Daddy’s Daughters

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I watched as my daughter took my father’s cock into her mouth. She was enjoying herself so much that the entire time she spent getting it down her throat she smiled. My father looked at me as Charlotte took him, he too had a smile on his face. His hand had gone down into her hair, and he gently helped her get his cock down her throat.

I sat back and watched, this was the first time Daddy had done anything to Charlotte, though, he had spoken many times about taking her. He talked about waiting for the right time. He wanted to wait until after she knew the whole story.

At first she’d gone a little crazy. After I had sat down with her and told her the truth, but now she excepted it and she excepted the way things were.

It all started eighteen years ago. Momma had died and left Daddy and I alone. At first, Daddy wanted nothing to do with me. He said I reminded him too much of Momma, he couldn’t even stand looking at me. This hurt so bad, but I understood and tried to stay away but couldn’t. He was in such a state of depression that I thought he’d do something drastic. I cared for him, foregoing the plans I had for myself to stay with Daddy and take care him.

After a while he excepted the way things were. He let me care for him the best I could. Our relationship flourished, and soon it was as though we were a married couple without the sex., but that too would change.

I found myself beginning to fantasize about Daddy in ways a daughter shouldn’t, and I noticed Daddy also looking at me longer, and with a desire in his eyes that he couldn’t hide. We tried for a long time to ignore it, but as we spent more time together the desire in both of us grew.

One night as I was bathing, and Daddy walked into the bathroom. He blushed and tried to leave quickly, but as his eyes fell upon my naked body he didn’t move. He stared at my breasts, and I watched as his eyes went down, and landed on my mound. He shut the bathroom door, and walked to the side of the tub.

He said nothing as he came down on his knees and grabbed a washrag. He began to wash my back, my eyes closed, and a slight moan escaped my lips as the rag went down my back, and moved to the front of me. He let go of the cloth and his hands came up to my breasts. He still did not speak a word as he massaged me, taking his fingers to my nipples and pinching them softly. His eyes never left mine as his hand moved from my breasts, down my stomach, and to my pussy. My hips thrust forward as he found my clit, and I moaned louder. He rubbed me, gently, his breathing becoming heavier as my hips thrust with every sensation he gave to me. I didn’t last long, I began to cum not soon after he had touched me.

After my orgasm, he got up and went to the door. Still he said nothing, and I stared at him confused.

“Daddy?” He pressed his fingers to his lips and walked out the door, leaving me in both a state of satisfied bliss and confusion.

When I got out of the tub, I had gone to look for him and found that he had locked himself in his room. I pounded the door, screaming for him to open it, but I got no response. I didn’t see him again until the next morning.

He sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal, I looked at him, not sure if I should say hello or not. I got a cup of coffee, and sat down with him. It was silent for a while, and I couldn’t stand to only hear the soft hum of the refrigerator working.

“Daddy, I…”

“Hush! I don’t want to talk about it.”

I was taken back by the Avcılar Escort harsh way he had spoken to me.

“Daddy, please.”

“No. It shouldn’t have happened.”

“But I liked it.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I don’t care if you don’t want to talk about it. I do!”

He lifted his eyes from his bowl, and gave me an angry look.

“I said no, I am your father, and you will listen to me!”

Daddy had never spoken to me like that before. I didn’t know what to do, I was confused and hurt and I began to cry. He came out of his chair quickly and to me. He pressed my head against his stomach, and ran his hand through my hair.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s just that, these feelings they shouldn’t be felt between us.”

“I know Daddy, but I feel them, and I don’t want to hide them anymore.”

He said nothing, but leaned down and kissed my lips. The kiss was soft at first, but grew more passionate, until I felt his tongue swipe along my bottom lip. I sighed into his mouth, as I brought my tongue out to graze his.

He broke the kiss and picked me up, taking me up the stairs to his room. He laid me down gently on the bed and kissed me again. He let his lips move from mine to my neck, I moaned as I felt his lips graze the low line of my shirt. My hands came down onto his head as his hands pushed my shirt up, and his lips fell onto my breasts. He kissed and licked each one, causing my body to become hot with the passion I felt. He slipped my shirt off and began to kiss my tummy, letting his lips go down to the beginning of my pants. My moans became louder as I felt his hands pull down my pants, and felt his lips at the top of my pussy. My hips bucked as his fingers parted my lips and his tongue dove into me, finding my clit at once, licking and kissing it softly.

He came back up, and kissed me again as he shed himself of his pants, and laid on top of me. I spread my legs more, allowing him access, and he pushed his cock inside of me. I moaned loudly, and put my lips back on his. He rocked back and forth, keeping a slow steady pace. I loved the feel of his cock in my pussy, moving so slow that I could feel every inch of him.

My hips bucked again as I felt the oncoming of an orgasm. Daddy looked down at me and smiled.

“That’s good baby, you cum for me.”

I moaned loudly, and smiled.

“Oh Daddy, you’re making me feel so good!”

He nodded and smiled down.

“I know, you’re making me feel good too, and I’m going to cum.”

“Let me feel it Daddy. Let me feel you cumming inside of me.”

He gave a low moan at my words, and I felt the release of his hot seed in my pussy. He didn’t pull out when he was finished, but laid on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his head, both of us were soon asleep.

I woke with a start, and noticed that I was by myself. I left the room and went searching for my father. I found him in the study, looking over some papers.


He looked up surprised.

“Oh hi.”

“What are you doing?”


“Are you hungry? You want me to make you some dinner?”

“No, I’m fine. I ate while you were asleep.”

“Oh okay.”

I turned to leave and Daddy came to me. He grabbed me and held me to him.

“Are you sorry?”

“For what?”

“For what we did.”

“Not at all.”

“Me either.”

I lifted my lips to his and kissed him Avcılar Escort Bayan before leaving.

I moved into Daddy’s room. Our love for each other growing each day, and with each day the father/daughter relationship that we had disappeared, and was replaced with one that was more like a husband and wife. We never forgot who we were to each other, and kept our love life secret from everyone, until the day came that I found out I was pregnant.

I had missed two periods, and had become worried that something was wrong. I never thought of pregnancy, and rushed to my doctor to find out some fatal news. She informed me that nothing was wrong, but that I was going to have a baby. I didn’t know what to do, the baby would be my father’s, and that scared me. I came home and waited impatiently for my father to get home from work. I barely gave him time to walk in the door.

“I’m pregnant!”


“Yeah, I’m pregnant.”

I began to cry, my fears for the baby taking hold of me.

“Oh no, that can’t be. You said you were on the pill.”

“I was! I don’t know how it happened!”

Daddy, came to me hugging me close.

“Hush, hush, it’s okay.”

“No it’s not! It’s your baby! What if…” Daddy stopped me. He brought his fingers to my lips and gave me a stern look.

“We aren’t going to think about that. Now, you listen to me. I love you, and nothing’s going to change that. You’ll have this baby, and if something’s wrong, then we’ll deal with that when the time comes.”

“But Daddy what am I suppose to say to people?”

“You don’t say anything. You’re a grown woman. You can have a baby if you want. If they ask who the father is, you just tell them that the father ran off. Okay?”

“Okay Daddy.”

“If you think it better, we can get a midwife, you know so you can have the baby in private.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“I think it might be best. Now come and sit down. You’re going to need your rest.”

Daddy was so good to me while I was pregnant, he calmed my fears and looked and acted as though it was a wonderful thing that I was going to have his child.

When the baby was born, she was the most beautiful child I’d ever seen, and to my relief she was healthy. Daddy and I raised her, without her knowledge of who we actually were. She grew up happy and spoiled, and turned into a beautiful young woman.

Now, I sit here, watching her take my father and hers. At first she was appalled, she was angry when I told the truth, but I did it because I knew Charlotte was having feelings for her father that she shouldn’t be, and I’d see the way he’d look at her.

I took her into her room one night, shortly after her 18th birthday.

“Charlotte, I must speak with you. You might hate me when I’m done, but I’ve seen the way your father and you have been looking at each other, and I think you should know.”

“Know what Mom?”

“Your father is my father.”

“What? No fucking way! That’s just not….!”

“Charlotte, I knew the day would come that I would have to tell you, but yes, I’m your father’s daughter as well.”

“Get out of here! I don’t want to see you!”

She’d pushed me out of her room, and slammed the door in my face. Daddy had been standing there, and took me in his arms, kissing my forehead as I began to cry.

“Don’t worry now, she’ll get over it.”

“I just, I just wanted to…”

“I know. Hey, come now, lets go have a talk ourselves.” Escort Avcılar

I nodded and followed him. He told me about the way he’d been feeling about Charlotte, and how she’d let her bedroom door stay open or leave the bathroom door open so that he could look at her. I wasn’t surprised, but his plan was to fuck her as well, and I didn’t really agree with it.

“Look, she wants me, you know that. I’ve talked to you about wanting her, and now I think I’ll do it.”


“No buts, I’m going to do it, and you can either join or not.”

I nodded my head, there was no sense in arguing it. I watched as he went back into Charlotte’s room. I didn’t listen in, but soon Charlotte came out bouncing and happy, and gave me a kiss.

“I’m sorry Momma for yelling at you.”

“It’s okay.”

She looked at Daddy, and gave him a wink before trotting back down to her room.

That was a couple of days ago, and I watched as Daddy took Charlotte’s mouth off his cock, and laid her down. He moved on top of her, and inserted his cock into her pussy, she moaned loudly and looked over at me, smiling.

“Come here Momma and join in the fun.”

I was tired of sitting, so I moved to the bed, and gave my daughter a kiss. She moaned as my lips pressed against hers and as I broke the kiss, she whispered.

“Let me taste your pussy. I want to feel Daddy’s cock in me and taste your pussy on my tongue.”

I looked over at Daddy and he smiled, nodding his head. I moved on top of her, straddling her head, and moving my pussy down to her mouth. I gave a moan as her tongue began to lick my pussy, and I put just a little more weight down on her. She moved her lips. “You like that Momma?”

“Yes, baby, now keep licking me.”

Charlotte moaned and began to suck my clit into her mouth, nibbling on it and flicking her tongue across it. I moaned even louder and began to watch Daddy’s cock move in and out of her. I looked directly at Daddy, but spoke to Charlotte.

“I’m going to cum. Your tongue is going to make me cum!”

She flicked harder against my clit, and my body began to shake as the orgasm hit me. I grabbed onto Charlotte’s tits, as I came, pulling and pinching her nipples as wave after wave of passion coursed through my body. I moved when I could take no more.

I laid beside her, I really wanted Daddy’s cock, but I let Charlotte have it since it was the first time. I busied myself on her tits, kissing, licking, sucking, and biting them as Daddy’s thrust became harder. Charlotte moaned and held my head as I moved back and forth between each of her tits.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum! Daddy, I’m going to cum all over your wonderful cock!”

Daddy grunted in response, and I moved my lips to Charlotte’s ear.

“Daddy’s going to cum too, baby, where do you want it?”

She moaned loudly.

“In my pussy.”

“Tell him.”

“Daddy I want you to cum in my pussy! I want you to fill me up!”

Charlotte moaned even louder and by the look on Daddy’s face I knew he was emptying his seed into our daughter. He pulled out, and came to me. I gladly took his cock between my lips, cleaning off the mingled juices, and then I turned my attention to Charlotte.

I moved between her legs, and licked her pussy, taking all of Daddy’s cum I could and making her cum once more. She pulled me off of her. I came up laying beside Daddy, with Charlotte on the other side.

Daddy wasn’t a sleep, he just laid there smiling, feeling both mine and Charlotte’s bodies pressed against him. He now had everything he wanted, two daughters to love him and to serve him when he wanted it, and I knew it would always be this way. Charlotte would never leave, just as I hadn’t, and our days would be filled with love for our father.

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