Craving for Love and Sex

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Author’s note: A reader enjoyed my treatment of stories based on the experience of others and asked me to write about her. This is her story.


Craving for Love and Sex

The nymph inside is released

“Well Jane, are you ready to try the dating scene?” my best friend, June inquired. I took a sip of wine and reflected on how dealing with a divorce is not easy even though it was something mutually desired. Shortly after my marriage, my husband and I realized it was a mistake. Ironically, it was June who tried to tell me that Russ was not the man for me. I had dated him through high school and I guess we got married because it was expected plus many of our other friends were getting married.

“I’m thinking about it.”

“What is your issue?”

“I haven’t dated anyone else and I don’t know what to do.”

“Let me guess, you’re scared too.”

“That pretty well describes it. I’m not into the bar scene and my social world is rather limited. Most of the people I know are married. What do you recommend?”

“I think you should try the online dating services. They aren’t too expensive and some are even free.”

The more I thought about it the more I warmed up to the idea. We discussed the various dating sites and then settled on the free one. The next problem was the profile. June and I kicked that around and fortunately a close friend can provide some good insight. She also suggested that it would best be accomplished with a good glass of wine. She asked me the one critical question that made me ponder. Do I want to date, or have a relationship, or am I looking for marriage. I decided on a relationship that would hopefully lead to marriage.

That evening with a large glass of dry white wine in hand, I a sat down and signed up on the dating site. I was so glad that June had helped me with ideas for the profile. Once I was satisfied with my efforts, I called her and read what I had written. After some tweaking, and with June’s approval, I hit the submit button and entered into the world of online dating.

I was amazed at the number of responses and quickly learned that guys lie; especially about their looks. When I would talk on the phone before agreeing to meet in person, I would make it plain that I expected them to look like their photo or I would just turn around and walk. That stopped many a conversation and saved me a lot of time and effort.

A few months went by and I met some nice guys but none that had the chemistry I was looking for. I was beginning to be discouraged and was just about ready to put my profile on hold when I saw a photo of a man that made my heart stop. He had the face and features I had envisioned since the very beginning.

I quickly read his profile and now my heart was racing. I read it again to make sure and prayed that this wasn’t too good to be true. I dashed of a message and waited anxiously for his reply.

Luck was with me and he responded a few hours later. He liked my profile and provided his phone number if I cared to call. I noticed he was still online so I took a deep breath and dialed his number. I have to admit, he had me with “Hello.” His rich baritone voice was music to my ear. Why I felt flushed and hot I don’t know but my heart was pounding hard. Fortunately I recovered my composure and said, “Hello Neil.” Looking back, that was the moment that changed my life.

We chatted about our profile and desires, our history and how we came to be on that dating web site. It seems his wife decided to take up residence with her personal trainer. We both laughed as we shared some of the horror stories in our dating adventures. Talking with Neil was so easy that I felt very comfortable. Here was a man that could actually communicate and express himself in complete and intelligent sentences. We talked for a couple of hours and set a meeting date for tomorrow before finally ringing off.

I felt like a school girl with a crush the rest of the evening. I kept hoping and praying that he wasn’t too good to be true. That night in bed I did something I had not done in years: I had a fantasy about him. I thought about his looks and his sensual voice and much to my surprise I felt a sensation between my legs that I had not felt for a long time. I can’t remember the last time I masturbated but it felt so pleasing and natural. My hand instinctively moved down to my pussy and when I felt how wet it was I was turned on even more.

My climax was a welcomed relief to the sexual tension I had been repressing. I moaned so loudly I wondered if the neighbors heard it. I was savoring the sensation of a glorious orgasm when I was suddenly jolted with the realism that I really don’t have much sexual experience. My ex only did the missionary position and it was infrequent at best. He rebuffed my attempts for sex and for the longest time I thought it was something I had done. Happily, my friend June set me straight but still I hoped Neil would sarıyer escort be patient and a good teacher. I would love to be his student. Provided, that he is the right one and not a player.

I bounced out of bed the next morning with a spring in my step. Hope filled my heart as I started my day. Some of my co-workers noticed that something was different and I hoped that after tonight a lot would be different. I tried my best to keep as busy as possible and happily that strategy succeeded. The day breezed by. I hurried home and hit the shower. For some reason the shower spray against my breasts and pussy felt more sensual. Fortunately I had a time schedule to meet so I couldn’t linger and repeat the action from last night.

During the day at work, I thought about what I would wear for my dinner date with Neil. I put on a nice lace bra that wouldn’t show through my sweater. I don’t own a thong, yet, but I do have a pretty bikini brief. I debated all day about a skirt or slacks and decided on slacks. I did the mirror check, wished myself luck, and headed to the restaurant.

Neil was waiting at the table with a single red rose. He stood up and took my hand. I swear I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my body. I think he felt it too because at the same instant he had a look of surprise. He was every bit as handsome as his profile picture. I looked up into his grey eyes and wanted to run my fingers through his dark wavy hair. “Down girl,” I kept repeating to myself. “Relax.”

We ordered dinner and he let me choose the wine. We both preferred dry and I played it safe by just ordering wine by the glass. Everything was going as I hoped. He dressed well, spoke intelligently, was a good listener, and most importantly, he looked at me and not around the room. I loved his outlook on life and the way he could make me smile and laugh. I can’t remember a more enjoyable evening.

Dinner ended and we were faced with that awkward part of the first date: how to say good bye. At first we just shook hands and then he took me into his arms and hugged me tightly. I was thrilled to wrap my arms around him and melt into his arms. We stayed embraced for a long time and he took that opportunity to give me a quick kiss on my forehead. He held me so tightly I was sure I could feel his erection. My heart was really racing after we separated and I got into my car.

“I’ll call you later,” he said.

Oh, oh, I’ve heard that line before. “That would be great,” was all I could stammer out. I tried not to show any disappointment but my heart sank because I thought tonight had gone so well.

“Before 10 o’clock tonight, ok?”

I wanted to shout out, ‘hell yes,’ but I suppressed it and with a big grin simply replied, “That would be perfect.”

I sat by the phone trying to read a magazine but it was in vain; my mind was on Neil. I definitely was attracted to him and I hoped it wasn’t just infatuation. Only time would tell and I was certainly watching the clock at the moment.

True to his word, he called at five minutes to ten. I let it ring twice and picked up. We thanked each other for a wonderful evening and both agreed to meet again. Call it woman’s intuition, but I sensed the same desire on his part for a relationship.

The next day I was the envy of the office when a bouquet of flowers was delivered to my desk. Several people came by and enquired who sent the flowers but I just played it cool and said, “A friend.”

We began to see each other frequently and talked on the phone every night. It was like a dream come true. Every time he held my hand I felt the chemistry grow. On our longs walks, we talked about everything including money, politics, and religion. We covered all topics including our feelings around the most painful parts of our lives. Our kissing became more intense and lasted much longer but Neil was always the gentleman so there wasn’t any groping, darn it. Every night I would be in my bed with my fingers busy at work on my pussy. I wanted to feel the real thing. Finally I took the initiative and invited him to dinner at my place on Friday night. He gladly accepted and offered to bring the wine and a cheesecake.

I called June and told her everything that had been happening with Neil. I went on and on about the dates, what we did, what we talked about; just everything best friends share. She was very excited for me and then hit me with the question that I knew she would. “When are you going to have sex?” I know her so well. I think she has sex on her mind all the time.

“Friday night is the plan. Dinner at my place and I hope a lot more.”

“Anything I can do?”

“Just reassure me that I’m doing the right thing and not rushing it.”

“Do you think Neil is your soul mate?”

“If being a soul mate is more truth than myth, then yes.”

“Go for it girl-friend. When you get through ridding his dick, you to come over and give me all sefaköy escort the details.”

After all these years, I should be accustomed to June’s language by now, but somehow she can still make me blush.

Friday arrived and I was excited and nervous. All day I couldn’t let go of the question: would we be sexually compatible? Compared to June, I’m extremely inexperienced. But, I told myself, I am willing to learn, but, what kind of sexual partner does Neil want?

I did a quick shower and laid out my clothes. I had gone shopping for a pretty lace bra and thong. I felt very sexy when I looked in the mirror wearing my new purchases. A simple white blouse and dark fairly short skirt completed the ensemble. A few scented candles in the bedroom and living room and I was ready for the main event.

I made chicken Marsala with all the trimmings. I know Neil is always punctual so I timed it to be ready a few minutes after he arrived. I had just put the rolls in the oven when on cue, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and just seeing him took my breath away. He looked at me with a smile and I’m sure he didn’t miss my hard nipples making their presence known. He took me in his arms and gave me a big hug and kiss. I pulled him tight and much to my delight I felt his erection pressed against my stomach. I felt that familiar ache between my legs not to mention a very wet thong.

We headed to the kitchen and he helped with getting the food on the table. The wine was poured and we sat down to a nice candlelit dinner.

We adjourned to the living room and I lit the candles to set the mood. We snuggled on the couch drinking wine and making some small talk. Then he said something that made my heart skip a beat.

“Jane, I want you to know that I really like you and I want our relationship grow. I don’t play games and I feel certain neither do you. You have me, body and soul.” Tears came to my eyes and all I could do was to stammer out that I felt the same way.

He took the glass from my hand and after setting it on the table, pulled me close and kissed me. Lips soon parted and our tongues began an intimate dance. He had one hand on my waist and I felt it slowly move up my side until it touched my bra. I responded by kissing him deeper and then I felt his hand cover my breast and gently squeeze it. I sighed and shoved my tongue deep into his mouth. He pulled my blouse free and slipped both hands under it to fondle my breasts. His touch was like nothing I had ever felt before and I was sighing from the sheer delight of it all. He unclasped my bra and I gasped when he started to brush his thumbs over my nipples. I could hardly breathe then I realized I wasn’t.

I have fondled my breasts when I masturbated but I much prefer Neil’s touch. When he leaned down and started to kiss each nipple I knew I could never get enough. I savored the sensations as he kissed and sucked each one. After several minutes of ecstasy he pulled away and started to unbutton my blouse. “Why don’t we move to the bedroom?” I whispered.

We made quite a sight trying to move to the bedroom while kissing and removing each other’s clothes. We left a trail of garments and I was soon only wearing my thong. I wasn’t quite as successful with Neil as he was still wearing his slacks. Kneeling down in front of him, I moved my hand up his leg and found his erection. I gasped from the shock of how big it felt. It made me excited and more aroused yet anxious at the same time. Neil helped me unfasten the belt buckle and I soon had his slacks down around his knees. The outline of his hard manhood was clearly visible and I ran my fingers up and down the entire length. I think I was panting with anticipation.

I slowly pealed his underwear down and his dick aimed straight at me. It completely filled both my hands and there was more left over. I looked up and said rather meekly, “It’s so big. Please be gentle.”

Neil picked me up and kissed me. He gave me a big hug then put me on the bed. He quickly removed his clothes then moved to the bed and removed my thong. No question it was soaked and my pussy was wet with eager anticipation.

I laid back and welcomed him with my legs spread. I took his dick in my hand and slid it up and down between my wet lips. I gave him a smile, closed my eyes, and positioned it at the entrance to my love hole.

My lover was gentle and with slow in and out movements worked his magnificent dick deeper and deeper. I could hear myself gasp with each thrust that filled me with sensations never felt before. My thoughts were to relax my vaginal muscles yet the more he filled me the more of him I wanted. Finally after several minutes, he had entered in me as far as he could. I think I was in sensory overload as I savored the incredible feeling of having my vagina completely filled. I opened my eyes and smiled at him and he gave me a kiss.

“This is wonderful,” he said with a şerifali escort sigh.

I focused my attention on my vaginal muscles and began to tightened and relax them. “Can you feel that?”

“Oh, yes sweetheart. That feels incredible.” He kissed me again then began to slowly rock his pelvis. Gradually his strokes got longer and he would alternate with shallow and deep penetrations. It didn’t take long before I experienced an orgasm like no other. Neil paused for a few moments while I caught my breath then resumed his thrusting taking me yet again to another climax. I couldn’t get over how I felt. With each orgasm, I wanted another and the deeper he drove, the more of him I desired.

His tempo began to increase and so did his breathing. Suddenly he pushed deep inside and stopped. I could feel his body shake as his member pulsed in my vagina. He collapsed in my arms and I wrapped my legs around him and held him tight. After he caught his breath, he kissed me lightly all over my face with loving words between kisses.

When he rolled off, I snuggled into his arms. I was fascinated by the amount of hair on his chest and I ran my fingers all over his upper torso. Without thinking, my fingers moved to his nipples. I played with them like he did mine. From the way he was sighing, I could tell he liked it and I enjoyed it, too. I wanted to please him more so I started licking and sucking on one nipple while I fondled the other. I heard a murmur of approval so I not only continued but I alternated my actions. After all, each nipple deserves to be kissed, and sucked, and licked.

I was unaware of a growing erection inches away when suddenly I heard Neil exclaim, “Jane, you are driving me crazy.” Since he was on his back he pulled me on top and as I straddled him I looked down to see the beautiful sight of his large dick protruding past my pussy. I rocked my pelvis forward and back, sliding my pussy lips along his shaft. I was getting very turned on not only from the sensation but by watching, too.

I moved forward and took his dick in my hand and placed it at my entrance. Slowly I moved down and up until I had all of him inside. I was amazed at how much I loved that sensation. In my heart I knew I wanted to have Neil in my life. I began to move up and down, slowly at first and then with an increase in tempo. I sat up so I could take longer and harder strokes. I think I was reaching bottom, so to speak, because I could feel his dick touch my cervix. A few hard slams later and I had my first of many orgasms.

When I paused to catch my breath, Neil took my breasts in his hands and pinched my nipples between his fingers. That made me all the more turned on. I began moving up and down again but this time without pausing between orgasms. His fingers were working their magic and I instinctively reached down and began to rub my clit while I rode his marvelous dick. Neil probably thought I was a wild woman but at the moment I didn’t care. I was experiencing something so new and incredible that I didn’t want it to end.

Unfortunately, as much as I loved that position, it was exhausting not to mention hard on the knees. I had one more orgasm then I collapsed on top of him. He stroked my back and told me how beautiful I was. Funny thing, for the first time I did feel beautiful and loved. Even though I felt loved, I needed reassurance so I propped myself up on his chest and looked him in the eyes. “I want to know something. Is what we just experienced for real? Are we a couple?”

“Yes, I hope so. I want to be in your life and you in mine.”

I gave him a big grin and we kissed like the lovers we truly had become. When we finally came up for air, I snuggled back in his arms and said, “I have a bit of confession to make. Until today, the only way I had sex with my ex was in the missionary position. You have opened up a whole new world of pleasure to me. I’ve experienced things today for the first time that I really enjoyed. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to learn more about sex and also how to please you. I want to be your student and I hope there is lots and lots of homework.”

“Sweetheart, we will learn how to pleasure each other together. As for the sexual positions, we are only limited by our imagination so feel free to experiment and explore. I will tell you up front, I am not into giving or receiving pain; only pleasure and your pleasure exclusively. I like the idea of lots and lots of homework. We have a lot to learn from each other. Speaking of homework, why don’t you come to my place tomorrow night for dinner and spend the night. Bring anything you would like to keep there too. I’m not as good a cook but I can make pretty mean lasagna.”

How could I refuse such an offer? We climbed out of bed to get dressed and he stopped me. “I love seeing you naked,” he said. As I watched him dress, I had the same thought and replied. “I like it when we both are naked together. You have such a sexy body.”

I took a chance that June would be available to tell her about the evening and how excited I was. The call went straight to voice mail so I figured June and Mike were having fun of their own. “Hi June, tonight was wonderful and we definitely need to have lunch tomorrow. Bye.”

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