Crashed Ch. 3

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I rolled her over, as I looked between her long legs I could see her panties were soaking wet. I slowly pulled them down, exposing her tender sex.

I pulled my shorts down, climbing on top of my daughter. She was only seconds away from being my lover. I pointed my stiff meat to her wet opening and gave her a kiss.

Looking into her eyes, my cock started to penetrate her tight opening. Little by little I sank deep in her body, now I rested in her deepest cavern.

Channtel’s arms locked around my neck, ” OH DADDY, YES… YES… MAKE ME YOUR WOMAN.”

Channtel’s hips matched my every thrust into her tender pussy. She wanted it as much as I did. Faster and faster I pumped her tight pussy hole.

“OH GOD, YES, OH DADDY, FUCK ME… FUCK ME.” She screamed.

“I am Baby, I am…,” I pumped her faster, ” How’s Daddy’s cock? Is it what you thought it would be?”

Channtel ground her hips into my cock meat, ” YES… YES… FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME.” She screamed again.

I was fucking her like a cheep whore and she loved it. All the years of us wanting each other were over. She got Daddy’s cock and Daddy is getting some nice pussy.

Her legs wrapped around my back pulling me into her pussy, ” OH FUCK… OH GOD… I’M CUMMING.. I’M CUMMING DADDY.”

I lifted up and drove my cock pole deeper into her inflamed body. Fucking her as hard and fast as I could go. Our flesh smacking together, her juices and pussy making that wonderful slurping sound.

“OH DADDY… OH DADDY… FUCK ME… FUCK ME..,” More screaming, ” GO… GO… DADDY… YES…”

Her young pussy started to lock around my cock. I knew it was bahis firmaları only a few more pumps and her little pussy was going to blow. I kept pumping hard and fast as I could go. I wanted my Baby to cum all day long. I also needed to cum real bad.

“YES… YES… FUCK ME… FUCK ME…” She screamed again.

Then her pussy locked around my cock. Holding me in place until her orgasm let up, then I started fucking her harder, deeper. I needed to cum and cum bad.

“Oh Baby I’m almost there,” I pumped her body, ” I’m going to pump you full of my hot cum…”

“Go… Fill up my pussy… Fill me full Daddy,” Channtel matched my every move, ” come on Daddy… cum in me, cum in your daughters pussy…”

Her words drove me on, I slammed my cock in her tender body. Each pump I lifted her off our bed. Making cock penetrate her as deep as it would go.

“Cum in me Daddy… Please… Cum in my pussy… Fill me with your sexy cum…”

Faster, faster I loved her pussy. My cock tormenting her flesh with each thrust in her. Bring her and I closer to climax.

“Cum in your daughter… Give me your cum, your seeds,” Channtel said, slamming her hips into my cock, ” come on, cum in me… cum in my cunt…”

“OH YES… OH YES…” I was cumming at last.

My cum shot in her body with more force than I had ever know. Jet after jet of cum shot deep in her young body.


“Oh yes. Baby yes…” I moaned.

I fell on top of her body panting for air, it felt like my brains were going to blow out of my head. I had not cum that hard in twenty years.

We kaçak iddaa laid together, hugging and just enjoying our new found pleasures. Who knew when or if we would be found. At that moment in time, I didn’t care one bit if we ever got out of there.

Each time we made love together, it got better and better. Then as all things go, we started to get a little bored, so, we started to try new things.

One the best was, Channtel would act like a Cat. The first time she did this. I was sitting nude, reading a book I found in the cargo fold. She came from the back of the plane ” meowing” like a cat and walking on her hands and knees.

She came to me, rubbing her head on me, ” Meow.” She said.

“Does my kitty need some love?” I ask.


I began to play the game with her, my cock got hard fast. I would pet her head running my hand down her back to her ass. Each time she would move her back and ass just like a cat.

“My pretty little kitty must be horny.”

“meow.” And she rubbed her bare ass on me.

‘SMACK’ I gave her a little slap, on her bare ass ” Bad kitty.”

“Meow.” She rubbed on me again.

‘SMACK’ ” Bad kitty.”

She stuck out her lip and went to the other side of our bed. Then she started to ‘clean’ herself. Channtel would lick her hands and rub them on her hair. After her hair was wet, she started to do more parts of her body.

Slowly each of her breast were cleaned, then her stomach. I knew what was next, her wet pussy. She slowly licked her hands and reached between her legs, rubbing her pussy. And licking the pussy juice off her hands.

“Oh my poor kitty, come to Daddy,” kaçak bahis she was turning me on bad, ” come here Daddy will help the little kitty.”

She walked just like a cat as she came to me, rubbing her body on me again, like a cat, that wanted to be loved. My hands petted all over her excited body.

“Does my kitty like this?”


I rubbed between her legs, her breast, anyplace I knew would turn her on more.

“Is kitty about ready for a good hard fuck?”

Channtel gave me a sexy smile and ” Meow.”

I to got on my knees so I could fuck her ‘Cat Style’. When my cock entered her body she started to cum. Her pussy grabbed my cock like never before as she came.

“Oh yes. That’s my sexy little kitty… Cum for Daddy…”

“meow, meow.”

I had to cum, I rammed my cock pole in and out of her pussy. Getting closer to filling her body full of cum, I began to pet her. She moved her down up and down, acting like a cat.

“OH YES… FUCK YES… HERE’S MY CUM KITTY.” I filled her pussy full that day.

After we had rested a while I ask, ” So, how in the hell did you think up something like that?”

“I don’t know about you but, I’m going crazy, we need to think things like that up so, we won’t go insane.” Channtel replied.

“You’re right, so, do I get to pick the next thing we do?” I ask her.

“YEAH, make it something so I can…” She got a red face, ” so I can get a spanking.”

“You liked to be spanked?” I ask.

“Just by you, Daddy.”

A few days later I thought of what I was going to do for her. I would play like I was a Policeman and Channtel could be the ‘Bad Girl’. That way I could spank her.

I found a pair of blue pants and a matching blue shirt that kinda looked like a Police uniform. I also, found some rope and braided a make-shift pair of Hand Cuffs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32