnant from behind. And you’ll simply go back to your normal bod two weeks after you squeeze the kid out.”

Jane rolled her eyes as shook her head. “Jeebus, I’d trade with you any day,” she muttered. “I do this stupid deep-knee bending walk, I look like a stork. And the whole morning sickness and hormones and cravings and other bullshit? Still doing it. If I’d known I was going to be puking for eight months, I never would’ve got my fuck on.”

“You’re nearly as big a liar as you are a slut,” Kelsey giggled. “I barely recognized pictures of you when you were in high school unless you had a dick in your mouth.”

“Ooh, ouch,” Jane said, finally nodding and conceding the point. “Yeah, I do like to fuck.”

She then smiled with her usual warmth and moved close to her older sister, lifting up their sweatshirts enough to expose their bellies and gently pressed hers into Kelsey’s.

“Hey,” she cooed down at the two stomachs. “You two are gonna be the best of friends, you know that? You’re gonna spend a lot of time together, even before you’re born.”

She then wiggled her belly back and forth, her soft skin caressing her sister’s. “Go on, give your cousin a kiss…”

“Nothing creepy about that,” Kelsey said, giving her sister a wry look for a moment. “Let’s get your bags to your room and then we’ll settle in.”

Kelsey took one of Jane’s bags and they went up to the second floor. There were several bedrooms to choose from and Jane immediately beelined for the one she had always used growing up. The sisters waddled into the room and dropped the bags on the floor, before Jane flopped on her back on the bed, exhaling and staring up at the ceiling. Kelsey sat on the bed but shared her sister’s fatigue. It had taken her two solid days to drive here from where she lived and she knew it was probably that far for her sister as well.

Quite taxing for two young, pregnant women.

“Hear from Derek at all?” Jane finally asked after some silence.

“No,” Kelsey answered quietly, looking at one of the walls. “Been three months now.”

“That still weirds me out,” said the younger sister. “We all thought he was such a great guy, then it turns out he was such a big piece of shit that I should have been the one dating him. What really weirds me out is that you’re the best judge of character in the whole family and he totally fooled you.”

“Don’t remind me,” Kelsey said sullenly. “What about you? Have you ever heard anything from, well, whoever the dad is?”

“Nah,” Janie replied, shaking her head and still looking at the ceiling. “And I’ll be honest with you, sis, I can’t be exactly sure who it is, either.”

Kelsey looked at her younger sister and raised her eyebrow. “Say what?”

“Oh, don’t act so surprised,” Jane snorted. “I got slutty and had a few guys around the same time, I’ll admit I wasn’t careful and…”

“Good Lord, girl,” Kelsey sighed, reaching over and gently caressing Jane’s upturned belly. “For all you know, two guys got you pregnant at the same time.”

“Or maybe two swimmers got to the same egg at the same time and I’m gonna have some sort of slut-chimera,” Jane sniffed, giving her sister a look. “Y’know, since we’re talking about what a whore I am.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it how it sounded,” Kelsey said in an apologetic tone. “Forgive me?”

“Yeah, I’m just pissed,” admitted the younger woman. “I haven’t been laid in months, I guess it’s kinda been getting to me.”

“You what?” Kelsey exclaimed, her eyebrow raised. “Did you just say you haven’t been having sex?”

“Is that really so shocking?” Jane demanded, propping herself up on her elbows.

“A little,” allowed the older sister. “I just… well, I know how much you like…”

“To fuck,” Jane said flatly. “You can use the word, sis, I won’t be shocked.”

“Well, yes, it’s not like I’m some sort of priss or anything.” Kelsey moped.

“I know, but pretending you can’t say ‘fuck’? This is me, Kels, the girl who caught you bouncing up and down on Robby Wilson’s dick when you were fifteen?”

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Kelsey moaned, rubbing her face with her hands. “You and I got in such a big fight that day.”

“I think I still have some bruises from that little incident,” Jane sighed. “At least mom and dad never found out. Can you imagine? They had a hard enough time with me getting caught with boys all the time, imagine what would have happened if they caught their perfect daughter getting her fuck on.”

“Yeah… and then I met and married Derek…” Kelsey murmured, her eyes distant and rather glassy.

“Oh, sis,” Jane said, sitting up and hugging Kelsey to artvin escort her. “I’m sorry…”

“I know.” Kelsey said, trying to keep her voice from cracking. “And what really hurts is that mom and dad can’t even bother to be here.”

“I guess we’ve only got each other, then,” Jane mused, caressing her sister’s lucious brown locks. “God, I hate you for your hair right now.”

Kelsey sniffled and giggled, looking up at Jane and smiling. “Your hair is still beautiful, you know.”

“Yeah, but getting knocked up didn’t make it look extra-gorgeous and thick and shit,” Jane grumbled. “And your skin smells amazing. Me, I’m lucky if I don’t smell like puke and ammonia every damn morning when I wake up. I don’t dare wear makeup because within two hours I look like Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad trailers.”

“Oh, I thought she was cute,” Kelsey chided. “In a vaguely unbalanced, psycho kinda way. Let’s lay down, I’m getting tired of sitting.”

The sisters moved onto the bed, removing one another’s shoes and sweatshirts. Both of them were just wearing flimsy tank-tops and jogging pants underneath. They laid along the bed, facing into one another, fingers knotted and bellies gently pressing. Jane smiled.

“So do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” she asked.

“Boy,” Kelsey answered. “I’m having a boy. His name is Benjamin.”

“Nice, I like it.” Jane said. “He’s gonna have a cousin named Kaylee.”

“Oh, that’s so pretty,” Kelsey purred, loving the thought of having a niece. “And they’ll be virtually the same age.”

“And since we both need to start over with our lives, maye they’ll see one another all the time and grow up together.” Jane suggested, a hint of excitement in her voice. “My Kaylee’ll have a macho cousin to protect her from bullies, she can make him have tea, they can play doctor, and-”

“Whoah, hold up,” Kelsey interrupted, giving her sister a look. “They can play doctor? Did I hear you right?”

“Well, who would you rather Benjamin play doctor with?” Jane said reasonably. “You can pretty much be sure that he’s gonna play doctor, kids do that. At least if it’s with Kaylee, we can keep an eye on them easily, right?”

“I guess…” Kelsey admitted.

“And you and I played doctor when we were little.” Jane pointed out. “Thanks to you, I didn’t know my heart wasn’t in my bum until I was seven. It was fun,” she giggled. “Yeah, I played doctor with boys after that, but I think I enjoyed playing doctor with my big sis best.”

“You are such a perv,” Kelsey sighed, trying to hug her sister and hold her a little closer. Their bellies pressed to one another until they couldn’t really move much more. “I have to say, Janie, I’m glad you’re here. I’m really tired of being alone.”

Jane nodded, giving her sister’s hand a squeeze. “I know what you mean. I try so hard to look independent and like I don’t need anyone, and mom and dad were never that close with me, but I… I just get so tired and feel so lonely.”

Kelsey bit her lip and pressed her thumb under her sister’s eye, wiping the tear away. She always thought she’d resent Janie for getting pregnant because she was careless, that she’d feel no sympathy for her, because it wasn’t like the man she’d loved and devoted herself to had just walked away once he found out she was pregnant to be with someone else.

But seeing Janie on the verge of tears almost broke her heart. Her feelings welled in her chest and she pulled her sister to her, as much as their bellies would allow and hugged her tight. She kissed Jane’s cheek and rubbed her nose against her sister’s.

“C’mon,” she said quietly, smiling. “Let’s go use the hot tub, it was always our favourite part of this place, wasn’t it?”

Jane nodded and Kelsey kissed her forehead. “Good. I’ve already activated the unit and begun filling the tub, so in a couple of minutes it’ll be nice and warm, just the way we like it.”

“Awesome!” Jane declared, grinning. “I’ll bust out the champagne while you fire her up.”

“Janie!” Kelsey hissed, outraged. “You’re pregnant! Are you trying to make my niece retarded?!”

“Non-alcoholic champagne, dipshit,” Jane said, rolling her eyes. “I’m a slut, not a fucking monster.”

“Oh,” Kelsey said, deflated. “Well, I guess fizzy grape juice is alright.”

“I didn’t want to give up on being a party girl completely, of course,” Jane said. “Even when I’m a soccer or ballet mom I wanna be hip and fun.”

“You saying I’m not fun?” Kelsey asked, her eyebrow raised.

“Oh, you probably are,” replied her sister, shrugging. “Just not in comparison to me.”

“You bratty little whore!” Kelsey laughed, slapping her sister across her breast.


Kelsey was wrapped in a towel as she dipped her hand in the churning water of the jacuzzi. Though the evening was cool and even crisp, she knew from many years’ experience that she and Jane would be perfectly comfortable as long as they were in the water.

She’d tried to fit herself into the bathing suit she’d brought burdur escort but quickly concluded that this was not happening. She was too damn fat. So she’d be skinny-dipping tonight and she hoped her sister would be okay with that. To be honest, she doubted her free-spirited sister would actually care, her reservation was probably mostly due to the fact that she felt like such a bloated sea monster when she was naked.

She sighed as she loosened the top of the towel and looked down at herself- she normally loved her breasts, which were full and round, not overly large but still attractive. Her nipples were darker and puffier than normal and the damn things leaked without warning.

Her skin was tan compared to her sister’s but she could hardly be called swarthy. Past her huge belly she knew that her womanhood, which she norally kept shaved for Derek, was still still smooth because she had gone in for a waxing. She hadn’t seen her pussy in almost three months without using a hand mirror and some creativity concerning angles.

She reached behind herself and squeezed one of her butt cheeks, grimacing at how big her derriere had gotten. She’d gained fifty pounds easily and was quite worried that she’d never get rid of it after she’d given birth.

“P90-X, here I come…” she grumbled to herself.

A few seconds later, Jane stepped out on to the wooden porch, which was protected from most of the winds by the bulk of the house on two sides. She was also wrapped in a towel.

“Oh, you too, huh?” Kelsey remarked as her sister walked up, carrying a beach bag.

Jane tilted her head. “Me too what?” she asked as she unwrapped herself, revealing a tiny, almost non-existent microbikini. Her perfect breasts were barely contained by the strip of metallic fabric, which just covered her nipples. Her swollen belly hid the thong but kelsey could see the strings at the sides of her slender hips, tied loosely for easy removal, something Jane no doubt was an expert with.

“Oh, never mind,” Kelsey sighed, feeling fatter than ever now. “I just thought you couldn’t fit into your bathing suit either.”

“First of all, I don’t wear ‘bathing suits’, as you well know,” Jane reminded her older sister. “I wear microbikinis and I may puke my guts out daily, but God was kind enough to make sure that I could still slip into those. Second, you mean you couldn’t fit into yours?”

“Nope,” Kelsey sighed. “It wasn’t even a contest. My bathing suit laughed, slapped me in the face and strode off in contempt.”

“So you’re going el fresco, hm?” Jane mused. “Well, hate for you to suffer alone…” she began, reaching behind herself to undo the knot of her bikini top.

“You… y’don’t have to do that, if you don’t want to.” Kelsey said somewhat unsurely, although she couldn’t identify the source of her unease, since she’d seen her sister naked countless times before over the course of their lives.

“I don’t mind,” Jane said casually, losing the top and revealing her pale, perky breasts with the tiny pink nipples that sat insufferably atop them. Jane’s boobs were the same size as Kelsey’s used to be but were not sagging. Jane saw her sister looking at her breasts like they were the enemy. “Oh, sis, don’t worry, they leak like a fucking faucet, I must ruin two shirts a week.”

She then untied her thong at the side and tossed it on the wooden floor of the deck before joining Kelsey next to the jacuzzi. She smiled warmly as she looked at her sister’s body.

“You’re so beautiful, sis,” she purred, reaching over and caressing Kelsey’s belly gently. “I love your skin, I could just feel it all fucking day.”

She then smiled slyly and reached up to put her hands on Kelsey’s breasts. “Love the mega-boobs too.”

“Jeez, perv!” Kelsey exclaimed, swatting at her sister’s hands but not hard enough to make her remove them. “Get a good feel while you can.”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Jane giggled, moving her hands on Kelsey’s breasts like she was dialing a radio. Kelsey subtly bit her lip as her nipples hardened at the contact. She knew what came next if she didn’t stop Jane, she’d begin to leak. It happened every time she got turned on, even if it was involuntary.

Kelsey sighed loudly and stood there with her hands on her hips, trying to look indignant and put upon. It was a good twenty seconds before Jane finally finished fondling her sister and Kelsey was glad for once that her belly was so big since it meant that Jane couldn’t see her pussy was getting wet.

“Is that my hands making your nips hard or the cold air?” Jane asked slyly, smirking at her sister before picking up the beach bag she’d brought.

“What do you think?” Kelsey sniffed, making a motion of wiping off her breasts with her hands. “Getting cold out and Ben keeps stealing all my blood.”

“If you say so,” Jane said, shrugging. “Need help getting in? I know I will.”

Kelsey nodded and began clambering over the side of the tub, jumping slightly and squeaking as Jane put her hands on her ass and guided her inside. Once she settled in, she reached out her hand and took Jane’s to help her step over and glide in. She couldn’t help but look underneath her sister’s belly and noticed that she too had shaved her pussy bare. It gave her a tingle she didn’t rightly understand.

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