Early Works – Incest Mode

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To whoever reads this story :

Firstly, this story contains scenes of the following themes :





If you find these offensive or would rather not read such things :


Secondly, please be warned that this is one of my earlier works. This means that (A) I used a lot more emphasis than I do now, and (B) although I don’t give laundry-list descriptions, I do describe the characters in some detail at times.

…Sorry. m(_ _)m

Thirdly, all characters are 18 years old or over – more specifically, Rachelle is 18, Michelle is approaching 22 and both Timothy and Leia are 36.

Finally, this story contains one man, one mother and her two daughters, and a liberal dose of both heterosexual and lesbian sex.


Ysoi’s Early Works – Incest Mode

Part 01…

18/September/2054 ~ 23:00Hrs.

“I’m sorry, Tim…”

She looks up blearily. Tries to concentrate upon the tall and handsome man who would be her mother’s husband if he could, whilst the room spins about her.

“Don’t worry about it.” he smiles. Ruffles her long, pastel green hair. Either doesn’t notice or sees no reason to react to the way in which she tenses at his touch. “I’m just happy you all had a nice time, Princess. You don’t need to think of anything beyond that.”

God, he’s so hot.

“Thank you anyway…”

She blushes. Closes her eyes as he grasps her beneath her armpits. Feels her heart race as he lifts her from the floor as easily as if she were still a baby. He’s tall and lean. Ever so slightly tanned and hotter than any middle-aged suit has any right to be. Looks so strong. So kind. Smells somehow safe and comforting but at the same time just a little bit wild and dangerous. She feels her body react to him in a way that disregards his relationship with her Mom. Feels her heart race. Her teats tingle and swell. Her loins tighten and her still damp but by now decidedly sticky sex moisten once more.


She opens her eyes at his quiet exclamation. Glances weakly to where her too-adorable baby sister lies already gently-snoring upon her back. To where her darling mother sleeps curled up upon her wheelchair, her blouse still open and her panties caught about one ankle. Would he fuck her if she asked him to? Might she at last get to feel inside her what she has so far seen only inside her mother and her mother’s friends? She feels her face turn scarlet. Feels drops of her moisture upon her thighs. Turns her attention nervously back to where he still gazes at her.


God, you’re so strong.

She feels her heart race. Remembers the time that she watched him casually lift and then lower a deliciously naked Cristal onto his upward thrusting cock; her legs arched and lifted upwards so that the other women could giggle in delight and watch in awe as his cock eased slowly into her blatantly drooling pussy. He’d fucked her before them then; moving her as effortlessly upon his cock as if he were wanking; and even when he had blasted his cum into her, closing his eyes and clutching her tight, he’d still shown no sign of weakness.

Couldn’t you do the same to me?

She’s taller and more-padded than her athletic friend, but she has no doubt that he’s strong enough. Will he fuck her right now? Will he do her before his beloved but sleeping Leia and her equally beloved, equally sleeping Rachelle? She gazes downwards. Tries to focus upon his crotch. Prays that he will be hard. That she will see a bulge in his trousers.


She fails to penetrate the darkness. Whimpers a single word. Prays that he will climax inside her. That she will feel him pumping his seed into her womb in the same way that he has done so often into her darling mother. Will he let her kiss him? She searches his face for answers. Realizes that the smile within his brown eyes is one that she has never seen before. Realizes that something is wrong.

“Shh. Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter.”

She hears water splashing against his legs and upon the soft, heated floor. Realizes too late just how excessive her juices had felt. Tries to stop but can’t.

Oh God! Not in front of him! Not by mistake!

“I’m sorry, Tim! I’m sorry!”

She starts to cry. Finds no comfort in the fact that the stream gushes to the ground without the impediment of any panties. That it falls to ground without touching her skirt. What must he think of her, a woman of almost twenty years so drunk that she pisses herself? What if he reconsiders how accepting he has been of their small and close-knit family’s perversions? What if he decides that he has no need for a family of lesbians who get off without him then pee over him afterwards?

But then again, so what if he does? She feels a moment of childish or perhaps alcohol-inspired indignation. Why should she care? He’s just the latest in a string of boyfriends; just the last of the dozens silivri escort stretching all the way back to the father who left them to seek his fortune. Who needs him? In fact, wouldn’t it be better without him? Wouldn’t it give her more opportunities to seduce –

But her defiance lasts only a moment. He’s lasted longer than any of the men who preceded him, and even discounting her own feelings, he’s made her mother happier than any other as well. What if she’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back? What if he’ll take her behaviour as an excuse to flee even though he’s somehow given her mother absolutely no reason to even consider dumping him?

“Oh God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! “

“Please don’t cry, Princess.”

He pulls her close. Holds her beneath her firm bottom and about her back. Embraces her so tightly that she can barely breathe. She wraps her legs about his waist without meaning to do so and with no consideration for the fact that it presses her still gushing sex against his belt; and he in turn presses her face into the corner of his neck and holds her to him with no thought of his own clothes. She pees helplessly against his loins, drenching his trousers and the boxer-shorts beneath them; and even though his mind is centred upon comforting her, even though he has no conscious thought or emotion unworthy of a would-be father, his cock stiffens in the warmth of her piss.

“Don’t worry about it, Princess. It doesn’t matter, and I don’t care.”

“But I do!” she sobs regardless of his words. Tries to push away but is only strong enough to force him to half-an-arm’s length. She’s too weak to break free of his embrace. Similarly too weak to escape the terrifying thought that she might never again see the shy and mischievous smile that his presence has brought to her beloved mother’s normally tired face.

“Oh God, please don’t leave Mom, Tim! I’ll do anything you want! I’ll even suck you whenever -“

He silences her with a kiss.

It is an innocent kiss despite her offer. The kiss of a parent to a child despite the fact that she has known him for just a few scant months. It is nothing more than a touch of his lips to her brow, but it is enough to silence her despite that; and when he gazes down at her once more she looks up with only a slight tremble in her jaw to mark the fear that has been all-but-swept from her heart. She realizes then that she has stopped pissing, that the evidence of her accident will soon be erased for the tiny hygenabots have already started to swarm against her feet and her legs; but she feels small and stupid regardless. She feels relieved as well though; and she feels happy that it is he who witnessed her stupidity rather than one of the earlier boyfriends.

“I love Leia more than anything in the world, Michelle; and I have for a long time. There is nothing about her, or about you and your sister, that I do not know; and most importantly there is nothing that I will not accept so long as you three will live in happiness with me.”

He pauses. Blushes before her for the first time ever. Blushes now when in the past he has shown neither embarrassment nor surprise at any of the numerous shameful and indecent events to which they had all expected him to react.

“There is something that I want from you, though, Princess…” he pauses once more then. Looks towards her sleeping mother as if ashamed. As if checking whether she might hear what he is about to request.

Oh God…

She feels her heart skip a beat.

A blow-job? A fuck? Anal?… Bondage?

She swallows. Licks her lips and waits for him to continue. Realizes how wet her thighs feel. At how wet his manhood must be.


She feels a flush of heat to her face. She tries to ask herself if she will really do whatever he requests, but she cannot complete the question, for she knows deep down that she will do anything for him. That regardless of how indecent it might be, she won’t question his desire. That she will let him use her body in any way that he fancies.

“Please tell me.” she whispers the words, for she feels small and unworthy, but at the same time she feels content. She is a child in his arms. A woman whose company he desires. Whose body he might also desire, and which she will give to him should he ask.

“Thank you.” he smiles. Pauses then meets her gaze. “I want… I need you to tell me if there’s ever anything that you can think of that I could do or not do to make you, Rachelle or Leia happier, okay, Princess.”

His eyes are so intense. So sincere.

“Y-Yes?” she blinks. Breathes once more. Nods her head in shock and confusion. Wonders if she shouldn’t be happier that he didn’t request anything erotic from her. “I will… I mean, I don’t think I’ll have to but, I will…”

“Then thank you.” he smiles. Grins then settles down onto her feet. Reaches up to touch her cheeks. He gazes at her as if she is the most beautiful and wonderful thing şirinevler escort in the world, with such appreciation that she feels heart skip a beat, but to her surprise it only makes his apparent lack of desire all the more painful. “But can I have one more thing?”

Now he’ll ask…

She breathes deeply. Feels relief. He wants her. He wants to fuck her. To do her beside her mother. To persuade them to make love to each other as he uses their bodies. To watch her lick her darling, beloved mother to orgasm before lifting her legs and fucking her with a strap-on. To hold her close and ease his beautiful cock into her as she does so… She flushes. Realizes that a new wetness has appeared between her thighs. Nods her head and smiles.

“So long as you make Mom smile, then as many as you want…” she reaches a hand out. Grasps his arm to steady herself. Realizes that she shouldn’t have nodded. She closes her eyes to shut out the sight of the gently swaying room. “You don’t need to ask, Tim. Just tell me an’ I’ll do it.”

“Then in the future, please call me Dad.” he replies quicker than she expected. Strokes her hair tenderly whilst she registers and processes his words before opening her eyes in surprise. “I know you’re too old now, Princess. I can never be the dad that you and Rachelle should have had, but I’ll try, and I’ll do anything you want.”

“Yeah… I’ll do it.” she nods again. Doesn’t care about the consequences. Stares at Timothy’s face then smiles at the thought that at least her baby sister won’t have had as long to wait as her. That the man before her is undoubtedly as wonderful a man as any woman could hope to have as a father. That her mother has found the one to replace the only other man to put his ring upon her finger.

So what if he doesn’t want her? So what if her desire is one-sided? Her mother will be more than happy; and even if he won’t ask her for some kind of sexual favour, she can at least let him know some of her feelings towards him. She stands up onto her toes. Leans forward and tilts her head upwards.

“I want you to be my Dad, Dad.”

She whispers the words before leaning forward to kiss his chin; but he looks down at her as she does so, trying to catch her words, and her lips touch his.

Oh God…

She shudders at the contact. Knows that she should pull back but cannot bring herself to do so. She feels her heart give a start of surprise. Feels every cell in her body react to his lips as if a spark of electricity coursed through them. Sees surprise upon his face for the first time ever, whilst time seems to stand still. Their lips pressed together. Their arms about each other. Her firm and plentiful breasts unencumbered by anything bar the thin blouse that hangs loosely over them. Her teats swelling. Free to thrust firmly against his chest.

Can you tell how I feel, Tim?

She meets Timothy’s gaze without moving away. Feels him swallow then try to retreat. Holds him so tightly that he cannot break free, that he cannot break their kiss. Can he feel the lust that burns within her? Does he too feel at least some small spark of sexual desire? She opens her mouth slightly. Licks his lips ever-so-tentatively. Perhaps there is a chance for her after-all. Perhaps she can get him into her panties, and from there into her sister’s…

“We… I’m sorry, Princess -“

She places her fingers upon his lips hastily. Traces the lines of his lips with her tongue then smiles and bows her head. Closes her eyes and waits for the world to come to a rest, then reaches her other hand up to stroke his cheek as he did to hers earlier. Wonders just how much of her attraction and desire she needs to explain.

“You… You said that you knew everything?…”

He flinches ever-so-slightly. Breathes in. Meets her bright yellow eyes then nods his head slowly. He could push her away, could tell her that what they are doing is wrong; but instead he stands where he is. Embraces her as he is embraced. His heart pounding as does hers against him.



“Yes… Everything.”

She swallows. Wonders if he is over-estimating himself, but at the same time she feels for some reason certain that he isn’t. Who is he, then?! How can he know everything yet stay with the three of them?!

“The… The web-cams in the toilet?”

“There aren’t any. Nor on the balcony, nor in the gazebo.” he smiles, reaches up to touch her hair once more, turns his gaze towards her eyes. Pauses as if anxious that he might say too much, that he might shock her by admitting just how well he knows the women with whom he hopes to live. “But there are seven in the sitting room. Five in Leia’s bedroom. Four in yours and Rachelle’s. Three, or maybe, maybe four, in the bathroom, and then there’s two in every other room.”

She swoons. Takes a deep breath. Nods her head.

“There’s three. In the bathroom, I mean… And we… I mean, I use them to -“

He şişli escort places his fingers upon her lips.

“I know that all three of you use them, Princess. I don’t mind. I don’t see in any harm in it.” he smiles, looks down then meets her gaze once more. “Leia uses them to record what goes on during the lesbian sex-parties, to watch you and Rachelle, and also to give you something fun to watch at night. You and Rachelle use them to spy on Leia, myself and the parties, and often each other as well.”

“Then Rachelle and I? What do we when we’re watching -“

Oh fuck!

She flushes as her intellect catches up with her still-drunken mouth. Feels her heart skip a beat and her eyes go wide. Wonders what inspired her to ask that question. Wonders if she couldn’t have thought of any other way to declare her feelings.

“I’m sorry! You don’t have to -“

“Mostly you masturbate together under the quilt; but sometimes you masturbate each other, or use a strap-on instead.” he places a finger upon her lips and answers regardless of her embarrassment though; and he smiles with no sign of a blush upon his face, with no sign of distaste or disgust. “I… I haven’t watched you, but you know how thin the walls are, and it’s not hard to work out what’s going on…”

She stands in silence whilst her heart pounds within her chest. He knows even that. She stares at him in shock then glances towards her wonderful baby sister once more. Towards her surely uncomfortable but peacefully sleeping darling mother.

“I’m sorry if I said too much, Princess -“

“Then how… How Rachelle and I feel… About Mom? Did you hear that much?… Are you disgusted?…”

“I didn’t hear, but I could see it in the way that you look at each other. As for disgust… I know some people would say that it’s wrong, but I don’t, don’t feel any. I’m just happy that you love her so strongly, and I… I want you to get together… I want all three of you to be happy, and if that means that you get time alone to make love, or that you just join in the parties and fuck each other senseless, then I’ll do whatever I can to make sure that that happens. I don’t see why things have to stop at masturbating together.”

“Oh…” she utters just a single word, but the happiness and the relief that fill it could have occupied volumes; and then she looks down at his shirt, and to her surprise she realizes that she is crying, for she can see her tears falling to land upon the clean white cotton. “Oh God… And Mom?…”

“You already know that she loves you as much as any mother could love her daughters, don’t you. I swear on my life that she desires you as much as any woman could desire another as well.”

Oh God… Oh, Rachelle…

“Then why?… Why hasn’t she?…”

She sounds plaintive. Sounds like a little girl even to herself. Looks up at Timothy helplessly, then blinks as the room spins once more. It’s too much for her to deal with. Too wonderful, but also too much regardless.

“Then why haven’t you?” he replies gently. Takes her hands then kneels down before her. “Come on, sit down, Princess…”

She accepts his assistance without speaking. Struggles to ponder what she has heard as he guides her to the floor upon which countless men and women have made love in the past. He makes certain that she won’t fall before releasing her hands, and then he gives a start of surprise. Blushes whilst she is too dazed to notice and reaches forward hastily to brush her skirt downwards.

“But she’s Mom…”

“Who’s never afraid, and always in control?” he smiles once more, but more than half of that smile is due to his relief that he no longer has to fight to ignore the all-too-stimulating view of her both unclothed and wetly glistening sex. She nods her head in response, and though he carries on quietly, there is a hint of amusement within his voice.

“I know that Leia doesn’t have your typical job and that neither you nor Rachelle have had a typical teenager’s life, but would you really be surprised to learn that very few women go to lesbian sex clubs to masturbate with their mothers, Princess? From what she’s told me, just taking you to the less explicit section was all that she could manage, and you did most of the work yourself after that. Now what if she tried to take things further, but you didn’t want her? What if you loved her as a mother but not as a woman?”

He reaches forward then. Places his fingers upon her lips once more and carries on whilst she holds her tongue in an obedient daze.

“Do you think she could be so brave with your love and respect at stake, when you’ve given her so little to show that you want her in return? I swear on my life that she wants nothing more than to make love with both you and Rachelle, but she’s not going to make a move unless you let her know that you really, really want to fuck her pussy all the way out of her arse.”

“Tim!” she squeals at his choice of words. Giggles as he chuckles with her, then smiles and looks down. Wonders what role he hopes to play whilst Leia, Rachelle and herself are gobbling and banging each other all over the place. A mere bystander, as he has been at the Club? A slave hoping only to watch and to pleasure himself as he does so, or perhaps a sultan to their harem, waiting to use them as he sees fit?

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