Different Time Different Place Ch. 01

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The connection had always been there. After being friends for so many years there was no denying that things should be different.

She would show him a perfect life that was built on lies and tears. She had never told him how bad things were at home. She couldn’t tell him that she felt worthless and ugly by the person who should lift her up!

His world included her but only as a friend. If he only knew that she had fallen for him years ago. Their messages were always friendly with an undertow of something more but she would play them down. She wanted to tell him that she felt more but she was scared.

One day she heard that he was getting married! He hadn’t told her straight away; she found out from friends. She was happy for him but sad for herself.

How could she tell him now how she really felt. Instead she wished him all the best and sent him away into another woman’s arms. He cut all ties and she had to go on with life without him.

Songs would remind her of him but she had no way of telling him how she felt. It wouldn’t be fair to tell him her feelings when he had no idea that she felt that way.

Then with a ding of a message things changed! “I’m back” made her heart soar! After a few messages he had told her that his marriage was over. Although it had been 3 years her feelings remained strong.

She business proposal izle hadn’t seen him for five years but she had always cared. She listened as he shared his heartbreak and supported him in every way she could. He never knew how upset she was for him but also happy for herself. As he was falling apart she was lifting him up. She wanted to hold him and tell him everything would be ok.

As time progressed she could tell he was getting stronger and going back to the man she knew. The messages continued back and forth as he saw what he thought was her perfect life.

If only he knew the true story.

Her marriage was one of tears, and very trying times. She felt worthless and undesirable. All he saw was happy photos… not the sorrow in her eyes.

The messages changed over time to how he found her. The compliments lifted her higher than he could ever imagine!

It was said that if things were different their relationship would be very different!

He was always there for her. Asking how she was. She told him that things at work and home were getting on top of her. He checked on her all the time but he never realised how bad things were.

An invitation was sent to both of them for a party of mutual friends in a few months time. He said it may be dangerous for them cahil periler izle to see each other. Their messages had ignited something that neither of them could deny.

She made it very clear that this party could mean that they finally get to explore what was between them.

He said that he wouldn’t want to be part of a marriage failure. “It has been failing for years!” she said.

Then she told him that the man she was married to had made her cry more times than she could count. He didn’t know how bad things were. He couldn’t see the scars on her heart from how she had been treated in her marriage.

He listened as she told him how her life really was. How she felt like she was only useful to pay the bills and keep the fridge full. The fact that she was talked at and not even considered.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

She told him that she didn’t think that a party would be the best place for them to see each other for the first time in 5 years. Especially with the fact that things had changed between them.

Living 6 hours apart meant that plans had to be made. On a whim she suggested that he should come and visit for a weekend.

Although he quickly agrees, he had some reservations. “Honestly it’s a pretty big thing to consider what you may do. Regardless cars on the road izle it’s serious. And it’s shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

As she assured him that this is what she wants, the self doubt comes into her mind. What if he gets here and decides he has made a mistake… what if the attraction that has been building is not there when he sees her??

She mentions this to him. With a simple “I won’t x” She smiles to herself with excitement.

With 4 weeks of waiting for his flight things change quickly. Their relationship changes. She looks forward to his messages and craves to hear his voice.

When he tells her he is spending a weekend with his family on a voice message she smiles. After a long day his voice soothes her weariness and she replies with the fact that she would love a break away. In her vulnerable state she mentions that its probably too early to meet his family though. As she presses send her heart drops as she realises that she has said too much! She listens to his next message where he is telling her that it has been a while since he has taken any leave.

Then after a pause and a laugh he says “Probably a little early to be meeting the family… but we can… my family are very loving.”

With those words she knew that things had really changed from meeting up for sex to a potential future. As she drove towards home with a smile on her face she knew she could face whatever the evening held.

The weekend passed with a few messages. Then a photo of him with his Mum. All she could think was how she would love to hug her and thank her for her son. He wasn’t her man officially but their connection was undeniable.

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