Design Your Figure

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You want a new body-shape? Be sure you really want what you ask for.

I am sitting in my office, looking at the photo of a young client named Sangita; known to her friends and family as just Gita. She has just left. It has been a difficult interview.

She is pretty. Her face and presence would grace any family or friends’ photo collection. But what is very attractive is her figure; below her shoulders and above her knees, shall we say. Her figure is wonderful. No; it is amazing and astounding. Many young women will show a difference of 30 or 34 cm [12 or 14 inches] difference between hips and waist. We in the physique industry call this the “hip-spring.” This young lady shows a hip-spring of 63 cm [25 inches] and it is at once erotic, surprising, curious and anatomically hardly-possible. Her hips are 108 cm [42 inches] and yet her waist is only 17 inches. To complete her picture, she has a bust of 38C. This is precisely the figure she wanted. Altogether very attractive to my eyes and one of our great successes; though not without its difficulties, which I will describe in due course. Also, it is worth saying, that I fucked this young lady a few days ago, without her knowledge, and she was delicious. This new body of hers raises my erection like I can’t describe: except that I will try to do so in the sections below.


This is India. What we do in Design Your Figure Pvt Ltd would not be permitted in any other country I know.

What am I saying? It would be banned, illegal, proscribed, legislated-against everywhere else in the world, I’m sure. There would be riots outside our clinic; we the directors would be subject to physical abuse if not murder; religious leaders would raise our activities in temples, mosques, courts and in government. Our families and employees would be shunned and boycotted in shops, hotels, discos and everywhere else.

But this is India. If money can buy it, then almost everyone will accept it as reasonable; including the police and the local judiciary. As you will see, we’ve provided a good service to them and their families for some years now. Certainly, that new affluent class, the Celebratocracy of film stars and sports personalities, have no qualms about using our services. Don’t tell me these people have shallow morals and are feeble minded with too much money. I know all that but business is business. Yes? We are just careful not to include foreigners in our clientele. To have this technology described in foreign newspapers or investigated by foreign scientists would seriously damage our business. I guess that another 10 years will see the directors in the billionaire class, and then who cares what foreigners think or do?

Our business name sounds like a fitness company. So innocent and commonplace in India. There must be a million fitness-wellness-bodybuilding-dieting companies in this country so no one asks about us. Clever, yes?

In fact, over 8 years, my colleagues and I have developed a methodology and a medical procedure to provide any human with almost any change of physique that they desire; within reason. I say “within reason,” but many of our clients know no such limitation and ask for unbelievable alterations to their bodies. Before I go into detail on that, I will say more about our processes.

As a postgrad researcher in medical technology, my colleague Professor Malhotra [the “h” is silent, by the way] discovered a gas which is easily absorbed into human tissue, and renders it malleable. Of course, all human tissue except bone is malleable in the sense that every part of the body can be manipulated or confined or bound or pressured into a different configuration. And even bone can be trained over a long period to adopt a different shape or a different articulation. But most of these changes take time; a long time; and Malhotra’s discovery has been mainly about shortening this time-requirement. In a few hours, he can show changes that normally would take many months of careful training or restriction. His work gained him the PhD he holds from MIT but his assessors told him that the technology is unsafe and could not be approved for use on humans. He called his gas Transogen. As a leading academic researcher, he practiced on animals for some years in USA and various South American countries. I will not tell you the more extreme of his experiments but suffice to say he created the longest-necked okapi in the world, the woman-shaped manatee, and the two-metre long horse penis. All in a few hours and in the interests of science and human knowledge. Of course. It says in my notes, here.

My background is that of a medical and orthopaedic engineer. For my entire career, I have been making artificial limbs, prosthetic arms and other body parts, and mechanized assistant-devices for people who have lost control of their bodies through one cause or another. It was my design and construction of machines to contain the body in question, whilst kaçak iddaa undergoing his gaseous malleability that made his discovery a commercial success. By the way, I am Dr Deshpande:. I qualified at Kings College London in medical engineering.

Now I will describe a simple application of DYF activity.

A young lady of 20 years was referred to us by a previous client and she asked to be given “… a beautiful body shape… ” Based on the MRI scan that we carry out, our procedure is to show the client an array of hologram images based on her current physique and advize on the most appropriate changes. Most of our clients go along with our recommendations, and she did. The MRI showed us which tissues could be moulded most easily, and to where excess tissues and organs could be rearranged.

Her initial figure was [I will use inches from now on] of bust 36B, waist 34 inches, hips 42 inches. We recommended a figure of 36C, 26 inches and 38 inches. It is a little more difficult for our procedure to affect mammary glands and, and may be inadvisable. But we do try to make every change to meet the client’s wishes. There is no shortage of surgical procedures to make a major change to the shape of the human breast if that is what a woman wants.

She is very happy with the resultant hologram and the procedure is booked for the following week. Her father, an Assistant Police Commissioner [you see what I mean?] provides the necessary fee up-front, and she arrives at 9.30 am on a Friday. She has eaten nothing for 24 hours, purged her bowel with a laxative we gave her, and drunk nothing for at least 5 hours. We explain that we are trying to avoid “accidents” while she is under treatment. As you will see later, there is a little more to it than just that.

When her father has left, we offer her the contract to sign, providing us with legal protection if anything untoward were to happen. But, more than that, there is a “do-anything clause” that allows Malhotra and me to perform any functions of any kind on any part of her body whilst she is under the influence of Transogen. In the interests of providing a good service, of course. It says here in the patients’ notes.

She undresses with the help of a female nurse, and we enclose her into our special Transogen suit. It is a latex and Lycra outfit from throat to toes, completely enclosing her apart from her rectal and virginal regions. We explain this to say that there may be some “leakage” and we seek to minimize any embarrassment or discomfort. All our clients understand this and express no doubts. We are doctors, after all. OK, maybe not medical doctors but we know what we are doing. Yes? The suit also contains important medical monitoring devices for blood pressure, pulse rate and so on,

Then we lift her and she is laid upon our Transogen couch which supports her completely, with legs wide apart in an arrangement not unlike gynaecological stirrups. At this stage the nurse leaves us alone with the client. Finally, her head is enclosed in a helmet through which the Transogen will be delivered. It is not very close fitting and is more like a diver’s helmet from the old days; but made in Kevlar rather than brass; and it attaches to the top edge collar of the body-suit with an air-tight seal. This is usually the most difficult aspect for some clients, who experience some claustrophobia, but that will pass as soon as the gas is started. Onto her ears are placed phones with soothing sounds of the sea and the countryside. And into her mouth a ball-gag, which we inflate a little while she is conscious. We explain how important it is for her to absorb the medicinal gas as thoroughly as possible; and she understands. Later, we inflate that gag somewhat more, and I shall describe it then. And the reason.

Under the client at this stage is a thin but almost-rigid Kevlar body-form of the shape and size agreed from the hologram. In fact, it is a little smaller to allow for the thickness of the Transogen suit and to be quite sure that we achieve the reduction agreed. This is my scientific contribution. It will provide the pressure and the guidance for the Transogen in its progress through every cell in the chosen part of her body. There is another half-body-form above her, which matches the lower half. Both body-forms extend from her throat to her thighs. As the procedure progresses, increasing pressure will be applied to the body-forms until they fit exactly and precisely over the client in the manner agreed in the hologram. The hydraulics and the pressure detection required for this process is complex to a high degree and takes over 200 giga-bytes of computing power to control it. It is almost as if every cell is being measured and its transformation is being predicted by the computer as the gas and the physical pressure-forces take effect.

The girl is told to relax and breath steadily as the Transogen is introduced into the helmet. It is a mixture of Malhotra’s magic compound, with a gentle anaesthetic, kaçak bahis some oxygen and a mild hallucinogen. I tried it myself once, some years ago, and it induces a trance within 10 seconds; with complete relaxation and pleasant dreams. None of our clients has ever complained about this aspect of the DYF experience. Within those few seconds, she is unconscious and ready for the treatment to commence. The Transogen will pervade her body tissues within 12 minutes and then my mechanism can start its work.

In the meantime, Malhotra and I take advantage of the “do anything clause” and of the young lady. We are hoping that this clause provides us with the defence of consensual sex, but we know that a good advocate would argue that our pleasure does not really constitute “…providing a good service…” Either way, we have our desires and our opportunities. Yes?

It is clear from the MRI that she is no virgin. Indeed, there is evidence of her having experienced double penetration. We undress, don our condoms, and fuck her any way we like within the limitations of the couch arrangement. We have designed the Transogen apparatus with handles for us to hold, for the purpose of exerting ourselves to the full depth we desire. You can see that nothing has been left to chance in our business.

I am an anal man myself, and will take her fully and deep, with suitable lubrication of course, until I empty myself. I come quickly that first time because I know that I shall repeat the experience later; perhaps more than once if her transformation takes some time. And at the end, she will have the body of an angel and I shall fuck her even more enthusiastically.

Malhotra likes cunts, so he moves her around a little and takes her as deeply as she is able. I say that because Malhotra is a big guy; maybe 9 inches long and 1½ inches wide; and very stiff also. He has to be careful not to bruise or destroy the young lady, even if she is experienced. We discuss the option of DP frequently, but have had the opportunity only once, which I will describe later.

So we pass the time playing around on her body as the Transogen takes effect; and a buzzer sounds when the absorption is complete. It has been about 18 minutes in her case. Then I take control of the hydraulics and the computer as the two body-forms move into place automatically on her figure.

Over the top of her latex-Lycra suit, the two body-forms press against her figure but, of course, she is too big to fit into their format at this stage. This is where the magic of Transogen comes in. Even as we watch, her body tissues flow into the edges of the forms. There is no other word to use; she flows like a thick gel as the forms take their positions and a vacuum is created between her tightly-clad body and the Kevlar shapers.

Slowly, but perceptibly and visibly, her body is pouring itself into the new shape that she desires. As I said before, we do not always treat the breast-area and that is the case on this client. Our treatment starts at her collarbones, shall I say, and continues to about 4 inches below the widest part of her hips. Within perhaps 20 minutes, her body is hidden inside the Kevlar shapers but they are not yet closed together, so we must await her final few minutes. This final stage is the most variable and can take from only 3 minutes to over 2 hours. It is at this stage that her bones are transforming into their new positions. This is true especially of ribs, thoracic spine and pelvis. We cannot do much with the lumbar spine since those bones are very thick and firmly set; often this fact limits the amount of waist-reduction that is possible. The minimum that any human waist could be is about 12½ inches. There must be room, so to speak, for a lumbar vertebra or two, some important blood vessels and nerves, and at least one loop of the small intestine.

This young client is doing very well. After 34 minutes, the two shapers click together and are closed around her figure. Automatically, the internal vacuum is relaxed and the pressure devices switch off. She is contained in her new figure, inside her latex-Lycra suit, inside the Kevlar shapers. We cannot see it yet because if the machinery surrounding her; but we know what to expect. She will be asleep for another 40 minutes, so Malhotra and I get undressed again and please ourselves inside her. I let him take her first and follow him into her cunt after he is finished. She feels different now. Tighter and much more stimulating. In fact, it is like thrusting into a warm moist living bag of moving creatures, as her organs and tissues move around inside the body form. She feels amazing; they always do. I come quickly. I can hardly wait to see her new shape, particularly with the knowledge that I’ve explored her opening for my pleasure.

It is at this point that we inflate the ball-gag to its maximum; the most that her mouth and jaw could possibly contain. Her jaw is prized open like a cavern, her neck is bent illegal bahis backwards, and her cheeks are blown out like balloons. A most stimulating and erotic sight. Our experience shows that some clients will wake up in a semi-panic state and will scream. We do not wish to alarm our neighbours in the building, nor alert any authorities that we are engaged in panic-raising activities. So we silence our clients. They are always in a confused state for a few moments after waking, and we remove their gags before they are fully conscious. I do not think any of them has been aware of the massive gag that filled their mouths and throats for so long. Perhaps they feel a little stiffness of the jaw or dryness in the throat.

So this young client begins to awake. Her eyes stare and I can hear a muffled scream, so the gag was warranted. Her eyes close again and she is quiet, so I relax the gag and start to undo the fastenings of the helmet. When she is free from the Transogen gas tubes, we lift her to a wheelchair and our female nurse comes and takes her to a recovery room. There she will stay until the Kevlar shape becomes loose on her new figure. It will take an hour or so.

After that time, I unclip the body form and the nurse helps her remove the Transogen suit. Immediately, the Kevlar shaper is replaced on her figure and she must wear that for not less than 48 hours, until the transformation process is complete and we can be sure the Transogen gas has dissipated completely from her tissues. She can go home, but keep the suit in place for that time; and return to our clinic to have it removed finally. Then she will be installed in a tight-lacing corset, which many of our clients expect to wear through the night for the rest of their lives.

After that, her new figure is hers to manage and enjoy. She must manage it, because it is quite possible to over-eat, under-exercise and generally forget good lifestyle; and therefore regain all the unlovely-ness that we have helped take away.

I say “installed” in the corset because it is a work of art, a fashion miracle but also a wonder of engineering. It is made to the same shape exactly as the hologram she chose. It will fit her so closely that not even a few hairs could be accommodated within its grasp. We recommend that she wears such a corset every night. Some of our clients decide to wear the corset day and night to maintain their figures, and to heighten their erotic sensations; or perhaps to intrigue a partner of husband. She will need to replace it every few months, as it wears and becomes soiled. We know an excellent corset maker in Chennai, and take a small commission for the trade we send to her. both for these first client corset and for replacements they will buy in future. Well; business is business; yes?

It is my job to fasten the corset on the client and I enjoy that very much indeed. I take my time as she undresses, all the way to her skin and nothing else. Then I clip the busk into place: these busks are specially made with 7 or 8 clips, depending on the height of the client. So the corset reaches from her bra-line, high over her ribs, and all the way to 4inches below the maximum width of her hips. When the busk is fastened, I go behind her and press on the waist shape; always a special pleasure since I know the feel of her from behind already; and the feeling inside her, of course. I am almost always very erect by this stage, but hidden from the client of course. After all, we are professions and respected in this city. Yes?

Slowly I start to tighten the laces and gradually the corset assumes the exaggerated shape of the girl inside it. This is the cleverness of these corsets; they are fully fitted and “seasoned” already so as not to need the usual “breaking-in” or relaxation that is necessary with a normal shop-bought corset. These corsets assume the shape of the client immediately; but slowly because I like to savour the sensation of feeling her waist and hips, the curve over her derriere, the flat stiffness over her abdomen and the constraint over her pubis. It is a delightful experience for me and an added pleasure from the service we provide at DYT. Eventually, she is fully installed and contained. She will learn to move and sleep in this corset; and her man friends or husband will take his pleasure with her whilst holding her amazing waist.

We always wish the young lady great pleasure from her new figure. After all, Malhotra and I have enjoyed her new body already, haven’t we? Many of our clients say their sex-lives are invigorated by the new figure and especially by wearing a corset at night. It seems to concentrate all the female sexual responses and to ensure quicker, longer and more definite orgasms. Certainly, making love to a woman in a corset is one of my most favourite activities. I wish my wife would understand this and agree to wear a corset for me. Then I would fuck her with more regularity and greater pleasure than we have had for some years. Indeed, I would fuck her unconscious every night and take her both to hell and back to heaven with my desires. But it is not to be, so I must restrict my pleasures to my professional work. If you understand what I mean.

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