Emily Visits the Farm Ch. 02

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Emily woke up to a bird singing outside her window, and a fresh breeze teasing her skin. It was fresh and delicious, and she turned to savor the smells as she continued to doze. A moment later, there was a scurry of little feet, and several little tongues were eagerly licking her face and shoulder. “Go away,” she murmured, putting a pillow between her face and the puppies, and turned onto her back. Then she felt several wet electric intruders on her rib cage and other very sensitive parts of her body, which caused her to sit bolt upright, eyes wide open. “Out!” she yelled, “All of you, out!”

Several pairs of little eyes looked back at her, sad and eager at the same time. She held up her hand dramatically, pointing toward the door, and a whistle from the kitchen summoned her wake up committee back to the kitchen, followed by several low chuckles. A strong aroma of bacon competed with the fresh outdoor scent, and she ran through the shower before dressing and putting on a little perfume.

The kitchen table was laden with a big bowl of scrambled eggs, platters of toast, bacon and sausages, a bowl of oranges and bananas, and a carafe of milk. Her place was set: sturdy farm dishware, with a huge steaming mug of coffee waiting for her. Lydia and Graham were sitting at the table listening to NPR, and sipping their morning joe with the remnants of their meal still in front of them. He was already in his overalls and t-shirt, she in her floral silk robe. “Sleep well, kiddo?” Graham asked in a gentle voice.

“Oh yes, thank you. You?”

“Very well,” Lydia said, stroking the side of Graham’s head. “I always sleep well out here, better than Dodge.”

Emily shook her head. “You don’t live here?”

“Goodness no, I gotta work for a living. I manage a hotel in Dodge City, and was lucky to get a couple of days off. Didn’t want the kids findin’ out or I’d get roped into Grandma duty.”

“Lydia’s been a regular out here for decades,” Graham said, patting her knee. “How long have you been comin’ out here?”

“How old’s Brent?”


“25 years now, give or take.” Lydia pointed over her shoulder at him: “Known this guy forever. It’s like a refuge, a spa. I get out here a coupla time a month or so.”

Emily shook her head. “I gotta sort a few things out. Aren’t you married?”

“No,” came from both of them simultaneously. “We’re friends with benefits,” Lydia continued, “I love him dearly, but couldn’t stand to live with him very long. We tried, but I can’t keep away from this old coot for long, either.”

“Who’s Brent, then?”

“Our boy,” Graham said. “He’s at Eagle Scout camp all summer, so don’t worry. Won’t get back till Monday. Knows we see each other regular, but not everything we do. Like most kids, he don’t want to know about his parent’s sex life, even though he knows how he got made.”

“Da!” Emily exclaimed.

Lydia chirped: “He lives out here and keeps an eye on his old man. Helps us both out when we need it, like when I need the hotel painted or he needs to get the harvest in. Goes off to college this fall, poor kid, gonna be an artist.”

Emily shook her head. “Wow. So wait a minute, you have other kids?”

“She has three more and I have five, and a lot of grandkids as well. They’re spread out pretty well; when I saw you in Boulder in April I was stayin’ with my boy Liam who teaches finance at the University. Every year we have a big gatherin’ for ’em out here, they help bring in the wheat harvest, then camp and swim in the pond and we have a helluva ten days.”

Emily’s shoulders slumped for a moment. “Oh. I know you’ve done a lot of different things, Graham. Shit, don’t think I’ve done anything yet.”

“You will, kiddo, you will,” Graham said matter of factly, patting her shoulder. “Takes time, and you’re still young. Eat your breakfast and we’ll take a ride, how does that sound?”

“Great,” Emily replied, and filled her plate. They listened to the radio and drank coffee while she ate.

After breakfast, Graham looked her in the eye and said: “I have a proposition for you: ride like I do this morning.”

“Okay,” Emily said without thinking.

“Don’t you want to think about that?” Lydia asked.

Emily shook her head. “Nope, I’m a good rider and I can do anything he can. My word.” She spat into her palm and held it out to him, who immediately spit in his palm and took it.

“All right,” Lydia replied. “I think you’ll be sorry, but I’m not gonna be out there.”

They went to their rooms to get ready, and Emily put on her riding leathers, only to find out Graham was wearing Bermuda shorts, a red bandanna, goggles over sunglasses, and flip flops. His skin was dark brown, and a few white hairs in his chest stood out. “I think you’re overdressed,” he remarked as she came in.

“Shit, are you crazy?”

“Nope, gaziantep erotik itiraflar usually go out for my morning ride like this. The feel of the wind on your skin is wonderful. Right, Lydia?”

Lydia gave her a sad smile. “That’s how he usually does it. So I think you’ve got to lose a few clothes.”

He cut in. “You better wear your headset, and I’ll have mine. We gotta stay in touch.”

Emily stomped out of the room for a moment, and started unzipping. The thought worried her, but she was a stranger in the area and there probably wouldn’t be a lot of traffic. The thought of riding topless appealed to her a bit, but still made her nervous. She tried coming back out with her sports bra on, but the others shook their heads sadly, so she shrugged and took it off. “We riding side by side or single file?” she asked.

“Single file. I’ll ride behind you and tell you where to turn. Don’t want anybody sneaking up on you.”

“Besides you.”

“Besides me. We’ll have some fun after we get back, Lydia’s got a couple of ideas.”

“Great. Let’s go.”

He held up his hand and picked up a white bottle. “Wait, don’t forget the sunscreen; don’t want to burn your pretty little boobs.”

The sky was fairly blue with a few clouds on the western horizon. Graham didn’t put a helmet on, so Emily didn’t put hers on either. “I’ll let you go without the bandanna,” he said. “Let’s ride.”

They pulled out onto the gravel road and he told her to head north. “We’ll get to the pavement quicker this way, and I’d like to run there today. The back roads just got grated so there might be some loose patches of gravel around. We’ll take it easy and not push the speed limit.”

“Check.” They turned left on a two lane blacktop three miles up the road and set off. For the first fifteen minutes they rode in silence; very few vehicles were on the road that day. She passed through a small town that was a grain elevator, a convenience store and a few houses: some guys sitting out front waved at her going by, and she saw them leap to their feet right after she passed. “Did you see that?”

“Not yet, there they are. Yeah, they gave me a look before they realized it was me. Perverts. You made a couple cars back there swerve in their lanes a little bit.”

“Where are you?”

“Oh, about a mile behind you. Don’t want to get hit by somebody who’s distracted. I’m lovin’ it. Turn left on Route 27 when you get there. How’s it feel?”

“Great. I never knew it would feel this good, the wind and sun on my skin. Damn!”


“Bug flew in my mouth.”

“Happens. Little extra protein never hurt anybody. It’s worse when they hit your arm.”

“Or my chest. Shit!”

He laughed. “Still like it?”

There was a moment silence. “Yeah, it’s great. Hey, that trucker just gave me a big thumbs up.”

“You’re worth it, kiddo. You got a great body.”

“Hey, do those clouds out west mean anything?”

“There’s some showers in the area, nothing serious. We may go through one, that’s a nice feeling. Hey, you missed a cop.”


“Really, really. He must be asleep, or else he’d pulled out behind you.”

“Made the turn.”

“Great.” Three miles South on Route 27 they drove through the shower, laughing through it all. After another twenty minutes they turned again on a more traveled road, and Emily had quite a few folks checking her out. “I’m seeing some pretty amazed people back here,” he radioed

“Yeah. I’m gettin’ used to it. All of ’em are smiling. Never thought I looked that good naked, but I guess I was wrong.”

“You bet.” Another half hour went by, and Graham broke in again. “You better turn right the first chance you get, kiddo.”

“How come?”

“Some joker called the cops and they’re flyin’ up our asses lookin’ for us. Get on a back road as soon as you can and zig-zag a bit, the roads around here are a grid. Don’t get too speedy, or you may hit a patch of gravel.”

“Thanks, Dad. Okay, done, I’m on a back road. Hey, just passed an OATS bus.”

“Good for them, bet the old codgers enjoyed the show. See you shortly.”

They made their escape without incident, and found their way back to the farm around lunchtime. After lunch, Lydia led them under the shade tree outside with a pitcher of lemonade and as they got settled, she asked: “You said something about sorority initiations last night. What kind of stuff did you do?”

“Oh, mostly mind games. We had strict rules about what we could do with pledges.”

“That’s not what I heard from when I was in school.”

“No, they used to do more, but hazing’s been outlawed.”

Lydia gave her a curious look. “I think there’s something more you’re not telling me. The smirk on your face gives you away. There were some games, weren’t there?”

Emily shrugged and giggled. “We couldn’t touch pledges, but they didn’t care what we actives did to each other. There used to be a midnight session after the formal initiation banquet. In the basement. The new members got pretty red butts.”

“You like that,” Graham added.

Giggling again, Emily smiled. “Yeah, I sure did. Clara Stone was the only one I ever gave up on. Her ass got so red I freaked out. She set the record for how many swats she could take.”

“How many could you take?” he asked.

“Not too many. I was low average.”

Lydia stood up and bent over. “Let me see what you can do. I’ll be your pledge today.”

“Well, they had to get naked on all fours, and we used a special paddle.”

“Done and done,” Graham said, jumping up and hustling to the shed. He came back with a paddle with several emblems and 3 Greek letters on it.

“That’s from my sorority! Where did you get that?”

“eBay,” Lydia said. “I was curious.” She slipped out of her robe, went to all fours, and pointed her big ass in the air, wiggling it a little. Graham gave it a huge smack that echoed, causing her to turn around. “You bastard! Did I give you permission to do that?”

“Nope,” he said. “It was just too tempting. Here Emily, this ass is all yours.”

“Not yet,” Lydia cried out. “Did you do your spanking clothed or naked?”

“Well. . .”

“I thought so. Well, I’m naked so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. You’re not hitting me until you get outta those clothes.”

Emily looked at Graham, who nodded gravely. “You just like to see me naked,” she accused, and he smiled broadly in reply with a broad wink. “Okay, here goes.” In seconds, she stripped down and lined up for the initial blow. Every swat rang out and before long Lydia’s butt was very red.

The older woman was breathing heavily, and after twenty started the litany, “Thank you, ma’am, may I have another?” Graham would occasionally point out a spot Emily missed, making a big show of it.

The younger woman started to sweat in the prairie sauna, and slowed down her pace. “You ready to quit, Lydia? This is more than I ever gave anybody.”

“Thirty four,” Graham cut in helpfully. “You’ve hit her 34 times.”

“I can keep going if you can.” Lydia went back to her work while Graham darted to his shed again. After 40, he darted in and started tickling her thighs with a feather duster like a maniac, making the older woman laugh. His spare hand darted in to tickle her sides, and gesturing, he invited Emily to do the same. They got Lydia to roll over on her back where they both dug into her ribs and huge tummy mercilessly. Emily and Graham started tweaking each other, and soon all three were playing.

After they stopped, they enjoyed some lemonade as they caught their breath. The wind rippled the leaves and a cloud moved closer on the horizon. The coolness of the approaching storm made the women’s nipples rock hard, and he didn’t hide his admiration of the sight. Graham sighed and shook his head: “I think it’s almost time to go in. One question, Emily.”


“You can dish it out, but can you take it?”

“I already told you I couldn’t take too much spanking. My sorority sisters called me a wuss.”

“How about tickling?”

The girl thought for a moment and shrugged her shoulders. “I’m game for that.”

“One condition.”


“Since we’re not spanking you, we get to tie you down. And I promise that since you’re not gay, Lydia’s only going to tickle you, but I’ll be the one messing with your slit.”

“Why do you have to go there?”

“Once you get going, the thighs can be very ticklish, right Lydia?”

Lydia nodded. “Right, Graham. That’s how you got me so horny we conceived Brent.”

Emily gave her a strange look, but let it slide. They’d kept all their promises so far, so she thought she could trust them tying her down. She’d also been taking her birth control, so even if he did fuck her, she couldn’t get pregnant.

They went into the house and they led her upstairs to the master bedroom. A four poster bed awaited them, with ties already at the four corners. “Looks like you’ve done this before,” Emily opined.

“Now how could you have guessed that?” Graham grumbled, the feather duster wobbling as he gestured with his hands. “If you shriek too loud, we’ll have to gag you.”

“I can control myself,” she said solemnly.

“You think,” Lydia snipped. She stripped the bed down to its main sheet and gestured Emily to get in the middle of the bed.

Emily was trembling: no one had done this to her before. The cuffs were soft yet firm and she grabbed the ropes in order to have some control over something. They stood over her for several moment, grinning manically, before he flicked the duster over her tummy. Starting slowly, they gave her light touches in sensitive spots, particularly in her rib cage next to her breasts. They took turns working her armpits, and soon they had her writhing and squealing.

The thunder drew closer and the room got a little darker. Graham darted into the bathroom and returned with something behind his back. Lydia dug into Emily’s ribs once again, getting her shaking and them moving up her tits to tickle her nipples. He stared with her feet, and they both worked that sensitive area, making her writhe and laugh more, straining against her bonds. Suddenly, they stopped and he whipped his hand from behind his back as thunder rolled. “What’s that?” Emily said.

“An electric toothbrush,” he giggled.

“Won’t that hurt?”

“We’ve modified it, it’s soft and won’t hurt you; just drive you crazy.”

“Don’t you need that for something else?”

“I’ve got a different attachment. What, you think I’m going to brush my teeth with your toe jam?”

With that he switched it on, and sent her into hysterics by running it over the soles of her feet. Lydia held her legs down, the younger woman was bucking so much. Soon, Graham was attacking between her toes, which pulled higher and higher notes out of her. It was too much, and quickly he had to let up to let her breathe a while. He put the toothbrush down and started tickling her inner thighs, which sent her into new hysterics.

Her legs came apart, and they could tell she was motivated by more than laughter. He switched to her lower lips and got a quick transition from hysteria to lust. Emily’s carpet matched her curtains, a small downy tuft of strawberry blond hair adorned her mound, and Graham played with that as well. He put two fingers just inside her while turning the toothbrush on the sensitive skin of her lap. “Oh my God, I can’t believe it!” she screamed.

“You want me to stop?” he asked.

“No, no, for God’s sake no! Never knew it would be so good.”

Graham put a third finger into her, focusing the rotating bristles on her clit, and Lydia began to play with her nipples. “More, more,” she moaned, and Graham put a fourth finger in. Emily bucked her hips with his hand and he grew bolder, putting his whole fist in her slick chamber while using the toothbrush directly on her clitoris while Lydia gently twisted her nipples. Emily took this for about a minute, bucking and writhing hard, before her back arched and she screamed in a huge orgasm.

They released her and held her as she settled down. She fell asleep almost immediately, and they slipped out. The patter of rain kept her nap dreamless.

Emily awakened to slapping sounds in the next room, and moaning. She lay there for a minute, remembering the spanking she’d given Lydia and wondering if Graham was the victim now. That would be a sight to see. Following the sounds, she heard grunting from both of them as well as the slapping sounds, and as she peeked around the door she saw the two of them in bed together fucking, Graham as naked as Lydia, pounding each other hard enough their pelvises slapped together as they pumped. Emily slipped back around the corner in horror right away, but Lydia must have noticed, for she said: “That’s OK, Emily, don’t worry about it. After getting spanked like that, I just had to get fucked.”

“Yeah baby, here it comes!” Graham growled.

The girl remembered some videos she’d seen on the Internet, R rated movies, and her own two experiences, but she’d never seen two ordinary people have sex before. There was some heavy creaking on the bed and she assumed they’d emerge shortly to scold her for uninvited peeping. But then Lydia started to moan again. Looking around, she saw Graham had gone between Lydia’s legs and was licking her slit. “Come on in, Emily. He always does that if I haven’t cum while we’re fucking. The best ever. Wanna play with my tits while he eats me?”

“I dunno.”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Just run your fingernails over the skin and flick the nipples a couple of times.” Emily paused a minute and walked in slowly. As she stood by the bed, he reached out and patted her ass. It happened Emily was wearing her nails long and painted red, so she started moving them over Lydia’s flesh, leaving faint red trails. The older woman moaned louder and the girl trapped a nipple between two fingernails and squeezed. “Twist it, twist it,” Lydia whispered and when Emily did, Lydia went over the edge, holding Graham’s head between her legs with her hands and trying to pull herself out of Emily’s grasp.

They calmed down and savored the breeze coming in through the window. Emily asked: “What now?”

“How about a sandwich, some classical music and a fiendish rummy game at the kitchen table?”

“Sold,” Lydia said enthusiastically flat on her back, not moving.

“Yeah that would be nice,” Emily added.

“A quiet, restful evening will get us ready for some more fun tomorrow.” Graham’s face was aglow with possibilities.

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