Daddy’s Lesson Ch. 01

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Suzy was appalled. Her mother had just died and she was sent to live with her father in the middle of nowhere. The place was a dump. It was a rustic farm; there were horses in the pasture, pigs, chickens, cows and sheep. And of course there were dogs. Huge dogs. Suzy hated dogs.

“Quit gawking around and get your shit inside the house!” Her father called out angrily as he climbed out of his truck and slammed the door. She took her three suitcases out of the truck bed and walked into the weatherworn old house, mindful of the half-attached screen door. When she got inside she wasn’t much surprised. It looked no worse than the outside. There was junk everywhere, beer cans and week-old plates of half eaten food lying around. Flies crawled on the crusty old plates, and buzzed in the air annoyingly.

“Get your ass upstairs. That’s where you’ll stay, in the attic. You’ll have to move some shit around, but I put a bed up there, so get moving! After you get yourself situated I want you to get downstairs and cook some dinner. I’ve got to go out and tend to the horses. And girl, if that dinner isn’t on that table by the time I get back there’ll be hell to pay.” Her father pointed an accusatory finger at her before turning and stalking out of the house. That was it. No sympathy whatsoever. No traces of any kind of father/Daughter feelings.

Well, that was fine with Suzy! The man she knew of as her father was just white trash, and she didn’t know why her mother had ever let him between her legs.

Her father wasn’t exactly an unattractive man…he was just un-kept. He worked hard and he was a big man. Not fat, just big. He had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, a square chin that constantly had stubble on it.

With a resigned sigh Suzy carried her things upstairs into the attic. It was worse than she thought. Crap was pilled everywhere and dust coated *everything*. The bed was set up in a far off corner that had about five feet of clear space around it. Great.

Suzy made her way over through the maze of old household relics and threw her suitcases on the bed…sending a large plume of dust in the air from the mattress. Suzy moaned in complaint.

She “unpacked” which consisted of setting a framed picture of her mother on the cardboard box that was serving as a nightstand next to the bed. She found a length-wise mirror behind a pile of junk and dug it out, and propped it up next to the window so that she would get good light when looking into it. She stared at her reflection, the glare from the overcast sky making her face look gaunt. Her hair was blonde, straight, and reached just below her shoulder blades. Her eyes were blue, but they looked washed out in the indirect sunlight. She was cursed with an extremely plain body, not too fat, but not too thin waist, average body weight and C cup breasts. With the added effect of overcast sun glare, she looked even worse than she felt. She sighed and turned away from the mirror, searching for a broom and a duster so that she could clean out her little corner of the Attic. After a half hour search she found both items, the broom was buried in the kitchen closet, and she had to pick through a dirty pile of towels and rags (most of them covered in substances she didn’t want to guess at) to find one relatively usable.

She cleaned up her corner of the Attic as best she could, and it wasn’t long before she found it was getting difficult to see what she was cleaning. She looked outside and saw it was almost dark out, so she went back downstairs into the kitchen to see what there was to make.

Suzy was a city girl, raised on instant meals and take-out, so when she opened the freezer and saw packages of butcher-paper wrapped meat, opened the pantry of jar sealed vegetables and fruit, potatoes in a bin and a box of bread, eryaman escort she didn’t know what to make of it. Where’s the ‘easy bake food’? She looked all over, but to her horror she didn’t see any traces of an instant meal. Okay, plan B. Cook book. Suzy thought as she searched the kitchen for a cookbook…and found none. Okay…bad. I don’t have a clue how to cook this stuff.

The front door creaked open and she heard her father’s heavy footsteps on the wooden floor.

“Girl, I don’t smell nothin’ cookin’.” Her father grunted angrily as he stalked into the kitchen.

“I couldn’t find a cookbook.” Suzy explained.

“Don’t own one.” Her father said dryly.

“But I don’t know how to cook.”

This seemed to enrage her father. “Well I suggest you learn real fast! GET TO IT!!” Her father bellowed.

“But—“ Suzy was cut off by her father smacking her hard enough to send her sprawling to the ground.

“I SAID GET TO IT!!!” He bit out angrily and stalked out of the room.

Suzy sat there on the floor in shock for several minutes, feeling her bruised jaw. Tears were streaming down her face. How dare he hit her! How dare he treat her this way!

Suzy stalked out of the kitchen and found her father sitting in an easy chair in the living room. She stood angrily in front of him.

“How dare you treat me this way! I am your daughter!” She said fiercely.

“I don’t give a fuck! I own you bitch! You belong to me and you will obey me!” He shouted at her.

“Fuck you! Cook your own goddamned dinner!” Suzy shouted as she turned to run upstairs to her ‘room’, but he grabbed her roughly by the wrist.

“Oh no you don’t! Get back here you slut! Either you get in that kitchen and make dinner or I’ll teach you a lesson!” He bellowed.

“Eat. Shit.” Suzy spit out at him as she yanked her wrist from him, turning to leave once more.

He suddenly grabbed her by her hair and yarded her back to him. “OWWW!!” She screeched.

“Fine slut! Lesson it is!” Her father told her as he roughly threw her down on the floor.

“You bastard!” She shouted at him as he slapped her hard across the face again. He grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it down the center, exposing her lacy bra. “What the HELL do you think you’re doing?!” She quickly grabbed the sides of her dress and tried to cover up what he had exposed. He didn’t stop there though. He lifted the hem of her dress up to her waist, exposing her panties. “Get off of me!” Suzy cried in horror as she realized what his ‘lesson’ would be. She tried to kick him off, but that resulted in another hard slap that made Suzy’s vision swim for a moment. When her senses came back to her, her father had pulled off her panties and he was unzipping his trousers.

“No! Stop it!” She struggled to get up, but he held her down with his body weight, conveniently placing his shaft near her pussy. She struggled with him, trying to push him off, but he grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head. “STOP IT!!” She screamed, but he only grinned.

“Scream all you want girly, no one will hear you.” He said, switching both of her wrists into one vice-like grip while he used his free hand to probe her pussy, searching for her entrance.

“NO!!” Suzy cried out again as his fingers found and sunk into her pussy.

“Mmm, you’re tight down there girly. This should be good.” Her father said lustily as he withdrew his fingers and pushed them in again several times, finger fucking her to get her wet.

“Stop it please!” Suzy half pleaded, half sobbed. Despite her mind screaming at the intrusion, her body was responding and she was getting wet.

“Yeah, you’re a slut just like your mother. This was how I got her pregnant, you know.” Her father said huskily, and it made Suzy’s gasp.

He eryaman escort bayan seemed to be satisfied with her wetness and he removed his fingers, placing his engorged cock at her entrance.

“Look at it girl! I want you to watch as your daddy feeds you his monster cock!” He ordered her. She refused to look down, so he used his free hand to force her head down to watch. Her eyes widened, seeing his huge dick. It was at least 9” long and as thick as her wrist. She didn’t know how it would fit in her, but she didn’t have time to guess as he guided the head in. She gasped in pain as she watched it stretch her. It kept getting stuck, so he would pull out a bit, push back in, pull out and he kept repeating that until he suddenly hit her hymen.

“Fuck girl, you’re still a virgin!” Her father said in surprise.

Suzy almost sighed in relief. Maybe he would let go of her now, not wanting to take her virginity.

“Oh Christ, this is my dream come true! I get to take my own daughter’s cherry!” Her father practically crowed, and she could feel his cock getting harder inside of her. She started sobbing in despair.

“Don’t worry girly, it’ll feel like hell at first but it’ll feel real good soon.” Her father whispered into he ear, ignoring her tears. He continued his sawing motion, getting her vagina to stretch to accommodate his monster cock. She whimpered with every movement he made, but he ignored it.

“Fuck you feel so good. I can’t wait to sink all of my cock into you and pound your young, tight little pussy fast and hard.” Her father said lustily. His cock still hadn’t pushed past her hymen, but he was going to remedy that. With one hard quick thrust he broke through it and she screamed out in pain.

“Oh yeah baby, I’m in.” Her father grunted as he sunk his dick into her farther.

Suzy hated her father. She hated how apathetic he was, and she hated that he was raping her. She hated the feel of his oversized dick inside of her. But most of all, she hated that her body was responding to the unwanted stimulus.

He started his sawing motion again, each time sinking himself in further until his balls slapped her ass.

“Oh fuck yeah baby! You took my whole cock! Oh I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re going to beg for me to make you cum!” Her father boasted as he pulled out and pushed back in again and again.

Suzy gave up the struggle. She was opened wide for her father and she couldn’t stop him. He released her wrists and used his hand to push open her dress again, rip the bra open, releasing her breasts. He hungrily captured a nipple in his mouth and started to suck greedily on it, and despite Suzy’s best efforts, it became hard and erect.

“You like that baby? Yeah, look at you, writhing beneath your Daddy like the little slut you are. Even your mama couldn’t take my whole cock.”

And to Suzy’s horror, his huge cock fucking her relentlessly was starting to feel good. Really good. Suzy’s breathing started to come in erratic gasps as her father fucked her hard. His large balls were slapping against her ass, stimulating her more.

“Oh god.” Suzy panted, unable to stifle her moan of pleasure. There was a tightening feeling in her pussy.

“Yeah that’s it baby. Oh fuck yeah, cum for me baby. Cum all over your Daddy’s monster cock.”

“Daddy, please stop.” Suzy sobbed, unable to control her body’s reaction. She knew her father wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied.

“I’m going to fuck you all the time baby. Every day. I’m gonna show you how to suck your daddy’s cock and you’re going to love it. You’re going to beg for your daddy’s big cock to fuck you. You got that girly?”

Suzy couldn’t stop her pussy from tightening at the thought.

“Oh fucking Christ you’re so tight! I’m gonna escort eryaman cum soon!” Her father grunted as he slammed into her harder and faster. He grabbed the back of her legs and pushed them so that her knees were by her head, opening her wider for him. Suzy gasped at the new sensation as he furiously pounded into her.

“Ohhhhhhh!!” Suzy moaned as her orgasm suddenly hit her and her vaginal walls squeezed her father’s cock. Her orgasm was so intense she writhed beneath him, her body convulsing at the new sensation.

“Jesus!!” Her father swore as he felt her climax. He shot his load, squirting stream after stream of cum into her young vagina.

“Oh fuck. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” Her father panted as he pulled his softening cock out of her.

Suzy just lay there in a daze, still shaking a bit from the intensity of her orgasm. She saw her father examining her appearance; her ripped dress and brazier, her body covered in a sheen of sweat and her legs still laying open, giving him a view of her well fucked pussy. She saw his cock was getting hard again.

“Take it off.” Her father ordered her, lust still heavy in his eyes. She knew the ordeal wasn’t over, but a part of her was glad. She wanted him to fuck her again and make her feel that glorious sensation. She obeyed, pulling her dress over her head and removing the scrap of cloth that was once her bra. She now sat before him completely naked.

He grabbed a few cushions from the couch and handed them to her.

“Get on your hands and knees and turn around. Put these under your knees.” He instructed her. She did, a little glad that he was mindful enough that he knew the hard wood floor would hurt her knees.

“That’s it, raise your pussy in the air for daddy.” He grinned at her obedience as she presented her pussy for him. He slid his cock along her pussy lips, teasing her and rubbing her sensitive clit with his cock. “I’m going to fuck you doggy style now. Open your legs wide for Daddy. That’s it. Now lay your face down by the ground so I can get my cock in you without hurting you.” She did and that pushed her pussy closer to him. “Mmm, girly, I’m going to have to eat that pussy for you one of these days.” Her father said as if savoring a delicious desert. He gave her clit one last rub with his cock and then he pressed it into her wet hole. It sunk in easily but was tight.

“Oh fuck baby you feel so good.” He said pulling out and pushing in a few times. He heard her grunt in pleasure. “You can sit up now.” He told her as he grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her up so her back was arched for him. It had the desired affect, she started moaning louder and pushing her ass back on him every time he thrust into her. “That’s it baby, fuck me!” He goaded her on as he slammed his cock into her pussy so hard that it made slapping noises that echoed through out the entire house. He felt her pussy tightening again and he released her hair and grabbed her by the hips, pounding into her relentlessly.

“OH FUCK YEAH BABY, FUCK YOUR DADDY HARD!! FUCK YOUR DADDY’S HUGE COCK!!!” Her father bellowed out in ecstasy as he slammed into his daughter’s tight pussy.

“Oh God! Oh yes! Don’t stop, fuck me Daddy!” Suzy found herself screaming as her father’s meat fucked her savagely. Her legs began to tremble and her pussy began to tighten, her orgasm made her scream and she came harder than she ever thought possible.

Her father felt her juices pouring all over his giant cock and down his legs and he slammed into impossibly tight pussy furiously, finally erupting. He shuddered as his cock emptied its self into her, shooting load after load. Her pussy finally relaxed and released his cock, and it slid out of her still leaking cum.

“You’re daddy’s little whore now. This pussy belongs to me, you got that girly?” Her father said. She just nodded numbly.

“Good. Now go get cleaned up and go to bed.”

Suzy got up on shaky legs and did as her father told her, too exhausted to protest.


To be Continued…

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