Elizabeth on a Leash

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“Sweet whore,” he whispers into my ear. I shiver, unable to control my breathing. I feel my skin raise into goose bumps.

“My slut needs to be punished, doesn’t she?”

I nod and moan around the panties stuffed into my mouth. My wrists are sore from their bindings; I wiggle slightly to test the restraints and am quickly rewarded with a slap across the face.

“Stop moving!”

My eyes roll to look at him as his rough hands run over the tender flesh of my stomach, right where he had just slapped me. I groan again, in response to the sensation. I desperately want more, he feels delicious. His fingers trace up to my throat and his grip tightens.

“Slut, I am going to use your body to make me cum. If you don’t satisfy me, I am going to punish you…which I’m sure your whore holes are yearning for anyways. I will stuff your cunt with my cock, and then I will fuck your mouth, and then your tight asshole. Your holes are here for me to use. Your pussy is probably soaked just from imagining me using you, isn’t it? My cum dumpster is yearning for me, aren’t you?”

I feel myself shaking from anticipation. He knows how I love being spoken to this way. He puts his other hand on my tits, playing with my nipples one at a time. Rolling my nipple between his fingers, he continues, “What do you think I should do to you first? Hm?”

Drool pools behind my panties and I feel it beginning to slide down my throat; I wriggle my hips up towards him. I so badly want his fingers inside of me, preparing me for his cock to tear me apart. He grins at the sight and continues taunting me while pinching my nipples and running his nails across my chest.

“You’re so fucking dirty, baby. If you had your way, I’d be fucking you every hour of every day, you cock-hungry bitch.” He leans forward and licks my lips, “I am going to tear your tight pussy up, whore…because you belong to me. You’re just a sex toy; you’re only a slut. I want to make you cum so hard that you cry. I’m sure you’d love that. Dumb cunt, all you want is to be used.”

He pauses and I glance down. I cannot see, my restraints are keeping me back, but I hear the jangle of his belt unbuckling. I feel his fingers teasing my pussy- prodding to observe how wet I am for him.

“Just as I suspected- you’re such a filthy whore. Wet already and I have barely touched you. Soon I am going to make that tight hole drip with my cum. You want that, don’t you?” He pulls my panties from my mouth, “Answer me.”

I clear my throat, “Yes, daddy, thank you for making me so wet. Please, please…”

“Please, what? Are you giving me orders?” Before I can answer, his huge cock slides into my cunt. I cry out in surprise, pleasure, and pain.

He chuckles in amusement as I moan loudly; he presses his lips to mine. His thrusts speed up as his tongue pushes further into my mouth. My pussy grips his cock, begging him never kaçak iddaa to leave my pussy empty. His hands clench around my throat forcefully as he fucks me harder and harder. Suddenly he pulls out of me with a wicked look on his face. I begin to whimper in protest, but I am quickly silenced when he kisses me and begins rubbing my clit fiercely with one hand and the other begins untying my wrists. I am soon completely free and he is staring down at me, “What do you say, whore?”

“Thank you for untying me, sir.”

He smiles at me warmly and strokes my cheek. I blush and lean into his grasp, but he uses this moment of comfort to flip me over like a rag doll; he pushes my hips back and teases me with his cock. I gasp as he bites my neck relentlessly and begins to slowly ease himself back inside of me before slamming the whole way into me.

I scream as he shoves a finger into my ass, meeting his strokes. Before I know it, I am cumming and he is whispering into my ear, “That’s right you disgusting slut, keep cumming for me. You love this, you love being used. Cum.”

He flips me back over like a ragdoll and climbs over me. His balls hang over my face and he begins stroking his cock.

“Suck my balls, you stupid cunt. You are such an eager skank, you live for my cum. You need me to use you to get off. That’s my sweet little bitch; you’re always so nice and wet for daddy. Such a naughty girl- you always want to be punished; always begging to be touched and played with. I think you would like it if I took you out to the street right now and tied you up…let everyone use you. That’s what you’re good for…actually, I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all. But first…”

Cum splatters my face and I grin. I love being soaked in Daddy’s cum and I lick the sides of my mouth, trying to swallow all of him.

Daddy laughs at the look in my eyes and pulls me up by my hair, “Stand up, cunt, and stay here.”

I stand nervously, not sure what is going to be my fate, but when he walks back into the room with a dog collar and leash I start to panic. I have never done anything like this before and he knows it. Daddy smiles as he adjusts the collar and ties it around my neck.

“Now get on all fours and fucking crawl. Follow me, bitch.”

I apprehensively get down on the floor and follow him. We have done role-playing before, but he had never actually taken me out on the street like this before. “He couldn’t. He wouldn’t,” I think. But just as I am finishing my thought, he swings his front door open and leads me outside. At this point I realize he has zipped his pants back up and is completely clothed, while I am completely naked except for this dog collar on me. I look up at Daddy, realizing just how scary but sexy this scenario is.

He pulls my leash and leads me to the sidewalk. He whistles as we walk, as if this is normal. As if I really am a dog and he is kaçak bahis my master taking me for a walk. Suddenly I hear voices and I realize his neighbors are sitting out on their porch. I am so embarrassed, but I also realize that I am so excited from this humiliation that my pussy juice is running down my thighs.

“Hey! Hey, Will!”

My face reddens, I realize that my master’s neighbors are calling out to him. I don’t dare to look in their direction, my gaze defiantly glued to the sidewalk.

“Good morning! How’re you doing today?”

“Oh, hey, can’t complain. Want to come up?”

“Sure, do you mind if I bring my dog into the house?”

“Not at all! We’d love to play with her.”

My heart is pounding as I feel Daddy jerk me forward, indicating I must follow. I dare to look up once I crawl onto the porch and realize that there are several people there. Sitting on lawn chairs is the elderly couple that has lived next to Will since I had first met him, but they have a guest with them as well. He appears middle aged, he’s heavy and is balding, but he has very striking blue eyes. My eyes meet his and I look down once more.

Jacob, the old man, says, “Will, this is our friend Howard. Howard is visiting, he used to work with me.”

“Very nice to meet you,” Daddy says as he reaches over and shakes Howard’s hand. They are all silent and I assume they are staring at me.

The old woman, Sarah, giggles, “What a cute little bitch, Will! Do you have her trained? Does she know any tricks?” I’m glad I am not looking up so they cannot see how red my face is and how surprised I look.

My master answers with a laugh, “Oh, Sarah, I have taught her lots of tricks. Elizabeth, go over to Sarah and show her a trick.”

I look up at him and he smiles down at me. I am not sure what exactly to do, but I crawl towards Sarah anyways. I don’t have to do much guessing; I hear zippers and realize that Sarah has pulled out Jacob’s cock. She strokes it and once I am in front of her, she grabs me by the hair and demands, “Suck.” Sarah forces my head down to Jacob’s crotch and I take his cock into my mouth. He tastes odd, not bad, but odd. His cock hits the back of my throat and I gag a little, but Sarah is still holding my head down. I feel ashamed at how wet I am becoming from this degradation.

As Sarah is holding my head down, Howard gets up from his chair and kneels behind me. His fat fingers probe my soaking wet cunt and his gravelly voice announces, “This bitch needs a dick in her.” Before I can process his words, his hands are squeezing my tits and his prick slides into my slick pussy. I moan loudly and Sarah laughs, “Fuck her hard, Howard. I want her to scream on Jacob’s cock.”

Howard growls, “I’ll make her scream.” And he shoves himself into my asshole. I yell out loudly and my master tugs on my leash, “Keep sucking him, slut.”

I am aching from illegal bahis the feeling of a dick in my ass without lube, but it’s so sexy. The thought of people watching us on the porch and being treated this way is making me want more. As if reading my mind Jacob says, “This wild bitch loves this, Will. Where do you find these kind of whores?”

“Oh, she was made for this really.”

Sarah pulls up my head and says loudly, “Jacob fuck her pussy while she eats my ass. Howard move over.”

Howard’s cock comes out of me with a pop and he pulls me to the side so Jacob can lie on the ground. He pushes me forward and I lower myself onto Jacob’s cock, my pussy clenching at the delicious sensation. Howard spits on my ass and begins fucking me again. I feel so full and am moaning loudly, but my groans are muffled by Sarah. She bends in front of me and holds my head, pulling me towards her and against her ass. As I eat her ass, I feel an orgasm building. I have never felt so full and used in my life. I feel so filthy and hot. My orgasm hits me like a train, I see stars and almost cannot breathe. Jacob wolf whistles as I cum and I hear Sarah moan, “Yes, you little cum whore, cum as you eat my asshole. You nasty whore. I like how your screams feel against my hole.”

I reach around and begin rubbing Sarah’s clit as I eat her ass, making her groan loudly and shout profanities. She suddenly turns around and sits on the lawn chair in front of me, she scoots forward and pulls my mouth to her pussy, “Make me cum all over your tongue as my husband fills you with his hot cum.”

I suck on her clit and finger her, trying to stay steady as I am bouncing on two cocks. I become aware that my master has been holding my leash this whole time watching and my eyes roll to look at him. He is smiling at me and says, “That’s my good little, slut. Do what you do best. Make them cum.”

His words are magic and Howard begins to shoot his load into my ass without warning. I whimper and grind my hips, both enjoying the sensation and feeling repulsed at the same time. Howard smacks my ass and pulls his dick out of me, “You like that hot cum oozing out of you, baby? You’re going to have more soon, it looks like.”

Jacob begins fucking me in earnest, I feel sore from how deep he is inside of me, but I swivel my hips in response to his movement. I want to be filled with his cum; I want to be used like this. Jacob shouts out as his cock pulses inside of me and discharges warm cum into my cunt. Sarah holds my head down and begins bucking her hips forward, soon cumming onto my tongue. As she cums she rubs her pussy all over my face, drenching me in her juices. I lick around the corners of my mouth after I pull away and I realize that I still have Daddy’s cum on my face too.

My master smirks, seeing how exhausted I am, “I think my slut needs to rest.”

Sarah, Jacob, and Howard are zipping themselves up and settle back into their chairs. Sarah smiles and waves, “You have a good rest of your day today, Will. Thanks for letting us play with your new puppy. We’ll have to have her over again soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32