Different Yet the Same

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The modest split level home on Rondack Road in Colonie, New York had not changed in the months since Sharon Damino had gone off to college last August, and neither had the frosty relationship between her parents. It didn’t take the 19 year old freshman long to figure that out when she came home for the holidays in the winter of 1971.

Sharon’s parents had put on their usual fronts for her benefit, with her mother having perfected her fake smile for years, and although her father had done his best to match his wife’s false fronts he wasn’t any better at it now than he had been before she left.

Sharon knew her Dad was hurting even though he said nothing about it. She saw it in his eyes. He was alone and lonely even though he was married and shared a house with the woman, and Sharon knew that he missed his baby daughter.

As for Horace Damino, the 54 year old father of three children who were all out of the house and happy living their own lives, being an empty nester was agony. Why they stayed married was a mystery to him and probably his wife as well. They were a habit and nothing more.

When Sharon had told her parents she was coming home for a week in December they were both happy because it would mean a change in their dreary routine, but along with his happiness Horace also felt scared because when Sharon was around there would be temptation to return to the way things were when she had left.

Horace was determined that what had gone on before between him and his only daughter must not continue. His resolve had been strong all fall but that was easy because while Sharon was only a 6 hour drive away, it wasn’t like being in the same house.

What they had done hadn’t all been Horace’s fault, and if truth be known Sharon had done more to create their intimate relationship than her father had. Horace had been reluctant and even though he was supposed to be the mature adult in the house, when it came to Sharon he was weak and nobody knew it like Sharon.

The first day of Sharon’s visit had been enjoyable and uneventful even though the ways Sharon had changed in less than six months clearly irked her mother. Sharon’s evolving and flashing her independence didn’t bother her father though, but then again anything his angel did was usually fine with him.

So while the day went well, the night followed and that was what Horace had feared. Everything perverted had happened at night, and maybe that knowledge was what made him unable to sleep. After a hour of listening to his wife snore from the very far side of their bed, he crept out of the bedroom to get a drink.

Horace closed the door behind himself and tiptoed past his daughter’s bedroom, pausing a bit and staring at the door. His hand even went towards the knob but he caught himself, and full of pride at his resolve he continued on to the kitchen for the glass of water that he had told himself he wanted.

Horace hadn’t known Sharon would be awake as well, looking out the kitchen window behind the sink at the starlit backyard, and when he saw her he tried to turn around and go back to bed but couldn’t. He found himself frozen in place by the refrigerator, looking at his sweet child who seemed unaware of his presence.

Sharon was wearing the same clothes she always wore to bed, which was only a plain white t-shirt – a wife beater than used to be his – and while the shirt was big on the girl Horace knew it looked way better on her than it had on him.

The t-shirt came down just past Sharon’s rear end, barely hiding her pert butt cheeks as she leaned over the sink. His petite daughter still had nice legs, like they rest of her not overly shapely but perfect in his eyes.

Her frizzy dark brown hair now came down to her bony shoulders, making her look even more like the folksinger Janis Ian whose song ‘Society’s Child’ was the first song Sharon had learned on the guitar they had bought her for Christmas years ago.

That wouldn’t be a compliment to most girls since the singer was far from a raving beauty in any conventional way, but if somebody told her of the resemblance Horace didn’t think his daughter would take offense since Sharon had never been one to go out of her way to be anybody’s idea of a beauty queen and that certainly hadn’t changed since she went off to college.

He had taken her right at that very place, with Sharon suggesting it and bending over the sink so he could take her from behind. Horace didn’t have to do it. He could have just said no and walked away but he didn’t, savagely taking her like a dog while his wife’s sleeping pill provided them privacy of sorts.

“Hi Daddy,” Sharon said, waking Horace out of his trance as his daughter turned around and leaned back against the sink, smiling at her father’s shock when he learned she was aware of his presence. “Saw your reflection in the window.”

“I just came out for a drink of water,” Horace said although he made no move towards the sink his daughter was blocking.

“There’s water in the bathroom too,” Sharon reminded him çanakkale escort as a way of telling her father she knew why he came out to the kitchen. “But I’m glad you came out here. I couldn’t sleep either.”

Horace nodded, trying his best to keep eye contact with Sharon because there was danger if his eyes strayed lower, but judging by his daughter’s smirk he must have failed because she then said, “They got a little bigger. Not a lot bigger, but…”

“I – you look wonderful,” Horace replied after deciding not to bother denying he hadn’t been looking at Sharon’s breasts which were unsupported under the tank top.

Sharon did look a bit bustier than she had been last summer, although she was still a small breasted woman especially compared to her Mom who she resembled somewhat facially at least. What might have contributed to Sharon appearing fuller in the bust might have been partly due to the fact that Sharon didn’t seem to be wearing bras anymore and gravity was taking charge, something that had been obvious even in the shapeless top she had worn home.

“Mom didn’t dig the new bra-less Sharon, did she?” his daughter suggested knowingly, and after Horace gave her a shrug that indicated that as usual she was perceptive about her mother she added, “I noticed you didn’t seem offended by my titties hanging free though Dad.”

“Peace and love,” Horace grinned while flashing her a peace sign, mimicking what Sharon used to do a lot. “Doesn’t matter. You know me.”

“I do know you Daddy,” Sharon grinned as she leaned further back, causing the large nipples on her puffy plump auroelas to become even more prominent, and as she put her hands up on the kitchen counter at her sides her father noticed something else.

“Wait until she sees that. I know that’s new for you as well,” Horace offered, nodding towards the thick tufts of dark brown hair that now resided under Sharon’s slender arms, a new feature that she seemed eager to show her Dad.

“Oh. My armpits?” Sharon said as she feigned surprise, and as she lifted her arm and peeked at the growth she asked. “My roommate at the dorm doesn’t shave and I thought she looked cool so I thought I’d try it. A lot of girls on campus don’t shave. What do you think? Can you handle having a hippie for a daughter”

“Fine by me once I get used to it but I think your mother will freak,” Horace advised as he looked at Sharon’s armpits which might have been as hairy as his own.

“It will be our little secret Dad,” Sharon winked. “I’ll wear stuff with sleeves while I’m here.

“I’ll miss that little humming sound though,” Horace said, referring to the sound his daughter’s Lady Schick electric razor made when he would pass her bedroom and she would be running the pink device under her arms fastidiously every day, something that seemed to have stopped after she got to college by the looks of it.

“I used to like it when you would stand there and hum along like you were harmonizing with it,” Sharon recalled. “I think you might have liked watching me shave a little too.”

“I – uh…”

“That’s okay Daddy. I liked having you watch,”” Sharon interrupted. “Blushing again Dad. You’re so cute.”

“So school is good,” Horace said in an effort to change the subject. ‘You still getting along with your roommate? What was her name? Lynn?”

“Yep, that’s her name, and we’re getting along all right,” Sharon said as she restrained a giggle before continuing. “We get along very very very very good, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh. I…”

“I don’t think Mom would understand that either,” Sharon explained. “I knew I could tell you and not get lectured. You okay with it?”

“Sure, I mean it’s safer than you being with a guy,” Horace replied, the thought of his daughter with another girl sending shivers down his spine.

“Oh, there’a guy too,” Sharon said. “Was a guy I should say because we split, so you aren’t the only one anymore.”

“Good,” Horace replied with a sigh of relief.

“He made me appreciate what I had with you,” Sharon responded while thrusting her chest out, making the t-shirt ride up a bit further on her slender thighs, and when she nodded towards her parents bedroom she added, “What Mom’s thinking of shutting you off I have no clue.”

“So honey, you should have brought your roommate home with you,” Horace suggested.

“I don’t think Mom would be ready for Lynn. She’s kind of butch,” Sharon explained. “She’s not fat but she’s built like a bodybuilder. Short red hair like a brush cut, and she’s got tits as big as Mom’s.”

“Sharon…” Horace sighed as she watched his daughter stick her hands out in front of her to emphasize her girlfriend’s bust size.

“And Lynn’s really hairy down here too,” Sharon continued in ignoring her father’s attempt to divert the discussion, and as Sharon lifted her t-shirt up to her belly button she elaborated.

“Lynn has this trail of hair starting right about here,” Sharon said as she pointed to a space under her belly button turkiyeninmasasi.com before gesturing down towards her bushy triangle. “And then it spreads way out even onto the insides of her thighs. Bright red too. I thought I had a hairy pussy until I saw hers.”

“Honey please.”

“I thought you wanted a drink,” Sharon said as she stepped a little away from the sink. “I won’t bite you.”

Horace moved over to the sink and turned on the tap, and as he waited a second for the flow to get cold he shivered when he felt his daughter’s hand on his shoulder as she looked up at the man who had been her hero and her lover.

“I need it Daddy,’ Sharon said and then more intensely added, “I need you.”

“So – uh – now that’s you’re close to your roommate like that, does that mean that Nancy is out of the picture?” Horace asked, desperately trying to change the subject again.

“No, not necessarily,’ Sharon replied of her long time friend and frequent sleepover guest who she had grown up with. “Nancy wrote me and told me she lost some of her baby fat and I was thinking about inviting her over some night so we could relieve old times. Would you like that Daddy?”

“Whatever you want honey.”

“We could do what we did that one time,” Sharon reminded her father of the last time the girl across the street slept over. “Remember that time when she slept over and you were hiding in the closet watching us?”

“Another pitiful example of being a father,” Horace mumbled but was ignored as his daughter continued.

“Nancy had no clue you were watching although she wondered why we left the light on because she was self-conscious about being chubby,” Sharon related. “I felt like I was putting on a show for you, and then that was the night she decided she wanted to lick my asshole but Nancy was snorting and licking so loud she couldn’t hear you. Remember? I could hear you gasp in the closet when you saw that.”

“I was jerking off,” Horace lamented. “Sick bastard.”

“Then after we went down on each other and were resting I had to make up an excuse to get her out of the room so you could get out of the closet without her seeing you,” Sharon recalled.

“I looked like a drowned rat. It got so hot in the closet, and then watching? Let’s just say I’ll never do that again. If Nancy comes over your two will have your privacy, I guarantee you.”

Horace filled a glass and downed it in one gulp, and as he went to refill it Sharon’s hand came around and reached into the fly of his pajama bottoms, finding what she was looking for right away and expertly extracting his flaccid hose out into the open.

“You don’t know how often I think of your cock,” Sharon sighed as her tiny pale hand pulled on the long beige member that had not only helped create her but had given her untold pleasure. “Want to tell you a story.”

Horace had trouble putting the glass to his lips because his hand was shaking so much as his daughter eased back his foreskin to expose the fat knob.

“Lynn came to our room one night with a bag, and then she pulled out this big black dildo that she would attach to a harness that she was going to put around her hips,” Sharon explained. “She says something like “What do you think this will do to your pussy?” and I laughed and almost blurted out that my Dad’s cock is way bigger than that!”

“Honey we can’t,” Horace whimpered as he looked down as Sharon’s hand stroked his penis which was nearly erect despite himself. “I went to church last week – to confession.”

“You told Father Jupin about how we fuck?” Sharon asked with a chuckle. “He was probably jerking off while you told him.”

“No – I went to a church out of town,” Horace replied. “Too ashamed of myself.”

“So he said you were bad and he said you shouldn’t do it anymore,” Sharon asked as she rubbed the wet tip of the massive rod that hung over the edge of the sink. “And so now you expect me to let go of this throbbing 11″ of manhood and just go off to bed?”

“It’s not 11″ – that time you measured it you shoved the ruler into me so hard that…”

“You’re changing the subject Daddy,” Sharon interrupted. “Here – let me make it easy for you. If you don’t want me just walk away.”

With that Sharon went to her knees on the kitchen tiles and forced her father’s pajamas down, and when the garment freed itself from the penis sticking out the fly it caused the fleshy monolith to swing up so violently it nearly smacked Sharon on the chin.

“Gotcha,” Sharon whispered as she grabbed the stiff pole and brought it to her lips, and after licking around the edge of the foreskin and dabbing at the gooey tip, his daughter leaned forward.

“Omigod,” Horace mumbled as he watched the organ that had only known his hand in the months Sharon had been away slowly disappeared in his daughter’s stretched mouth, and as she took him in she looked up at her Dad with those innocent doe-like eyes that were nothing like the wanton woman they belonged to.

Sharon managed to get well past halfway down her father’s prodigious weapon before retreating back to the tip, and then with each slow steady trip her mouth made down the vein-riddled tool more and more became slick with her saliva until her eyelashes were fluttering in his pubic hair.

“Oh – honey – no,” Horace groaned as he felt the head of his cock poke Sharon’s throat, although it didn’t seem to faze her. “Please stop.”

“Forget about the church stuff.”

“No, it’s not that,” Horace explained as he reached under his daughter’s arms and lifted her to her feet. “It’s just that it was so good I was going to cum.”

“Do I still give better head than Mom?” she asked with an impish grin.

“Way better – but it’s been a while.”

“How can anybody sleep next to that and not suck on it?”

“Let’s go downstairs honey,” Horace said as he pulled his pajamas back up, and Sharon practically skipped down the stairs while Horace cursed himself every step of the way.

Sharon flicked on the light to a low setting, which was enough so they could see each other clearly as well as adding a romantic glow to a tryst Horace was going to be a part of regardless of his best efforts.

Any chance of him turning around and going back to bed disappeared when Sharon backed into the center of the den under one of the recessed lights and slowly peeled off his old wife-beater. This was something that his daughter had done often in the past so it was nothing new, but since it had been months since he had seen Sharon’s rapidly developing body and absence had made his heart grow fonder.

Her breasts were a little larger now and whether it was because of gravity or her not wearing a bra, her cones were now drooping downward a bit, becoming banana boobs with the puffy aureolas that covered the ends of her long cones and seemed to weigh them down.

“I missed you so much honey,” Horace whispered as he stepped out of his pajamas while never losing sight of Sharon’s waif-like body.

The thick and always untrimmed triangle of hair that filled the delta between her skinny thighs looked even more dense and untamed now, and that profuse growth had always made Sharon looked older than she was. It had always excited Horace for some reason, and the fact that his daughter was now sporting bushy armpits was already becoming something he was getting used to.

“How do you want me Daddy?” Sharon asked as she raked her fingers through her pussy hair.

“I’m already wet. Want me to bend over the back of the couch?”

“No honey – I want to look at you when we make love,” Horace said as he came over and took his little girl in his arms, lifting her up by grabbing her perky butt and kissing her hard while taking her over to the couch, and after dropping her down gently on the couch cushion knelt between her legs and put her calves over his shoulders.

“That’s it Daddy – eat my pussy,” Sharon cooed as her father’s face disappeared in the jungle, and as his tongue danced around her clitoris she added. “Nobody eats pussy like you Daddy. Not even my dyke roommate. Oh man – so good.”

Horace inhaled to musk of his daughter’s sex while imagining some butch at school with shoulders as big as his doing this very thing to Sharon, and while he was always taught that homosexuality was evil he had to admit that if he could watch it happen he would.

After all, he had sat in the closet that was suffocating just to watch Sharon and her plump friend eat each other out and despite his protestations he would do it again if he could.

Horace effortlessly lifted Sharon’s hard little butt up off the cushions so he could run his tongue down the length of her sex and further down, noting that the hair had grown even thicker down there in her absence.

He knew he would end up eating out his daughter’s ass before she left just like Sharon’s friend Nancy had done, and although it had been nothing he had even done to Sharon himself before that, he was hooked on that as well.

That would wait for another day – one where his wife would be out of the house before Sharon always got loud when he performed analingus on his daughter. She didn’t howl from his tongue though, it was the introduction of his cock into that tiny orifice after his tongue was done that made her squeal. Another shameless act that he could not resist.

“Cock Daddy,” Sharon moaned as she churned on the couch, her thighs crushing her father’s ears as he licked. “I need your cock so bad.”

Like a willing follower Horace lifted his face from Sharon’s furry grotto and burned his knees on the rug as he scooted up closer to the target.

“You hard Dad?” Sharon asked a second before he slapped at her opening with her meaty weapon a few times, causing his daughter to smile and add, “Should have known better than to ask. You’re always hard.”

“Looking at you – tough not to be,” Horace said as he pushed the tip of his tool into the soggy opening, and as he leaned forward and felt his cock force its way into his little girl he almost sobbed, “So tight – you’re still so tight.”

“Always will be, and that’s because of the size of your horse cock,” Sharon grunted as Horace stopped briefly about halfway in. “Mom still isn’t giving you any?”

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