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Big Tits

*Readers Note: Hey! This is my first time writing an actual passage or short story rather than just a blurb for something. This hasn’t happened yet and not all of the information in here will be exactly correct but it is just for fun! It probably won’t be the best so I am totally open for criticism and ideas! But please be gentle I am trying! Thanks for reading!*

Tonight. Twenty seven long years I have waited and tonight is finally the night. The wait for my birth control to start kicking in was finally over. I never wanted kids and wasn’t really able to get on the pill without my mom knowing because she would be the one paying for it but I was finally off of her insurance. Anything I wanted would be my business and I would be the one paying for it. I was able to get not only a non-hormonal IUD but I had also gotten the shot. My boyfriend of six years was also able to get on birth control. I never wanted to use condoms because I’ve always wanted to know the feeling of warm cum oozing inside of me without suffering the consequences. But finally, the wait was over.

Twenty seven long years and these last few hours have been some of the longest of my life. I’ve just about soaked through my panties thinking about it and it isn’t even noon. I was stuck at school focusing on learning the process of a knee replacement. Medical school has taken over most of my life but it was finally Friday and my boyfriend was off this weekend and so was I. I couldn’t wait to get back to our apartment so I could surprise him in the sexy lingerie I bought just for tonight. Four more hours and I would be free. I was constantly looking at the clock. What seemed like two hours was two minutes. After a long what seemed like seven hours it was finally four o’clock and I could leave. I grabbed my bookbag and my purse and immediately headed to my car. Traffic wasn’t too terribly heavy so I got back to our apartment in about twenty minutes.

I pulled into the parking ramp and headed to the lobby toward the elevator. I pushed the button to go up and impatiently waited for the elevator to come down. After what seemed like an eternity it finally dinged and the doors opened. It was empty. I pressed the button for floor five and drifted off into thought. My mind started flashing with images of Reed running his smooth hands down my naked body. Grabbing my hips and turning me to face the wall. Pushing his hard cock up against my ass as his hands found my inner thighs. Sliding his right hand up my thigh and his middle finger inside me. I let out a slight moan and a bit of a whine as he knew I wanted more. Much more. As he fingered me his lips slid their way down to my neck and he bit just behind my ear. I let out a whine as I pushed my ass up against his cock begging for him to slide it inside me. Reed nibbled at my neck once more and I let out a faint,


He chuckled and whispered in my ear,

“Please what baby?”

Exasperated, I said,

“Please slide your cock inside me and fuck me.”

I could feel him smile against my neck as he slid his finger out of me and said,

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Just before he slid his hard precumming cock inside of me my thoughts were rudely interrupted by the sound of the elevator dinging. Finally, the fifth floor. As I snapped back into reality my heart was pounding with anticipation and I was starting to shake with arousal. I walked briskly down the hallway to find our apartment and took the keys out of my purse. Once I unlocked the door and entered the apartment I looked at my phone. I had about an hour before Reed would be here so I decided to get a jump on getting ready. I hung up my bookbag and purse then walked into our bedroom. I stepped out of my shoes and put them on our little shoe rack. Then I slid out of my scrubs, socks, bra, and panties put them in the hamper. I stepped into our little bathroom and took a look at my naked body.

I was extremely curvaceous. I had a nice plump ass and full tits. My body was actually considerably nice but it wasn’t exactly the way I imagined it would be when I lost my virginity. I did have a bit of fat around my stomach area but I was pretty toned other than that as I use most of my free time when I am not studying either with my boyfriend or working out. I spun around in the mirror assessing myself. Looking at every curve, nook, cranny, scar and birthmark. This definitely wasn’t the first time Reed would be seeing me naked as we have given each other head numerous times but this time would be different. After assessing myself for about two minutes in the mirror I turned on the shower and decided to get in.

The water was warm and inviting. I stood under the shower head and let the water wash over my face for a moment enjoying its warmth. I let my mind wander and let the steam envelop my naked body. I started to slide my hands over my shoulders and up my neck. I started to massage my neck and shoulders and slowly slid my hands down my wet body. The anticipation was bayan pendik escort killing me and I needed some sort of relief immediately. I knew in the end it would only make matters worse because every time I cum it just makes me want more but anything was better than nothing. As I stood there in the shower agonizingly horny I slid my right middle finger into my tight pussy. As I started to finger myself I let out a breathy moan as I could feel myself start to reach my climax from just those few strokes. I then switched hands and slid my left middle and ring fingers inside myself while I used my right index finger to rub my clit. I started to continue my daydreaming from earlier. As I returned to my fantasy, Reed finally slid his cock inside of me; slowly filling me up inch by inch with his large cock. Reed and I both let out a large sigh as he slid all the way inside me and started to fuck me. He kissed my neck as he started off with slow pumps and progressively got faster. He grabbed onto my left hip with his left hand and pushed me down with his right bending me over. I placed my hands flat against the wall as Reed started to ram into me and I moaned loudly enjoying every second of it. He pounded into me faster and faster and I could feel myself coming close to an orgasm very quickly. I needed just a little more to push me over the edge. Since Reed hadn’t had sex in over six years because he waited for me he was pretty close to cumming too. In a final attempt to climax I managed a very breathy,

“Fuck me harder! Please I’m gonna cum!”

Reed then grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to him and fucked me harder and faster than I ever thought was possible and I came unglued. I could feel myself cum all over his cock and even his thighs. A few more pumps and Reed came inside of me, his warm cum oozing inside of my pussy and I let out a moan so loud that I am pretty sure the people next door might question what is going on over here. And with that thought I snapped back to reality. I came in the shower and had one of the biggest orgasms in my life. I couldn’t stop shaking for around ten minutes after I came from a mixture of horniness, excitement and my orgasm. As I slowly came to I realized that I had been in the shower for around twenty minutes which was longer than I anticipated. I decided it was time to get out. I washed my entire body, shaved my legs and armpits and got out. I looked into the mirror and was thankful that I waxed my pussy the night before to save time. I brushed my teeth, dried off with a towel, and walked to the bedroom.

As I entered the bedroom I looked at the time and checked my phone. A message from Reed popped up:

“Got off work early, I’ll be heading home sooner than I thought. I’ll be there in about 30. Love you.”

I looked at the time again and realized that he sent that ten minutes ago. I lotioned up, and thoroughly enjoyed the way that my body wash mixed with the smell of the coconut-scented lotion. I then put on deodorant and walked over to the closet and pulled out the small box that I hid a few days ago in the back corner under a few blankets. I tore it open and pulled out the sexy outfit I had chosen to wear. It was a red three-piece lace set complete with a bra, garterbelt, and connecting thigh-high stockings. I also pulled out the matching red lace panties I already had from my underwear drawer and set each piece on the bed. I went and threw the box and plastic in the recycle bin and eagerly walked back. I hadn’t tried my outfit on yet so I wasn’t sure if the lingerie was going to fit. In the worse case scenario I had decided that I would just wait for him naked. I thought to myself,

“He is going to take it off anyway so it won’t be that bad if I have to wait naked.”

I slid on first the bra, then the panties. I then grabbed the stockings which I carefully slid on and managed to not rip. Finally, I grabbed the garterbelt, slid it on, and connected it to my stockings. I walked over to my makeup drawer and grabbed a bright red lipstick and a small mirror. I carefully put in on making sure to not smudge it and stay within the parameters of my very full lips. I rubbed them together and put the lipstick and small mirror back. I then turned around and looked at myself in the large full body mirror.

I was surprised that everything fit extremely well. The thigh-high stockings- which I was the most worried about- fit beautifully around my full thighs and didn’t roll down. I had long legs so I wasn’t sure if they would be long enough but they were perfect. The garterbelt accentuated my waist and the bra cupped my tits gorgeously. The color of the set with the matching lipstick complimented my skin tone. I looked stunning. I looked at my phone once again to see what time it was. I figured he would be pulling into the ramp in about five minutes. I started to get butterflies in my stomach. The aching feeling coming from my pussy was overwhelming and I was more than ready for him beykoz escort to see me. I closed the curtains to make the bedroom darker and turned down the lights. I sat on the bed on my knees with my legs partially opened and waited. I could hardly contain my excitement.

I could hear someone coming down the hallway. Footstep by footstep. My heart pounded. I could hear them take out a set of keys and the sound of them jingling rang in my ears. I waited. I let out a groan as I realized that it was just our neighbors next door entering their apartment.

“Where is he?”

I waited more. One minute went by. Then three. Then six. It seemed like I would be waiting for an eternity. I sat in silence listening for the sound of the elevator dinging or footsteps coming down the hallway. After nine minutes I finally heard more footsteps. Familiar ones.

“That has to be him.”

I heard more keys jingling right outside of our door. The knob turned and the sound almost made me squeal with excitement but I kept quiet. Someone stepped into the apartment and set their stuff down. A voice called out,


It was him. I called out from the bedroom,

“In here!”

He walked toward the bedroom. My anticipation was through the roof and could have combusted from excitement at that very moment. Finally he entered the bedroom, but his head was down. He was looking at something on his phone. He stopped in the doorway. He was smiling down at whatever he was looking at and I was a bit annoyed but I decided to be patient and not tackle him and beg him to fuck me right then and there.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?” I said.

He started,

“It’s this video this guy…”

he turned his phone over to show me and looked up finally.

“This guy he-“

he stopped, his eyes fixated on me.

Reed was stunning. He had big dark brown eyes and curly brown hair. He was tall and lean. He worked out so he had some muscle to him. His hands were large and his legs were long. His skin was tan from working out outside as the summer months started to roll in. His jawline was trimmed and went very well with his strong neck and broad shoulders. His dark eyes looked me up and down as an animal does its prey. I thought he might ravage me right then and there but instead he breathed a quiet,


I replied,


Instead of saying something he set his phone on the table near the door and walked over to me, towering over me. He looked down at me and I looked up at him.

“You’re breathtaking.” He said.

I smiled.

He bent down and kissed me gently but passionately. He bit my bottom lip and I moaned against his lips. He then gently pushed me down onto the bed and sat up on his knees in between my legs. I looked up at him with ravenous eyes as I watched him take his shirt off. He was quite impressive. His dark eyes were filled with lust and desire. I could see his cock bulging in his jeans and I couldn’t keep my hands away. I immediately reached for his button and zipper and began to take his pants off. He ran his fingers through my curly hair as he looked down on me fooling around with his jeans. I slid them down and to my pleasant surprise found that he was already leaking precum onto his underwear. I licked over his precum stained spot on his underwear and he let out a breathy sigh. I then slid down his underwear and his cock sprang out. Without using my hands I slid it into my mouth slowly. Taking it inch by inch down my throat all the way down to his balls. I slowly slid it back out of my mouth and looked eagerly at the sloppy mess I had started to create. I then grabbed his cock at the base and started working on his head. I started stroking him slowly while I slid his head into my mouth and licked over the tip. I let the saliva from my mouth slide out down his shaft all the way to his base. While still stroking him I then bent a bit lower and licked both of his balls. I took first the left then the right into my mouth as Reed started to moan and curse at the feeling. I started stroking him a bit faster and took both of his balls into my mouth at once. Reed uttered a very deep,


To my surprise he pushed me down gently to lay on my back. I whimpered as I was just getting started but I let him take the lead.

Reed stepped back and quickly slipped his underwear the rest of the way off of his legs and discarded his socks as well. He stepped up to the edge of the bed and paused. We made eye contact and he was staring at my body. I giggled and put my hands behind my head as he was staring at me. He smirked and kneeled in between my legs and slid his hands up and down my thighs. I tried to sit up but he gently stopped me and I lied back down. He unsnapped the connection between my garterbelt and my stockings and slid my panties off. I once again sat up just to take my bra off and he allowed it. I threw it on the floor and cupped my boobs in my hands feeling how soft bostancı escort they were. Reed placed his hands on top of mine and started to massage my tits. I let out a soft sigh and Reed smirked as he knew just how much I was enjoying it. However, I was growing impatient I wanted him inside of me immediately.

I looked into his eyes and whispered,

“Please, I want you.”

Reed bent down and kissed me. Hard. Our mouths were intertwined in a mess of lust and passion. I bit his bottom lip gently and he groaned. I bucked my hips up against his in a desperate attempt to get him to slide his cock inside me. I broke the kiss and looked deep into his eyes.


Finally, Reed’s desire outwilled his level of patience. He sat up, spread my legs further apart, and made direct eye contact with me as he started to slowly slide his cock inside me. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as he filled me up with his large cock, inch by inch. About halfway inside of me he stopped and I whimpered. He whispered against my lips,

“I love you.”

I whispered back,

“I love you too. Fuck me.”

With that he slowly slid the rest of his cock inside me and very slowly started to fuck me. As I let out a soft moan he kissed my lips stealing my breath away.

“Fuck you’re tight.” He whispered.

His warm body against mine while he was inside of me was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. The warmth of his hard cock and the feeling of the veins on the surface of it was intoxicating. The feeling of the tip of his cock thrusting against my G-Spot was overwhelming. I couldn’t get enough. I needed more and he was going at a painstakingly slow pace. I could see him exercising great caution and holding back; most likely to make sure not to hurt me. But I didn’t want that. I wanted him to choke and fuck me like a little whore. I wanted him to slam his rock hard cock into me. So hard that he left bruises on my hips. It wasn’t a desire anymore. It was a need.

“Baby please.” I said. “I need more.”

Reed replied,

“I don’t want to hurt you baby this is your first time and I want you to enjoy it.”

I said,

“Stop holding back. I need more. I want it harder, faster. Make me cum. Pull my hair,

choke me, bite me. You know I fucking love it. Fuck me like a little slut, I need it.”

With that in one motion he flipped me over so I was on all fours. He slid his cock inside me and reached around my hips and started rubbing my clit. He started fucking me a bit slow at first but he got faster and faster. I moaned loudly out of pure ecstasy and enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock ramming into me over and over again. I couldn’t get enough of it. Reed let out a loud,


and continued rubbing my clit faster and faster. Reed put his hand on my back and I arched it; pushing my ass towards him.

“God dammit you’re so fucking tight.” He said.

Reed let me take over rubbing my clit and I was almost over the edge. Reed then unexpectedly grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me up toward him. With his left hand intertwined in my hair, he used his right hand to wrap his large fingers around my neck and choke me. He growled into my ear,

“Cum for me.”

I came unglued. I came all over his cock and thighs and all over the sheets and blankets. I let out the loudest string of moans and curse words that have ever left my mouth. I started to feel myself tremble from my orgasm. Reed continued fucking me through my orgasm and kept my climax going. He started fucking me faster and harder despite my trembling and I loved every second of it. I could feel his cock start to throb inside me and I knew he was close as well. I could unexpectedly feel another orgasm coming as Reed continued to fuck me well into my first one.

“I’m gonna’ cum!” He said.

Reed’s grip tightened around my throat as he let out a low growl into my ear. His thrusts got shorter and shorter until he bit into my shoulder as he started to release inside of me. As soon as I felt his warm cum gush inside of me I came again. My orgasm overtook my body and I continued to tremble. The feeling of ecstasy engulfed both of us as he finished cumming inside of me. Both out of breath and exhausted, we flopped onto the bed right next to each other. In a deep, breathy, and raspy voice Reed said,

“That was incredible.”

I giggled and replied,

“I thought so too.”

I managed to sit up and climb on top of him legs spread.

“What are you doi-“

I cut him off by sliding my right middle and index finger inside myself and pulling them back out. I slid both of my cum-covered fingers into my mouth, swallowed, and stuck out my tongue.

“We taste good.” I said.

He stared up at me in astonishment and I giggled.

“That was one of the sexiest things you’ve ever done. If I had any energy left I would

fuck you again right here right now but you’ll have to wait a few minutes.”

“That’s fine.” I said. “I don’t mind waiting for something like that. After all, I did wait

almost three decades.”

Reed looked up at me with a serious look of self-doubt on his face.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

Reed replied,

“Was it worth it? Waiting for such a long time?”

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