Danni’s Diet

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My name is Danni, and I am a part time crossdresser who loves solo times. One such fantasy is making my sex part of my diet. I began watching myself cum in my bathroom with a mirror…that helped me come up with more nasty thoughts. And after my first try with a mirror, uncontrollably shooting my cum on it as bucked and heaved through several orgasms, this time is my epic.

As lie back on my sex sheet with a pillow, in front of a door, with a Full length mirror attached. Next to me is my toys to make me cum. I have spent my day getting dolled up with my jeweled butt plug in me for hours. And my vibrators include two prostrate massagers an my 10 inch vibrator. Next to me is a bowl of fruit, strawberries, a cantaloupe, oranges and cream in a can.

I want to taste my sticky wet semen in different ways. My cantaloupe has a hole in it. And let your mind answer what goes in that hole.

As I begin my filthy food journey, I am totally unashamed at my want for this. I eat my cum regularly. I milk it from me, make myself wet. While driving, that I have to slide my finger with pink nails into my wet panties to suck my sticky goo off my finger. And I love that thick taste as it slides down my throat. One those times I got so turned on when I got home…pulling my seat down….a finger in my ass….as I tickled my p spot …with my 8 inch dick out…feeling my precum slowly run down my shaft, creating Sex hikayeleri a puddle beneath me as I was lost in my orgasm…. shuddering, oh God yes….as shot spasms of my sex all over my car….as my finger kept tickling smaller loads of my sex on the seat. The perfume, and musky aroma of my sperm made it clear that a filthy whore came home.

But now I am by myself ready to take my fun into a new level. As I pull my butt plug…I begin to drip from stuff she cock. That is when I run half a strawberry over my wet cock. The feeling of that fruit makes me pulse some more. My quivering of the thought of having my semen all over it…in my greedy mouth makes me so horny. I slide that slickened fruit into my mouth. My sperm dribbling from the corner of my lips…..ooóoh feeling that gooey berry slide in my mouth…as I put my 10 inch vibrator in me….all 10 inches…as swallow my sexy fruit into me.

As I get wet….I my sexy wet pole into that cataloupe. As I put some women sex sounds on my phone, I fuck that Mellon. Pulp and juice begin roll down my cock. And the feeling of my dick inside that Mellon Is hot and warm…as my vibrator is taking me away on auto pilot. And the musky, fruity smell intoxicates me….oooh yes..as I feel that messy sensation send me to the brink. I my stomach tightens as I let out a long soft moan of pleasure. As look in the mirror, the pulp and my Sikiş hikayeleri cum is my dribbling down my shaft. I lerch forward as shoot into that melon.

As I pull it off…I put a straw into the hole…melon juice mixed with my sticky wet semen….sooo delicious.

But the night has just gotten started. As I slide that 10 inch toy out of me. I push my cummy wet finger into my gape…feeling my kegels pull my fingers deeper…

So now I slide my thrusting g spot in me. As I unwrap a Lindt chocolate truffle over my wetness…as it slightly melts, my orgasm comes again. Covering my candy my cooze. I take it in. OMG….as it was just my precum on covering that chocolate, I shoot ropes of cum on the mirror… breathing hard.

Several times like this had the fruity, chocolatey smell mixed with my sex in the air. I forgot I was filming it…

I was so turned on by this video….that many hot orgasms followed this evening. And I was so turned on by my brazen exhibition, Danni may do it again.

Sweet dreams are made of these moments..

And I am not ashamed…I true to myself. A cum whore I am.

But her shemale friend Toni watch Danni’s nasty video in the morning, she walked to Danni’s bed to find her asleep. Toni went to find Danni’s thrusting vibrator…. masturbating on it to make it nice and slick. As she pulled Danni’s panties aside, Toni slid that Erotik hikaye cummy wet vibe into Danni’s ass. And pulled out Danni’s cock. Toni began to worship Danni’s stiffness as that vibrator thrusted inside on Danni’s ass. As if she were dreaming. Danni’s anal muscles began to pull that toy deeper as Toni ran her tongue on the opening of Danni’s dick. Danni’s breathing was shorter, with muffled moans of pleasure as Toni’s lips slid down Danni’s sex organ as Toni’s salvia was shining in the sunlight coming through the window. Toni took Danni deep as Danni’s dick felt the opening of Toni’s throat. The sticky warmness made Danni purr with pleasure with Toni plunging that penis deeper a deeper. The vibrator inside Danni was deep in her ass. Involuntary Kegel feelings were hypnotizing Danni to the most precious moments of her sexual being. Because Danni was dreaming, of being on the side of a rocky cliff of a beach….as she pulls her cock out…stroking it ..as Toni began to milk Danni with her hand on Danni’s perineum….as Toni sucked Danni’s shaft. As Danni dreamed…she stuck her wet finger into her ass…

By this time this erotic scene let loose. Toni rubbed Danni’s Perineum quickly while taking Danni’s Sticky Wet stuffiness into her throat. The vibrator thrusted hard. and in the dream ..Danni shot long hard ropes of semen all over the rocks, as she did likewise into Toni’s throat….As Danni came over and over again coating Toni’s Throat. Danni awaking to screaming orgasm

She kissed Toni…while shaking through the most beautiful dream she could have. Danni’s sex diet…was the reason..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32