Daddy and Daughter’s Perspectives Ch. 04

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An 18 year old and her father’s views on why they committed incest

Author’s introduction.

This is the fourth episode of an unusual account of a taboo topic; incest between a father and daughter. What makes it unusual is that both the daughter and father have written this from their perspective on what happened, how and why.

Kelly is 18, Bill her father is 45.


Late November.

It kept crashing into my mind over the next few days.

‘Kelly has seen me naked and erect, she has seen my erection, seen me ready to have sex; my daughter has seen me aroused at thinking about her.’

And at that moment she had walked into the hall as I dropped her lacy panties that was the one thing I most wanted. Yes, as my daughter stood before me naked staring at my rampant cock, I acknowledged at last that I wanted to fuck her. And that was a massive realization. It was something I didn’t want to accept, didn’t want to recognize and didn’t want to believe. It was wrong, it was taboo and probably illegal. I just wasn’t that sort of man. I was a thoughtful, compassionate, caring and sensitive sort of guy. I didn’t break the law, bend the rules or kick against convention. Alright I was unfaithful to my wife, I went to massage parlours and pampered myself with the extras including two girl massages and I visited hookers quite regularly. But then when your wife has pretty much turned the tap off a guy has to get relief somehow doesn’t he? Of course I have always loved Kelly. She’s my daughter, my flesh and blood and that demands a pure love and not one adulterated by sexual influences. Or so I had thought, but that was changing.

Since that evening when she had ‘caught me’ I had been a bundle of nerves. Each time I saw her I was embarrassed and worried at what she was thinking. Oddly she didn’t seem that concerned. She seemed as relaxed about it over the next few days as she had been that evening when she had remained naked as she made and drank a cup of tea. It was seeing her so nonchalantly flaunting her body at me that probably crystalised the random, bizarre, forbidden, but so exciting thoughts that had filled my mind so much during the last few months generally and the last few days particularly. Yes it was spending those few minutes with her when she was naked and I was hard that made me realize what I wanted so much and that was to fuck my daughter. But deep down I knew that was impossible. I knew that Kelly would not either, wish to or be able to contemplate sex with me. Sixteen year old daughters just don’t do that or, do they?


Late November

It had been over a week since: the parent’s evening at the school, Cal had stripped me naked and had made me cum twice, I had walked down the stairs naked and found my father wearing just an open dressing gown with an erection messing around with a pair of panties and since I had spent fifteen minutes or so with him with me naked and him erect. It had been over a week, but we hadn’t spoken about it. True we hadn’t had much opportunity for the old cow had a cold and hadn’t been out much and I had been busy at school and with Cal who was becoming more and more ambitious with me, presumably thinking that he was getting nearer to plucking my cherry. In reality he was. I was so tempted several times.

For the third time I had let him undress me completely. We had kissed very hard and he had taken his shirt off and squashed my little tits against his chest before sucking on each nipple. I reached down to find him. I wanted to feel his hard cock through his trousers, but I got more than that for unbeknown Beylikdüzü escort to me he’d undone his zip and got it out. God did it feel good in my hand and my mind went back a few days when I had seen his bare, erect cock. As I held Cal’s cock I was imagining it was my dad’s. That sent shivers through me, of both excitement and guilt.

I know it is so wrong, but as every day passes I want my father even more. Yes I am saving my virginity for him. I think I am emotionally and I know I am physically ready to become a woman. I need sex, I need to be loved completely, I need to be fucked soon and I want the first man that fucks me to be my dad.

But waiting for him was becoming increasingly hard. Having an eighteen year old, tasty hunk of a boy-friend was doing that. He was very experienced, but then tasty hunks usually are. I knew that he had gone all the way with two girls I knew and I am sure he had been with several more than that. I had nearly given in to him on several occasions and although he said that he was willing to wait I felt that if I said he could then certainly he would. And truth be known if it wasn’t for my ambition to have dad make me a woman I would have said he could by now.

Lying there on Cal’s bed naked with his hard, hot dick in my hand it would have been so easy to give in and to give my cherry away. But deep down that aim, that desire, that probably forlorn hope that my dad would do it gave me the strength to resist Cal.

“Is it time Kelly?” He had asked when I had let him take my panties off.

“No” I gulped as he pressed his exciting cock against me. “Not yet” I groaned wanting to be fucked more than anything else as I watched him slide his jeans and grey CKs off. “What you doing” I asked panicking a bit at being with a naked boy?

“I just want to feel your body against me Kelly, your naked body, I want to feel your flesh and have that against my flesh” he muttered his words sending shudders of desire through me.

“Oh yes Cal, yes” I whined as he pulled me to him and for the first time I was naked in the arms of an equally naked man.

It was amazing. He pressed himself against me as at the same time he pulled me to him; I needed no encouragement and I squirmed my tits against his chest and my mound against his cock. This was wonderful, but terrible at the same time. I wanted to go further and came so close to saying, ‘You can do it, you can have me’ but somehow I stopped.


That evening.

As usual Philippa was out. Actually recently that hadn’t been so as usual because she been staying in with a really bad cold. I guessed she couldn’t snog in the back of cars or be fucked at young blokes flats or bed sits when she was spluttering and coughing. But clearly she needed sex for she insisted I service her, something that had become a once every couple of weeks task and not the daily enjoyment it had once been.

After a cursory exchange of kisses I managed to get her to lie on her side facing away from me. I spooned her and slid my cock through her soaked lips and into her loose cunt. Reaching round I grabbed her big, now floppy, tits and squeezing them I started fucking her. We didn’t speak, but her breathing quickly became heavier and she grunted a few times. It was going ok, but I was not getting anywhere near cumming despite slamming my cock up and down her. There just wasn’t the tightness and grip there used to be and what I had become used to with the girls at the massage places and even the hookers. I started worrying a bit particularly when I felt it losing its hardness. But then it all changed. The udder-like Beylikdüzü escort tits became pert and firm, the arse pressing against me taught and round and the cunt tight and slithery. They became like for my body was fucking my wife, but my mind was making love to my lovely daughter.


Same evening.

He was sucking my nipples, greedily I thought as I held his head with one hand and his cock with the other. My legs were open and his fingers had rubbed all round my pussy tempting my clit out from its hood. He stroked my lips making me grunt, which he took as a yes and shoved them up me. They felt brilliant and I pushed back on them. He pumped them in and out making me gasp with pleasure and rub his cock harder, probably too hard I guess, but I was unused to doing that.

“Oh my God Kell” he groaned as he finger fucked me and at the same time started to fuck my hand.


“It’s fucking amazing”

“Good” I groaned pumping his cock faster and harder.

“I’m gonna cum, fuck it I’m cumming” he moaned as I felt my hand, wrist and stomach get splattered with his spunk.


The following Sunday.

“What all night” I said to Phillipa.

“Yes that’s what I won’t be home Tuesday night means, all night. All fucking night.”

“And is that what it’s going to be, a night of fucking?” I asked looking at her with disgust.

“Don’t try being clever with words you don’t have the brain for that.”

We didn’t speak much more, but went about our own business. Although it was pretty obvious that she was sleeping around she had never stayed out all night. Another nail in the coffin that our marriage has become I thought.

“Anyway that’ll give you and your precious fucking daughter all the time you want to together won’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean, I see the way you look at her. You’re a fucking pervert.”

“And you my dear are what?” I managed to say in a quite measured way.

We hardly spoke again until she left Tuesday afternoon around two thirty. She had deigned to provide what I took to be an excuse for staying with some bloke overnight. A hen do in town at a restaurant then onto the Dover Street wine bar and then to the Sandersen Hotel for the night. Then there was breakfast at the Savoy, beauty treatments in a posh salon in Knightsbridge, tea at the Berkley and home some time in the evening. When she told me it did actually sound plausible.

The prospect of Kelly and me being in the house alone overnight Tuesday had aroused me from the moment Phillipa had told me she would be out all night. Although her cutting remarks about Kelly and me were a worry my overriding emotions on Sunday and Monday were of mounting excitement. Phil’s observations did concern me though. Not so much what she thought for I was gradually getting past caring, but if it was that obvious I wondered what my daughter was thinking about it. Did she know or suspect that she turned me? Did she know that I wanted her? Did she know that I was falling in love with her as a woman? Half of me said she did for she had seen me hard and naked by her school bag with this white, lace panties near my feet. She must have worked something out.


Monday morning.

“What do you mean going on a hen do? Who’s hen do?” I replied to dad when he told what the bitch was up to.

“I don’t know, I have no idea who this group of friends are. I have never met them.”

“That’s convenient isn’t it?”

“Now now” he replied as usual being conciliatory and protecting her. I hated that. “Anyway Escort Beylikdüzü she’s not coming home tomorrow night.”

Not coming home, staying out all night, I thought wondering who she was fucking before the full realization hit me. Dad and I would be in the house together overnight; that would be the first time since my awakening about him!

I looked at him when he said that and wondered what the expression on his face really meant. Was he interested? Did he want more than just being my dad? Fuck, this was so complicated.


Tuesday morning.

I could hardly wait for my wife to fuck off, but I had to put up with it until mid-afternoon when dressed up like a right tart in jeans, heels, a tee shirt and a vee necked sweater her cab arrived to take her to the station. We barely said good bye, but then why would I when she is probably going off to some sort of overnight assignation? And on top of that why would I when she was providing me with the opportunity to spend the night alone with my daughter?

But nothing would happen. As much as in my mind I wanted her to be naked in bed with me and as much as I wanted to fuck her tight hole, I knew I wouldn’t and equally I knew she wouldn’t. We were both far too sensible and probably scared as well. But then there was the other evening. The evening she came downstairs and caught me standing in the hall, by her bag, with my dressing gown open and my cock hard playing with the pair, of white panties that I had seem dangling out of her bag by the stairs. And I conjectured she hadn’t appeared to be too fazed about it and in fact had remained naked as we had a cup of tea. So many times since that evening I had wondered if that was my darling little girl trying to give her dad a come on.


Tuesday afternoon

It was getting near Christmas and having finished our end of term exams we were doing bugger all at school as we were waiting to break up; they might as well have shut down and saved the heat and light, silly sods.

I had the feeling I hadn’t done as well in the exams as I usually did and I knew why. During them my mind was on other things than quadratic equations, chemical formulas and who was King of England during the fucking war of the roses. I was almost perpetually thinking about dad, the sight of him with his robe open and his big, hard cock sticking right up his nicely flat stomach. Of holding that, having it pressed against me and of course of it in me as we enjoyed him taking my virginity.

And on this Tuesday all my imagining, all my wild flights of fancy and all my fervid, strong and clearly hopeless desires were all the more vivid. I kept telling myself we’ll be in the house alone all night. I kept imagining the tap on my door after I was in bed, of dad coming into my room, of me wordlessly holding the duvet up and him coming into my bed.

I bunked off at two. I knew that no one would miss me.

I got home just before three and was surprised to see dad’s Rangerover in the drive. I let myself in and called out that I was home.

Dad came downstairs and standing at the bottom looked at me. He appeared nervous and edgy as he said quietly.

“Hello Kelly.”


Tuesday afternoon

“Hello dad, how are you” I stammered feeling as nervous as dad looked.

As usual I dropped my bag in the hall at the bottom of the stairs, just where it had been when the panties were lying on it.


That afternoon

I was nervous, just as Kelly looked. I hardly knew what to say, but I knew that we had to talk. So much had gone on between us, particularly her seeing me hard with my dressing gown open and me seeing her naked. As if that wasn’t enough even more had gone in my head.

“I think we need to talk don’t you Kel?” I asked.

“Yes dad I think we do” was the encouraging, but slightly worrying reply.

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